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#TBT Melissa Gorga Confronts Kim D About Rumors She’s Cheating On Joe!

Kim D sure does have a penchant for starting and spreading rumors about people’s marriages.

Nowadays Kim’s aim is focused on taking down Teresa and Joe Giudice’s marriage but that hasn’t always been the case.

Back in the day, Kim had her sights set on another Real Housewives of New Jersey couple: Joe and Melissa Gorga.

If you recall during season 5, rumors circulated that Melissa Gorga was cheating on her husband.

While some believed Melissa’s sister-in-law Teresa was somehow involved in the rumors, others suspected that Kim D was the true source the gossip.

In a clip from season 5, Melissa confronts Kim about the rumors circulating about her infidelity and makes it crystal clear that she and Joe are “unbreakable.”

Kim denied that she was the one starting the rumors; insisting that she was only listening to the rumors and possibly repeating them.

When told by Kathy Wakile that she should be shutting down the gossip and lies when she hears them, Kim is shocked but shrugs and says she could “maybe” do that.

However, the drama didn’t end there, Kim then complained that she’s always blamed for everything and stormed out; calling Melissa a “f**ing psycho.”

Check out the #TBT clip below!

Clearly not much has changed in Jersey! In just a few weeks we will see Kim spue similar lies about Teresa and Joe at the Posche fashion show. I don’t think Melissa was ever cheating on Joe, just like I don’t believe Teresa is cheating on Joe. Kim D needs to get a new hobby and come up with some new and better rumors to spread about people.

Thoughts on this #TBT moment? Sound off below!

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  • File this one in the round file! Kim D has yet to be right about anything and whatever she says is basically to.cause drama and get her name on the show! Know how to stop her? Ignore her! Don’t report it! Don’t acknowledge it! She’s very hungry!

  • I have always liked Melissa I know people totally hated her cause Teresa did . as far as rumors they didn’t affect Melissa and Joe it isn’t like there are pics out there of her with another man. It gets to the point prove it.
    Joe Guidice there are pics of him out there eating out with some girl.,while Teresa was in prison.. and from his phone conversation many years ago that boy has been a cheater,so even if there is any truth to Teresa sexting with another man who would blame her . I know I wouldn’t after he called her the C word and made it very clear he cheats on her. One day she will wake -up and say I wasted X amount of years on this guy.
    I do believe that Teresa told Jac about catching Joe too. JMO.
    Teresa’s true fans could careless what she does if she cheats or leaves Joe it won’t matter. so really who cares .
    And Teresa faking it like her and Joe are solid and now she is mad at Joe now BS, Joe and Teresa weren’t sleepinf together before she went to prison her kid Miliania was the one who said Daddy sleeps in his own room.Men are men if you aren’t gonna have sex with them they will seek else where..

    • Exactly. The only reason Teresa never liked Melissa is because she was jealous. Melissa has a college degree, is younger, prettier, has 2 boys(Teresa has bratty girls) and Joe speaks to her nicely. Teresa has …. a bad hairline and bowed legs.