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Doing It On Her Own! How Shannon Beador Plans to Make Money After Her Split With David!

We all know that Shannon Beador was a pretty kept woman. Shannon obviously was a devoted wife, mother and homemaker; however when it came to bringing home the bacon; well that was clearly David’s job. Shannon is used to living a life of luxury with designer goods, two kitchens and million dollar homes. So with the pending split with her hubby David, it’s no shocker that Shannon is thinking of her next step.

David is worth a lot, and I’m sure Shannon will be well taken care of; however like many modern woman Shannon is already thinking of ways she can make some money on her own.

If you recall, Shannon has dreamed of owning her own organic restaurant and this season it seemed to be coming together. Now that she and David are no longer together Shannon revealed that David is no longer helping her out with her dream. On a recent episode of WWHL, Shannon revealed that:

“Well, at this point, my husband is not financing the restaurant anymore. So we’re ready to go, the menu is set, so I’m looking for investors right now. But I’m close.”

We know from previous interviews that her logo is going to have nine lemons so maybe Yolanda Hadid can help out? Yo is all about the lemons, holistic lifestyle and empowering single women!

In all honesty I admire Shannon for starting her own business even if David is no longer investing. With her girls getting older and separating with David, I think it’s important for Shannon to learn to stand on her own two feet. I do think the restaurant industry is super risky and it can be difficult to make holistic/all natural foods as appetizing as let’s say – pizza. However, it is California where everyone is obsessed with organic foods and healthy lifestyles so maybe it will be a hit! Either way, it looks like Shannon has a story line for next season…

Do you think Shannon should move forward with her restaurant? Thoughts on David no longer investing?

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  • I’m new so be kind. I think Shannon comes from money. I’m sure early on David’s business benefited from her money. She deserves at least half and if she wants to open a restaurant, great. I wish her well.

  • Calling Shannon a “kept woman” is an outrageous libel. It’s the same as calling her a prostitute. How dare you? She is his wife, not his concubine. Where do you get the gall to say such a thing?

  • Shannon brought the money into the relationship, she’s not a kept woman imo. I don’t want her to do this restaurant thing. For many reasons and paramount among them……it’s not her milieu. Shannon is not known for being calm and collected and for her to get involved in such a chaotic business venture while she is splitting from David makes me very uneasy. She needs to get her family life in order, get some much needed therapy have a few come to Jesus moments and do “her” for awhile. This has STRESS written all over it and we all know how Shannon handles stress, NOT WELL BITCH!!

  • Shannon earns hundreds of thousands of dollars for every season of OC, and she comes from a wealthy family. She will be just fine.

    • What do you think she could have as a good SL?

      All I can picture is watching Shannon go bar hopping with Kelly, bemoaning their exes and the single life. I can’t even picture seeing Shannon on a date with a fix-up. She’d be peering at the hapless fellow with a critical eye. The man would be sweating bullets because he’s bored and wants to bolt.

      • ??I am praying to God her SL won’t be more bitterness towards David, who he’s dating , how he doesn’t see the kids often

        Bravo will push the 2 girls bar hopping and dating scenario but these 2 can’t pull it off to look watchable IMO . Sorry ???

        • Joining Bravo is a curse. The cast members’ personal lives suffer in one way or another. The network needs to reboot.

          • Encouraging other cast members to dig for dirt or make outlandish accusations have ruined these shows . I understand the logic that these characters sign on willingly , but that’s no excuse to eviscerate someone or their spouse . All of us have skeletons so let’s not go overboard

        • Kirby , those would be natural feelings that most women would feel after a divorce. I know viewers are tired of it but that may be her reality ?????

          • Very true!! She’s going to be going through all sorts of turmoil but for once, I want Shannon to keep this off camera. Give us updates but don’t divulge the nitty gritty.

        • David Schmavid, I hope she never mentions him. I know it’s too much to ask for but I hope she keeps it to a minimum. The less she dwells on the assclown the sooner she can move on.

          • ???? Im on board . The next season should be about her and her daughters and not what David is doing or not doing . Don’t want David to make any appearances on the show anymore

      • I know people are saying they would love to see Shannon date but not me. First of all, it will be too soon and I have a feeling it would more than cringeworthy. She needs to take time for herself, at least a year imo to get it together before she moves forward in the dating scene. That’s what I want to see from Shannon next season, taking things into her own hands, addressing her issues i.e. therapy, stop/slow down with the drinking, addressing her health issues, getting into a house she’s loves and learning to love herself, which she clearly doesn’t at this point.

    • Just said the same thing. Owning and running a restaurant is such a high stress vocation/job/business. Shannon needs to get her ducks in order before she ever thinks about opening anything and a restaurant is the last venture this woman needs to be involved in. Open a Holistic store of some sort, call it “Nine Lemons”.

      • Truth ?????? I want her to succeed . The restaurant business is risky and I like your Holistic store idea much better . She doesn’t need to make any rash decisions right away

  • The restaurant business is one of the most difficult for many reasons. It’s the reason that most new restaurants fold within the first 5 years, if they last that long. David had no experience in that industry. So, other than agreeing to give Shannon some of THEIR money, his input would be zero. She can’t turn to her cast mates for financial assistance, either. (Albeit, Heather wanted to open HER own restaurant with Chef Fabio from Top Chef fame. Whatever happened to that plan?) If Shannon seriously believes she knows what she’s doing, then she can get loans from banks, like other start ups do.

  • Good morning Lydia, I disagree with “Shannon is a kept woman”

    Dulores from #RHNJ her ex pays

    – all her bills
    – finances renovation of her home
    -she had zero income
    – he financed 100% her business

    I think I remember Shannon arranging business meetings, plus she has income from #rhoc..Shannon is not a kept woman.

  • I don’t know about Shannon having been a ‘kept’ woman but ol ?.

    I am team Shannon but the restaurant business is really hard and competitive…I wish her all the best of luck ??
    She needs someone like LVP who has restaurant experience to be involved with her. Or maybe Jeff Lewis ?

  • Well being that Shannon came into the marriage with more funds than David, and provided him with money to start his business, I’m sure she will be fine.
    And side note, not everyone in California is obsessed with eating healthy/organic food & healthy lifestyle… Love the stereotypes.

  • I wish her luck as well. But in all honesty, i doubt she is all that worried. If I get a divorce I would be worried but she and David are reportedly were worth 20 Million. Enjoy life.

  • Not surprised Davids no longer funding the restaurant, why continue the stress when you don’t have to? LOL, divorced people shouldn’t go into biz together. I wish Shannon luck!