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Is NeNe Leakes Threatening To Quit RHOA?

Season 10 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta has just begun but there’s already drama about next season.

It turns out that NeNe Leakes is giving the Real Housewives of Atlanta producers an ultimatum: it’s her or Kim Zolciak.

“NeNe has told producers that she won’t appear on the show next season if Kim is involved,” a show source tells In Touch.

Sources say that NeNe and Kim’s recent feud has pushed NeNe to the breaking point. The former friends have been at war since early October.

Kim and NeNe’s latest drama started during at party at NeNe’s house when Kim’s daughter Brielle Biermann, posted a video of a bug in the house; implying that NeNe’s home is infested with cockroaches#roachgate 

And unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that NeNe retaliated by calling Kim and Brielle “racist” on social media.

However, their feud has since escalated forcing Kim to hire famed lawyer Marty Singer who sent NeNe a letter calling her posts about Brielle and Kim defamatory.

“NeNe’s feud with Kim has totally drained her,” says the source. “She’s done playing games and has made it clear she won’t stay on if Kim is there, too.”

An insider close to NeNe denies that she has issued an ultimatum but sources say RHOA producers aren’t happy with NeNe’s latest demands.

“It’s a tricky situation for them as they don’t want to lose either talent,” explains the RHOA source. “They want to keep both stars on the show.”

But NeNe wants it her way and thinks she’s the bigger asset to the show.

“NeNe feels like she has a much bigger personality than Kim and that she brings in more viewers,” sources claim. “She thinks she is the bigger star and is more committed to the show than Kim.”

Wrapping that “NeNe thinks it’s only fair that producers reward her loyalty. She wants Kim out!”

If season 10 is successful I don’t think RHOA will be getting rid of either Kim or NeNe. NeNe can demand all she wants but it doesn’t mean she will get her way.

Do you think NeNe is threatening to quit RHOA? Is NeNe a bigger asset to RHOA than Kim? Do you think RHOA will get rid of Kim?

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  • mtrae9

    NeNe has a pretty big house to pay for. She’d better keep whatever job she can get. I didn’t want her to come back, so I sure won’t miss her if she goes!


    Nene and Kim are like two sides of the same self-absorbed, ego driven coin!


    The show does fine without either one. Ratings are down and Phaedra is what’s really needed for the franchise. Her sarcasm wit and humor via commentary keeps the show from getting stale.

  • shaw

    Well ratings aren’t doing amazing with her return anyway so who cares if she goes but she’ll be back she loves 2 million paycheque too much and she says this so bravo will give her more

    Nene look what happened when you started making demands

    You got fired and since you’re not bringing ratings they might fire you and replace you with Kim and pheadra I have to admit this season is boring without pheadra love her or hate her she made so much entertainment with her shade I’m sick of nene superior attitude yeah okay pheadra did tell porsha about the rape rumour but dumbass porsha should have been smart enough to know that kandi wouldn’t do that. She just wanted to get back at kandi fire porsha and nene bring pheadra and Kim back full time

  • HWjunkie

    How about neither Kim or Nene, is that an option?

  • Qpsilove

    “It’s a tricky situation……Bravo doesn’t want to lose either talent”. WTH?! NEITHER of them have talent, and why is Ne-Rex’s mouth ALWAYS open in EVERY pic she takes? Let them both go! Nobody will miss them. The pomposity and audacity of Ne-Rex can make one throw up in their mouth. Should Bravo pander to her demands, then they become the enabler of her atrocious behavior. Enough of this charade. NOBODY is bigger than the show! Hi Rain, FUCHESS, Glimmer, Michers, Kirb, Holy, Sam…….THE GANG!

    • Rain

      ‘Talent’ ??????. How are you cutie ?
      You nailed it ! Bravo is full of crap . They wanted an ‘epic ‘ season and it’s blowing up in their faces . Obviously nobody missed them or cares that they are back ! Yawwnnnn

      What are your thoughts on Shamea? I like her abs wish she was promoted to full housewife

      Love you ? ????

      • Qpsilove

        Well, if I rearrange the letters, I’d come up appropriately…Ashame! She looks good, nice body. However, some of the ugliest people I know looks good. She exhibits great on stage behavior, but the people she hung around prior to RHOA tells me what she’s really about, but…..they stage her well.

        Just my two cents worth…….Love you lady??????

        • Rain

          Oh really?? So you know people who personally knew her ? That’s some HOT tea my friend ; I love it ?????
          I will totally take your word for it . I do believe these women can get a good edit (or a bad one) to make them look a certain way .. I heard some negative info about a HW from someone who knows someone . It’s surreal when you know something about someone on a show , isn’t it ?

          Thanks for the info ?????

          I love you more ???????

          • Qpsilove

            You are EXACTLY right my love

  • missroxmiss

    I think NeNe needs this show more than Kim does. NeNee who the heck gave her the idea she has any fashion sense.

  • Adam

    love Nene her face is like a muppet over the top but still love her

  • Mel2244

    By Felisha! Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!!!! Is she for real she is more popular than Kim…?lol who has a separate show not you NeNe! Get on your broom and ride!

  • Kirby

    Hiya FUCHESS wherever you are ??

  • Barb

    don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you! 😀
    i still do not understand why they want to keep her after the “rape” statements.

  • DeeDeeSD

    The show doesn’t need Nene (or Kim). Nene is nothing more than a narcissist.

    • Kirby

      Truth ??

  • DindiSue

    The only thing bigger on NENE is her mouth, azz, ego and her Self Love for herself- she is a Rich Biatch ya know–

    • Kirby

      ???? not rich anymore

    • Rain

      Why hasn’t she evolved in any way shape or form?
      Love u ????

      • Qpsilove

        She can neither Evolve nor REvolve….she’s Ne-Rex. The modern day female Ne-anderthal! Let her retire into anonymity. Her 15 hrs are up. If we don’t buy her, we can “bye” her and she becomes irrelevant. That’s my vote

        • Rain

          This has been the looonnnnggggest 15 min ever ??? but yes, it’s over so exit stage left Nene and don’t come back !
          I will totaliy ‘bye’ her ?????

          Hope you’re well handsome man ??????? hugs and kisses

          • Qpsilove

            Back atcha gorgeous!

            • Rain


  • VtheFashionista

    I don’t like Nene but Kim already has her own show so she’s not needed on RHOA.

  • bella

    NeNe isn’t a star. ?
    She’s lucky Bravo picked her out of the gutter to be a “housewife”.
    Go away…and take Kim with you!

  • samael

    Well..this is a sources said…

    Ne Ne has zero room for demands..does she think everyone will either forget or forgive “I hope your uber driver rapes you” words?

  • clover0310

    Let her go. Couldn’t stand her on Fashion Police and can’t watch her on RHOA. Add that to her rant during her alleged comedy routine and she’s poison.

    • Rain

      She did ruin Fashion Police ??

  • Rain

    Nene is not going anywhere . She’s back becuase she is broke . She is now even more broke becuase Fashion Police got canceled

    • DindiSue

      So her new name-” I am a Broke Biatch”–

      • Rain

        Exactly ?????

      • MamaBear


  • ~~ La erik ~~

    Screw nene. Who cares if she will get a paycheck? Her behavior in public affected her business. Just shut up and deal with Kim!

    • Rain

      True ?

  • justanothermary

    It seems to me that both Kim and Nene need the Bravo paycheck so they should shut up and do their job.

    • jonnell

      I think that is exactly what they are doing…

    • shaw

      Yeah exactly both of them are fighting for that pay check for S11 you know that nene threating to leave and her demands will get her fired again ? bye wig

    • Cindy

      But Kim has a Multi Million Dollar Skin Care line, she doesn’t need the money ????