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Shhh! The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Reunion Secrets Spilled!

Source Bravo

Season 12 of the Real Housewives of Orange County has been anything but dramatic and exciting. In fact, the season as a whole has been quite a snoozefest.

However, it seems that the RHOC cast may salvage their worst season ever with their most explosive and dramatic reunion to date.

According to insiders, the reunion started off slow with all the ladies getting along.

“All of the ladies asked each other for forgiveness,” an insider revealed.

As previously reported, one of the most explosive secrets of the reunion was Shannon’s announcement that she and David were splitting. At the reunion, Shannon will own up to the major mistakes she’s made in her marriage and friendships.

“Shannon broke down and apologized for sticking up for David after she revealed that they are divorcing,” the source explained.

Shannon won’t be the only one spilling the tea on her failed marriage. Sources claim Kelly is “likely to come clean on everything about her failed marriage.”

Meanwhile, Vicki Gunvalson may get off easy at the season 12 reunion, despite the drama she’s recently stirred up behind the scenes with the Dubrow’s and Tamra and Eddie Judge, but that doesn’t mean Vicki will sit back silently during the reunion.

The OG of the OC once again makes it clear that RHOC is her show, and lets newbie Peggy Sulahian know where she stands on the show.

“Vicki pretty much let Peggy know that she is done with the show!”  an insider claims.

See where the RHOC cast is sitting at the season 12 reunion!

I’m hoping that the RHOC can truly salvage the season with the reunion. As of now, I hear rumors that RHOC could be canceled if the show is not revamped to reignite interest and drama. I’d hate to see RHOC go down in flames like this.

Are you excited about the RHOC reunion? What did you think of the season 12 finale? Do you think Vicki will make it through the reunion unscathed? Does RHOC need to be revamped? Is RHOC at risk of being canceled?

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  • some rags/mags are spreading rumor that – Peggy has quit – based on her blog. I think it is just Peggy being Peggy

    ” Our lives have been our children, the business, our families, and our marriage! These have kept me busy for a long time. Not until recently have I had time for other endeavors. I focused on the charities with my children’s schools and our community. But with all the changes occurring in our lives, things have changed. So now, I’m on to the next phase of my life.”

  • Shrieki telling Peggy or anyone to leave “HER SHOW” is the height of idiocy. VG;s continued inclusion brings down franchise because she’s a disloyal, LYING LIAR Face. Peggy didn’t click with the herd or the viewers. However, Vickileaks has no authority to bluff or bully her. In fact, by yapping at the poor widdle, Peggy, demonstrates what a LYING con woman the cancer scammer is. VG claimed that she wouldn’t fight anyone’s battles. She wondered aloud why Peggy would think that she should. Wellllll, when they first met, Vickleaks told Peggy to depend on her if the others give her trouble!!! It happened and VG ran away. Furthermore, she told Peggy that she wouldn’t get involved. LIAR, LIAR, thy name is Shrieki Gonefullofshit!!!!

    • Vile has no one! No friends just her son and paid for tv boyfriend. How do you carry a show when you are hated by everyone?

      • Hanky Panky, right you are!!!! In addition to those glaring points, Shrieki isn’t even interesting. Not one bit. She’s an antiquated piece of machinery, that splutters along, emitting a shrill squeal.

    • Well itt serves Puggy right to come into the show and insert herslf up Vicki’s ass. How can someone with Peggy’s health issues back a cancer scammer ?? Does that even make sense in Armenian?

      • hahahaha… Excellent point! How could anyone who suffered cancer, cozy up to a proven cancer con woman???

            • We can do better than those idiots for sure ??
              With Alabama there is now hope for a win. I hate hope in these situations becuase I’m sure that won’t happen but it draws you in ???

              • Fingers crossed. But, I’m not sure if there are enough sane people there. Look who did the same thing & was installed in the Oval Office 🙁

                • I was just on 538 and read this interesting piece that was a transcript of a Nate and other nerdy politicos talking about the chances of Dems recapturing the senate in 2018 . I still trust Nate very much . He was the ONLY one who was saying H is probably not going to win when eveyone one was measuring the drapes

                    • I don’t know. I’m not a fan of Trump but things sure have turned around in my area. People are back to work, stock markets are makng money for 401K’s again and my property values went UP for the first time in 9 years! Oil revenues have sky rocketed, homes are selling, people are able to buy homes and wages have gone up. It’s strange but I’m quite certain none of that would be happening had Hillary won the election.

                    • Ummmm, the stock market and oil revenues are directly related Trump policies. These things, in turn have boosted the housing market in my area as well as wages. Not due to Obama at all.

                    • Trump has loosened restrictions on the oil industry that has lead to good jobs and revenues for those who own the oil. His pro-corporate climate has created a situation wherein people feel more confident about working and keeping more of their income. The stock market responds to that confidence, as we are seeing in the record setting rises. A pro-job, pro-growth, anti big government agenda is what is causing the change.

    • And remember how Kelly promised victim Vicki she would not leave her side at Iceland? She likes to have allies, but cannot be one herself when the rubber hits the road.

      • I don’t remember that. I must have left the room when Kelly said that. On the flip side, VG promised Petty that she would be her “big sister” and if the women went after Petty, VG said that “I will stand up for you.” That didn’t happen.

  • So Vile gets off easy? And WTF is she tell anyone they are done with the show? I thought Peggy was her buddy and just misunderstood? You know after Vile would run and hide from all the drama and cower in the corner.
    All the shit that Vile created and stirred, she doesn’t grilled for trying to out Eddie and no crap from Andy? Pathetic…

    • Vicki mentioned a years old rumor about Eddie to Kelly off camera. Tamra has talked about the rumor non stop all season. Tamra has no SL. She tried to drag her own daughter through the show and on SM. I think her daughter’s attorneys sent Bravo a C&D letter as she could not get Tamra to leave her alone.

      • I agree Tamra is shady and uses people, however Vile is the one who invited all the has been HW’s and friend to her stupid bday party to continue the rumor and a few weeks ago spoke to the press basically begging Eddie to come out. I also hope it is brought up about Terry and her slanderous remarks she made to Kelly. The b*tch needs held accountable for actions.

      • Have you seen Vicki’s PR parade of crap about Eddie? She’s done several
        interviews where she refuses to say she was wrong. She insinuates he’s
        bisexual, that he’s hiding something. She’s nasty.

        • so help me Andy or one of the call in viewers needs to ask Vile WHY she cares so much and WHY this anyone’s business and WHAT proof does she have.
          I am sick of these HW not answering the questions. All they do is yell over top each other and nothing gets addressed.

        • Yes, it is so weird! She will say, ‘There is nothing wrong with it, but why won’t he just admit it?’ OMG! She is a nut.

        • Maybe Vicki is right. It could be something that is well- known in OC about Eddie and that could be why Vicki still says it. I think Tamra should come clean with it.

      • Vicki was out there saying a lot of nasty things about how Eddy should just tell Tamra that he likes men, if that’s how he feels. UGH the woman is horrible. I can’t believe she tried to pull of TWO cancer scams and still has a job.

  • The 12th season of RHOOC is the first franchise I was able to stop watching, and I didn’t miss it. RHOA is next, so far so good. NeNe hooked me into the Housewives, OC was okay but Atlanta sealed the deal.
    Now NeNe’s ego, Kim’s poor parenting, along with Kelly’s vulgarity and Vicki’s ‘15 minutes’ being over have become toxic and I am able to let them go. I wanted to not watch RHOD but I didn’t succeed, as it turns out this season was much better than their first one. Hopefully LeAnger will not be returning reality TV is not therapeutic.

  • I stayed up late and watched WWHL with Shannon . EPIC REALNESS !! All these other bitches and their fakery, please exit ! Shannon doesn’t deploy snark , fake SL or made up exaggerated feuds . That’s her REAL life , and yes it’s messy, awkward and heartbreaking to watch .

    The scene they showed from the reunion with Shannon talking about her struggles this season is a master class and this is WHY we watch these shows . Shannon has tremendous self awareness and owns her shit and that is what sets her apart

    I’ve rarely seen Andy show such genuine compassion towards anyone.

    Stay strong Shannon ??????

    • I agree (with everything! lol) particularly re Andy. He seems to genuinely care about Shannon –
      most out of character for him!! Goes to show that Shannon is such a genuine and endearing person that even Andy’s narcissist-self melts.

    • Hi Rain, I beg to differ on Shannon’s “self awareness”. I think it’s very unrealistic. She believes that she is a light hearted, FUN-to-be-with gal. She is as much fun as a visit to the dentist. Shannag pounds everyone over the head with her sledge hammer-like expectations & denouncements. For her to loosen up a bit, she requires a gallon of Vodka with 12 limes. From her first entrance onto the show, her SL was her crumbled marriage. I’m glad it’s finally going to be buried because it was the most excruciatingly slow process to witness. And it most definitely was not FUN 😉

      P.S. I did & do appreciate Shannut calling out Vickileaks. Since it’s been leaked that Shannon blames her marital woes on her anger, I fear that she’ll sweep all her strong admonishments against Shrieki under the rug. And there goes the last hope of push back on the cancer con woman.

      • Yes that slow motion crash is finally over ! And not a moment too soon
        Sometimes Shannon’s sekf awareness is a bit delayed ?? but once she gets there, she’s not ashamed to apologize or admit wrong doing

        Her stance with Vickileaks is EPIC and speaks to her integrity ??????. I am troubled about rumors that Vicki has an ‘easy’ time at the reunion. Means Andy left his balls at home again ?

  • I just watched the trailer of the reunion – holy smokes – Blood and Guts Kelly scared me – I didn’t even recognize her I kept thinking, did Peggy have a “dress change” during reunion? wow..Kelly looks..severe.

  • Yes, I agree that the show needs to be revamped. Hopefully that doesn’t include Peggy. This season was boring. We will see if the reunion shows are better {than the season}.