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RHOC Recap – Candle Wicks and Lunatics!

We made it past Iceland – time to celebrate RHOC fans! What better way to celebrate? A candle party (because apparently The King Collection is really happening….)

We start out with Vicki, the president of the company, dealing with big picture items such as headsets. Vicki and her partner call her son Michael into the office as he is now a board member. The Coto name will live on! Vicki wants this company to be her legacy and it’s time to pass the baton on the only child that has taken interest in the business.

Over at Casa de Dodd its decided that Kelly’s mom needs a makeover. I think Kelly needs a job because she seems bored and is taking her boredom out on her mom. It’s obvious that Kelly and Michael are heading towards divorce (something we know now) as their relationship is bipolar with high highs and low lows.

Tamra is getting ready for daughter Sidney’s graduation. Yes, it’s emotional but once again Tamra: Sidney doesn’t want to be on RHOC! Why did you have to film this at all? Why are you crying about not being there to get ready and pick her dress out when you know she doesn’t want to be mentioned at all? She has spoken out so many times about this that it’s pointless to even ask these questions at this time…

It wouldn’t be a finale without a party and this one is in honor of The King Collection. In my opinion I think the party is going to cost more than The King Collection will ever make (just saying…)

While getting ready, we see the demise of the Dodd marriage. Michael has turned into a grumpy old man who doesn’t want to drive in a car with David Beador. The two end up carpooling together with their wives and it turns into the most awkward/dry car ride ever. Both clearly have issues in their marriage and both husbands seemed to have checked out. Divorce party of four anyone?

Over at the candle part, I have to agree with Vicki that it looks more like a wedding. How much revenue does The King Collection plan on making? Hopefully enough to cover this ridiculous candle party.

The party is awkward as Peggy hasn’t touched base with the ladies after Iceland. In addition, Vicki’s friend put out a story about Tamra after the trip and Tamra is done (for the 1,000th time.) Side note: Is that Heather McDonald I spy in the background at the candle party?

Miracles do happen and Shannon and Lydia appear to be friends now; however Lydia still shades Shannon in her talking heads.  Not everything can go smoothly as Kelly and Peggy haven’t made up and both have each other pegged. Kelly thinks Peggy is taken care of and spoiled and Peggy thinks Kelly needs to stop lashing out. Yes and yes ladies – at least you know each other! The two call a truce but I don’t think it’s enough to bring Peggy back for another season.

Diko and David try to stir up a bromance when Tamra steps in to apologize to him. Shannon gets pulled into it and Peggy accuses Shannon of lying. We get a flashback and I’m team Shannon here. Why does Peggy have such an issue giving a clear answer? She can’t keep using the second language as an excuse for much longer. Shannon may overreact to everything but Peggy can’t keep a story (or a sentence) straight.

The two end up awkwardly apologizing to each other but the same can’t be said for Michael and Kelly. The two have a one way ticket to divorcetown and Vicki gets caught in the middle. Kelly tells Vicki she can’t live like this anymore and revealed the two don’t have sex. The Dodds end up selling their house and divorcing which isn’t a shock to any of the housewives fans.

As for the rest of the wives? Meghan wants more children, and apparently Lydia does as as well (didn’t she insist that Doug get a vasectomy?) Shannon Beador has separated from David and Vicki would love to be married again. Peggy has a daughter in college and Tamra is still not speaking with her daughter.

Thoughts on this season of RHOC?

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  • I hope Lydia does not come back, her mother is thirsty as to be on TV. I’m done! Peggy showed her true colours. She’s deceitful. Really disappointed in Tamra claiming Shannon was looking like a crazy person. I thought Shannon kept her cool and did not overreact. Had I been in that situation, I would have gone off on Peggy’s lying ass !

  • Did anyone notice that Shannon kept calling Petty: “Peggy Souvlakian”? Or maybe, I heard it wrong…? If she did repeated say Peggy’s last name wrong, LOLOLOL…. It was a funny play on words.

  • Worst season ever. I’m usually bummed when the OC comes to the finale. Last night I kept finding my mind wandering off and had to refocus. The reunion better be good us viewers deserve it!!

  • Rags and mags are saying that Peggy quit – based on her blog. I think it is just peggy being vague peggy again.

    ” Our lives have been our children, the business, our families, and our marriage! These have kept me busy for a long time. Not until recently have I had time for other endeavors. I focused on the charities with my children’s schools and our community. But with all the changes occurring in our lives, things have changed. So now, I’m on to the next phase of my life.”

    • Considering the track record of many OC housewives, it behooves Petty to quit, to keep her (fake) marriage intact.

      • I agree, unless she is that type of famewhore that believes…my (fake) marriage is stronger than everyone’s. I still think Peggy and Vile will suddenly bff’s one else will film with them.

            • Hehehe… Blahvo loves to “tor-chur” the viewers!!! The proof is continuing to give cancer con woman, Vickileaks a return ticket as the OG = Obnoxious Gargoyle of the OC.

              • With the ones that keep returning like a boil on the butt…I keep thinking ..what does that RH have on you guys (bravo and Ass Andy)..who cares about OG crap..millions of women could easily replace all the RH..and we are stuck with the scraping of the barrel..inches from the gutter….I feel so valued as a viewer ???

                • samael, I’ve wondered the same thing. Why does Andy keep dragging that bovine bitch back into service, especially after she pulled the scam of the century? My only conclusion is that he’s warped. He stated that VG was his favorite hw, because she’s the original cast member of the first franchise. Ugh. I think casting decent, successful, kind women are in short supply. Who in her right mind would want to eschew personal privacy & by extension, drag her family & friends in front of the public???

                  • Good morning Medusa

                    That question always goes unanswered “why do these women cash this cheque?”

                    Each time a new city was added to the franchise, we would ask these kind of questions..the only thing we came up with..”famewhore”..cuz the show brings only entertainment value – at the RH expense… a few interviews with actual entertainment shows…et and of course Eonline …other than that , I felt these women worked their “D” level fame via tmz/radar of lies and blogs.

                    The thirst is real and I still believe and agree with you – as you have posted before – Bravo needs to clean house and do a full recast of all franchise’s..these can’t be the only famewhores in each city.

  • It was weird how quickly Tamra had to tell the viewers that Vicki continued to bash Eddie via a friend when they returned from Iceland. More should have been said about that, especially since they forced us to watch that drunken, awful back head/hair if Vicki’s while they sat on sofas. And Vicki seems obsessed with marrying Steve. How many times did she hint about it last night and every episode? Oh and that board that made of Vicki to her face?! She laughed but they definitely think she is too emotional.

    • I firmly believe Steve and Vicki are broken up. I think he dumped her during the season and she convinced him (paid him) to stay together through the reunion.

      • It is possible, but wasn’t there a blurb at the end that they bought something together, was it a vacation house? He seems too trusting of her words yet, give him time.

  • This season was a waste of time & a test of the viewers’ tolerance level. Nobody comes out unscathed by the stench of a stinky story line, rehashed from S10: “Does Petty Have Cancer Or Not?” Petty could never get her story straight. Nor was she as strong as she bragged that she was. At the first hint of criticism, Petty wanted to run away from the herd. She didn’t really get along with them. She was a drag.

    Shrieki in all her sausage casings managed to keep insulting everyone, including the party, itself. She muttered to the waiter, “Is this a candle party? A candle party. I never went to a candle party before. A candle party… heehee” What a fat ass!! Also, Vickileaks has the audacity to tell the world she wants to marry her disgraced cop-TANK Filler, after she eviscerated a perfectly nice husband a few years prior!!! Memo to Vickileaks: We don’t give a f*ck about your moldy tank or your happiness!!! Go away & take your rusty TANK with you!!

    Lydiot was a pot stirrer and an IDIOT!!! Her main SL was to get her man a vasectomy. Then, she decided she wants more kids. They better not return to show us how they do that trick!

    Meh was MEH. She was loyal & consistent to her allies. So, there’s that.

    Traumra never really got the message from her daughter to leave her out of the show… She also never really was helpful by directing who should apologize to whom. Still, she didn’t try to push a con on the public. So, there’s that!!! LOL

    Shannag went through a few transitions. I was never a fan. However, due to her bluntness, some truths were revealed. Petty was a LIAR (whether it was unwittingly or intentional). DICK-O wanted to become a *star* (by dragging Shannon into a fight he wanted to have with David about Petty). Vickileaks still shows NO remorse for any of her heinous actions. And marriage is impossible with a man who clearly has checked out.

    It’s a wrap!!!!

  • Just remember that TBTB got the last laugh when they sent the cast to Iceland. Let’s be honest. It’s a barren hellscape that looks like the place the Greyjoys rebuilt their ships. They couldn’t even send them there after November so at least there’d be the Northern Lights. NOT ONE NORTHERN LIGHT! Without the Northern Light sky, there’s no other reason to go to Iceland. Hell, we’ve got the same waterfall in Paterson,NJ. That’s like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower.

    • I was completely enjoying the clips of iceland – for me it was shades of Lord of the rings era. Wonder if Andy approved this location – with the premise of being a cover girl.

    • Yeah, it was weird how off season it was, and only 3 hours of nighttime? Must have been very cheap to send them there.

      • The price difference is like Simon and Alex (remember, Silex?) going to St. Barts in July/August when it’s as hot and humid as the devil’s armpit or, going in the winter months as Jill and Bobby Zarin did along with the rest of the moneyed set. The difference in price being something gleefully focused upon by Jill when she snarked that Silex saying they went there in the summer months because it was a “preference” that allowed them to avoid the seasonal glut was bullshit and the only reason they went at that time of year was the ‘financial’ preference, i.e., it was a helluva lot cheaper.

  • What a boring season and the last episode, same. All about Petty and if she can accept other’s peoples apologies. Really Petty? Why should anyone be apologizing to you for you acting like you are Queen of the world? What a stuck up, fake pretentious little bitch she is. I loved Shannon come backs to her but I wish they had been delivered with more control, less emotion and she needs to lose the Jazz hands whens she speaks, it makes her look loony! Bring on the reunion already!!!

    • FiddleDeeDee ~ Agree. This season sucked from a forgettable beginning to the lackluster end. Peggy inclusion was a mistake. Her real cancer felt FAKE! That’s a shame. It was all due to her nodding passing for the truth. Her statements were inconsistent & she changed them in mid sentence. The only spark was when Shannon nailed Petty with a look! I still don’t see Shannag as “FUN”. But, she has improved over time. (“jazz hands” should be her new nickname. LOL)

      • I wondered when people were going to start calling out Petty’s cancer as being fake, it finally happened last night, on RT. Kind of shocked me but I can’t say it surprises me. It does feel like it was fake, as you said. Bravo needs to table the cancer stories from here on out.

        Yeah, I’m not feeling the fun in Shannon either. I’ve never thought she was fun, right from the start. She’s tiring imo. I hope she can present a more calmed down version next season, show everyone she isn’t on the edge at all times.

        • Wow!!! That’s terrible. I actually feel Petty did have cancer (or thought she had cancer) because the doctor she saw in her first episode said she did the right thing to have the mastectomy. Nobody would do THAT just for pity. I think the way she presented herself or was edited to be, made her case seem fake. Shame on the Magical Elves for that!!! They have to stop pushing cancer story lines. We watch that crap to get away from such sadness.

          It’s no surprise that ITA with you about Shannag. But, if she calms down and is completely reasonable next season, I won’t be able to call her: Shannut. LOL

          • Yeah, it took me by surprise. I don’t think anyone bit, at least I didn’t stick around long enough to see if someone did. Tiptoed my way of that thread quickly! LOL I feel she is being honest as well.

  • I watched last night for the first time since my boycott ?
    I hit ‘mute ‘ whenever I saw a pig on screen?

    Lydiot and Puggy are way WORSE than I imagined . Puggy and Dik-ho are simply laughable . Puggy speaks with that fake arrogance with her chin tilted up as if she is speaking to her shoulder . FAKE. I dried up everytime Dik showed up on screen . He obviously has some sort of Napoleon complex that’s why he’s so controlling and a total twat . A short twat ?

    Lydiot reminded me of an expired sorority girl who looks and talks cutesy while eveyone knows she’s a conniving heifer . I feel a bit sorry for Doug actually . He’s kinda cute ! ?
    So Lydiot ask him to get a vasectomy and NOW she wants another chid ? ???. Stop snorting that fairy dust girl and make up your damn mind

    Tamras dress was atrocious so was Meghan’s . Meghan body looks great , wow and her husband is still an ice cube

    Seeing David confront Dik-wad about what he said to Shannon was good . And I laughed so hard after Puggy delivered her very coached apology and stood there almost like she’s expecting applause or an ovation ?????

    Can’t wait for the reunion

    • I barely watched it. I am tired of the half ass apologies, Tamra’s crying over nothing and everything (heck even Ryan was embarrassed over her acting like a fool for no reason with the graduation event) and Peggy making absolutely NO sense while Lydiot seems to be talking to herself all the time.
      And of course Lydiot wants another baby, she made it quite obvious that she had no clue what procedure Dough was getting, so she probably does think he can get her pregnant. Or she wants a storyline for next season. That said, if she does come back then I am officially done with this franchise.

    • Lydiot and Pudgy both came on to get Shannon cause Ickyliar probably begged Lydiot cause Tamra and Shannon are so mean to me for no reason. Lydiot probably introduced Pudgy so she would have back-up cause face it does anyone really trust Ickyliar

  • Worst (?) part of this season – Homophobic Peggy who believes it is better to admit to being clueless

    Ugliest (?) part of RHOC – Vile was never fired for repeating rumor, season after season, Vile used
    bullying a human based on sexual orientation

    Lamest apology – Peggy’s to Shannon

    Least supportive friend – Tams to Shannon – sick of Tams bashing Shannon for having ONE reaction to people slamming Shannon

    Most unusual friendship – Blood and guts Kelly and Shannon

    Waste of space – Lydiot

    Glad this loser of a season is gone