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Peggy Sulahian’s Plastic Surgery Shocker! See The Before and After Photos!

Image Source: Bravo

It seems that Peggy Sulahian isn’t so “real” after all.

The Real Housewives of Orange County newbie and 100th Housewife had a secret nose job when she was just 17 years old, according to The Daily Mail.

Peggy went under the knife at 17 because she felt insecure about her “pronounced Armenian nose” sources reveal.

“The official reason was a deviated septum, but Peggy was desperate to get her nose fixed for cosmetic reasons too,” a source reveals.

Adding, that the surgery was performed by Peggy’s plastic surgeon cousin Dr. Vatche Bardakjian over a long holiday weekend. At the same time as Peggy went under the knife so did her now estranged brother, Pol’Atteu.

While Peggy now seems very confident and self-assured on the Real Housewives of Orange County, it turns out that wasn’t always the case.

“She hated [her nose] and thought it made her look ugly. She was often teased about her nose and “monobrow” at school, and as she got into her later teens she got more and more obsessed about the way she looked,” an insider explained.

“The only reason her parents agreed to it was on medical grounds. They paid for half of the cost and health insurance paid out the other half,” the insider added. “Peggy and Pol’ were some of Dr. Bardakjian’s very first patients too, but he did a great job, and Peggy was delighted with the results.”

In her mid-twenties, Peggy met and married her now husband, Diko Sulahian. Tragically Peggy’s mom Ani died at the age of 51 from breast cancer just six months before Peggy and Diko’s wedding. Following their marriage, sources say that Peggy drifted from her family and less and less contact with her siblings.

As time went on Peggy’s look continued to evolve according to sources with the help of her brother Pol’ who “groomed” Peggy into the Housewife she is now.

“He groomed her into a trophy wife for Diko and was with her each step of the way from getting a nose job with her, to dressing her up to look like a million dollars,” said a source.

However, Peggy’s plastic surgery obsession didn’t stop with her nose job; revealing that Peggy also had a breast augmentation after the birthday of her second daughter, Gianelle.

“She’d had two kids and just hit her 30s and felt self-conscious,” the source reveals.

Just this past year, Peggy made the difficult decision to have a double mastectomy after finding a 3-millimeter cancerous lump in her breast.

Despite her efforts, Peggy isn’t having luck any luck connecting with viewers on the RHOC and is rumored to be getting kicked to the curb for season 13.

Peggy has also made it clear that she’s not enjoying her time on RHOC telling ET, “one percent of the time I enjoyed it. The other 99, I was trying to figure it out.”

Check out the before and after photos below!

I would have never guessed that this was Peggy. I always wondered why her daughters didn’t resemble her at all. In my opinion, Peggy’s daughters look much more Armenian than she does, and I always found that odd but it makes sense now since learning that Peggy has gone under the knife. I have a sneaky feeling Peggy had more than just her nose done because she looks nothing like her old self at all.

Thoughts on Peggy’s before and after photos? Are you surprised Peggy had a nose job? Why don’t you think Peggy is open about her plastic surgery?

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  • BM Barbie

    Oh for God sakes, who cares that she’s had a nose job. But just for the record I think Kelly’s nose job transformation was way more dramatic LOL

  • justanothermary

    Ok, nose job, CHECK – new boob, CHECK now buy a damned hair brush!!!

  • Sugar Mama

    Jesus H how old is she in those photos 11? Of course she looks different as a grown arse woman. She’s not a fav of mine just sayin….but she looks real at least and not a Vulcan ?

  • mtrae9

    She’s another Michael Jacksn. LOL

  • luvmyfrenchie

    Always thought that she & GG have the same nose & surgeons…

    • Rain

      Hey you ??????

      • luvmyfrenchie

        I have been lol reading your posts on numerous board!!

        • Rain

          Oh you’re so sweet and kind ????

  • missroxmiss

    I like her nose now.People forget as we age women’s faces tend to thin out and if your skinny the face looks sucked in. Taylor from Beverly she had to have lots of fillers or else she was a skeleton with skin,

    • Rain

      That’s a good point ???

  • disqus_hTRmk7aL6X

    The young photo was taken so many years ago. Everyone changes with age. A nose job is a “shocker”? No story here.

  • DeeDeeSD

    Judgmental much? Who cares if she’s had plastic surgery? Oh, she’s has a nose job and a boob job….just like a large majority of the women in Orange County. She looks good. If you want to pick at her, try focusing on something relevant.

  • HelenWheels68

    Ugly on the inside shows on the outside. Cosmetics can cover it but they can’t hide it.

    • samael

      Standin o – for you HelenWheels68!

      • HelenWheels68

        Thank you, honey.

  • ?????????Ð?????

    Based on photos alone, it’s clear Petty has had many plastic surgeries. I would say at the very least, 3 nose jobs. There is no resemblance between now and then. NONE

    • Rain

      I agree !! ZERO resemblance ????

  • ~Medusa~

    I think her current nose looks misshapen. I thought she needed a nose job to correct the malformation. However, her original nose wasn’t that bad to start with.

    • luvmyfrenchie

      Very true!! Idk why she messed w/altering the outside appearance of it?!! Less is more IMO..

  • samael

    wow! looks like two different people!

    What I wondered – why do Peggy and Diko faces look wet …everytime?

  • Rain

    I’m sorry , this is NOT even the same woman

    • ?????????Ð?????

      LOL, I said the same thing, doesn’t even look like the same person!
      Happy Tuesday Raingurl.??

      • Rain

        Happy Tuesday gorgoeus ???????????. This is a complete overhaul ! Just wow

    • ~~ La erik ~~

      Whoa! But what’s wrong with fixing just to make her self esteem get better? Why picking on her?

  • lipppo jaqqq

    Hachuuuu. sorry i sneezed.

    • Rain


      • lipppo jaqqq

        Lady Borat

  • Pierre

    Can’t lie – they did a good job!!

    • Bobby

      Yeah I dont particularly love her but she does look really good.

  • Moihere

    She looks great!