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Dolores Catania Says Jacqueline Warned Her About Danielle Staub; Plus Siggy Flicker Claims Bravo Isn’t Airing Her Side of the Drama With Margaret Josephs!

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 07: (L-R) Siggy Flicker, Dolores Catania, and Jacqueline Laurita visit "Extra" at their New York studios at H&M in Times Square on July 7, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra)

Dolores Catania was practically a church mouse during her first season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey but my oh my how things have changed for season 8.

In a new interview with The Tomorrow Show, Dolores attempts once again to be outspoken and controversial as she gets candid about several of her RHONJ c0-stars including her now arch-nemesis Danielle Staub.

Speaking of Danielle, Dolores claims that her “good friend” Jacqueline Laurita warned her about Danielle from the start.

“Jacqueline warned me she goes, ‘how’s Danielle?’ I said, ‘Danielle seems like okay I guess.’ She goes, ‘watch her because one day I asked her to pick up CJ from school, one day, and then she made rumors she did it all the time. She will twist things around, and she will try to screw you,” Dolores revealed.

Not surprisingly Dolores agrees with Jacqueline warning and insists that Danielle has tried to dig up dirt on her.

“She [Danielle Staub] looked for things. She tried to find things. She’s been asking about my past for the past year. She has gone all over the place,” Dolores says.

When asked if Teresa “doubting” her, in favor of believing Danielle, simply for ratings, Dolores, shockingly has Teresa’s back and says nope.

“No, I think she’s [Teresa Giudice] lost her mind. Well listen, she has been through a lot, she lost her mom. When we were growing up Teresa’s mom would look at her like the sun would rise and set on Teresa. Like Teresa was everything. Her mother, like we all looked at her and wished our Moms were like that. I mean everything revolved around Teresa. So she lost a really big part of her life,” Dolores explains.

However, Dolores doesn’t have as much faith in Teresa and Melissa Gorga’s relationship; hinting that she believes it could crumble at any moment.

“I’m honest because I love everybody that I’m talking to so much that I’m gonna be so honest with you guys and I’m gonna probably get in trouble, but I don’t care,” Dolores says. “I am, there is so much water under that bridge that it could snap at any time. And I’m not saying it does, but I’m not saying that it’s a house of bricks there.”

One friendship Dolores doesn’t want to see crumble is her friendship with Siggy Flicker. Despite their best efforts, Dolores does fear that reality TV could ruin her and Siggy’s friendship.

“Yes. That is a fear. Listen I never say never say never. I think I could handle anything, and sometimes you get caught in the crosshairs of things. Like the whole Margaret thing, and the whole, just everything. You get caught, and you got to be just…my mother said to me, ‘you know it’s very hard to stay friends on this show. You gotta be careful.’ ”

Meanwhile, Dolores’ BFF Siggy is making some shocking claims about Bravo in a post on her personal website.

In a post, Siggy claims that Bravo isn’t airing her side of the story when it comes to her on-going drama with newbie Margaret Josephs.

Check out Siggy’s post below.


We are almost halfway through the season and all I can say is the Episodes are as surprising to me as they are to you. I wish you had been there to see what was actually said that caused my reactions. I don’t react without reason and I refuse to blame my reactions to my hysterectomy or hormones.

My reactions are in response to attacks. Attacks on what I hold dear. Attacks on my husband, my friends, my hysterectomy, my profession and my mental state by a person who knows nothing about me and who does not care about the consequences of her reckless attacks. Unless you have spotted the disjointed nature of some exchanges, you cannot reconcile my reactions without the nasty underhanded comments that prompt my responses. 

The camera doesn’t lie. I shimmied (my real boobs); I stuck my tongue out; I teared up; I made faces and I mentioned her cheap knockoffs. Unfortunately, Margaret’s side of the exchange seems to have been lost. Why did I resort to such antics? 

Margaret couches her attacks in dismissive language and snarky comments that cut to the bone – always focusing on her targets of choice – whether it be me or Dolores: insane, unhinged, hypocrite, follower, minion, yes girl, soggy. If she were truly joking, she would use the same approach with all of us. She doesn’t. She focuses her special brand of attack on me. As soon as I respond, she immediately hones in on my profession – up until this episode I never mentioned her career or her less than fabulous brand.

Maya Angelou said it best, “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time! So let me remind you who Margaret showed me she was: calling my husband less of a man; excluding Dolores and me from the memorial; calling my foyer a shrine; calling me Soggy in the middle of my argument with Teresa and Melissa; weeks and weeks of constant attacks questioning my skill in my chosen profession – This is the woman I invited into my home and inner circle.

So let’s get back to this Episode and my attempts to restart my relationship with Margaret. As soon as I walked into the Gorge’s tasting, I was bombarded with questions about Dolores’ living arrangements. Wait, shouldn’t we be talking pasta? They all knew Dolores was on her way so why not wait for Dolores?

On the heels of the interrogation about Dolores, in slides Danielle asking Teresa if she believed Dolores betrayed her. Of course, Melissa chimed in to vouch for Danielle yet again. When I said, “I’m sorry but in my opinion, I can’t see Dolores talking to you about Melissa, Margaret, Teresa, or Siggy.” Margaret inserted her incendiary opinion “you know, calling Danielle a liar is very . . . crazy.” Really? 

As if diminishing Dolores as a minion, yes girl and follower weren’t enough, now you’re calling her crazy or was she calling me crazy again? I walked away, disappointed, to say the least.

I overheard the snide comments Margaret made when Dolores arrived. Again, I said nothing. Joe Gorga approached us to ask what happened in Boca. While Dolores and I answering his questions, Margaret and Danielle strolled over so Margaret could swipe at me about rehashing Boca and of course, my profession. Lost Footage for $500, Alex. 

After being hit at every past encounter about my profession, I finally responded with my opinion of Margaret’s business. That’s right – my comment was a response to the 97th dig at my profession. How this woman continues to swipe at 25 years in my profession without a blemish, while her business is engulfed in lawsuits and bankruptcy is beyond me. Call me crazy and unhinged all you want, but I would rather be me than calculated, condescending and dishonest.

I’m sure the self-proclaimed Joan Rivers of the Real Housewives will reveal what prompted my saying she was the ugliest person in the world for making fun of me. Go on, ask her. She’s banking on you not demanding to see the exchange in its entirety. 

I have a great idea, let’s put the Real back in Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The most enjoyable part of this episode for me was my sit down with my parents. Real is thinking that my son is disrespecting me then along come my amazing parents. It’s funny how life comes full circle. I left Israel and the safety of my parents to attend high school in New Jersey and now I’m talking to my parents about how worried I am that Joshua may attend a college out of state. Now I understand how they felt and it’s difficult. My parents are amazing as my father points out that my son is not being disrespectful but rather asserting himself, a right of passage into independence. My mother adds that Joshua’s happiness is paramount. My parents are the most amazing couple in the world. 

Thank you for tuning into this bumpy ride. Stay tuned as things come to a head.

Siggy Flicker

Oh, I have so much to say. I’m sure Jacqueline didn’t mention all the dirt she and the other ladies dug up about Danielle. Everyone in Real Housewives history has dug up dirt on their co-stars, so please bitch. Meanwhile, I think Siggy may be pushing the lines with her crusade. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – love Siggy but she seems to be doing everything she can to piss off Bravo.

Thoughts on Dolores’ claims? Do you think Danielle tried to look up dirt on Dolores? Can Siggy and Dolores’ friendship survive reality TV? Do you think Melissa and Teresa’s relationship can crumble at any moment? Is Siggy walking a fine line by blasting Bravo? Do you think Bravo isn’t airing Siggy’s side of the drama with Margaret?

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  • Soggy… blah blah blah. I clicked her website and it said it was removed. Again, blah blah and blah. Still on margie’s Team

  • Dullorass is a Manzo which equals scum. Siggy should not talk about bankruptcies – her husband declared it , stupid bitch- both of them.

  • So Jacqueline warmed Dolores about
    ? Who in their right mind would believe anything that Jacqueline has to say? Jacqueline is the lowest of the low and so nasty and her 2 friends Soggy and Bucky (Dolores teeth) has no room to talk or judge ANYONE. They lie and blame everyone for the choices they make in life, Siggy and her man face and Bucky with their dated hairstyles should get off the show. Sticking her tongue out at people and then posting pictures of Lucille Ball doing it, thinking it makes it alright. Lucy was
    And actress.

  • DULLores really should focus on her own crumbling friendship between herself and Teresa as if there ever was one instead of worrying about Teresa & Melissa’s relationship. Not to mention I’m sure Wacko Jacko probably sits with Dolores and watched the episodes let’s be honest.

    As far as Soggy Crying editing give me a break. No one was more harshly edited on this show than Teresa and her family and she never once complained. Not to mention questioning her profession is very relevant given her erratic and outlandish behavior to navigating social exchanges amongst friends considering she’s a “Relationship Expert.” If Margaret was a Relationship Expert Perhaps her Career would be relevant. Also she need not talk about Business Bankruptices and or lawsuits considering her BFF Jac lives in that glass house. Nonetheless Siggy is weak, thin skinned, over dramatic, self absorbed and a hypocrite.

  • I see Jacqueline had a sitdown with her soldier Dolores and sent her out to talk shit on her behalf. Does Dolores have one original thought in her head? God she’s worse than Eileen at this point.

    • Yes, Dave, but it’s worse than you thought.
      Jacqueline & Caroline cornered Dolores and read Chapter 1 one from their playbook, just like they did to poor Gia years ago. Gia was a smart enough child to shut down that shitshow.
      Dolores just ain’t that bright. ?

  • That was a lot of shade thrown from a friend of 25yrs. Teresa has lost her mind…Teresa relationship with Melissa why do you wish for fallout?? None of your Business. Let’s go back Danielle says to Dolores, You Told me Teresa doesn’t care about anything or anybody more than money..How does Dolores react with class NOT word for word..
    ‘You motherfucking liar! You’re a fucking liar! I never said that! You’re a crazy scumbag. Scumbag! You’re a crazy person anyways.. She’s a starving hungry bitch. Believe it or not, I would never, ever, say that about you..No you haven’t, you said worst behind your friends back.

  • So now Dull is the relationship expert and Family relationship expert? Soggy’s timeline is full of “but they (bravo) edited it out”…and shocker Jack Ass is keeping her claws around Dull and soggy!

  • Jacqueline wanted more money she didn’t get it soooooo now she’s firing from the sidelines trying to worm her way back in for bigger salary that matches teresa

    • Jaq doesn’t seem to understand that she doesn’t have the popularity (fan base) to make demands for a pay increase like Tre has! Jaq’s huge ego and obnoxious arrogance is her down fall. Tre has made Daddy Andy money hawking products and books during off seasons that Jaq has NEVER made.

      IMO, the RHONJ formula seems to involve a random housewife, or friend of, going after Tre. It doesn’t matter who it is but Tre has to be involved. It has been like that since season 3. Jaq takes things to dark level when she’s involved.

      • Jac is OUT. No matter what Siggy or Dolores says, she’s dunzo.

        I’d rather see Kim D full time than deal with that drunken sloppy mess. Sig is doing a good job as a psycho stand-in. Only room for one of those!

        Hey, C, just WHAT is Siggy’s “profession”? What are her credentials?

        This I wanna know!

        • Luvs agree with everything you said except Kim D.

          I really thought Bravo would bring back that Bloated Booze Bag for a guest appearance, but now, not so much.

          Soggy’s “profession” is budinski, with a side of water works.

        • She told us her “credentials.” She’s been a nozy, loud-mouth, know-it-all since she was14. Her words: “I’ve been a matchmaker since the age of 14.” Which means she’s counting those high school hookups where your boyfriend tells you his friend likes your friend and so you double-date. What? That doesn’t make you a relationship expert?

          • Well, color me presumptious!
            I thought she actually attended a brick and mortar institution for several years and received a certificate of some sort. I didn’t realize that only applies to ordinary experts.

            My bad, Helen. ?

  • I find both of these women so annoying and try hard, but not in the entertaining hot mess way that I’ve come to expect from a housewive.

  • I’m loving Siggy’s antics this season. She doesn’t have to explain herself – it’s housewives after all.

    As for Delores, I wouldn’t want to mess with her!!!

    • I am so bored with Siggy and Dolores. They are the epitomy of high school mean girls. I will not be able to take another season of watching the self absorbed princess, Siggy. Fake Dolores is a meathead and never had Teresa’s back. But she always has siggy, jac and kimd’s back.

      • I disagree. I like having cast members outside the Gorga/Giudice/Manzo families. I think this cast is a lot more balanced compared to previous ones and Siggy & Delores are my favourites. Why’s it always one-way with Teresa – she didn’t stick up for Delores when Danielle was questioning her r’ship w Frank. Besides, they have been friends for 20 years so you can’t say that she’s never had T’s back as she’s only been on the show for 2 seasons!!

        • I do, too, although Siggy & Dolores are part of the Manzo family, IMO.

          Margaret has no ties to anyone (despite what Siggy says) and I’m enjoying her.
          Danielle – well she’s a big bore so far. Waiting for that ticking time bomb to explode.

          The Teresa/Dolores loyalty bullshit is just that. Bullshit.

    • Your post is the first positive one I’ve read regarding Siggy’s antics. You must have a high threshold for pain! ?
      She’s all bark and no bite.