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Bethenny Frankel Reveals What Makes Daughter Bryn Proud!

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RHONY’s Bethenny Frankel hasn’t had the best of luck lately. Her messy divorce from ex husband Jason Hoppy was drawn out for years and recently the troubled two had to go to court due to his stalking/harassing issues. Despite the family drama, B reveals her daughter has grown into a well adjusted kid who is very proud of her mama.

Speaking out to UsWeekly, Bethenny revealed that her recent actions have made daughter Bryn a very proud little girl:

“My daughter understands. She’s getting more proud because of what other people say in school. She’s getting it. I spoon feed it to her. I don’t want to force it on her but she understands. I want her to be grateful for what she has and it’s now something I can call upon because I’ve seen so many children with nothing in the dark.”

Bethenny of course was referring to her hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Bethenny chartered planes and took supplies over to the devastated area where many were without power, food, medicine, water and basic necessities.

On her charity work, Bethenny states it didn’t take a genius to do the right thing:

“I just did one thing and it turned into a hundred things. It’s like a single thing you do and you see it makes a difference and it’s contagious and a lot of people are helping you and you’re just connecting and how can you not continue to help because you can’t unsee what you’ve seen.”

“So now you’ve seen people literally dying, starving, thirsty, pets dying, people needing insulin, baby hospitals needing their supplies. It just sort of became how could I not? And then once I knew what to do and how to do it, I just kept doing it over and over.”

Someone else who is proud of the B? Frenemy Ramona Singer! Ramona sang Bethenny’s praises stating:

“I mainly came out for Bethenny because I’m very proud of her and what she’s accomplished. One person can make a difference and I think a lot of people they go, ‘Oh why should I get involved?’ Or ‘Will my vote even count?’ And you know what? Bethenny was really proof that one person really makes a difference.”

Someone else who is proud of one of our fav housewives? AllAboutTRH! I think it’s amazing what Bethenny has done for Puerto Rico. I think it’s great when those that are fortunate give to those that are in need.

Thoughts on Bethenny’s comments? Do you think Ramona and Bethenny will get back to being friends?

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  • I wish I was watching the show you guys are seeing but it’s obvious Im not. What would anyone make a joke about her food or her flying supplies dow to PR. Who gives a crap what kind of food it is. Who cares who sent it. Shallow comments from shallow people. For God sakes Medusa your watching a SCRIPTED REALITY SHOW. EVERYTHING that goes on in the filming of that show is FAKE. People who make judgements when they have NO truthful information is either a paid comment or your life is missing something so necessary that your living through these women.
    Bethanny’s CHARACTER on the show is a strong no BS kind of woman. I think that is the real Bethanny but the other things people say about her are just stupid and full of jealousy.
    IT”S NOT REAL EVERYONE…. take your meds. When I see someone no matter what their status is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to help PR survive this horrible tragedy. How much did you all give to those poor people. I live in Northern California and thousands of people are without homes, clothing, children lost mothers and wives lost husbands as the wildfire raged through my county and leveled everything. This entire county and numerous around up have generously given to those in need. We cannot thank them enough. I could help PR but I have my own to take care of here. Your watching a stupid reality show and making fun of someone who cares about others instead of the people who trash her because she is an ACTOR on a REALITY SHOW. Where are people’s heads. Doesn’t sound self centered to me sounds like a very generous individual who is making difference. STFU people Watch your stupid show if that is what you do with your extra time. You might want to help the fire victims, the victims of the shootings all over this sad country those who follow a dictator who is throwing the american people under the bus.
    Any of you who have not suffered in a court situation which includes your child against an ex who has a mental condition, you have NO IDEA. Her disgusting ex can’t just co parent and keep peace for the sake of his daughter no he stalks, sends texts, emails, etc to harass Beth. Look up the court information she NEVER sent ONE TEXT TO HIM other than where and when to pick up their child.
    What she is going through and with everything that is going on around us a REALITY show may be needed by those who have to escape life, but I live in the real world I cannot just look away and leave it to someone else to take care of. Your all selfish ignorant people. Play the game if you have to but leave these people THAT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT OUT of it.

  • I think what Bethenny did for Puerto Rico and Texas is wonderful. What did you all do to help? I sat here in my comfy home and read about it, Bethenny got out there and worked for the people!

    • I was just about to say the same thing! I think Bethenny & Bryn deserve to be proud. And she has said , more than once , that she did not do it ALONE! She has always said she made a phone & said I have a plane & the ball started rolling from there. And if it wasn’t for her celebrity status the ball wouldn’t have gotten bigger! So BRAVO to you Bethenny !

  • What a load of horseshyte FrankelJaw. You are spoonfeeding your daughter what? The details to your nasty and contentious divorce and how you’re the good guy? I have no doubt about i,t even though the judge told you you can’t speak about Jason, to ANYONE. I feel so sorry for this little girl. She is headed for some much needed therapy when she comes into her own all because of her own mother. BF has wailed and moaned about the way her mother treated her but it would seem history is repeating itself. I won’t be surprised, if at some point in Bryn’s early adult life, she cuts her own mother just as BF did with her mom.

    • I will never forget how she treated Jason’s parents. I’m not taking up for Jason because obviously he is creepy but his parents did not deserve to be treated or talked about like Bethenny did when she was married to Jason. Proud that she is helping others but doubt it is for the reason that you all think it is. Personally, I think self-serving but regardless she helped and it is I’m sure much appreciated.

  • ok, as a human Bethenny is 100% my shero! Her continued work for hurricane survivors is outrageous!

    here is my issue

    Ramona brought this up –

    Bryn is able to understand about her mom on RHNY and the divorce and how is Bryn dealing with being told about her mom’s behavior.

    Bitchennyspent all season shredding Ramona!

    Bryn is not a bot – she understands 100% of what her friends tell her…which is what Ramona was stating last season. Bryn’s friends don’t only show Bryn – good stuff…what good stuff did Bitchenny do over 18 months ago?

    Guarantee Bryn has been shown

    – Bitchenny buck naked at a photo shoot
    – Bitchenny getting pissed that Jason isn’t outted as a bad guy
    – Bitchenny shredding strangers for years on RHNY
    – watching/reading/hearing mom bash her dad Jason

    there is more, but it is Bitchenny’s job to be honest and somehow explain her own behavior,that Bryn is aware .it will be Jason’s job to not bash Bethenny and not use Bryn to hurt her own mom.

    I am sure there are more things that Bryn is proud of her mom about – surviving and succeeding is a huge plus! Bethenny is delusional if she believes that Bryn only believes the “good” stuff brought to Bryn’s attention.

      • thanks Medusa

        if this shredding of Ramona was only about not having Bryn in RHNY
        Bethenny could have shut that down – minute one!

        Bethenny is not shy about telling anyone her rules.

        • That’s very true, samael. When raMOANer first broached the subject, BF looked awe struck, turned to Carole and stated that she refused to be spoken to in that manner. Then, she bolted. How brave! LOL Apparently, raMOANer missed the memo to never use “Bryn” in a sentence. Each subsequent time that RS tried to “fix” her previously clumsy statement, BF ran off. I suspect she was biding her time, & stretching it out to be a story line.

  • “My daughter understands. She’s getting more proud because of what other people say in school. She’s getting it.”
    Wondering what the bad things her daughter here’s in school?

      • I agree. raMORON lit the match with her opening needling question about Bryn. For that, she deserved push back. Yet, Bitchenny ran away and dragged out her grudge for the entire season, into the reunion. For that reason, I didn’t mind RaMORON calling out Barfenny’s bullying & hypocrisy. She really did say what other people were thinking. These 2 hags cancel each other out. They are equally appalling!

    • At least she’s done more for victims of hurricane’s than Trump. When is it never enough? Bethenny is a superstar!

      • I respectively disagree. Our President has done alot. Do you expect him to linger there for days? WTH kind of statement was that?

    • I’m half Puerto Rican and have family that still lives on the island. I don’t see ego with this situation, I see nothing but a generous human being doing the right thing!

  • Yeah, let’s hear it for Saint Barfenny!!!! She’s the patron saint of self centered house hags. It’s ironic that a woman who keeps her weight in check by expelling her food; is feeding the starving victims of PR!!!!

    BFrankelstein’s next big move, will be to run for Mayor of NYC – Andy suggested it on WWHL, and her eyes widened with the thought. She would love to run the world. What better place than the city of 8 million people being under her dictatorship.???

    • Nothing more than self serving bullshyte from FrankelJaw. I wonder if there was something that went down and BF is releasing this ridiculous statement to get ahead of the story.

      • There’s a thought ~
        Maybe, she doesn’t like the fact that her sperm donor got a light reprimand for what she reported as debilitating “TOR-CHUR”!!! She wants to increase her blindly, loyal ban base.

    • I love this comment . Was just thinking earlier how odd and disgustingly self absorbed it is, that you do something so huge and wonderful only to keep tweeting to get likes and let everyone know again again what you’ve done .