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AllAboutTRH Poll: Did Bethenny Frankel Get Plastic Surgery?!?! Plus Has RHONY Started Filming S10?!

Bethenny Frankel is known for her fresh-faced look, but over the weekend the Skinny Girl mogul popped up on social media looking quite different; leaving many wondering if she has gone under the knife.

While we can’t confirm or deny the plastic surgery rumors, we can do what we do best: speculate.

First, let’s compare the evidence – here’s side by side photos of Bethenny. The photo on the left is from a few months back and the photo on the right is from Bethenny’s SnapChat this weekend.


If you ask me Bethenny’s lips look extra plump and her cheeks are beginning to resemble chipmunk cheeks, which are classic signs of going overboard with filler.

Second, let’s be real, Bethenny of a certain age and she’s in the limelight so it’s not surprising that she may have enhanced her face in hopes of a more youthful appearance.

I mean Bethenny’s new look could just be a bad angle – we’ve all been there, but I’m leaning towards filler.

So, do you think Bethenny has done something to her face? Take our AllAboutTRH poll below and let us know what you think!

Meanwhile, it seems as if RHONY has kicked off filming for season 10. The ladies were spotted on social media on Friday celebrating Bethenny’s birthday – there was singing, dancing, laughing, and a whole lot of drinking. Plus, cameras were spotted in a few of the posts.

We are also hearing that the ladies celebrated Bethenny’s birthday in the Hamptons and that Sonja stayed at Luann’s home there.

It’s beginning to look a lot like RHONY time! So excited for the Big Apple ladies to be back in the swing of things again!

Thoughts on Bethenny’s new look? Are you excited that the RHONY have started filming season 10?

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  • I think I remember Bethenny saying that she had skin cancer. Looks like that might be what the place on her face was about.

  • I honestly think Bethenny is very sick with an eating disorder. The recent pictures I’ve seen of her look horrible. She needs to cover up because it’s just becoming so very obvious that she is truly sick.

  • The photo on the left is from her Mors Surgery, a procedure for skin cancer removal. Not the correct photo to be using. Of course FrankelJaw has had plastic surgery and she will deny to the day she dies. There’s plenty of proof out there. It’s ridiculous to believe anyone would think otherwise.

    • She’s had “work” on her face before. It’s obvious when her image of today is compared to her first season of RHONY.
      Cheeks enlarged. Chin & jaw became less pronounced. The shape of her nose changed. She had an eyebrow lift.
      Her boobs have been augmented at least twice.

  • BFrankelstein conveniently likes celebrating her birthday once she off loaded her sperm donor. That fame ho will do show anything for a story line.

    • I didn’t watch her getting married show, not even sure why because at that point I liked BF. I vaguely remember thinking a show about BF exclusively was too much BF. Didn’t she kind of freak out the first season she returned to NY at her self given BD party or am I not remembering correctly, or she was giving it a college try? I believe it was the party where all the young guys were there and didn’t BF get up on the table and start dancing?

      • I watched both spin offs: Bethenny Gets Married and Bethenny Ever After.
        I don’t like her. However, I did like Jason. I had hoped he would tamp her maniacal tendencies down. In one scene, they were at Bloomingdale’s choosing their china pattern. BF asked Jason why they needed coffee cups & saucers. He said it was to use them. “When we have guests, we can serve them coffee.” Her response, “I don’t want guests. I don’t want them to stay for coffee.” He smiled and reassured her that is what people do as hosts. It was the oddest exchange I’ve ever seen from her. It also showed who the “animal” was.

        Her birthday woes were first featured in RHONY S1, Barfenny went to SILEX’s house for Francois’ birthday party. BF turned it on to herself, by complaining to Alex that her birthday (which was coincidentally that day) was always a sad time for HER!!! Woe is the woeful Betheninny!!!!

        FF to her spin off. When Jason held a surprise b-party for BF, she ran into their bathroom (which was adjacent to the living room where the guests were), she bawled her head off LOUDLY. “I want them to leave. I hate parties. YOU know that!!!!! Wahhhhh, Wahhhhh”.

        FF again to her return to RHONY (3 years after she left the series) – she held her own birthday party and danced on a table. In her confessional she stated, “My birthdays are always a difficult time for me.” That was while she was having a fairly good time. And each season, she hosts a birthday party for herself and complains how hard they are to have!! Simply put: she’s a whiny, skinny bitch who makes her own misery & wallows in it.

        • LOL, I have to say I have a bit of BF in me. I’m kind of the same, guests, what are those? I remember BF getting her hair/makeup(?) done with Alex, not sure if it was for the BD party but I remember her saying Francois had a better social life than she did by the way Alex was carrying on about his activities for the weekend or coming weekend. At the time I thought she was so funny and clever with her observations/witticisms. Now……we know the true beast FrankelJaw. She really is miserable, why put others through misery too? I refuse to believe BF has real friends other than her paid staff and assistants. No way someone wants to be berated by that anorexic, self absorbed bitch on a constant basis.

          • Hahaha… I thought you were going to say that the similarity between Barfenny & you was your sardonic, quick wit. LOL The lack of desire to socialize showed that BF wasn’t the “cute” person she pushed in S1 & S2. She has a lot of bravado. Yet, it masks many insecurities.
            Due to her horn-like droning voice, I can’t listen to her for very long. I just can’t stand that whiny, incessant, picayune approach she has to every conversation that is posed to her. Nobody is immune to her scrutiny. Heaven help Carold if she gets on BF’s “Sh*t List”.

            • Same, I can’t take her either. I’ve heard rumors of Carole being on her own this coming season. I guess BF didn’t say anything about her being in the NY marathon and usually BF has touted Carole’s accomplishments in the past. I hope Carole puts more distance between her and BF. I enjoy her much more when she isn’t BF’s mouth piece.

    • Read a P6 article this morning that A-Rod was filming in an apartment across from FOF and when he saw her coming he lunged for the apartment so he didn’t have to talk to her. hahahahah

  • Can’t wait for the new season. New York is my favorite franchise and is really the only one I watch faithfully.. My advice for Bethenny is to gain 10 pounds and she won’t need any plastic surgery for awhile.

  • I didn’t think Bethenny would be the type to get surgery (at least, not on her face). But the picture sure looks suspicious… However, it’s very small; low quality; and just the one, so will reserve judgement for now.