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Which Below Deck Star’s Ex-Husband Is In Jail? Plus Which Million Dollar Listing Star Is Expecting?

First thing first, I’m the realest, anyone else love that Iggy Azalea song?

Anyway, one of the requests we got from our lovely readers was to cover shows like Million Dollar Listing and Below Deck.

So to be honest and real, I don’t watch either show and can admit that I never will watch Below Deck – it’s just not my jam. However, I’ve caught a few episodes of MDL, and I like it, I really like it.

But I don’t know a lot about either show, so I’m dipping my toe into drama. I found two pretty juicy stories that I thought ya’ll might like. So, let’s see how this goes, and we will take it from here.

Up first is Below Deck, and it turns out one of the crewmembers ex-hubby’s is in the slammer.

Below Deck star, Jen Howell’s past is quite choppy. It turns out Jen’s ex-husband William is “currently in jail for contempt of court, drug possession, smuggling contraband and conditional release violation,” a source tells In Touch.

William is due back in court on January 10, and sources claim “he’ll definitely be in jail until then.” Apparently, the shocking charges were filed against Jen’s ex after an officer found a Xanax pill in his possession.

However, this isn’t William’s first run-in with the law. William has been in and out of trouble since 2009.

As for Jen, sources say her marriage to William is “part of her past, and she’s chosen to move on with her life.”

I don’t know Jen, but I think it’s good she’s moved on from this loser. Some people just can’t be helped.

Now on to Million Dollar Listing and Oh baby it’s good. The stork is on its way for one MDL couple. Mazel!

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles stars David Parnes and Adrian Abnosi got married this past July in France and wasted no time getting busy, no pun intended.

Adrian is already pregnant with a baby girl and is due in April.

“We were on our honeymoon in the South of France, and apparently that’s where she was conceived,” David tells Life & Style. “We didn’t think it would happen that quickly, but it’s a great surprise.”

David and Adrian recently had a gender reveal party and celebrated their happy news with friends and family.

Next, on their list is baby names.

“We’re kind of going back and forth,” admits David, “but we have one name we both haven’t said ‘absolutely not’ to, so it’s a possibility.”

Congrats to the happy couple! I’m sure we will see their journey into parent on MDL.

Thoughts on Jen’s ex-husband’s jailbird life? Is she better off without him? Are you surprised David and Adrian are already having a baby?

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      • I love my Madison but he’s TOTALLY messy boots ! Well he has to keep that boy toy catered to I guess ?

        What you think of the new agent Tracy ?

        • IDK. I think I like her. I wasn’t sure at first . I liked her more when she was driving the pregnant client around lol. I like her fashion sense

          • ITA. Her fashion is beautiful And she has a beautiful family . Like you I wasn’t sure I’m the beginning when she was arguing a lot ???? but looks wise, she reminds me so much of Heather , Joshs wife

            I love Madison but it pissed me off that he and James started arguing around a very pregnant Heather at the party ! Sheesh . Wow she’s so pretty even when she’s super preggo
            Tired of the 2 Joshs arguing . It’s old and uninteresting

  • I don’t know Jen, but I think it’s good she’s moved on from this loser. Some people just can’t be helped.

    This isn’t a dig to the author but a comment about Jen. You are right Lara, you don’t know Jen, she’s as dumb as a box of rocks and I would even go further in saying the rocks might be smarter than she is. Lord, I’ve never see someone who makes me wonder if she was raised by wovles. The girl can’t do one damn thing unless she’s coached, coaxed, bribed and receives praise at the end. I guess snowflake would best describe Jen.

    Mazel on the new baby! I really like MDLLA and thank you for including it on this site. I hope more people start watching, there’s much to snark on.

  • thanks for covering this Lara!!!

    Josh and Heather – I never liked this duo – due to how they treated Madison! They screwed him over big time! I was so happy to see Heather and Madison so happy together – talking and being so respectful of each other. So glad Josh/heather and Maidson (my fav) have moved on.

    Still haven’t watched this weeks MDLLA.. I do wish Josh was given a spin off for his wedding, I understand why Josh and Heather were not given one, since they cancelled the first wedding…but Josh’s wedding would have been an awesome spinoff!

  • I like below deck too and agree this season has been a dud. I do like Captain Lee all his sayings such as…….”I tried to play cool but my sphinker was shut so tight you couldn’t Jake hammer a straight pin in there” lol. I like MDL California I never really got into the NY one.

    • I love Captain Lee’s off the cuff remarks, he kills it.
      I agree, this season needs to be done, I’m missing Ben. Looking forward to BD, Med.

  • Below Deck is amaaaazing. I have ignored it for years and I ended up catching part of a marathon and I’m hooked now. That said, this current season is sorely lacking compared to previous seasons. Jen’s voice and face are so irritating to me. Kate is a shell of her former self. The chef is either being a dead-eyed bore or being completely offensive. The deck hands are not the gorgeous eye candy we’ve had in the past. This season is a dud. Looking forward to Below Deck: Med.

    • Can’t stand Kate anymore
      that’s why I stopped watching . She really let fame mold an ego. Even Capt Lee changed 🙁