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Is This Confirmation That Adrienne and Camille Will Be Full-Time For S8 of RHOBH?!!?

For months now we’ve been hoping, praying, and wondering if Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof would be returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as full-time cast members for season 8.

While both Camille and Adrienne have played coy about their possible full-time return to RHOBH, they have been spotted all over with the confirmed cast members.

However, with the announcement that season 8 is premiering on December 19, both ladies may have inadvertently confirmed their positions for the upcoming season.

Camille and Adrienne both posted Instagram announcements about season 8 that leave little to the imagination.

And while Camille and Adrienne aren’t saying much, what they are hinting at speaks volumes.

“Here we go, here we go, here we go AGAIN..

A post shared by Camille Grammer (@therealcamille) on

Big news….. #December19 #RHOBH #TBT #Vegas

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Previously, Adrienne hinted about her and Camille’s possible full-time return to RHOBH telling ET, “stranger things have happened, you never know.You have to stay tuned. I don’t want to spoil it.” 

Meanwhile, back in October RHOBH production insiders revealed “Adrienne is super excited to be returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She’s definitely going to be back on the show” but is “still be working out details on the contract.”

I hope that Adrienne and Camille are back full-time cause I adore them both. I have some exclusive RHOBH scoop I’ll be discussing on our upcoming AllAboutTRH Podcast so make sure you listen for more insider info on season 8.

Do you think Camille and Adrienne will be back full-time for season 8?

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  • Good grief why bring Snoozy and Sleepy back !? Camille’s OKay….but the other one is just too uninteresting ,,,,, I never notice much about her other than a pair of new shoes or her morphing frozen face. Her brows are pretty vertical by now…

  • I cannot believe they brought back Dorit, she was horrible. And I have no desire to see Camille be fake on camera unless she is going to be herself like in season 1.

  • This show has been boring for at least past two seasons. Maybe those two can bring the show back yo when it was really good.

  • If you want peoples advice…. bring back Camille and forget Adrienne. She is waaaay to arrogant and sticks her nose up in the faces of those who are not casino owners. Plus the only thing I liked about her on the show was that Paul was divorcing her. Rain your correct it hurts to watch these shows these days.

  • Guys . Is it me or is Hoof slowly morphing into Mama Elsa ? Does she still make up slanderous stories with good ol’ Bernie? WTH Bravo

    • yes…. I thought the same thing. It’s pretty bad and sad she would do that to her face….. geeezzz leave it alone

  • I want Camille back FULL TIME. Adrienne can be a friend of the show. I don’t think either is full time though as they weren’t pictured on the cast trip which is a big indication. Think they’re also underestimating at Bravo just how much they need Kim Richards back even if just in a part time capacity.

  • I hope not, don’t like either one of these househeaux’s. If Camille comes back full time, as the true Camille, season 1 Camille…..I’d be down for that. Now she’s about as exciting as applesauce. She’s clearly someone who doesn’t like to be in the “hot seat” of being the “bad” HW but that’s her best role imo.

    Adrienne, can’t stand her. Between the voice, plastic surgery, hair and constant judgement, she’s a hard one to take.

    • FiddleDeeDee ~ Don’t be so pernicious!!!

      If Adrain really is back F/T, Chef Bernie, the Yenta better be unseen & unheard. He was her whining sidekick-spy.

      • Camille had some amazing lines and of course the dinner party from hell is one of the all time best things to ever happen on reality TV, next to Scary Island. That’s the Camille I want to return, not the wimpy, soft spoken BH’s woman with too much plastic surgery.

        Bernie, what a thirsty man he was, huh? I’m glad Bravo didn’t give him anymore time than they did, he seemed to be a nasty piece of work.

        • I didn’t appreciate S1 Camille or her psycho psychic at the first time around. When viewing that season the second time, I looked at it differently. In fact, my opinion of both Kryle & Camille flip flopped. Originally, I adored KYLE! I thought she was cute & upbeat. Camille was an arrogant vixen. However, on WWHL, Camille was a much different person than her S1, oversexed, snippy enemy of Byle Bitchards. To Andy, Camille was open, forthright, self deprecating and funny!!!! It was a stunning difference. By S2 – KyleECoyote emerged. Case closed on her. Also upon a second viewing, I could see that Alison Dubois was being bated by FayKe Rancid & Byle. Dubois turned out to be prophetic in a few of her drunken observations. LOL I agree with you that dinner was GOLD!!!

          IMO, Bernie was more vicious, vindictive & harmful than Adrain. I’m glad he wasn’t given any subsequent “guest” spots again.

          • Same, didn’t appreciate season 1 Camille for what she was. Kyle, I didn’t really like or dislike but I knew she had her hands full with her sister the addict. Right away, I knew there would be major conflict between those 2 and the addict was not going to make it easy, on anyone. I came to like Kyle, a lot. I thought she could be funny and I love her and LVP’s interactions. To me, the heart of RHOBH is those 2 having fun, joking around, no interference from the other househags. I’m always amazed how Kyle was able to come out of her upbringing, somewhat unscathed, in that I think her and Mo have a lovely family. They seemed to be focused on education for their girls, which is a big plus for me. This last season, I started to see what others have seen from Kyle, her sneakiness, the way she throws LVP under the bus and her inability at times to act like an adult, especially when it comes to Kimbecile. It drives me nuts the way those 2 interact. If I was Kyle, I would have dropped Kimbers from my life years ago. The continued excuses her family continues to make for her is what keeps her in her addiction. I do believe they are all enablers, especially Kathy.

            • For all their supposed fame, I never heard of the Bitchards Sistas until RHBH. LOL

              From what I read about BIG Kathy, Kryle has some features of her rude, vindictive, self centered mother. Clearly, Kryle was adversely affected by her upbringing. For one thing, it was made clear who their mother favored. It wasn’t Kryle. Little Kathy was #1 for landing a Hilton. KimiKaze got the #2 slot for being the “most successful” as an “actress”. Kryle ends up last. As a result, she puts on a faux “cuteness”, mugs for cameras & wants attention. Kimz was right that Kryle is a fake-phony!!!

              The dynamic between Kimsley & Kryle is pure sibling rivalry with some guilt trips mixed in. Their scenes are a continuation of long held feuds. Each time, they scream, cry, snivel, & suddenly make up and say all’s well. Since they replay that same formula each & every time they stage a “dramatic scene”, they either forget what transpired the previous time they pitched a fight OR they think the viewers forgot. Either way, their schtick is stale.

              It would probably be better for everyone, if they didn’t force themselves to be soooo close. KimiKaze uses the lonely, pitiful card to get both sistas to coddle her. We’ll see how long her latest “sober-sobriety” turn lasts!!! Kimster remains the self entitled, mean person, (drunk or sober) as she was.

  • It’s fine by me. Can’t they replace some of the dead weight that lingers??? Hint, hint: Man-Hands & Puss & Boobs can be axed.

    • We need some Erotika ???… you know there is always a girl on every group who doesn’t wear panties so she’s keeping it real ?

      Hint hint , I probably was that girl ???
      Love u xoxo ?

    • I’m of the mindset that once they’ve been let go, fired, quit, they no longer have a position on the show.
      I can’t remember, do you like Dorit?

      • FDD ~ I agree with you – once a hw leaves (for any reason), she shouldn’t return. A return from an ousted hw causes the show to take a backslide and it gets stuck.

        At first, I couldn’t stand Dorit due to her changeling accent. However, once she showed a backbone by ignoring the Whineleen & Man-Hands AND standing up to GRinna & Erotika, she showed a tinge of improvement. Her sleazy husband Pee-K is a crooked man. He owes Barclays of London tons of money. They want their money back. I wonder if being on a reality tv show about living lavishly is a good idea? LOL How about you? What to think of her?

        • PK is crooked and sleazy like you said and he is like DIKO in terms of trying to control what his wife say or does on camera He’s just as thirsty as DIKO . The accent was ridiculous and made out her in a negative light so I hope she is starting this season with a normal Connecticut accent ?

          • Kirby, Good Point!! Pee-K is an English version of DICK-O. These materialistic men could do a wife switch and see if the women notice. Maybe, Pee-K could tutor Petty in English? DICK-O could give Dorit a black & white car.

            • ???? I don’t think Petty would notice but Dorit maybe a little . How would Petty feel about Boy George’s constant presence ?

              • hahahahaha…OMG! She’d freak out!!!! “Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma Chameleon – He comes & goes…”

                • ?? she would freak the heck out and will have to call Lydiot to help her out hahahaha . Petty and Lydiot together facing Boy George and Pukey ?. Lydiot will hide in the bathroom (again) and Petty will record the conversation

        • I hated Dorit from the start but as she fell into her role as a HW I was pleasantly surprised. She was able to hold her own without going full out crazy, which seems to be the go to mode for most HW’s. The accent, yeah, couldn’t stand that either but now it doesn’t bother me. I think she knows, that we know, she is putting it on. I mean, there’s video out there of her speaking perfect American English, so the cat is out of the bag but if she wants to use an accent, don’t really care. At least she isn’t using the accent like Petty as a way to not understand what’s going on and using as a fall back position when she is on the losing end of an argument/situation.

          • So true!!! We’re in agreement. There is another thing I like about Dorit: her unique style. She doesn’t dress like anyone else on RHBH. She’s also an individual. If only she wasn’t with Pee-K, the crooked grifter…. hmmm

            • I know PK isn’t or wasn’t on the up and up, but for whatever reason it doesn’t bother me. I liked the way he backed his wife up when she needed it and he was kind of entertaining.

  • The dusting of previous housewives has gotten boring and I am over it . Bring them back as a guest for an episode or two and keep it moving ??????

  • Who wants adrienne – dirtiest of dirty – I used to like her alot – until her
    chef and Adrienne lied about spousal abuse – about ex hubby! who needs that..maloof hoof it out …dear

    wouldn’t mind Camille returning..

  • Why bring Adrienne back, Rinna is still on the show, haven’t we suffered enough? LOL I like Camille, but that Adrienne, not a fan. Hopefully she’s just a “friend” and will show up just for parties, keeping her orangeness off of the white furniture. Lol, save the white couches!

  • Other than Berlin, Camille has been shooting as often as any of the other full-time so it’s definitely possible for her. At the very least, she’ll be an official friend.

    Adrienne has barely been seen other than the Vegas picture early on so she’s probably just making some cameos.

  • It would be great if they did (especially Camille imo). However, I highly doubt it – particularly regarding Adrienne. Originally I thought Camille definitely was full-time. She was popping up everywhere and has been teasing this possibility for a while now, esp. circa season 7. However, Adrienne has not appeared in photographs with the vast anywhere near as much and neither went on the cast trip by the looks of things… Also, 8 full-time housewives would be unlikely but we will see 😉

    • NY had 8 full time housewives and i think the highest paid housewife was actually elieen and yolanda still hasn’t been replaced from when she left S6 I think camielle couldn’t go because of health issues if I read somewhere for the reason not attending the cast trip to berlin. Plus teddi could still be a friend of eden went on the cast trip as a friend of last year so anything is possible.

      • That’s true. I’m fairly confident Teddi is full-time but you’re right that there could be 8 or even just one of Camille and Adrienne are full-time.

      • All you said makes perfect sense . We won’t know till the last minute. Yolanda has been replaced by Dorit . Like you, I’m not sure Teddi is full time xoxo

          • I think Eden was supposed to replace Kathryn.. this season , just like RHOA, will have a lot of HWs ?. The ratings are down by 30% for BH , so I’m certain Bravo is not shelling out big salaries to anyone . So whichever HW comes back , they’re not returning because of the money .
            I am more in favor of casting a Teddi for example vs bringing back an ex HW. The shows need younger women to spice things up IMO

            I just do NOT want to see Kim come back again please . I wish her well though xoxo

      • I thought that Camille was full time until she didn’t attend the cast trip. I know her mother was unwell at the time so that may have explained it. In season six Yolanda didn’t go either cast trip (Hamptons or Dubai) yet she was full time. Camille did attend the New York and Las Vegas trip so i think there is a chance she full time. I hope she is, its about time she back full time 🙂

        Adrienne however has hardly been seen with them so I highly doubt it. She will be friend.

        I personally don’t like the current trend of a “friend” of the wives being in the season lots (Eden in RHOBH, Danielle in RHONJ). i understand why Bravo do it because of pay, I am just not a fan.

        • Yeah Camille couldn’t attend because of that if I remember rightly. Guess we’ll just have to wait on the cast pic and find out who’s on full time! it would be so good to have 8 full time housewives though. Here’s hoping

        • That’s true – hopefully Camille will be. There have just been so many conflicting reports!

          I am glad Eden was just a friend of the season. It is a good way of trialing potential wives and obviously she didn’t pass. Or, if they do not start the season until mid-way… As for Danielle, I agree that they should have made her full-time. It seems cheap when she is appearing in all the episodes and involved in much of the storyline. Also, she has appeared previously so Bravo know she is capable of being a housewife and it means we miss an extra tagline 🙁

    • We will not know for sure till the last minute . Maybe after the trailer drops and they do the press release we will finally knwo xoxo