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See the Police Report That LeeAnne Locken Denied Existed!

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On Monday’s reunion show, we saw Andy Cohen question RHOD LeeAnne Locken about her alleged violent past police record. During the reunion, we saw LeeAnne working on her anger management and also her fellow ‘wives discussing an alleged police report. Am I the only one who saw flashbacks of RHONJ’s Danielle Staub and the “book?”

During the reunion Andy questioned LeeAnne “Do you want to clarify the police report?”

LeeAnne responded by saying “It doesn’t exist.”

When Andy asked her: “Did you try to kill someone with a knife and sandpaper?” LeeAnne adamantly denied this.

Apparently there is more to the story. I’m sure that you can recall that Marie Reyes, from season one, writing in her blog that she would not be returning for the second season. The reason? She feared for her safety, specifically citing a police report from 2008 by LeeAnne’s boyfriend at the time stating that LeeAnne chased him around with a knife. I mean…..yikes! Even for housewives, that’s pretty messed up.

Well The Dallas Observer spoke with LeeAnne last year about the police report with Ms. Locken saying:

“If you look at that record, you will see that the person who filed it said no prosecution, which means he recanted all of it. So have I ever been in a relationship that got ugly and the person got completely dramatic? One-hundred percent. Sure. Have I ever gone at someone with a knife? No. That’s ridiculous.”

The Dallas Observer went one step further, reaching out to her ex who responded with: “O no that girl is crazy please tell me that my name isn’t going to be in the observer.” His name was withheld but the fact he didn’t want to be mentioned (possibly out of concern for his safety) is telling.

Well that little police report that LeeAnne has denied does exist and you can read it in full via the Dallas Observer by clicking here.

And in case you were hoping LeeAnne would clear this up next season we are out of luck as LeeAnne stated on Twitter that she quit:

Image Source: Twitter – LeeAnne Locken

Personally, LeeAnne scares me and I wouldn’t want to cross her (we all remember the cameraman from last year!) I think she adds a lot to RHOD; however after the ugliness of the reunion perhaps it’s for the best if she quits.

Thoughts on LeeAnne’s police report? Do you want to see her come back to RHOD?

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  • LeeAnne is doing it all for the camera. Her moves don’t come off as authentic. Like when she shattered the glass at the Christmas party … ah everyone had plastic cups and then all of a sudden LeeAnne has a glass which she then proceeds to shatter? How bizarre … not!

  • I like LeeAnn. She is a scrapper. Cary is dumb gold digger Barbie who was out to find a rich husband and didn’t care if he was married or not. She only married that ugly mug of a husband for his money. She disgusts me. Looks don’t last forever girlie! I used to like Brandi until she turned on LeeAnn. SHe has no backbone, just goes with the crowd.

  • I think she’s an okay person but not someone to be on a show like this. Why antagonize someone with anger issues. Its not worth her losing it or someone getting hurt. If someone’s tells Andy they don’t feel safe, Bravo should listen!

  • There was a blind item in the summer time that an RH was fired – even though filming for the season continued with her.
    LeeAnne is not the show..she is the crazy ass that chases people with a knife and I presume Bravo didn’t
    want to be liable for her due to stephanie saying “I don’t feel safe with LeeAnne”

    The camera should never be more important than anyone’s mental health.

    I think RHOD season 3 will succeed without LeeAnne, who can tape knowing that a knife might be hurled at you at any moment?

    • Hi Sammy !!! She’s crossed lines too many times and I said above its a miracle she didn’t get the chance to really hurt someone on show. She’s legit dangerous . Her fiancé is law enforcement . Can’t make this up . Bet he arrested her back in the day lol

      • Hey mich

        holy crap ???? that would be hilarious! I should check the documents, I don’t know his name! wow mich!

      • I was thinking the same thing. That’s how they met! What I don’t understand is he looks & seems normal!?!?

        • Hehe !! I really don’t doubt it at this point . Maybe he’s one of those don’t judge book by cover peeps cause he appears normal but, years with her lol? OY.. He can’t be

  • LeeAnne is crazy as hell but they might as well just cancel the show if she’s not going to be on it Those other ladies are so dull and boring.

    • ITA 100% LeeAnn is plotting her revenge .. I think the only way they could get her to come back would be public apologies and a suitcase full of money.

  • I love Leanne. Does she have issues yes? Is somethings blown out of proportion? Yes. If she does not return I won’t watch.

  • She definitely brings the entertainment and there wouldn’t be much of a show without her. Even though I agree that she comes off as crazy I cannot believe if she was truly THAT dangerous that she would be engaged to somebody like Rich (who is an ex-cop) and best friends with someone likely D’Andra – both of whom seem stable and lovely!

    Either way, I would be very surprised if it gets renewed given the ratings which is a shame because I think it’s been great this year.

  • I read the report, this is extremely disturbing behavior and honestly too weird to even make up in my opinion. I’m glad she is apparently off the show.

    • Me too . Some say ” entertainment” umm no thanks . She’s too much and it’s a miracle no one on show HAS been cut, touched, killed by her hands .That’s not good tv – that’s friggan dangerous . How many chances or opportunities should she get ? Jesus…

  • Bravo should screen these HW’s better- or is that the motive-get them on and have it exposed for ratings- this isn’t cool and they actually put the others in harms way- people with mental problems snap and then its tooooo late- I am losing my respect for Bravo and so many of these HW’s – we all know its scripted (some)- but this isn’t entertaining whatsoever–I don’t believe she quit- we shall see next season- I think she wants her wedding filmed–she also was never an actress- she had maybe minutes in each film-maybe she was violent back then and that’s why she never went anywhere–

    • Bravo loves to exploit mental illness. I think it started with Scary Island. Apparently the ratings for those episodes were through the roof. From then on they sought out the crazies and they somehow seem to keep finding them, even though they’ve never had another big hit like they did with Kelly B. Aviva, Brandi, etc., have all had obvious mental disorders.

    • Oh Please! Of course they knew abut her background. They want people to bing the drama. As if she would do something with all the camera people around.