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Which RHOA Has the Best Tagline for Season 10?

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Housewife taglines have come a long way and each season we look forward to them. Bravo makes sure that each tagline is a reflection of their personality or ties into a famous statement the housewife has said in the past. So when RHOA had their season 10 premiere without them – fans wanted answers (and taglines!)

People recently revealed what the ladies of Atlanta will be saying in the iconic opening number:

….And the taglines are:

NeNe Leakes: “10 years in the game, and I’m still the tastiest peach in Atlanta!”

Porsha Williams: “Friends come and go, but family is forever.”

Cynthia Bailey: “Age is just a number, but these cheekbones are timeless!”

Kandi Burruss: “Don’t mess with the boss, ‘cuz you might get fired!”

Kenya Moore: “While some were saying ‘I can’t,’ I was saying ‘I do!’ ”

Shereé Whitfield: “Call me a bad server, because I always spill the tea!”

Note that Kim Zolciak-Biermann is only considered a ‘friend’ this season; therefore did not get a tagline.

You can check out the video below of the sassy ladies of the ATL:

Well that’s a relief! Are housewives officially housewives without their infamous taglines?

Who do you think has the best (or worst) tagline this season of RHOA? Will you be tuning in for season 10? Thoughts on Kim returning as a Friend?

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    • Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! More tasteless than tasty! Until the swelling in her newer nose goes down, she’ll be “tasteless and breathless” in Atlanta!

  • Sheree and Kandi’s are the best.
    NeNee could say the most beautiful poetry outta that mouth but coming from her is gutter trash

  • No shame in my game I am team Twirl ???? Nene admits to Andy that Kenya’s marriage is real but she will still drag her all season as her SL

  • I hope they didn’t spend money on writers, they all suck! Sorry, y’all but I laugh every time I hear Ne-Rex speak because I hear air strained through her new schnoz and it simply sounds funny, like she’s talking through CPAP air pressure!

    • Q-T ???????? how are you ? I posted yesterday that the premiere ratings have been dismal . So Ne-Rex did NOT bring the audience inspite of her large salary. The audience is LESS than lass year’s premier

        • Spot on Pierre !!! Bravo keeps thinking the audience is eager to see any friggin old HW come back ?? well, numbers don’t lie

          • I just checked wiki and they were 2.43 which is not bad but equally not great for ATL :-/ I do/did like NeNe as I found her fun/funny/entertaining etc. However, I think her ego got the better of her which I believe is why she quit housewives in the first place. But she is not ‘bigger’ than the show and she needs to eat humble pie and pay respect to everyone else who are equally important cast members. Although her tagline implies that this will not be happening! Lol.

            • 2.43 down down from 2.57 I believe . She was SUPPOSED to bring back the massive audience but she failed . Her arrogance and recent public insanity probably played a part

              Can you imagine if numbers went UP once Kim Z appears ? ????Nene will lose her top !!

      • I always want to call you “Summer Rain”, to me, the best rain ever! Gentle, welcome and always appropriately timed. Lastly, the most romantic Rain there is! Ok, I had my summer flashbacks…..playing in the rain, singing in the rain, walking in the rain……whew, great for my brain, Rain! Okay, back to reality. I think the premier ratings are foreboding for the entire season of RHOA. The producers will be busy splicing and dicing to manufacture greater drama to draw people back in, so expect drama of the strategic type. Only problem is that there’s neither nothing new nor interesting about this group. Ne-Rex and her abhorrent behavior is neither interesting nor entertaining. The best part of this season will be talking to YOU. I’m not gonna be too interested in watching this bus crash, only to watch Ne-Rex either roll it over cast members or play victim to the well deserved vitriol coming her way. Love you??????

        • Oh Q-T ???? you are way better than therapy my dear friend ! What a kind and sweet gentleman you are .
          Aren’t memories of playing in the rain just the best ever ? ???. You’ve certainly made my day xoxo

          Bravo and the producers ruined what was a succedul and good show . You are correct , we should expect more shenanigans, stunts , wine tosses and hair pulling . Anything to create chaos and have people to tune in. It’s big tragic and sad actually ? I expect NeRex rape joke will make the air just for a stunt . Not to mention Kim Z fighting with both Kenya and NeRex!
          It’s exhausting ???

          Have an amazing evening . Love and hugs from the Bay ????

          • Yes, my dear…playing in the rain….another wow flashback. We are going to SA…Durban, Stellenbosch and Pretoria, along with Nairobi and the Ivory Coast. Also will do Queensland, Sydney and Canberra Australia as well as Auckland, New Zealand. Long flights, but beautiful places to visit and I will have the most beautiful person my life could ever be rewarded to have. Through her, I know just how much God loves me. I’m so grateful. It’s our time and we will make more memories. I’ve seen a lot of places. This time I get to see them through her eyes as she wouldn’t travel with me in the earlier years….too busy being mommy. My reward is her with me. I can’t wait…..

            Mad love for ya!??????

            • What a fantastic itinerary ???. You will have so much fun taking these beautiful trips my friend . Indeed , it’s always sweeter seeing things though the eyes of the ones you love the most

              Don’t forget to send me postcards xoxo much love ??

        • Hey, Q!! NeRex and her Uncle Tom foolery are disgusting! If I see another eye roll or big lip smackin scene, I’m throwing a fit! Problems…

          • Heyyyyyy FUCHESS!!! Yayyy! Great to hear from you! Where ya been? So fed up with Ne-Rex and her buffoonery. I do, however laugh at her strained nasal CPAP tones through her new nose! Before long, that claymation thing will just fall off. Then, rather than being Linnethia, she’ll be Linnochio! Haaaaa, I crack myself up. Love ya kiddo.

            • Hi Q, my love! ?, it’s always good to hear from you! Yes, claymation nose! Love it! She’s just a joke this season. She’s so full of herself that she’s taking what originally set her apart, camped it up, and, you’re right, is now acting and looking like a bafoon. What is her storyline? This is exactly why I didn’t want her back..She’s a joke. In fact, the whole show seems phony and set up… Oh well, BH is coming!! Love you and take care! ??????????????????

              • Back at you love! I’m certain to not watch this season. Not only do I expect it to be boring as hell, but a Ne-Rex attitude fest. She thinks that’s what the people want. We DON’T! What we really want is for her to go back to her neighborhood in the Jurassic Era.

                Love you much????????

                • Amen, Q, Amen! Do I see you’re going on a marvelous trip? When do you leave? It sounds so romantic ???. Have a beautiful time with your bride, my love.

                  • Hi Darling! We depart January 4th and return February 28th. We are also going to Italy, France, Spain, Greece and Switzerland. It’s going to be wonderful! I’ve arranged cooking tours in Florence and Venice, a lovely weekend on the French Riviera as well as Paris (please stay at The Raphael, you’ll never forget it). 2018 celebrates our 40th wedding anniversary so, we’re doing the 40 days/40 nights thing…..just a little longer. It’s my little way of sharing love with the one who’s ALWAYS had my back, challenged me to dig deeper, is the mother of our children, the companion who walks BESIDE me, never behind; I can’t not tell the world how much she is to me, ya know?! I love every step of our journey. I’ve never HAD to be anything, yet, I’ve always wanted to be more for her, with her. 40 years and it still feels like yesterday.

                    Have an outstanding week. KNOW that there’s love for YOU right here! Be well????????

                    • FUCHESS, my love….trust that I will NEVER possess words to describe WHO she is to me. I know who I am but I am so much more with her in my life. I’m truly blessed, me a simple man. We found each other. I will thoroughly enjoy our 40 days and 40 nights of romance but mostly tribute and honor for HER. Her joy is mine. She’s just worth so much more, ya know. Enjoy an awesome week, dear wonderful lady (in every sense of the word). Mad love ??????

                    • Just curious, does she like the RHs as well? You both have such a beautiful relationship. It’s like no other I’ve seen. It’s magical, and I’m so happy for you both! So, are you taking a long cruise, or flying? ?

                    • She LOVED Ne-Rex and, because I enjoy our time, I started watching it. I drove her crazy because I’d be yelling at the television and would simply be annoyed beyond reason because I detest the behaviors on this franchise. She really enjoyed BH and OC…not a fan of Potomac, though she tried. The degrading of women regarding of the race was always a talking point. She could see the entertainment, it’s not reality perspective; l couldn’t. It’s not nor ever has been entertaining and I always felt it denigrated women. She is a big fan of michers and we share my communications with you, Rain, Glimmer, Sam, etc. she has gone down that rabbit hole with Ne-Rex and is disgusted by her behavior. I would not want a daughter to be influenced by those behaviors, especially Porsha.
                      We have been on different ends of the drama, which I hate histrionics; totally unnecessary and I’m closed minded enough to not want to accept it. To me, it’s like the current rash of sexual misconduct charges of Hollywood and politicians. I know several men who try to make it the woman’s fault, yet they will claim racism when it works against them. SEXISM COMPLICATES RACISM, period! But…..I digress.
                      I am totally blessed to have her find me….we found each other. Yes, it’s an amazing relationship. Our sons know what a good relationship with imperfect people looks like…..we aren’t perfect, but perfect for each other. It has helped our eldest be the husband his wife wanted and his in-laws love. I made clear to him that as head of household he’s not in a position of power, but responsibility. He’s ready, as is our middle son.
                      We are doing flights AND cruise (the Mediterranean). I’m so ready! We are doing a pre-Thanksgiving getaway to Cozumel Friday thru Monday. Her name is Terry. She would love a “sister shout out”.

                      Be well. Always mad love for ya!


                    • Sigh… What a magnificent human being you are, and I am so happy for you, that it sounds like you’ve found a truly exceptional woman in Terry. HEY TERRY! Thank you very much for sharing your husband, just a teensy bit, here. I’m so excited for you both on the upcoming Arabian Nights vacation, and your little getaway. I will still love you madly, Q, from afar, as I love hearing from you on HW matters. You always give me something to think about and hearing an intelligent man’s point of view!! You know I agree with you totally on NeRex, lol, the abomination that she is! I will say, it’s nice not having MudDuck on the show anymore with all her ..problems

                    • Hey FUCHESS…….Terry here (the other half of Q-T…thanks, Rain). Girl, you guys help me calm him down so much! He does get a bit outta shape where Ms. Leakes is concerned. I get it now. She’s too far gone. Q’s always telling me about you guys and the exchanges. Michers and I bop him into reality every now and then. Yes, WE are blessed to have found each other. [hes actually a lot better than he seems] We enjoy each other. He totally surprised me with our upcoming celebration. I’m very excited. Contrary to what he may tell you, it’s not about me, but more about us. He saw me and I heard him.

                      Wishing you all the very best and thank you for the awesome compliments. Every year, our fairy tale gets renewed. Hugs,


  • This is very disappointing with the exception of Sheree’s. NeNe, Kandi & Kenya’s all had the right sentiment imo but unfortunately were not executed great. Cynthia’s is starting to get repetitive and I will abstain from commenting on Portia 😉 The fact we have had to wait even longer for them makes it even more of an anti-climax. Given how poor these and OC’s have been this year I can only hope that BH really bring it (although NY’s were great this season)!! Having said this, I do enjoy the new music and close out shot of the wives at the end.

  • we should be able to contribute to or vote on these taglines…who thinks this up?

    I like Sheree’s…and I really thought KimZ was full time.

    • No, Kim is just a friend of they decided on. With don’t be tardy going on as well she said she didn’t have time to do both full time.

            • I TOTALLY enjoy the depth of your thoughts and the evidence you bring to support your position! A litigator, perhaps? You thoroughly state your case! Have a great one

              • Good morning Qpsilove!

                I hope your weekend was awesome!

                thanks for the support – your posts remind me of when I first arrived on this site – in depth and complete thoughts about all the RH on that specific episode,I remember the threads were miles long and super enjoyable,each of us threw out what we thought of each RH!! the back and forth = awesome! it was like we were writing our own RH weekly blogs! I know all of us never had the same favs – but I always picked up new info each day and it was due to our posts…

                Hey, too awesome- your planned trip, wow …that is a huge bucket list item! Congratulations!

                • Sam….YES YES YES!!!! That’s what I ALWAYS enjoyed about your posts…thorough, well stated and damned entertaining. Blog….why don’t you?! I’d sign up!
                  Our trip is my way of honoring the greatest blessing my life could ever have. I’ve traveled extensively for work for years. I want us to have the best time ever…..we will. 40 years! We are blessed.

                  Be well and have and awesome week!

                  • Best part of life is appreciating and being able to show respect to your life partner, awesome feeling Q!

                    Have an awesome week Q!

                    • Amen. Now, what about YOUR blog?! Trust me, you’d have an abundance of followers in no time. No issues of competition….you give great “bias-balance”. That is, when you take a stance, even if emotions drive your response, you back it up with EVIDENCE! Then you respect differing opinions and maintain your own. Hannity and the Fox crew could learn a lot from you.

                      I’d truly support you, Sam. I like what you’re about. You seem to think before, during and after you’ve taken a stance. Oh, how I wish our media and especially the guy we call president would do that. We’d have less venom and I believe more value and respect for our country. But……I digress.

                      Enjoy, my dear friend. Thanks for that privilege.