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Season 8 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kicks Off…..

The fabulous ladies of the 90210 are returning to Bravo just in time for the holiday season.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is kicking off season 8 on December 19th! Happy Holidays to us all 😉

While we still don’t have a season 8 trailer, Bravo teased the season with a quick little montage showing off stars Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, and Dorit Kemsley.

Kyle shared the season 8 promo and happily announced the season premiere telling fans, “We are BACK!!!!! Get ready! Dec 19th on @bravotv #rhobh.”

Check out the quick little promo below!

We are BACK!!!!! Get ready ! Dec 19th on @bravotv ???#rhobh

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I’m so excited for RHOBH to be back. I think this season will be great. In fact, we have some season 8 exclusive info that we will be discussing on this week’s AllAboutTRH podcast so make sure you’re subscribed to us on Itunes or SoundCloud.

Are you excited about season 8 of RHOBH?

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  • My theory is that the more money one has, the tackier they dress. Like WHY?! Kyle and LVP are the worst offenders of all!!

  • now we can Whoop it up cause nobody I know was excited to with the OC women. RHBH I am looking forward to seeing the wealth . And the new cast .

  • I thought Doritos was a great dresser on her own, but lately it’s like she’s trying to copy Erika, like a little bit… ?

  • I’m so ready for OC to be over and done and BH to start!!! Hate the bangs on Dorit. Of course Kyle can’t get it right, ever. Why is she wearing a velour robe from the 80’s in Berlin? I bet the good people of Berlin/Germany were appalled by these women. I have 2nd hand embarrassment.

  • From the photo above…. I don’t know who the 2 blonds on either side of Puss & Boobs are. Best dressed in descending order are: GRinna (I can’t stand her, but she dresses very well for her body type), LisaV, Blond next to GRinna, Blond next to Kryle, Kryle & Erotika. I hope this franchise sticks to the good life, showing us fabulous parties & fun trips. Once they go to the over inflated drama over minor issues, they lose their way.

    • Agreed about Rinna, best dressed. For once I don’t mind what Cunty has on but the hat with the vanity logo, hell no! I see her “glum” squad tried to dress her up as a German “anarchist”, the boots with the pants tucked in, all in black. I wonder what they called this “look”? LOL Of course Kyle looks like a right idiot in her Hugh Hefner robe/coat.

      • For me, Erotika’s “look” is a major “DON’T”. The baggy crotch does her no favors. If she wasn’t with the group, she could be picked up by the Polizei for looking suspicious. (It happened me when I took pix of buildings in Bonn in 1979. )

        • LOLOLOL, picked up by the Polizei, that was funny!!! I love the term/word Polizei, my mom would always use it in place of police.
          Tell me more about your experience in Bonn, you must of been frightened, no? Was this Cold War intrigue, even though you were in West Germany?

          • I like that term, too. It was still West Germany. It was also my first (of many) trips to Germany. My German boyfriend wanted me to see his homeland. After landing in Frankfurt, I was greeted by soldiers guarding the airport with machine guns in hand. I was told it was due to terrorism there & throughout Europe, at that time. We spent a full day touring the Rhine, from Bingen to Bonn. I was completely transfixed on the scenery. Castles, villages, vineyards, and “The Lorelei of the Rhine” were places & things I had never seen before. Our “Rund Fahrt” culminated in Bonn. As I took photos of the beautiful architecture, a guard came by, admonished me to stop or he would take my camera. I wasn’t afraid because it was my time to be defiant against authority. Of course, I decided to comply. We realized that we were the exact age of terrorists. It was a an eye opening trip in more ways than one.

            • You had the same exact reaction as I did to Germany. I was in awe with everything. It felt like a magical land that I was instantly attracted to and felt a deep affinity with. Good decision to comply with their demands. Germany doesn’t play around when it comes to terrorism. I was there right after 9/11 and the major tourist sites were all heavily guarded.

              • When you were there in 2001, was it your first trip to Deutschland?

                Here’s a coincidence. We were there one week prior to 9/11. First we were in Alsace for my husband’s Uncle’s 70th birthday celebration. (side note: The uncle was dying of cancer. It would be the last time we could see him.). ON the back end of that visit, we visited friends in the Rheinland-Pfalz and did a quick trip back to the Rhein. I chose a castle-hotel to stay overnight before we returned to the States. It was a well knows castle. Our room overlooked the river. Gorgeous. And it was a cheap sleep (@ $80 a night) including Fruhstueck!!! At the airport, security was very tight, for reasons I didn’t understand. I actually felt relaxed & said to my sons, I no longer worry about terrorists. Isn’t that strange….?

                • My first trip was right after the election of the hanging chads, Bush/Gore, a couple of days before Thanksgiving. I was very excited to see how the rest of the world viewed Americans and the way we were “handling” our election. Funny, when I finally landed in Frankfurt, didn’t give a crap about what they thought, I was too caught up in the beauty and splendor of everything.

                  Wow, that is some coincidence (I’m very sorry about your husbands uncle) about 9/11. We were in Poland when the planes hit the towers and then eventually traveled back to Berlin and that’s where we flew back to the US. Germany and all of Europe at the time was so inexpensive. I remember the plane ticket, round trip was around $280.

                  • Thanks for your sympathy. Onkel Heinz was a remarkable man. He looked like Peter O’Toole and had a BIG personality, like a “star”!!! He could sell ice cubes to Eskimos. Your trip sounds very interesting… As for the plane tix – ahhh – those were the days – to get cheap seats to Europe.

      • Agreed don’t like vanity logos in general , don’t even like the Hermès H on their belts or the LV splashed over everything
        Now it was FDD, I’d wear THAT ????????

      • Speaking of ‘vanity logos’ – be glad that Vyle isn’t wearing one of her “The Agency” baseball caps.

    • Giblets ??! One of the nicest things about being older at my age is that nobody is trying to sneak a peak at nada ??

  • Beyond awesome!

    Can’t wait to see Kyle and the cast!!

    – Awesome that Yawnleen is gone
    – Sux that liverlips is still back
    – I will stick to my words – giving Erikant an actual 2nd chance!
    – I wonder if RHBH will have taglines!

    • Hey Sam! LVP , Dorit and Rinna (hangs head in shame) are slaying it, fashion wise!! I’m so ready for the fabulosity that is RHOBH!!!!

      • Hey there bud!! ?

        100% – LVP and Kyle total awesome! Hope they all glam it up and dial down the backstabbing

    • S amael, how awesome of you too look at Erica again!! (Picture me standing up and clapping??) Personally rsonally, I love her! Team Samael!! ???????

  • YESSSS!! Total fashion slayage ! Seriously , these women are the only best dressed of all the other HWs!
    Said it before , NOT a fan of leopard, zebra prints. It’s tried and overdone
    LVPs red Chanel pre Fall cost is divine . Love Erika this outfit is a No No !

    Kyle , gurl NO! I usually love what she wear but this is a miss for me

    Dorit is best dressed in this pic! Looks chic and hip , almost kinda like a cool chick stuck in an outing with her aunties ???