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Is the RHOC Cast Banding Together To Get Peggy Sulahian Fired?

It looks like reality TV fame is coming to a swift end for Real Housewives of Orange County newbie Peggy Sulahian.

Sources claim that the entire RHOC cast is banning together to get Peggy booted from the show.

“The other women cannot stand Peggy. She has started so many fights with the ladies that were absolutely outrageous and unnecessary,” a source close to the production revealed. “She certainly has a rude awakening coming because she will most likely be kicked off after this season.”

 Since joining the OC franchise, Peggy and her husband Diko have rubbed most of the cast the wrong way and the same can be said for viewers, who aren’t fond of the couple.
In fact, Peggy’s behavior during the farewell dinner in Iceland sealed the deal for her fate on RHOC. If you recall Peggy attacked Meghan King Edmonds’ parenting and then accused the rest of the ladies of making fun of her.

The “trip was a turning point for the cast,” the source added.

I’m not a fan of Peggy at all and frankly, I won’t be sad to see her go if these rumors are true. But everyone thought Kelly was getting fired after her first season and that never happened so you never know.

Do you think Peggy will kicked-off the RHOC?

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  • Whoever hired her/casted her should be freaking fired! I’m pretty sure that early on they realised she was a bad choice. They could have downgraded her to a Friend of, which is something they have done in the past. But instead they chose to keep her a full Housewives.

    She is clearly dumb as rocks. She needs her husband to tell her what to do and fight her battles. She can’t communicate to save her life, she has an incredibly limited vocabulary and lacks a personality. She should not be on this show full stop!

  • They don’t have to ban together to get her fired. She did that herself and judging from most comments and Twitter, she has like 2 fans. #bye

  • Peggy needs a real housewives show with people from her culture she doesn’t mesh well with the RHOC at all.

  • One main problem with casting Puggy is that her SL of being a cancer sufferer didn’t sit well with this cast because they suffer from cancer fatigue. Across the franchises, Blahvo producers resort to health problems as story lines. By piling them on, the viewers can become de-sensitized to it, in spite of the severity of the illness. Vickileaks’ attempt to create a SL & side biz (via fake cancer juice) brought a suspicious eye toward any newbie who legitimately has or had cancer.

    • Very true Medusa. We have been subjected to too many serious or fake illnesses. And can I say, I don’t need to see one more vag rejuvenation or colonoscopy, or any of that downstairs stuff?!?!

    • Puggy desperately tried the Angelina route and failed. But she’s got no substance or humor. What an eyesore.

      • Ohhhhh, I didn’t make the connection. Yes, it failed. Petty is harsh looking. Plus, her conversational skills are seriously lacking. She is humorless & charm-free. I really wonder how the hell she got cast?

        • I think this goes to show how desperate Bravo is when it comes to finding new cast members. No one of any worth wants to be on these kind of shows. We get the bottom of the barrel fame heauxs.

          • Yep. That has to be the problem. What fine, upstanding, successful & happy woman would want to lose her privacy, put her family & friends under scrutiny & potentially lose her sanity to join a 2-Bit reality tv show & gas money???

          • LOL – Maybe, it’s due to after affects of the medication for her cancer. I thought she said that she went into early menopause? Or maybe, I misunderstood her?

            • I think we all misunderstood her about if she had cancer, or if she just had the surgery for precaution. Neither her or her husband explained it correctly!
              Not that it’s anyones business, but if you are going to bring it into your story line at least get the facts straight!

    • I can’t believe Bravo is so tone deaf as to not realize bringing a real cancer story to this particular franchise was a major snafu. We were dragged through a full season of the POS cancer scammer/Bubba and his 2 teefs making a complete mockery of real cancer victims/survivors. They were more than off the mark when picking Dildo and Petty as their newest cast members. She’s clearly not in a place to be on this show, having just lost her father and going through her medical/cancer situations but I put the blame squarely on her non-husbands shoulders. It’s clear he wanted to be on the show, via his non wife holding the orange.

      • Misogyny permeates the network. 1) Housewives are selected based on how willing they are to debase themselves.
        2) They keep the greedy, narcissistic con woman on, to bully & scam another day.
        3) Cancer, Cancer, Cancer. It’s a devastating problem that has become trivialized by making it banal.

        Although DICK-O shoulders some of the blame to push his wife to join this 2-bit reality show (for his free advertising); Petty is an adult. Unless she can’t read contracts, she wasn’t forced at gunpoint to get on board the OC Cruise to Nowhere.

        • Misogyny permeates the business. I know first hand. I’ve worked in the business, as a wardrobe assistant to my mom. She was a costume designer. This was years ago. Part of the reason I left the business was because of what went on behind the scenes. It’s a hard profession, being in “show business”, regardless of which positio you work, in front of the camera and behind. You put up with all kinds of bs. It’s why I’m always puzzled that anyone would want to get in the biz to begin with. I’m just thankful I was never subjected to what is coming out now, all of the sexual harassment/assaults but I knew it was part of the business.

          • That’s impressive the professional life of your mother & you!!! OK – my starry eyes are back in my head…. It’s well known that the “industry” is infested with creeps. I’m surprised it took this long to be revealed. It also burns that one of the biggest sleaze balls got elected to the most powerful position in the world. smdh.

            • Hahaha, no need to be starry eyed. I’m happy that people are finally coming out with their stories of abuse, it’s been a long time coming!

              • Agreed. I hope this changes things. After all, the Orange P-Grabber admitted to similar behavior, everyone was outraged and then he got installed into the Oval Office.

    • Good point, Vicky brought on that “friend” to say Eddie was gay, plus she roped in how many off season women to join in?! That was really big.

  • Peggy is not a good fit on the show. With that being said, I’m so tired of these beasts “banning together” to pull rank and decide who’s going to be on the show. Leave that up to the producers. Just once, I would love for the producers to call their bluff and let them walk.

  • I don’t think anyone has to ban together to get her fired. She was awful. She got herself fired. Her dumb act and overbearing husband were just dreadful. Awful casting decision.

  • Wait a minute ~ Petty has her BFF, “BIG Sister” Vickileaks to defend her, doesn’t she??? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!
    Sorry, Peggy – You didn’t make a friend. Not one. Thanks for playing the game. ~ Please enjoy your lovely parting gifts ~

  • Every one of those old heffas are hypocrits! Each one. Kelly told Meghan to go raise her kid at the beginning of the season now shes indignant when Peggy mentioned it. They also had NO problem “filming” Kelly in Ireland to catch her slipping, Peggy gets her phone out and its a problem. They didnt give her a fair chance out of the gate and Tricky Vicki was only cool with her because everyone else was avoiding her like the plague! And I hope Loopy Lydia isnt in on this ouster because THATS who needs to go! Her mom can stay.

  • Am I the only one who’s retinas burn when looking at Peggy’s lipstick shades?

    Everything about this woman is off-putting. Please, for the love of all that’s holy, let this slag be gone.

  • This is a sources said..not this site’s source..so whatever

    unfortunately, vile and pegs will always have each other’s famewhore back and will never “I refuse to talk to her”..so
    as per Bravo pimp ways..Pegs will be back and Vile will never leave

  • Whether they are banning against her or not…she’s got to go. She is ridiculous and not even likable. The whole thing with Meghan’s baby was just too much and she’s full of shit. When they all rightfully called her out on the baby thing, she lied through her teeth and said she was not questioning Meghan’s parenting skills but that is exactly what she did when she was talking to Lydia about it. That on top of the whole “outrage” over the David/Diko conversation…she’s just got to go. Take your self righteous , holier than though, playing dumb for the camera routine and take a hike!

    • I agree. Even the mutual dislike of another wife would never getting the rest of the women to agree to something like this, especially if Shannon and Vicki are both back, no way in hell those two would agree that water is wet and Peggy can go fly a kite back to Armenia. To be honest Peggy really frosts my cookies but its really more Diko that I want off the show, more than his wife.

      • I actually had this vision of her on a kite ?? thank you for that
        The husbands almost always manage to make a HW look bad , and thirst is not a good look on a man . It’s one thing for him to be there for his wife, privately, but another to engage and spar with other HWs or create drama of his own .
        Come on bravo ! There has to be other minority women in OC that you can lure !

    • I was ready to attack Vile if this true, since Peggy was always defending her. We all know Vile is a horrible friend – the way she threatens to spill secrets, publically demand Eddie come out as gay speakss volumes of this woman’s lack of true friendship and being a downright bitter and nasty person.