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What Would You Like To See More of On AllAboutTRH?

Hey Loves,

AllAboutTRH is a daily go-to for so many of you but we are always striving to make the site bigger and better.

Currently, we are drumming up some ideas to make the site and its content more unique and fun.

And while we have a ton of great ideas, we also want to hear from our loyal readers and supporters.

So, what would you like to see more of on AllAboutTRH?

New features? More exclusives? More polls? More podcasts? Videos? Live Streams? Expanded coverage of reality shows? Etc.

Tells us in the comments what you’d like to see AllAboutTRH cover. Or email me at allabouttrh.lara@yahoo.com

Can’t wait to hear from you all!

xo Lara

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  • Thank you for asking – more Housewife recaps, WWHL – HW appearances recaps, stories from HW book signings events or HW charity events. Would you consider a story submitted from a regular reader/poster who lives in close proximity to one of the housewives new restaurants, boutiques…and could do a first person review what the places or food are really like. That would be very fun to read the real truth about some of these places. A fashion “hit or miss of the week” story on the Housewives fashion choices — could be very comical. A comical farce weekly segment/story from the perspective of one of the Housewife pets- could be very funny from a writer with comedy chops. Your own weekly awards based on polls – “the HW of the week,” “best awkward moment,” “best tear jerker moment,” “best out of their mind scene,” “should have kept your mouth shut award,” “why did you wear that,” “biggest hypocrite this week” …-something like that where we choose the best moments each week on a variety of categories (you could make it monthly if weekly is too difficult). Keep up the great work and best of luck!

  • i’d like to have them tell us how they keep their figures . they drink a lot and go out to eat plus huge amounts of food at family gatherings

  • Hi Lara. I’m a little late to the party.

    Okay, I just got a chance to read all the reply’s (so far). Mostly good/interesting suggestions. You have your work cut out for you.

    Thanks for considering us readers and posters and our suggestions. Have a great day.

  • If you are going to add the other Bravo shows (I.e. Shahs, Big Brother, Million Dollar Listing, etc) then don’t call this site All About the Realhousewives…Cause it won’t be. Keep it as Housewives only…There are certainly enough franchises to do so. Also, if you are going to do interviews with past castmates (Whatever happened to….) these bloggers need to stop with the “she’s talking to keep herself relevant” BS

    • And I agree about the polls, they are always fun. Or a weekly Best/Worst…Line, Dressed, etc. That could be fun !

  • I would love to see less bias when it comes to RHONJ. At times this feels like a Teresa fan site.

  • A recap of ALL the HW’s episodes 1 to 2 days after they have aired. Include Dallas and Melbourne. Stop talking about people who are no longer on the HW’s – the Manzos, Brandi, Jacqueline, etc.

  • Actual recaps of each episode of the shows and by shows I mean every show other than RHNJ which seems to be the only focus of this blog ….

  • I first discovered this site from an article posted on here about reality tv series’ longevity history and how The Real Housewives has beaten the odds. I’d like more introspective articles and less posts that are reblogs from real housewives blogs.

  • I would like to see 1) coverage on what cast mates are tweeting, especially when it is about each other! Like Margaret has been posting quite a bit about Siggy and I love it. I can’t follow all of them and have appreciated when posters have filled us in. and 2) the WWHL guest list when it involves a housewife, or when they will be on any other show like ET, podcasts etc.

  • I know I’m in the minority on this one but ratings intrigue me

    The RHOA premiere ratings are out and Andy is probably nursing an ulcer . The audience was 2.4M vs 2.5M last year , but that was down for 3M for season 8 . So that’s more than a half million viewer loss in 2 years . The demo is worse because it’s down from 1.4 for season 8 to just 1 last Sunday so that’s almost a 30 % decline . Things will adjust for the L+3 but these are not promoising numbers . Bravo paid Nene and Kim a LOT of money to come back but clearly viewers didn’t flock back . This was supposed to be a massive season . It could still be , but this is a very very bad start
    Having said that, Atlanta is still easily slightly less than a million viewers ahead of most other HW shows so its still the highest rated of all the shows

    • Yes, I like to know the ratings too. Especially when ex castmates try to say the ratings are low and the fans miss them! LOL

      • Well these numbers are NOT pretty. Bravo was hoping to go back to at least 3M from 2 years ago but instead they went lower. So Nene can definitely NOT claim that she boosted viewership

        Curious though what the numbers will be when Kim Z appears ?? oh my!

    • Great idea about the ratings! I always used to be a dork and post them weekly here about 2-3 years back but then stopped. It is interesting to know how each showing is doing with new cast members. Bravo numbers they release are universally always inaccurate so I would post them just to get the truth out there after Bravo sent out a baloney press release. Show buzz daily every single day posts the tv ratings for cable shows, both the market share and total viewers. The night the show airs can also really make a difference. Sun – Tuesday have always been more successful Housewife airing nights (Sundays have the most tv viewers in general), and HW shows that air on Wednesdays or even Thursdays over the last ten years have always had lower viewership and share numbers across the board, so sometimes it is good to compare shows that have run on a similar weeknight to determine comparable popularity.

      • Hello fellow nerd ???. Yes numbers are amazing aren’t they ? I look at different sites for ratings and Showbuzz is definitely one of them .
        Bravo does a lot of ‘spin’ with their numbers which is something they learnt from their mother network NBC ?. Things have gotten a bit come complicated since Nielsen introduced the L+3 and L+7 and sometimes Bravo will spin and compare same day numbers with 7 day numbers ?

        Sunday is huge audience like you said but also because it’s female counter programming to Sunday night football .

        I think you and I should totally post numbers and discuss , what do you say? ?

  • Long time reader, but I don’t comment much anymore. I love the exclusives and more of those across franchises would be great. Find writers for each show (not just housewives) that love and follow it and are will to create blogs, recaps etc. pertaining to those shows. Take a poll on all of the reality shows and see which fans are interested to see y’all cover them. Love the polls!!!

    • Hi Jules, More exclusives are definitely a priority for us. I know we get a ton of RHONJ scoop but I’ve been working really hard to get sources in all the cities and we’ve had a bunch of #RHOBH, RHOC, RHOA, and RHOP exclusives this past year, which is HUGE for us. Getting an exclusive is not as easy as people think LOL. But I agree I want to see more exclusive info and interviews on the site. Check out our podcast for exclusive info that we don’t post on the site.

      As for your writers suggestion that would be the dream and the ideal situation! One day perhaps but finding quality, dedicated writers who are willing to the amount of work we put in is very hard. Blogging doesn’t pay a ton and it’s hard to find people who can dedicate hours to writing almost every night a week. But one day I hope this is an option.

      appreciate all your support and ideas 😉 xo Lara

      • I really missed having the opportunity to post on NY the day after an episode aired. Hoping you could find someone to cover that franchise?

      • I know how hard it is and the challenges y’all face. I appreciate all that you ladies do for this site. It’s been great watching it and all you grow over the years and look forward to many more years 🙂

  • behind the scenes gossip about the housewives – stoopidhousewives was great with that

    the housewives are all actresses and the shows are scripted but the behind the scenes drama is great

    • It’s not so much “scripted” as producer-driven. Much as Larry David’s, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” works without a script for the actors who are given the idea and motivation for each show but not the words which are all ad-libbed by him and the rest of his cast. Believe me, I am not comparing quality here, only concept.

  • I gotta say something or this will block me or erase my comment. A lot of good stuff came out on realitytea.com. I have a love for this website . Don’t get it wrong.

    • That site had too many pop up ads and too much nastiness for me.
      Different strokes for different folks!

    • Hey Erik, no we won’t block you 🙂 RealityTea is an awesome and huge website – hopefully one day we can be that big with our own twist. I don’t know if we ever will cover as much Reality TV as them but growing is always the goal. Thanks for the love and support I appreciate it a lot! xo Lara

  • I would like to see more actual blogs and less click bait headlines that get us into articles that are simply a rehash of articles that have been out for quite some time with little intros and maybe a question at the end. Some of the stories that have been out for a while are interesting and worth a good blog that actually has original content. There are a couple of actual blog writers on this site and I enjoy their work because they use their own voice and provide us with something not seen everywhere else the week before.

    • Hey Mary, I totally get what you mean. Unfortunately, sometimes we are slow, but I try really hard not to be, with the stories because as you can see I have been the only writer for a while, and Lydia has just re-joined part time writing one story a day and a few recaps. I have to try and make a judgement call on which stories I think are most important and should get posted first. However, I do think we post a lot of stories and gossip that I don’t see on other sites, and we try to post as much original content as we can, and pull stories from new and different sources so we stay as unique as possible. Clickbait is part of them game, and honestly isn’t as intentional as many may think. If the title’s not interesting why would want to click and read more, right? But again, we will try to make the titles as honest as possible. Thanks for the support and the constructive criticism I appreciate it a lot. xo Lara

    • RHONJ is what this site was built on so I don’t think that will be happening but we can add more content from other franchises and reality shows to make things more balanced. xo Lara

  • I have been a reader since Roxy’s very first blog post and this has always been a “go to” site for exclusives but it has taken a turn over the last few years where the bloggers seem to take sides with certain housewives and it’s becoming rather predictable. Of course opinions are a part of a blogger’s writing but sometimes this site takes the personal jabs a little too far. Other than that, I appreciate all the hard work and commitment to providing the viewers with scoops, analysis, and insight.

    • Taking sides and having opinions is part of the blogging world. We don’t want to be a site that “loves” everyone and has no real opinions or comments about the Housewives and the episodes but I totally get what your saying. We all have our favorites, but the all writers have really different opinions on the Housewives we love and hate – which I love. I totally suggest checking out our podcast for more diverse opinions on the Housewives. I will look into toning down the jabs but can’t promise anything. However, I totally appreciate your suggestion. Thank you for support and recognition of our hard work – it means the world to us. xo Lara

  • my wish list:

    1) Throw back thursdays of any RH franchise

    2) Roxy investing in IPS ware that will ban abusers and protect all of us

    • Hi Samael, yes throwback posts are definitely coming back. I want to try and make them a weekly thing. Hopefully I get the first one up tomorrow but if not expect one next Thursday! I’ll let Rox know about the IPS ware suggestion but I have little to no control over that kind of stuff. Thanks for the idea 😉 xo Lara

        • it really was fun, Lara did this awhile ago, I think it was about RHNJ ..possibly over a year ago..awesome that it will return.

      • Lara!

        you are so dedicated, I know it’s difficult to do everything we “desire” but you sure go the distance! Wow so cool to have Throwback again!! thanks Lara!

      • Thanks Lara. Protective software would be wonderful, the troll issue is really awful. I don’t know of any other housewife site that has it this bad. I pray Rox can find something for us.

    • I had no desire to watch and then bored one weekend went on binge and watched all the seasons of Southern Charm now love that show the new 1 is good too. Savannah .

  • I would love for you to cover more on RHOD… I feel you always ignore them and this season was so worth covering… even yesterday LeeAnne threated to quit the show and none of that was reported here… there is so much going on around them… even with the picture you posted you chose to snub them… ?

    • Hey Cesar, I completely feel you. I will totally admit that we dropped the ball on RHOD this season BIG TIME. I barely watched season 1 and all of our season 1 RHOD stories got no love or comments last year – it was torture. I’ve been watching season 2 and love it – the reunion is KILLER so far but wasn’t sure if the readers were on the same page. We will definitely be covering more RHOD going forward. I saw LeeAnne’s tweet and have some emails and messages out to sources and the cast inquiring about the tweet. When I hear back we will have a story up on the site! Thanks for pointing out our lack of RHOD love – cause you’re totally right! xo Lara

  • Recaps and info on almost all bravo shows (include Southern Charm, Below Deck, Vanderpump Rules)
    I dont know if this is the right site for this, but recaps and polls for Big Brother… I would honestly love you forever.

    • Hey Sonja’s new intern – how the townhouse? just kidding – that was the worst attempt at a joke ever. Anyways recaps we can definitely do more of. I don’t watch below deck and never will so I can’t promise anything on that. Big Brother might be a stretch too but you never know! Thanks for the suggestions! xo Lara

      • Love your site either way hunty. And the townhouse seems to be doing pretty great, even though Sonja no longer has any of us working there anymore :(. She no longer has interns in her townhouse as you must be aware. Good luck :*

  • I’m new here. So far, I’m satisfied with the stories provided. Just a thought: If you feel like adding something else, how about creating random polls about the housewives shows? Ex: “Who is more believable?” or “Who Should be Put Out To Pasture?” or “Which House Husband is Most Annoying?” (Supply candidates’ name of your choosing..)

      • From your keyboard to Roxanne’s ear. It doesn’t have to be Shahs. It’s just that they’re not covered here at all.

        Thanks, honey for the vote of confidence.

        • Don’t watch Shahs Helen. I’m pretty much just a Housewives type of gal.

          Wait…Housewives? I only watch N.J., N.Y., and Beverly. I stay away from commenting on the other HW’s since I don’t watch them.

          • I only watch the RH franchise in OC, BH, NJ and the ATL. I think because my parents both lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for 20+ years (including first Gulf war) the Shahs, being Iranian, intrigued me.

            You see, I spent almost a month in Saudi Arabia in ’88 while Iran was at war with the Saudis and I remember vividly being awakened in the pre-dawn dark by the sound of an explosion thinking, ‘Holy Shit! Iran is bombing us!”

            Turned out it’s a blast they, well, blast to alert the morning call to prayer and it was going to happen every day. You’d be surprised how you can acclimate yourself to something you would have previously thought beyond your comprehension.

    • Hi Helen, do you watch WWHL? Would you be interested in covering that if the Shahs doesn’t work out?
      You write beautifully xoxo

      • I do watch it. Thanks for the vote of confidence. It’s up to Roxy at this point. Truthfully, I’ve offered for awhile now but I think she’s pissed at me for my Grammar-Nazi comments in the past.

        If she can get past it, I would love to do any of them as my time is my own.

    • Hey Helen, we can definitely add Shahs back into our rotation. Have you ever applied to write for the site? Send over a sample 😉 xo Lara

      • Lara, I used to re-cap for TV Fish Bowl but am finding it difficult to find the various ones I did. They included Mob Wives, RHOBH and RHONYC and they were under the nom de plume, Helen Wheels. I think I even did a Shahs as well.

        If you’re really interested, email me and I would get back to you. I already sort of ‘outed’ myself here a few weeks ago with my Teresa pic so, if was going to go legit here, so-to-speak, I would do it under my real name. As I am a retired newspaper writer with two NJ Press Association awards and so many features you could Google me and see for yourself.

        So, seriously, if you want to pursue it, email me and I will respond as ‘myself.’

      • If you’re not already aware, please check your phone extension on the above number as I left you a message.

    • Hello doll, hope all is well with you sweetie. xo
      I love million dollar listing, N.Y.’s my favorite. I love Frederick

    • Hey Rain, Honestly I just have caught a few episode of MDL NY and LA the last few months and I really like LA. Madison is definitely great but I also really like the British guys – something about those accents. I will definitely look into adding MDL stories to our site. Maybe I can even tweet during the shows, we will see. Appreciate the support and idea! xo Lara

      • I love that British duo and Josh Flagg hell I like them all but the other one is my least fave – ugh the other Josh married to Heather .. Eyerolls

  • Hi AARTH… I’d love to see Southern Charm included on this site. This is my go to site and would love to follow SC here instead of searching. Thanks for putting on a great site!

    • Hey, yes we can definitely do that. I LOVE Southern Charm! Would you like to see recaps? cast interviews? Are you going to watch Sheps new show? I appreciate your support so much! xo Lara

      • Hi Lara… I’d be ok with just SC gossip and other off show stuff, interviews. I’d love recaps, but I know there’s not as much interest in SC, so maybe just a “blank post/page” the day after an ep airs that would allow people to discuss. I think I’ll watch the new Shep at least once, if for no other reason than to laugh at his “game” ?Thanks again for all your hard work!