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Joe Giudice Being Moved to Prison in Pennsylvania

Joe Giudice is saying goodbye to New Jersey.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey husband is being transferred from his prison in New Jersey to one in Pennsylvania.

According to The Blast, Joe is being relocated to FCI Allenwood in Pennsylvania. However, there is no timeline for the transfer.

Joe’s move will play a role in his on-going battle to enter a prison alcohol abuse program, which could shave a year off his 41-month sentence.

Currently, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement is prohibiting Joe from entering the program because he is not a US citizen. In fact, Joe could face deportation back to Italy following his prison sentence.

Yet, sources say that Joe’s move to FCI Allenwood in Pennsylvania would allow him to have a “timely hearing of his immigration status.”

If the hearing on Joe’s immigration status goes in his favor he would be able to enter the alcohol abuse program.

Are you surprised Joe is being moved to another prison? Do you think Joe will get to participate in the alcohol abuse program? Do you think Joe will be deported?

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  • Teresa so lied AGAIN saying he’s lost 45 pounds. i saw the video from prison. he hasn’t lost even 4 pounds! Move the guy. Who cares. Move them all back to Italy. Ciao Ciao!

  • Ugh……. I just took a really good look at Mr. muscle head moron. He is really gross. There is nothing about him that makes him attractive, but his mind, now that is something. Having a conversation with him and his 6th grade education makes me laugh. Im wondering did he find a boyfriend in Prison? Is he considered a pretty boy? YUCK!!!!! I would love to meet the man who stole Juicy Joe’s heart. Tee Hee

    • Do you believe he exists to please you? You seem to be obsessed with his body/mind and soul. You realize he is married right..and you would probably have to fight Betty for him..cuz she called dibs on him awhile ago.

  • Does anyone believe that Joe is going to quit drinking even if he goes through the rehab program? UUUUUMMMMM NO WAY! He cannot wait to get home and make more grape juice for himself. Especially if he is deported his family members will celebrate with many toasts.
    I wonder how much farther away this prison is? Obviously New Jersey is close by but how much more will Tre have to travel to bring the girls to see him.

    • Since you have asked, do you believe he is drinking?where is your proof? the guards at fort dix have
      been selling video of Joe sitting…or standing..totally fit..which would indicate..he is working out
      and has lost poundage..again, do you have proof he is drinking?

  • Once an alcoholic always an alcoholic ,they do make alcohol in prison so he might not be 1100 % clean .so even if some one is illegal and the person is willing too strive for a sober life they should get treatment.
    The Italian culture is Eating and drinking wine with meals , To really be with the program can Joe go forever without ever having a glass of wine when the adults are drinking wine ? That is the question he has to ask himself.
    I know many who quit but revert back .

    • I don’t usually talk much about it, but from personal experience, I can say it’s not easy, but I’ve been sober for 7 years. BUT, you have to really want to be sober to be successful. I’m very open with my family about how I feel, and if I’m going through a time when I wish I could have a glass of wine. And being honest about it helps. I feel very good about having just had my daughter’s wedding and although tempting, I drank nothing. And, I honestly don’t think Joe can work the program, because I don’t think he believes he’s done anything wrong. But, I could be wrong…nah, I don’t think he’ll stick to it. And they tell you that most people will slide back down the rabbit’s hole. So far, I’ve been very fortunate.

      • You should be very proud of yourself, Robinhood. I know I am, and I don’t even know you.
        I’ve seen a few who slid down the rabbits hole.

        • Thank you! I was the last person I’d have thought would have gotten myself into that mess. But, hopefully it’ll continue. I always say, I’m good today. I’ll deal with tomorrow when it gets here.

  • Joe’s going bye bye after prison. He’s a waste of space here in the US. Poor Italy doesn’t want him either.

  • Do let me get this straight. Prisons allow people sex changes on our dime, but they won’t actually let someone be treated for addiction? States allow illegals full education and healthcare (ERs don’t turn away anyone) but Joe can’t get rehab? Isn’t this the American Way??? Double standard much?

    That being said, if Joe doesn’t drink for 41 months, I would think that’s a super sober track for him to continue with meetings when he gets home. He won’t be deported. We don’t even deport illegal murderers- at least in CA. It’s against the open border policy- lol!

    • The reason is, because the prison treatment program has an after care component to it, which continues after the felon is out of prison, the felon has to commit to the after care as well as the treatment given while in custody. Joe could not do that due to his unknown immigration status. The program would also cut Joe’s time substantially which is the whole incentive to enter the program.
      I do think there is a very good chance that Joe will be deported. The crimes he committed are considered crime of moral turpitude and a deportable offense. With the current political agenda to rid this country of non-citizens who commit crimes, it seems quite plausible.

      • This is just my personal take but if they deport him over this , it’s going to be a shitfest across the country and alot of that has to do with points Laurie made .

        • California has essentially becoming a sanctuary state and it is butting heads with the federal government and not following federal laws. Most states are not like that. I live in a very liberal state and we have sanctuary cities but nothing to the extent of CA.
          Just my take but I don’t think that most people know Joe or care what happens to him. There may even be an argument to be made that if they do NOT deport him a shitfest would ensue. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens.
          I realize that this particular blog is very favorable to Tre and anyone who does not share that view really is not welcome here, but this is the only blog that I’ve ever found that IS pro Tre, most want to see her burned at the stake.

          • I live in a conservative pocket of a very liberal sanctuary city. The local paper ran a story about a married man with children who “had problems” applying for citizenship. He worked on the books & paid taxes. ICE picked him up, but not his wife, even though she isn’t a citizen either.
            My point is, it seems there’s no rhyme or reason of who gets to stay/who goes. It’s a crapshoot for anyone who doesn’t bother to become a citizen.
            You’re right about this being on the only pro Tre site out there. I wish people would leave us be. I wouldn’t say you’re not welcome here, but those who do criticize the blogger about it and insult those who like Tre make it a very shitty climate here at times.

            • Well said . If people want to keep being about the hate , then stay where the hate is welcomed ! This is not about mary above but I always wondered why others do that ?

            • I believe we can disagree without the insults and petty crap that goes on sometimes. I’ve been the target of a lot of it but for the most part this is a good group and I enjoy it.

              • Its a shame there are so many that really go after some people. I’m sorry if you have been a target, that isn’t fair or right. Everyone has different opinions and debating can be good, unless it crosses a personal line of attack. I’m sorry you have had to deal with that.

                • It’s really not that big a deal to me unless it’s done by someone I’ve have good interactions with in the past, but I have seen others quite hurt by it.

              • I know and I’m glad you and I are able to enjoy it here together 🙂
                We had a rough start but I you grew on me lol

          • It may seem favorable , to those who don’t like he and Teresa . So I guess I would say to you , in order for you to feel ” welcomed” this would have to be a hate Giudice site ? No disrespect but I know you’ve made that point a few times . You don’t like them as a few others make that clear who visit here so we should all hate them together lol? No thanks 🙂 we all don’t need to have same opinions and dislike same people . I don’t think that would be very fun to visit multiple sites that just all bash same people. That being said – I know these 2 obviously are flawed but I wish the best for them and their family .

            • Come on Michers, you know I love a good argument, it just seems that on this site some posters instantly turn to calling names and trashing anyone who doesn’t agree with them. That is what makes this blog unwelcoming.

              • Actually , my last few observations have been those who don’t like her coming here allegedly for first time ( lol) and right out the gate , labeling ALL of us who don’t hate her . That in turn , gets responded to . When you come here saying ” anyone that likes her is this or that” along with other colorful adjectives, that’s instigating and I won’t give you a warm and fuzzy welcome . Sorry not sorry . You bait , then complain ? No . Doesn’t work that way . When you state or insinuate negativity among posters just because we don’t share the same hate, that will not make for a good time . I know it’s hard at times to get the ” tone” but some know what they’re doing with underlying invite to argue . Most of us have had it . Every now and then there a mistake and apology is owed but not frequently lol!
                it swinging so

          • I disagree with regards to if he doesn’t get deported. I had a family member who was getting in trouble for most of his adult life (he came here somewhat young) and it wasn’t until he was 40’ish that he was finally deported. He was getting in trouble for at least 15-20 years before they finally gave him the boot. So they may let Joe slide this one time.

            • Joe has a long history of run ins with the law. There are a lot of DUIs and other offenses that stretch way back. He got caught several times driving without a license and then he got caught trying to get a license with his brother’s credentials. Joe has a proven record of not adhering to the laws in this country and that, along with the fact that he simply never because a citizen, will not play out well in the courts.

    • I get that there’s a lot of ridiculousness out there, but at the end of the day felonies are still a main reason for deportation. I’ve heard of legal residents/green card holders being deported for much less then fraud.

  • For me, if this is the normal process for all inmates in Joe’s situation – so be it.

    I read this on Radar and I may have misread the story, but my take away is, this was worked out before Joe Giudice
    entered prison and the prison he is being transferred to –


    “According to United States District Court records, Joe, 45, will be transferred to FCI Allenwood in Pennsylvania, as the facility allows for immigration hearings and Joe is facing possible deportation at the end of his prison stint.”