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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: What Goes Into Casting Shakeups On the Real Housewives?

Casting the Real Housewives shows can be a fickle job. Who’s in and who’s out isn’t as easy of a task as one may think.

With many franchises ending their season’s soon, the age-old question of who’s making the cut for the next season begins.

So, what exactly goes into casting shakeups on the Real Housewives?

Well, AllAboutTRH reached out to several of our sources who gave us the 411 on how Bravo decides who stays and who goes.

While many believe that Bravo knows who’s staying and who’s going by the time the reunion films that’s not always the case.

Sources tell us that Bravo takes at least 1-2 months after the reunion to decided who they are keeping and who’s getting kicked to the curb.

“Bravo doesn’t make any decisions until well after the reunion airs,” a source reveals.

This happens mostly in part to all the research that goes into keeping or firing a Housewife. We are told that fans opinions play a big role in casting.

“Bravo has to do market research to see who stays and who goes,” a second source explains, adding that Bravo does listen to what fans have to say about which Housewives they like and which ones they don’t.

Back in June, Ryan Flynn, a Bravo executive for RHONY and RHOBH talked to The Daily Dish Podcast about the process of letting Housewives go.

“Most often than not it is a mutual understanding and a decision and it’s not even so much of a we’re telling someone to leave,” Ryan explained. “Everyone knows the time is just right.” What defines that “right time” could be a myriad of things, according to the exec. “Whether it’s a first season Housewife that just didn’t click or never sort of found the rhythm, or whether it’s someone who’s been on many seasons who is just a very different person from when we started with them, and their life is in a place now where it just maybe doesn’t make sense for us to be sort of in their lives every day.”

“It’s a process, and it’s a discussion…you know, not everyone goes quietly into the night,” Ryan added. “Sometimes, understandably, there’s some hurt feelings or some confusion. I think when we all think, ‘Oh my God, we could never move on without fill in the blank,’ somehow we do. We find new lives and new stories and new challenges with a new cast, with current Housewives that you know it’s just kind of everyone keeps trudging along.”

Currently, the Real Housewives of Orange County are facing some major casting rumors about the upcoming thirteenth season.

Sources claim that Lydia McLaughlin, Meghan King Edmonds, and Peggy Sulahian are not returning for season 13.

However, our RHOC sources tell us that no decisions will be made until “around December,” adding that “one can speculate” though.

Do you think Bravo knows who they are keeping and firing by the time the reunions roll around? Do you believe that Bravo listens to fans about who stays and who goes?

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  • I’ll tell you what doesn’t go into HW casting, what the fans want. We are ignored every single step of the way and hence the reason the HW concept is on the decline If Bravo had any sense they would read the different HW threads/boards and take into consideration what we the viewers think and say.

    • Bravo pays a ton of attention to Housewives blogs and sites – believe me they know what’s being said and what people think. However, I don’t know how much of a role that plays into casting but they are taking in the good, the bad, and the ugly. xo, Lara

  • I think that Bravo does listen to fans, but not always just the positive feedback. I think they love to keep HWs that are “hated” or polarizing. There’s always one HW on each cast that people love to hate. From what I’ve seen an HW that reveals production “secrets” is guaranteed to be fired, i.e JillZ, Phaedra, Jac. Of course the flat out boring ones can only last so long. I do think Bravo knows who’s going/staying and they probably use that to leverage the more desperate HWs to “bring it” or else.

  • Based on which RH are still on Bravo payroll…Bravo does NOT consider viewer’s input

    – vile stayed
    – Bitchenny stayed
    – Tams stayed
    – LisaR stayed
    – Ne Ne is back
    – KimZ FOH on RHOA is back
    – Jack Ass returned
    – M from RHNJ stayed
    – Soggy bottom on RHNJ is back
    – Dull is back on RHNJ
    – KimD is Guest on RHNJ

    RHOD keeps returning…clearly Brvo doesn’t even give one poop about the viewers!!

    • Bravo knows those wives bring in the viewers because people straight up hate them or they love to hate them. These wives cause quite the stir on social media and on the shows, which helps rake in the viewers. People still watch these show even if they hate some of the cast members so why would Bravo get rid of them? They have us all – hook, line, and sinker. Just my two cents. P.S. Dallas season 2 was totally good! xo Lara

      • that proves that yes Bravo acknowledges the public and who the $$ makers are (aka on social media and TV) it would be awesome for them to fire the vile creatures that seem to be hate filled..that is not fun to watch anyone emotionally implode.

        Based on how lame last season was, I admit they totally revised RHOD…except for LeeAnne – she needs to be fired, the cast don’t feel safe with her violent erruptions! the reunion was perfect..it looked like it was filmed in a bordello…weird colors.

  • Good article. Question; is anyone else getting full screen porn/dating ads when clicking on a story using their phone? And no I don’t visit those sites! Sometime I can’t even clean them to read the blog.

    • Thanks for checking out the story! But yes weird things like that happen to a lot of people who visit the site on mobile devices. Our IT has told us that it’s our phones and not the site which is odd. Wish I had an answer that solved the problem. xo Lara

  • I wish the Blahvo Suits would realize that we would be better off without the Cancer Con woman, LYING LIAR Face; – Shrieki Gonefullofshit. Her “sell by date” expired years ago.

    • Why can’t they, Bravo, understand the majority of viewers don’t want to watch a con woman? It doesn’t seem like rocket science. I think I’m done with this franchise after this year. I can’t do anymore whooping it up with the Old Grandma.

      • That’s a good question. My best guess is that it’s too difficult to get new talent. Or the producers are blind & deaf to Shrieki’s squeals. She physically shoved one of the top producers against a brick wall. She laughingly bragged that she heard his head hit it. The producer conceded that VG got angry about something and attacked him. In what other job could an employee do that & not suffer consequenceS?? She’s a fvcking bully! She should be FIRED & sued to Kingdom Come.

        • I’m sitting here physically shaking my head knowing Bravo loves the drama the grifter brings to the show. It’s part of the reason I’m out next season if she is still part of the cast. I will not support this buffoonery anymore. Wow, I’ve never heard the story about VG before, but I have to say, it doesn’t surprise me. Par for the course it would seem with her. Nothing seems to be beneath her.

          • That story was revealed during an anniversary special of RHOC.
            She has to keep her stupid failing insurance company because nobody in the private sector would ever hire her. She couldn’t even be a Walmart Greeter.

            • Am I the only one who refuses to believe the grifter is this so-called amazing business woman? I know she partners with someone, they show her every once and a while. I tend to think she’s the real brains, common sense and morality behind Coto Insurance and VG is the “face” of the company.

              • Oh, no FiddleDeeDee – You are not alone in that belief. There are MANY other viewers who feel the same as you and they are speaking out everyday. VG is a fraud. Plain & simple.

                Are you referring to the secretary named, “Linda” as a possible partner? I don’t think so. In the first episode of this season, VG said she “partnered” with a young guy because she was expanding. Yeah, sure. “Coto Insurance” is the next State Farm. Most likely, that young man was an office boy who fetches her coffee. Everyone is a prop.

                I read that Donn purchased the business for VG when they moved to CA. When they first met at an insurance company in Illinois, Shrieki was a low level office worker. Donn was a district salesman (or something like that). He had much more money than she did.

                • I’m not sure who the woman is/was. She was an older woman. They showed her early on this season and I thought I heard VG say she was her partner, I guess I misunderstood her. I had no idea Donn bought the business but it isn’t a surprise, juicy info!!

                  • You may be right about the “phantom partner”. The only older woman I recall is “Linda” with short hair. I thought she was secretary. But, I could be wrong about that.

                    I got the Donn info from that site I told you about in a previous post.

    • The Old Goat with the fur coat needs to go. I am really amazed that Bravo didn’t get rid of her after her cons. IMHO Vicki is the most vile HW Bravo has ever filmed, and that’s saying something!

  • So did the ‘market research ‘ tell Bravo that the audience wants the likes of Vile, Rinna , Kenya to return ? I don’t buy that at all . Bravo does NOT care what the viewers want

    • I think viewers’ preferences are a small factor. Uncle Blahvo may think that various housewife shows are watched as a habit, rather than for spiritual enlightenment. That is, they are a “guilty pleasure.” It’s probably difficult to find & mold new “talent”. That’s why they allow certain dead weight to linger on. Very few of the women have real story lines. Some of them are purely catalysts.

      • Also part of it is which HW can bring the conflict and the drama . Let’s face it, this is not the Hallmark channel ?

      • I will agree that certain Housewives are only kept on the stir the pot and fuel the fire without bringing anything to the show. xo Lara

    • The terrible truth is the more TPTB know we hate any given cast member, the more they count on us watching to see what they’ll say or do next which means for them of course – ratings.

      Ratings. No one cares how they get them as long as they get their money. Much as a pimp doesn’t want one of his girls to detail her day, he just wants the money she made doing whatever it was.

      So, as I said, the terrible truth is we have met the enemy and (s)he is us. It’s like arguing with Internet trolls. The more you write the more exciting it gets for them. Your discomfiture is what they’re after. If they find it denied, they will go away. If we didn’t watch, these wretched wenches we hate so much they would have to go away. But then, what would we watch? As Shakespeare said, “…there’s the rub.”

      • I had always suspected that villains are just as attractive to reality producers as the cutesy good characters . I used to tell posters ALL the time that the more you diss and hate Rinna, the more you will guarantee that she will come back . I was right
        You’re right , it’s all about ratings and people LOVE to watch villains even though they hate them . They make good television. The more a HW is talked about , it creates a buzz and that buzz equals ratings
        So the next time viewers want to get rid of a HW, don’t talk about her at all ?