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Is Teresa Giudice Too Broke To Afford Gia’s Upcoming College Tuition?

Teresa Giudice has had her fair share of financial issues over the past few years, so is the Real Housewives of New Jersey star too broke to send her kids to college?

Sources say, yes. In fact, according to Star Magazine sources close to Teresa claim that she won’t be able to send her 16-year old daughter to college because of her reckless spending and mounting debt.

“Teresa doesn’t think she’ll be able to pay for Gia’s tuition when the time comes,” admits a source. “She barely has any income and blows her money on cars and flashy stuff. It doesn’t seem like she’s learned her lesson at all.”

So, what is Teresa spending her money on?

Sources claim Teresa recently splashed out upwards of  $2000 on a first class plane ticket from NYC to LA.

“I don’t know how she pulled that off,” says a friend.” Teresa is flat broke.”

I highly doubt Teresa is flat broke. Teresa has dug her self out of debt over the last few years by doing appearances, books, RHONJ, and more. While Teresa may not be rolling in the dough because she’s paying her debts and keeping her house afloat, I think she’s doing fine. So, what if she can’t pay for Gia’s college in cash, Gia can be like the rest of America and take out student loans. Problem solved. It seems like someone is once again spreading press about Teresa’s financial issues to take the heat and attention off their own.

Do you think Teresa is broke? Will Teresa find a way to pay for Gia’s college tuition when the time comes?

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  • Leona their family will NEVER be able to take out a loan ever again. They wear a scarlet letter when it comes to getting money. The fact that she has Also NEVER stood up to American and gave a heartfelt apology for what she and Joe did. If Joe is in prison then she can do it on her own. She knew what was going on. You just don’t sign fake loan documents and not read what your signing. She knew she never made money as a consultant. Any way we have heard all the stories.
    They defrauded the federal government got convicted and served time I’m prison, student loans are federally funded. ( that is a mouth full) There are thousands of parents and students struggling to get loans with NO convictions or financial scams.
    The way that she depicts herself on the show is just proof that very little has changed and she is still carrying around her $4,000 purses and she lives a pretty good life. IF she were showing that she is willing to rid her closet of all the items she does not need then I will give her credit. And until she moves out of the mausoleum and into a home that is financially feasible then will see people she is trying. The girls are getting older they don’t need a 20 room mansion. There is just so much that she could do to make myself and many others see that she has definitely changed.

    • I couldn’t agree more. You are so right about her never apologizing for her crimes. She never will. She’s never taken responsibility for ANYTHING EVER! She even tried to say that Jaqueline set her up with the Feds. Is that delusional or what? I have zero sympathy for her or her situation. I do feel bad for her kids though. Poor Gia seems so embarrassed by the whole mess and Melania seems to have a behavior disorder of some sort. Hopefully they’re getting counseling or those kids could end up in real trouble. Teresa doesn’t seem to have a clue on how to discipline them. (I’ve never seen any discipline at all.) Joe did better with the kids than Teresa does. It also seems like Teresa is laying the groundwork dumping Joe. She has mentioned several times now that he better clean up his act while he is away or she’s done. She’s preparing the viewers for their split I believe. I KNEW she wouldn’t wait for him to get out. She was just as responsible as he was for their issues. Maybe more. She was the one spending huge amounts of money even after she knew his business failed so why does he have to clean up his act? She certainly hasn’t cleaned up hers! Joe will be better off without her.

        • Please explain why it is just like Trump. Did I miss something? Teresa just said on a recent broadcast that she wants an apology from Joe for getting her into this mess. What a joke! All Joe did was try to keep the lifestyle going that Teresa demanded. I remember when his business failed and he told Teresa that they couldn’t spend much money on Christmas. When the day came it was on the show. It was disgusting the amount of gifts under that tree. Teresa is either just an idiot or she can’t accept that they were out of money. She claims to be a savvy business women but she signed a load of loan and bankruptcy forms (there are at least 20 places for signatures on both) without reading or questioning them.Who does that? She’s either really stupid or she’s a criminal who knew what she was doing. I am so sick of her blaming it on Joe. Mark my words, she’s going to get rid of him before this is over.

  • hey, my husband died 8 years ago (he was also unemployed at the time). My children worked 1 or 2 jobs and paid their own way thur college. My son joined the Army. I tried to help as much as I can. So PLEASE. I really don’t want to hear this bull shit.

  • I agree Gia can take loans like the rest of us but can’t believe Theresa hasn’t curbed her extravagant spending. Flying first class for $1000 is a waste of money.

  • I don’t think she is broke. I think she would rather spend her money on clothes and expensive furnishings, nice cars, trips, etc. than education. She sees her daughters like the old fashioned (uneducated) Italians do, (not all) which means she hopes they will marry well and that education is a waste for girls. She cannot part with money for college, but always will find it for anything else.
    Also, the school she attended was not, especially when she attended, really much of a college…but more like a trade school where nearly anyone can attend if they pay…open admission.
    FYI..I live in NJ, born in the same town as Tre and am Italian American.

  • Teresa kids will be just fine. Gia can go to school local and even commute from that MANSION they live in if Money is a concern. That’s hardly a crisis in fact Student Loans is the reality of MILLIONS OF AMERICANS.

  • her daughter is 16 you don’t go to college when you’re 16 she has two more years before she even has to think about that garbage she will be just fine Gia can take out student loans and go to any college she gets into it’s not always just on the parents for kids payment for college if the kid really wants togo to college they can for pay for it themselves!! This sounds like Waco Jaco putting stupid crap out! I don’t know one person that does not fret about paying for college! If she is for real broke she will get scholarships and pell grants ! But she had really better be broke and not just spending money on stupid stuff!


  • Teresa should sell that ugly gigantic house they live in. The gas and electric bill for one month could pay a lot towards Gia’s tuition. She won’t do it though, she’s way too selfish! She’s always talking about taking care of her “doorters” but she cares most about appearances. Her brother will end up footing the bill. He’s the decent one in the family.

    • He really is. TreApe is only paying the monthly mortgage because the bank doesn’t want it back. Who will buy it? Then it will sit there and deteriorate.

      • Hey, it worked for 45. He screwed everybody he ever did business with by declaring bankruptcy or screwing the banks (and therefore taxpayers) so badly they had to try to keep floating his sinking loans.

        He’s never paid his bills, defrauded every small business owner who ever had the bad luck/judgment to trust him and all that perfidy got him elected. Teresa and Joe are no guiltier than Trump, they just don’t have his dumb luck.

  • I don’t think she is broke, she has all ready found away cry poor to all her fans I’m sure they will donate to her girls.

  • I would think business expenses are a write off. fortunate for her when she is working plane tickets, clothes ,hotels ,meals and beauty are working expenses for her( tax write off ),and she has a lawyer who I hope knows what he is doing..
    Try living off the thousand a month income I do then whine how broke you are .
    college loan .

  • Always a pleasure to see clowns all up in someone else’s finances and what they THINK is going on .
    Also , plenty of people don’t have thousands for college saved ; many take out loans , grants, financial aid and scholarships .

  • Stay in state, student loans is the way she will have to go. Of course, if TreApe and Joe had thought about anybody but themselves, perhaps there would be money to help.

  • Seriously! The anonymous source is NOT TERESA’S FRIEND. They have no idea what is going on with her finances. They only have one goal and that is to drag her name through the mud. It must be coming from jac,kimd, dolores & siggy’s camp. These ladies are the true MEAN GIRLS of RHONJ.

    • No one has to drag the felonious, foreheadless, felon though the mud. The knuckle dagger has done a fine job on her own.
      Instead of saving money, the felon treats herself to designer cothing, bags, shoes, etc. and now those God awful injected lips. Teresa is all about herself and could care less about her children’s futures. She proved that 41 times.

      • 41 they thought but only 5 , 6 stuck .

        What’s a knuckle dragger?
        She has a forehead it’s just not huge like others’ maybe perhaps a landing strip which may have some here suffering from forehead envy it seems . Yikes….
        The thing is , no one here or elsewhere can say what she’s spending , on what . It’s just assumptions

        • Not assumptions when you see her spending it on national television. That’s what got the Feds onto her and Joe to begin with. Her designer clothes, dishes, furniture and luxury car are not assumptions

          • Ok but she’s allowed to buy things . I mean do you expect her to get out of prison and not ever shop spend or do anything again ? This is silly at times the expectations and assumptions people make because they don’t like her . You still have no clue what she spends and what she has . Felon or not . So yeah it’s all assuming on the part of those who don’t like her picking apart what they see on show .

            • Yes, she is allowed to buy things. Within reason. She shouldn’t be buying things like designer clothes, luxury cars, designer dishes, furniture and expensive vacations (Puerto Rico). Her and Joe are under bankruptcy protection so that means the tax payers (You and I) are paying off their debts. If she’s so worried about not having the money for Gia’s education, maybe she should start shopping at Target and drive a used car (there are some decent ones out there). She should put that ugly house up for sale too. The property taxes alone could pay for a semester at many good colleges. Michers, I never said she couldn’t buy ANYTHING, just not the high end stuff she can’t seem to do without. You obviously have a thing for her so why don’t you start a Go Fund Me page for Gia’s education and Teresa’s expensive tastes. I’m sure it’ll make a lot of money for Teresa to squander on her wardrobe and her cars.

              • LOL- dont get panties wadded . I’m just simply saying you can’t prove crap by watching . None of us know her personal info . Let’s not get bitchy about Teresa and her finances that we only have assumptions about . She’s not my hero, I just think that some get too hype when they know nothing . Why?

                • Actually we do have a LOT of her personal info. Hellooo? She’s on a reality show! #1 She’s a criminal that went to prison. #2 She’s a thief that stole from the Federal government (that’s us taxpayers btw) #3 She’s on national TV spending money she says she doesn’t have. (last nights episode she was at a luxury resort with her dad and 4 “doorters” These are just a few of the personal finances she has put on TV. These are not assumptions my friend, they are facts. BTW nobody’s pantys are in a wad unless yours are. LOL It sounds an awful lot like you do have hero worship for the woman.

        • The government dropped the other 35 charges to facilitate a plea bargain so they wouldn’t have to take them to trial. If they pleaded guilty to the 6 charges then the others would be dropped. Teresa and Joe jumped on that because they were looking at 40+ years if they didn’t take the plea and were found guilty. They knew they were guilty and didn’t want to take the chance. BTW a knuckle dragger refers to the way an ape walks. Can’t believe you didn’t get that. I don’t necessarily agree but her actions and her hairline are a good argument for the knuckle dragging comment.

          • I totes knew what it meant but I wanted Ballsy to hear himself / herself say that out loud. It’s ridic but that’s just my opinion .
            Had they gone the route of the 41 then I’d agree with whoever but since only the six stuck it’s irrelevant to mention that two years later . IMO

  • Another “friend” speaks up about Tres finances, fantastic! Lol, where are the pics of Tre in the soup line? Seriously, if college is a priority, they’ll make it work. Millions do every year even without a Bravo Salary. Again, maybe cut down from “Filet mignon to Sirloin”, just saying.

  • Student loans like the rest of america is always an option. Or go to school in state; tuition is so much cheaper that way.

  • She’ll do what they do best in Jersey…. she’ll steal it. They all get business loans live off those.. the business will close then on to the next phony business, that’s what the gorga’s are doing those businesses won’t last. TreTwit and that idiot brother of hers are bleeding all the money they can get out of their restaurant when they can’t get anymore $$ on to the next Fraud scheme.

  • A friend is commenting on her finances and spending. Friend sounds more like Kim D or Jac.

    And it’s the rare family that can pay for college tuition. Most of us save for years, and it’s still not easy writing a check for $20k.

    • Exactly! You ask me, a kid paying for their own college makes them accountable for their actions and I feel has better luck of them sticking it out verse quitting.

      • I think it depends on the kid. We paid for all of our kids, and they did well. If I had a slacker treating it more like a big party, than school, I’d make them pony up funds.

      • Your right Hanky….. I did not mind have a problem helping my kids get into college and if they kept their grades up I would continue to help them. One of my 5 kids wasn’t so interested in studying did fine Freshman year Sophomore year he thought he could mess around but when his grades fell and he messed up for a year. Junior year came he got back into studying and Senior did even better. BUT his sophomore year he pad for. When he graduated and had to start paying back the loans He was completely responsible for the one bad year. So basically he had to pay back about 19,000.00 His fault. I also did not pay for the additional units needed he needed before he could graduate. They do learn and sometimes the hard way. My kids are amazing adults now and they all pay their own way.

    • Yeah, swizzle a friend.
      I know I tell all my friends how much I spend on plane tickets.

      I paid for CUNY college. Basically the same as Catholic high school tuition for 4 years, but the books were a fortune. Thankfully, I set money aside.

      • I dread every semester book bills lol. My oldest gets his book money a after I fork it out as he doesn’t get it until after classes start lol!

    • It’s crazy !!! Some people …
      Who the hell knows that ? Surely no friend , no cast mate etc., furthermore NO friend would ever discuss that

    • Wacko-Jacko is the only one that speaks of Teresa ‘s finances she’s the the only one worried about her finances

      • She SHOULD be worried. She not to far away from her husband’s civil case turning into a criminal one.

        • I know right but Wacko-Jacko will argue that its a business case not personal so they did nothing wrong, like she has said in the past. Makes no sense actually, if a person breaks the law and hides money etc it doesn’t matter if its a business or not her husband still destroyed evidence, hid monkey,

  • geez ..well this is a “sources said” so..there’s that!

    College for 4 kids will be expensive – and more so for a single parent. Which is why Teresa hustles

    • Hi Sam where do you see Tre hustling to make money for her daughters college? Im not mocking your statement I just have not seen any remorse or change in Tre since she got out of the pokey. If those were my children and I lived the predicament she lives in I would turn off the camera’s get off the frickin TV and go to work living a VERY PRIVATE LIFE keeping kids out of the limelight so I could fix all the mistakes that my bad decisions caused. She can write books, she can cook, she can sell her $5,000. Chanel Bags ( 4 bags $20,000 there is a year of tuition for a local state college) there are so many things she can do to save the money. She says she needs the money from the show but there are consequences from that. Every school the kids apply to are going to look at these shows and say “We don’t want their kid in our school, not only do they have a bad reputation but it causes the ripple effect from the kids making fun of the kids from the show. No amount of money would ever be enough to exploit my children yet she does it every week. She is not the only one, Im not singling Tre out she is just the most evident of them all.
      Those girls are going to pay the price for their parents bad behavior for the rest of their lives. School, relationships, job choices etc. MOM and DAD are convicted felons served time in prison and they think these companies and schools etc are going to role out the red carpet. NOPE People who have no history with prison or stealing etc find it hard enough to prove that they are honest people and lead a law abiding life with no issues it’s hard to qualify for these things the federal government loses a HUGE amount of money yearly for non payment of loans.You think they are going to look at Gia’s application and parents history and check the yes button. It never will happen. There are waaaay to many families who do it the right way get screwed because those if the Giudice Group screw it up for everyone else. Higher interest payments, etc. “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” This is the motto of Tre and Troll Giudice. They don’t give a crap who they hurt, they have no conscience no feeling about how others get affected and in the end as long as they don’t get caught they are laughing all the way to Bergdorf Goodman’s or Sax. Lastly why does anyone care what Jacqueline says? All your doing is keeping her alive. Let her go and let her deal with her own crap. She is an anomaly,,,,,, a one up. a nothing.

      • Hi Melodie

        I actually like these kind of questions – cuz then I can back up my mouth and praise the money maker – even when Teresa was in prison she was making coin

        – her spinoff “Teresa calls in” she made that Bravo $$ by not even showing up
        – exiting prison within one month her book “Turning the tables” nyc best seller
        – she spent months on her book tour and each venue paid her for her appearance
        – entertainment shows pay $$ for her interviews
        – Bravo cancelled last season and only taped when she was released from prison
        – none of us has proof of income from Bravo, but based on her ability to shutdown
        rhnh – she had to have an increase

        – she never has shribbles up when her haters throw in her face (I’m talking ex cast members) call her a felon
        – I am sure she is selling her stories – why the hell not her haters manage to do this ad nauseum
        – she has her second book out and is on her book tour

        And as far as hustle goes for her children, she only has stated – “it’s hard”..and all kinds of
        stories leaped from that. and the girls may apply for scholarships and family help as well.

        I may be missing some things ..

        thanks for asking Melodie ?

      • My word you have evidently put a lot of time into thinking about all of this but I must say a few things. Theresa is providing for her family the best way she can. Quitting her Bravo job would not be a wise decision as it would be extremely hard for her to get a regular job with a Felony conviction especially with a fraud conviction. She is doing something right as a woman and mother as 16 year old Miss Gia seems like a sweet, intelligent, considerate, well mannered young lady who loves her mother very much as all of her daughter’s do. She made a mistake, she paid the price, she is trying to learn from it and move on with her life. I congratulate her for that. Will she get it right all the time? No. But she is trying. I for one would hope that no one including yourself would enjoy having your mistakes thrown in your face constantly and have people ripping you to shreds, I know I wouldn’t nor would I do it to anyone else. I hope you can look at Theresa in a new light and find at least a tiny speck of something in her that you can find some positivity about. She and her family have lost a lot to mistakes made and then the loss of her mother. That is all.