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Has NeNe Leakes Spoken To Phaedra Parks? Plus NeNe Denies Saying Porsha Williams Should Be Fired From RHOA!

NeNe Leakes didn’t spill the tea during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen she brewed a whole pot of Folgers, and it was good to the last drop!

The returning Real Housewives of Atlanta star dished about all the drama in the ATL and didn’t hold back one bit.

To kick things off, NeNe revealed if she has spoken to former friend Phaedra Parks since all the drama went down between Phaedra and Kandi Burruss during season 9.

In the clip below, NeNe also opens up about rumors she’s jealous of Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore’s friendship; claiming that she and Kenya are in a good place.

Meanwhile, NeNe also denied claims that she said Porsha Williams should be fired from RHOA. Check out the clip below!

Thoughts on NeNe’s WWHL appearance? Are you happy NeNe’s back?

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  • Remember when RHOA was beneath Nene and her imaginary million dollar contracts now she’s back not owning what she said and making her stank faces …

  • I’m pretty sure I watched nene say this on WWHL to Andy and that’s when I first heard her and Porsha had issues and that’s when Porsha found out they had issues lol. Porsha may have her faults but she isn’t wrong on this

    • Nene should have owned up straight up. However, why oh why is Porsha still on this show!!! she ads ZERO! Is she providing her services to someone in production?

      • I can’t believe Nene . She’s not the same person I liked to laugh about . As for Porsha I don’t mind her. If I had to watch some others she might as well stay too . I think She by Sheree may be my last hope to keep me chuckling

  • THE LIES THE LIES!! Nene said it, she meant it, so be here to represent it like a Big Girl don’t try to backpedal based on semantics or seek coverage under the guise of answering a questio, giving your opinion because either way that makes it your opinion. Yet again she fails to own her words.

  • Nene is such a hypocrite…she’s upset with Porsha for repeating rumors about Kandi yet Nene says disparaging things about women all the time including joking about rape, calling anyone a racist when they don’t agree with her, fat shaming Porsha was ridiculous considering Nene owns a boutique that is for “all sizes”… it’s really quite ironic that Nene is all the things she does not like Porsha for..take a look in the mirror and check yourself.

  • I really can’t with Nene…I don’t know if I am going to be able to watch this season with her back on. I am over all of these “ladies” (I use the term loosely). They are so over the top its ridiculous. Kenya is whack and fake as shit. Nene can’t speak like a normal person ever and her theatrics are just getting on my last freaking nerve. Couldn’t even finish last nights episode because I was so irritated by all the fakeness.

  • Nene really??? Are u really not gonna own up to it??? Saying getting rid of is the same thing as saying getting fired pretty much.. she really thinks her shit doesn’t stink

  • What is she wearing??? ??? her tenure on Fashion Police has taught her nothing . Those boots look like they came from Erika’s closet

    • Exactly. I think she’s trying to channel Erika’s look at Dorit’s party where she wore the t-shirt dress. I know those boots are YSL, but they are hideous. Really would probably only work with the right outfit at the right event. T-shirt dress and bad wig on a talk show…not a good look.

      • The boots do not work with this outfit and they are way too much for this occasion . They are wonderful stage performance boots or if you’re standing up but not while you’re sitting down . JMO .

        Argh! There message shirts/ dresss whatever are so juvenile and ugly . You’re not a 15 year old girl Nene

        • Hello love! She’s not 15, though I know several 15 year olds (nieces/nephews/family) who behave significantly better than she. I think her lack of social skills hurts her more than she knows, limiting both her perception and reality. She’s never out of character which affirms she truly is an a$$hole. That is about as fake as her nose that she struggles to breathe through. She’s offensive and rude. Whilst I can appreciate her ascent from nothing to something, I ache for her because she saw no need to learn from whence she came. It was THAT behavior that kept her low, until someone bought her buffoonery and bitchiness. Now that you’ve risen above Ne-Rex, it’s time to change your ways to enhance your endurance. There isn’t a steady, replenishing supply of cheese. Preserve something of yourself for yourself. Love you!!!

          • Hey Q-T ??see what I did right there ? ?
            You are spot on about Nene. Why hasn’t she tried to elevate herself in any kind of way to live up to her new found fame and status ? She has had plenty of opportunity to ‘do better’ by learning and evolving . My only explanation is that she thinks being ‘who she is’ is what got her to where she is now so why bother change ? that’s only a guess because other than that she has simply squandered opportunities to become a much better version of herself. At that age , being rude and loud just isn’t cute

            It annoys me when she scrunches her face and does the cartoon accent when she is mimicking someone ! Argh ! I’m not a Porsha fan but I have to say last night Porscha owned her ass ??
            Porscha of course with her short dress and bazangas hanging out ?? guurrrrl !!

            I LOVE me some Cynthia but both her talking points dress (neon blue) and the yellow party dress were atrocious !!

            Loved Kandis coke cans hair ???????

            Love you sweetie xoxxo

            • I loved Q-T!!! Let me quickly address Porsha. Heck, she definitely tried to UNDRESS and that’s the problem with not knowing your worth. I know wonderful, beautiful women such as yourself, Michers, FUCHESS and Glimmer, to name a few, who are comfortable in their skin and wouldn’t dare negotiate their humanity at such a low level. It’s almost as if she says “look at my ass”! as her only redeemable quality. First, it ain’t cute and it doesn’t make you cute. Maybe I’ve gotten too closed minded, but Porsha’s behavior and dress seems to justify a man calling women a hoochie, bitch or ho. I hate all three low brow characterizations and hate it even worse when women, willing to compromise their worth, live down to that characterization. No, I’m not too old………I’m privileged to be around and married to, strong, intellectual women whose character is such that no man would dare address them as any less than they are. Thank you all! I adore you.

              Now, for Ms. Ne-Rex………she’s usually okay….until she opens her mouth! I wish she would just go away……not good.

              Have an awesome week love

              • Good morning Q-T ???
                You are spot on , poor Porscha is misguided and delusional . Plus I think most of these women are in serious need of a stylist. Just because SHE thinks something looks good on her , it’s obvious that is not the case. Plus I’m ALL for dressing sexy and being confident but the rules are , if you’re showing major boobs, you don’t wear a short skirt and vice cersa . You show one thing not both up and down . If that dress was covered on top and had long sleeves , she would have accomplished what she thought she looked like in her mind and looked sexy and not so bigly sad ?.
                I’m afraid that just like Nene, she will be stagnant and will not learn or move forward in any measurable way.
                I think dressing sexy is wonderful but not ALL THE TIME . Mix it up a bit , wear a business suit , wear a long dress , a turtle neck … again these women need a stylist

                I’m not a Kenya fan but she does dress nicely most of her time

                Enjoy your week ???

                • Yes, love. From MY perspective, dressing sexy does NOT include leaving nothing to the imagination! INTELLIGENCE is sexy as hell! Dressing sexy can include colors, fabric (silks can definitely work) not in advertising body parts. Trust me, we’ve all seen the naked body, so wearing clothing that’s too tight, short, et cetera doesn’t bode well. The scientist in me sees the tight clothing and thinks yeast infection! Beauty remains in the eyes of the beholders! Dressing sexy does not mean advertising your goods. That’s the same as me wearing jeans tight enough for anyone to not only SEE my package, but never see my face! Whereas I might be proud of it and impressed by it, I forget that I may equally disgust people. I can’t then be so callous as to say, “you just wish you had this”…….I would surely be wrong. Big doesn’t always mean good! (My sister told me that). Likewise, Porsha, your ass will disgust me, not impress me. To your point…..GET A STYLIST! Love you…….

                  • I disagree with you sister but I digress ?

                    You KILL me ?? always enjoy your posts Q-T ?. You raise very interesting points that women have been struggling with for ages , what to show and how much to show . Sadly, most ‘younger ‘ women have subscribed to this notion of serving it on a platter and lost track of the fact that while this may appeal to younger man it surely doesn’t work for mature men . I feel that most women get stuck in a certain style that may have worked for her when she was in high school but she’s still imagining that it still works for her .

                    And any time a women is blessed with a bigger bust or ass, she needs to factor that in . Again , doesn’t mean she can’t look super sexy going to a party but definitely not wearing a short dress, boobs out while you’re shopping at Costco . Please ask for help and get the right size bra for heavens sake

                    Have you noticed the irony of that as women’s attire shrunk and women are wearing shorter and tighter dresses , that men have gone in the opposite direction? I don’t like seeing men in ridiculously oversized clothing ! Please men and women, buy your correct size . I do enjoy a manly ‘gun show ‘ here and there ? mama ain’t dead ?

                    And yoga pants should be banned !! Arggh!!! If you’re not going to yoga or cleaning your house , please don’t go out in them . Sorry pet peeve of mine !

                    Have a lovely evening and say hello to your wife xoxxo ????

                    • Haaaaaaaa!!!! You slated me with that one! I stand my ground on appropriateness and surely agree with you. I’m always self conscious of my “gift” but surely won’t advertise. I’m strictly tailored in my clothing. A woman in too short, too tight or popping out simply turns me off, not just for the fact that I’m happily married. I don’t sit in judgment. However, the choice of dress leads me to conclude one of two things; you lack the impulse control to wear it, or……your lights are cut off and you don’t have mirrors. The hypocrisy to me is when women wear such things and show audacity to get upset when they are cat-called!! Now, being dressed scantily DOES NOT entitle a man’s disrespect; you’d have to be totally blind and obtuse to expect the behavior to not happen! THEN, some women even get upset if no one pays attention! Talk about being conflicted. I have a girlfriend (non-romantic, of course) who shared with me that our mutual girlfriend set her up with a guy and, once they were alone, he whipped his out, without provocation. She was shocked but did nothing, according to her because he told her she was “advertising”. Though she is exceptionally attractive, I asked, why did she feel the need to advertise and, what message did she send after he disrespected her? I was baffled by her mixed signaling, but affirmed that, sometimes, women of a certain age have the same low self-esteem, ego issues as men and need to feel they still “have it”. I say, bull that men use that to only objectify the woman and, like sharks smelling blood, are simply opportunistic for that moment. In other words, they’re there to get in; not to stay. Sadly…….
                      Hey, thanks for being you!

                    • Oh Q-T ?? you’re so lovely !
                      I guess my issue is that if a woman is going out with girlfriends and looking sexilicious then I say more power to her because she is doing it for HER and not to get a man . I get what you’re saying about ‘advertising ‘ and that’s a lesson some women have to learn for themselves. As you said, a guy you attract that way, he’s not staying … My bigger concern with blatant ‘advertising ‘ is that not only is she sending mixed signals but it’s downright dangerous . Women get sexually assaulted daily and a woman should take her safely into consideration first and foremost .

                      But Q the main reason I don’t understand these girls is because I’m from the old generation that did NOT chase men. They chased us ? they bent over backwards and sideways just to get a glance or a smile. In our time , you didn’t have to advertise ANYTHING and the men did all he work ! mmmmm GOOD TIMES ??????. So when I see women now going through all this trouble I am thankful that I didn’t have to deal with that because men treated us like queens and like beautiful trophies that they would do anything to lay their hands on. And yes mama did have a good time, ain’t gonna lie ??????? I’m not saying there are no more gentlemen left because you’re definitely a gentleman. But generally speaking , the era of ‘ladies ‘ and of ‘gentlemen ‘ is long gone and I hate to see a woman contribute to her own disrespect . A woman who approaches any date with the mind set of ‘ i need to impress bim’ , she has already lost . She arrives like a Queen , stays like a Queen and leaves like a Queen , that IS the proper approach

                      Hugs and kisses to you my southern gent from your hippy SF mama xoxox ????

                    • Back at you, Rain, my SF hippy dear. WE are of that generation where “ladies and gentlemen” actually existed. That now seems like the Jurassic Era. I don’t mind a woman saying what she wants. However, now it’s all about six packs and an ass show. Sexuality will always be strong as long as it’s healthy. You are so right that women are assaulted unnecessarily. Television shows sexual aggression and it’s always with a woman scantily clad and the man, “taking what he wants”. We’ve downgraded ourselves to fake hair, nose, eyes, teeth and body parts. Nothing is real and we no longer communicate. Oh, how I miss those days, if I’m going to watch anything other than sports or crime dramas. “Relating” has been removed from relationships. Yes, I’m that southern gentleman and won’t ever change it. My sons are next generation southern gentlemen. My oldest is married happily for four years and have made us grandparents; my middle son is engaged and my youngest is teased by his boys but the young ladies are irresistibly drawn to his charm, manners and respect. I’m proud to be “their” dad. Hopefully, our brains will unclog and we return to civility, honor and respect. A woman will only catch Mr. Right now when she advertises, because THAT man is never committed, but seeking notches. Then the woman draws incorrect perceptions of men, but are amnesiac to their own contributions. I’m truly glad I don’t have a daughter but have indeed trained my sons to be the men that good women will want and their future kids will admire.

                    • QT ???? I somehow imagined you to be in your early 30s ! You have such youthful energy , and I’m not saying you’re not youthful now ???

                      I want grandkids in the worst way . My daughter is engaged to be married soon but it could be a few years before they decide to have a baby. My boys are about to graduate so nothing will happen there anytime soon either .
                      I know what you mean about having a daughter, it’s petrifying ?? but she and all my kids turned out great so I’m breathing a sigh of relief ! They’re my friends now and I learn from them every day …Your pride in your boys is beautiful and they had a great dad so of course they turned out great ???
                      Have a fantastic day xoxxo

                    • ?? Rain…….it makes my day each time we share. I shared it with my best two-thirds and she loves you, too! We have regressed in our society. Wishing you to be a grand mom sooner than you want. There is honestly, NOT a better feeling! To be able to see another generation is an indeed privilege. Our children are true gifts and I love being their dad.
                      Keep being awesome. We love you much!!! Know this

                    • I would say she is more like your three quarters ???? I kid, I kid … tell her I love her too and that both of you are very fortunate to have found each other xoxo

                      Oh I can’t wait for that’s grandma feeling ! I’ll be totally awesome ?????! It’s all about spoiling and I’m ready for that !

                      You always always always make my day ????

                    • Ok, three quarters! No argument here. I’m better with her than without! The best part of spoiling the grandkids? Sending them back home!!! I call it payback, lmao. But…….I get so much joy having them in our home. Our oldest two are in their 30s and somehow, we have an 18 year old, go figure. Some days, that boy makes me wish birth control was retroactive, but I digress. With empty nesting impending, I’m wondering about mama. But……we are about to embark on lonnngggg vacations around the world (Europe, China, Africa). It is so gonna be awesome. We will do it two months at a time because the grandkids are so young and long absences can make them forget us…..NOT! It’s soon to be our time. We’ve finished our commitments to the kids (until college is complete for the youngest) and now time to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

                      Much love to you, honey. Be awesome as always…..

                    • Oh I’m sooooo happy for you ?????? You and her deserve your time !! You’ve done well Q and now it’s time to kick back and enjoy!
                      Don’t worry about Mama , she will be fine and your grandkids will keep her happy and smiling ???

                      My youngest , twin boys, graduate in few weeks !!!!! I feel a lot of my mission is done! Now they are men and can take care of the rest!! That’s such an important milestone

                      Where in Africa do you want to visit ? S Africa ? Kenya ?
                      Do some research on Ivory Coast , you may be pleasantly surprised ?????

                      Love you xoxo