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Teresa Giudice and Heather Dubrow Come Under Fire For Their Daughter’s Halloween Costumes!

Halloween used to be a carefree holiday that was nothing but fun and spooky but nowadays it seems that October 31st is becoming harder and harder to navigate.

And two Real Housewives learned that the hard way this year. It seems that no matter what you do someone has something to say about it.

Teresa Giudice and Heather Dubrow both came under fire for their daughter’s Halloween costumes this year.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s youngest daughter Audriana was a dolled-up, glamorous movie star, while the former Real Housewives of Orange County star’s daughter Kat was Tiger Lily from Peter Pan.

My little movie star already for trick-or-treat! ??????? #happyhalloween

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Halloween success! Now it’s all about getting them up for school ?????…. why can’t 11/1 be a holiday ?!?! ??

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Some fans told Teresa that Audriana was too young to be wearing so much makeup. While other’s felt that Kat’s Tiger Lily costume as cultural appropriation since the character is Native American.

Either way, people were offended by both costumes.

Well, both Teresa and Heather defended their kids and their costume choices.

Teresa’s defended Audriana’s costume and her wearing making telling fans, “It’s Halloween…to each their own but today it’s OK for me.”

Meanwhile, Heather told fans “I appreciate your comment, but I think the point is that when you’re celebrating a culture, it’s fine – the problem is when races are being exploited or made fun of. Just my opinion.”

I think these are kids and they should be enjoying Halloween. I find neither costume offense at all. What’s a movie star without makeup? And Kat is a character from a beloved children’s movie. Move on people there are more important things to be offended about in this world than kids Halloween costumes.

Do you find Kat and Audriana’s Halloween costumes offensive? Thoughts on Teresa and Heather’s responses?

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  • Im not a fan of either Teresa or heather but whoever commented on these costumes are a bunch of idiots. There is nothing risqué about either of them and the costume of Tiger Lily is great. I am a native american and there is nothing about that costume that offends me. People need to lighten up and stop commenting on Halloween Costumes. It would be different if one was dressed as a dominatrix or something that over sexualizes little children.
    IT”S HALLOWEEN PEOPLE. Get a f..ing grip on reality. Teresa has made some very big mistakes with her children which I did think that they were appalling. This time I have to be on her side.

  • I can’t believe people are actually so touchy to the point they criticize a child’s Halloween costume! I can’t even believe we’re sourounded by so many touchy people! They really need to get a life! All I can say is their life must be pretty empty to allow a child’s costume offend them

  • What the what why can’t people leave children of reality tv parents alone when they turn 18 then voice opinions .. My mom made me a Lynda Carter Wonder Woman costume when I was 9 or 10 throwing my age out there…but it was like like tv wonder woman can you imagine the outrage that could of caused LOL

  • I don’t see a problem with either costume, people need to get over themselves and stop ruining everything.

  • got a headache from rolling my eyes ???

    I seriously don’t understand how a human can look for anything negative about children celebrating hallowe’en..wow..really didn’t realize we were done solving world issues already


  • Oh come on people get a life I see nothing wrong with any of these costumes. If all these people have to do is obsess over this stuff then they need to get a job.

  • Come on now……I’m usually offended by anything the RestitutionWhore says and does but this ISN’T one of them. It’s not something I would like my daughter to dress up as but that said, the costume covered her up and there doesn’t seem to be anything to find offensive unless someone doesn’t like the colour pink? Heather’s daughter same. This is MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING

  • No.No.No. Anyone who is offended by these can fuck right off. Tiger Lily is a CHARACTER and her costume is in no way offensive and Teresa’s daughter looks like a kid in a Halloween costume. I mean, Jesus Christ on a cracker, people.

  • People need to get a friggin life, chill out and find something legit to complain about. How ridiculous.

  • Enough is enough. Geez it seems all the world wants to do anymore is complain about everything. How sad!

  • Teresa’s daughter Costume is perfectly fine. Heather’s daughter costume can definitely be seen as offensive and cultural appropriation, it’s easy to say your not offended or tell others not to be when it’s not your culture. Bottom Line easy rule to apply in 2017 is don’t wear other people’s Cultures as Costumes.

    • I think Heather’s reasoning is sound. Her daughter was not making fun of or mocking a culture. She was celebrating it. I do understand how some things can cross the line, but in my opinion, this topic of cultural appropriation has been taken entirely too far. Can people not dress in a flamenco dress or lederhosen? Both of those are part of someone’s culture, but no one gets outraged about that. What about someone dressing as a nun (how many nuns — sexy and pregnant versions — have you seen over the years)?

      I think awareness is good. Respect is a must. But we all need to tone it down on being so offended by everything.

  • I got many nephews and nieces and half of what they post gets shredded by people who have no business commenting . Then they blame my siblings for being bad parents , sucks but that’s the world of social media it opens you up to criticism by every idiot out there. Leave kids alone

  • COME ON…………..!!! it’s Halloween!! time for kids to have fun, I think Audriana Guidice looks a lot like Gia, HOWEVER her dress up costume was cute

  • People are so ridiculous. It’s either racist or culturally insensitive nowadays, grow up and get a life!

    • Well this country history is rooted in Racism, Systemic Oppression and Cultural Appropriations so chances are it’s probably always been that not just “nowadays.”

      • I don’t want people to get offended but you are right. What people don’t realize is that the race that is offended have always felt that way. What’s changed is that they are loud and vocal about it instead of agreeing among themselves about the offense and those doing the offensive act.

      • No, it’s definitely just the past year or so people have became so sensitive. Of course it’s ALWAYS been there, that wasn’t my point. The wind could blow east instead of west and someone would cry about it.

        • Exactly . It would be on fake news and everywhere else, our president would tweet about it , and someone would knock over statues …


  • Of-course someone is offended, there is always someone butt hurt these days. Geez, get a life and leave the kids alone!

  • You know, I am totally of the opinion that not everything goes just because its Halloween but these two little girls are not inappropriate at all, imo. Both girls look beautiful and I’m sure they had a stellar time celebrating with their families.

  • Great costumes! They all look cute,

    Those complaining are just assholes. It’s Halloween, costumes, candy and fun, nothing more. People need to get away from their screens and join the real world instead of looking for what’s wrong with everything they see. Damn!

  • I looked at both girls and had to struggle to see what the uproar was about. ~ SMH ~ Do the critics prefer they went out as famous serial killers???

    • Hahaha, me too, I was drawing a blank as to what in the world would be so insensitive to get everyone’s undies in such a wad!

      • People now days are way too sensitive and way too politically correct, I mean some people have a meltdown when they hear the word retarded, its just a word. Heck in high school in the 80’s my Science teacher used to ask anyone that couldn’t figure out a formula if they were retarded, or if we as a whole didn’t answer when hr expected it he would ask us if we were retarded. It’s just a word and our parents didn’t freak out they knew this teacher spoke like that. In fact my friend and I were explaining this to her mom about us being told we were retarded for not answering a question fast enough and her answer to my friend was “well maybe because you all are” your teacher went to school to be a teacher so he would know who is retarded and who isn’t. LMAO we laugh at that remark today.
        Our society would function so much better if people erentso touchy. These two kids look adorable!

  • God, I am so sick of all this friggin’ outrage!!! When I was Audrianna’s age, I was a gypsy just so I could wear makeup and big gold earrings. I guess that would be offensive now, too. How the hell is that other kid being offensive dressed as Tiger Lily??????

    Kudos for their mothers’ sensible responses to this nonsense.

    • Luvs, ME TOO…a gypsy. Mom put all the make up and cheap bubbles and bangles on me and I was rockin’.

      One year I was an Indian too, because our school play was about Sacajawea.

      Both probably a PC no no now. Sigh.

      • LOL, smh… I feel ya, Khipp! I think we were all gypsies, or all dolled up, and yes, cowboy and Indians…


    • Yep, and makeup for Halloween has always been a thing. All kids do it. I always had eye makeup blush, prncess was my fave costume. lol remember the horrible little makeup sticks from back in the day? My mom used to cover my brothers face with it. Lol. He always ripped off the little plastic masks that came with costume. It would take days to wash off, but who cares? He survived lol.

      • I used that stick makeup on my oldest when he was 10 years back . His eyelids were friggan crazy allergic reaction next morning lol . Ahhh . Those were the days lol

    • Too cute! When my nieces were little they were dressed like hookers. I can just imagine the outrage if these two kids had dressed like hookers lol, I can just see people checking themselves into a mental ward because they can’t handle it! Bottom line is peoneed to mind their own business, its none of their business! It’s beyond me why people get so worked up over something that has nothing to do with them

    • Luvs2ride…… I did the same thing. I was a gypsy in about 3rd-4th grade and I loved the jewelry and the make up. and my tambourine playing was pretty good too.

  • Have these judgementsl morons never been costume shopping for a kid?
    Heck half the costumes are crop tops, mini skirts, thigh hi’s, etc ALL that is inappropriate for a kid. For Pete’s sake these kids are dressed perfectly fine.
    I agree get a life!

  • My motto is to never criticize people’s parenting because you never know how the child will turn out. Once they are an adult, that’s another story.

  • OMG a pink dress and face paint. GIVE ME A BREAK. BTW most native Americans in a recent poll also do not give a sh*t. Please leave the kids alone.