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Teresa Giudice Defends Her Comments About Actress Sofia Vergara

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice came under fire this week for her comments about actress Sofia Vergara.

Teresa criticized Sofia for acting superior and like she was too good to take a picture with a reality TV star.

However, got in a bit of hot water when she called Sofia an “immigrant” and talked about her “accent.” 

“I never asked for a picture because I’m so not like that, I don’t care. She didn’t want to take a picture with me … Ugh, I can’t stand her, sorry. I hate to say that because I’m Italian, she’s Colombian, she has an accent — she has more of an accent than me! You would think she would be nice, like she’s an immigrant — no, I’m just saying, she should be nice,” the Standing Strong author said. 

Adding, “And I didn’t even do anything, I swear to God. And I’m so mad at myself because I wanted to say, ‘Bitch, I don’t want to take a picture with you!’ This is what she said to her publicist: ‘Why you make-a me take a picture with that woman?’ Just like that. Priscilla [DiStasio, Giudice’s makeup artist] heard it, and Priscilla was like, ‘I can’t believe that bitch said that. I can’t stand her!’”

Despite the blowback and criticism for her comments about Sofia, Teresa is standing behind her statement.

Teresa even defended herself on Instagram telling fans, “I don’t care at all that she doesn’t know who I am it was her pure dismissal of me as a person. Not who I am, that had nothing to do with anything. I am still a human being just like the rest of you.” 

Thoughts on Teresa’s defense of her comments?

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  • Why do people insist on calling the felonious, foreheadless wonder an immigrant? She was born in the USA.

    Lmao, she even calls herself an immigrant…another prime example of her stupidity.

    And for the record, before all her ignorant stans accuse me of being banned from other sites, nope not banned from any sites.

  • This woman thinks she’s somebody in a ? of real star’s… Hilarious ? she’s a do nothing but go to parties non-housewife who in the whole reme of life is just laughable

  • Medusa

    I’m going to accept all responsibility for this situation. My intent was to only give you a heads up – that’s it – because you are new here. I never meant to verbally assault you or challenge your post about Teresa.

    I chose the wrong words to do so, my “heads up” was about (a fact that you in no way would be aware of) in the summer time we had a major “hate” situation, via , name changer. It was vile and destructive – lasted almost 10 days.

    My “heads up” was about your post (that disappeared) included negative words about Teresa supporters (Trehuggers is not what I am referring to ) anyways, I honestly believed I was only giving you a “heads up” because the last time this happened – it turned out to be a “name changer” just wanting to start fights with everyone.

    I am honest and direct – so I believed I was being so with you.

    I apologize for using the wrong words to convey an innocent heads up, I apologize for offending you , and fighting is not a need for me. We have never posted with each other and we do have same opinions on other RH on this site, I in no way intended to insult you or approach you in attack mode. I apologize for giving those feelings.

    This is my peace offering, and I’m glad you like this site! As I said before it is amazing.


  • Tre is truly standing strong! It sounds like Sophia was being a bit of a bitch and thought she was better than T. It’s response still kills me tho, lol.

  • Name changer is at it again
    Justme 15 hours ago
    Khipp if you’re going to create an alternate name try not to write in EXACTly the same way you write

  • Felón or not does give any celebrity to treat anyone like fertilizer. I don’t think Sophia Vergara should be ofended by Teresa or anyone for that matter being a felon…..didn’t she date several felons….she even put up her house for bail for one of her boyfriends who had a tainted past among which included drugs and murder to name a few
    of the charges. Point is no one should judge anyone for any reason.

  • These days, high profile people need to be VERY careful. People judge you by the company you keep – even if it’s just a photo, so I can’t blame SV. Who wants the public to think they’re friends with a convicted felon? Sorry but Teresa has been disgraced, so she better develop a thicker skin and a humbler attitude or she’ll continue to face this kind of rejection.

  • I don’t doubt the exchange happened however to name names Publicly is still a FauxPaus that I think Teresa should’ve taken the high road on.

  • Ok, I think it’s time for Tre to stop “sharing” about this. In the moment her feelings may have been hurt, but Tre deciding to bring this up IMO was a mistake. It seems like she was trying to “shame” SV by sharing the snub but instead Tre is coming off as someone who’s trying to milk it for publicity. If Tre thinks she’s going to goad SV into some kind of celeb feud, I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen. It’s time to just namaste this whole thing and move on.

  • Everyone should just calm down. As an immigrant myself, I knew what she meant and sorry to say unless you’re one yourself, you won’t get it.

    • TBH, tres comments don’t bother me at all. Im first gen. IMO Tre talking about the snub was just for attention and its backfired, lol. She need to move on.

        • My point is that she shouldn’t have said anything about the “snub”. What she actually said doesn’t bother me. TBH, when I saw this on other outlets TMZ, etc people were making fun of her. I think few are actually offended and are just mocking her. People whining about the fact the has to “defend” comments she herself made, bugs me. Other than that, I’m cool with it lol

  • Ok for Teresa to get pissed, but what the hell does having an accent have to do with Vergara being dismissive to her? NOTHING. That was WRONG to say and ignorant.

  • LOL – Save it, TreTrunk!!! Maybe, just maybe, SV did know who & exactly what you are 😉 That was probably the reason she wanted to keep her distance. The Stunning Sofia vs The Felonious Fool is = The Beauty & The Beast.

  • Go Teresa!

    All SV had to do is say, no thanks
    why wouldn’t someone react to distaste and being dismissive?

    oh..I forgot, once again Teresa is expected to just take it..she is not supposed to have feelings or experience reactions..got it..NOT!


    • Hey Sam, Khipp, Mich, Luvs…… Happy Friday!!!! Of course Tre is supposed to take it! SMDH….she didn’t say anything wrong. It’s absurd, the double standard!!!!!

      OT, something is still up with some post(er)s… I’m starting to see some of the patterns, that kicked off the s***show a few weeks back…. I’ve been reading another site (but that’s none of my business *wink*wink*) and it made some things clear about a few of them. Just beware… Its really getting old…

      • theoriginalwhodat2112!!! ???

        Always awesome to hear from you! #GuardianAngel ?

        yeah Teresa knows that she is $$ and she also knows that if she didn’t tell what exactly happened, “someone” would
        put their own spin on anything to do with Teresa.

        Happy friday bud!

        • I disagree. SV and her team haven’t said anything about this. They havent even addressed Tres comments. SV wasn’t looking to make bank off this. IMO Tre put this out to get attention and brag that she’s at the same event as a major celeb and it backfired. She really needs to learn that discretion is always the best bet.

          • hi there

            I meant mags/rags watch Teresa’s social media like a hawk and run the story cuz her name sells.

            • From what I’ve read, Tre announced it that event. She put it out there. If she hadn’t there would be nothing to defend.

                • So, if she hadn’t announced it, it wouldn’t be out there. It was a public event with cell phones everywhere, There was no reason for her to say anything about it except to get attention. If people are so hot to make money off of what she says, she should be more discrete. If she’s getting “bad press’ from this it is of her own making.

                  • guess we will agree to disagree…at some point Teresa should be allowed to say what is happening in her life without having to explain every movement or thought she has…but I agree, that is what happens when you are in any level of spotlight.

                    But that is what Teresa does..she shares what she is going through..I dunno

                    • Yeah I don’t see her ignoring fans questions so she answered . People took off with it. She’s been through worse .

                    • She could have left the name out of it. Now she should stop talking about it, Yep she’s been through worse, I’m sure she’ll be fine.

                    • Yes she could have . Maybe that was her throwing shade back for feeling dismissed ? I may have taken a jab too lol

                    • i don’t really think we disagree. IMO she doesn’t have to say anything, that’s why she should have kept a behind the scenes moment to herself. The thing is once you say something you become fair game.

                • Because someone asked her a question about run ins with celebrities – that’s why she spoke about it . Someone in the crowd asked .

                    • I understand she was asked, she could have left the name out of it. She’s spent most of her “career” avoiding q’s she didn’t like, so her answering it was because she wanted to. Let’s be honest, if she answered the q a bit less than truthfully, it wouldn’t be the first time. Her comments about it are now under scrutiny because she put them out there. I

            • Mags? lol. The ratings are tanking people stopped watching this show so why would she sell my mags ? Smh . She’s a has been and most people stopped caring

          • I think too many people have too many things to say and ask Teresa so she responded . She typically doesnt .

        • Hey Luvs! There are a couple who aren’t welcome, on the other site, any longer. They (ironically) showed up, on this site, at the EXACT same time the last cluster happened. They’re laying low, and have been…… Now, some of them are trickling from the OC threads to Jersey……. Too many coincidences…. #readbelow….. 😉 I’ll add more later, I have to feed the hubs…..

          • Khipp if you’re going to create an alternate name try not to write in EXACTly the same way you write
            #GuardianAngel ?.

              • Why are you targeting the same people here,? That’s clearly harassment . Also you keep bringing up names from other sites which I think violated another rule that falls under discussing private info that you’re using to harass posters .

                • Really ? Is it private info that people post on other sites lol?? So is it not private info when you guys discuss who’s been banned from other sites ? Hypocrite

                  • Call me what you will , I don’t care . Stop bothering people and lying . The banning is discussed when you open the instigating and harassment door .

                    • I don’t care where Sam is (no offense Sammy ) I don’t need a team to stand up against your lying and harassing .

          • Those who get banned together migrate together ? ! Aww how cute . This is why we can’t have nice things

            • You’re quite the mean girl now bitchers . Don’t worry they’ll discard you again when they’re done with you

              • You’re a pathetic tool . Just look at yourself ” just me” , just mean , just moronic .. You are constantly targeting , harassing , same posters time and again and it SHOWS your mentality . Then again, I can see how and why you don’t get it . Not a compliment . You and your sidekick are on the same low end of thinking spectrum . Your insults are recycled and lame. Those who agree with either one of you well, that says more about them than me and anything you could ever try to have a go at me with is just plain dumb . Now take your little infantile personality and move on sweetie .

                • Hi hun best thing to do is ignore i wouldn’t waste my time or energy on arguing with people who spill hate everyone has an opinion doesn’t mean its right or wrong haters will always hate anyone that doesn’t agree with them I’d prob answer them once then just ignore i don’t even read their mean posts to me I’ll read the 1st 2 lines and think or a hater i don’t need to read the rest its a hater & i don’t like to read ir have anyone in my life that is negative or a hater. By the way I’ve always loved your posts you prob remember me as Summer i thought I’d change my name like my twitter name keep everything the same. Keep strong and know there’s many of us that love you & your post KEEP POSTING GF????????????????????

                  • Hello 🙂 I usually do lately but after what happened fairly recently I don’t tolerate that level of personal attacking . Thank you though I appreciate your words ! You’re sweet XO

                    • Have you once stood up to your friends when they bullied someone ? No . So shut and save the speeches you hypocrite

                    • I know hun you’ve always posted ypur thoughts which i may say i 99.9% agree with you plus we’ve been posting on here since Rox started the blog, my name back then was Summer, never did i ever read you attacking anyone and your replies to posters that don’t share your opinon you always post nicely to them. I freaked when i read the attacks on you. But i love how you handle yourself and one poster that attacked you has been writing on here for maybe as long as us and usually agreed with us and was’nt so nasty i wonder what happened to bring on such a change in her/him. Keep your head up high keep posting hun.?????

            • ABSOLUTELY!!! Notice, not a single name was mentioned, just a friendly warning….. then BOOM!!!!!! They (all 1 or 2 of the name changers) showed up!!!!!! The whole thread blew up…… IT’S….. SO PREDICTABLE and hilariously SAD for them……. point made! BAHAHA #guardianangel! 😉
              They make it too easy…….

        • Hi there???? well i got a serving about saying s’thing nice about Tre and she even commented about my poor grammar LOL, hah funny i went to another blog a couple of times my god you can’t say anything nice about Tre i was eaten alive on that site LOL ???

          • And that Karma is why I stay on this site. We have a nice group of posters who are Teresa fans, and N.J. fans.

            Only thing that annoys me is any poster, who doesn’t even watch N.J. making snide remarks. Uncalled for.

              • Couldn’t use luvs2hide, so now it’s luvs2sail?? Doesn’t anyone in your life care enough to have you committed?
                I’m starting to feel sorry for you. Seriously.

                    • Same ole lines about the bottle lol. Can’t wait for Khipp with her trailer mouth lol that’s always a good show to laugh at . Predictable but always entertaining & You live up to your reputation of a hateful bitch ‘luvs2sail’

            • Oh no lol. What you going to do about it ? Or is it just all talk? No wonder eveybody hates your guys you lying POS

      • HELLO HONEY 🙂
        Hope you are well !!! Miss ya
        Yep the double standard – it tears it’s ugly head again and it will . If you’re not the most liked you can’t say shit . Fuq that . Good for Teresa standing her ground

    • Hi Sam???? I so AGREE with EVERYTHING you said??i agree with Tre i dislike any Celeb that treat us mere mortals like shit….shame they don’t remember where they came from 99% came from blue color working families just like us shit i did drama in Australia and i was picked up fir a siap opera but my parents dud not allow me they didn’t want me to be in showbiz or modelling if i did becone famous i would be so nice to my fans obviously i wouldn’t be able to shake and take pics with everyone but i say it in a nice way. The real A listers that come from a show biz family like Drew Barrymore or where once child/teen stars they treat the fans well, without us bitch you wouldn’t even be known don’t bite the hand that feeds you. We the people are the ones that see your movies or soap operas, your sitcoms. So we make you & pay you but we easily break you also. Tre comment about SV Tre was trying to say shes an immigrant like me and has an accent thicker than mine so where both immigrants be understanding were the same.

      • Karma ????

        Thanks bud! wow that would have been cool to be on a soap! Cool post! Yeah, Mich reminded me that Teresa was answering a person in the audience question – why wouldn’t Teresa share with us – she has always shared. And of course her feelings would be hurt. geez huh?

    • Okay and??? Regardless of what you think of Teresa, she is still a person and she has feelings just like anyone else. You should treat people how you would want people to treat you. Why go out your way to deliberately hurt someone else’s feelings??

      • Is that what they did when they stole from people? HA! I could care less about her feelings. BTW, If you really believe Teresa reads this blog, you’re delusional.

        • LOL – It always amazes me when a housewife fan believes the Bravolebrities read all of the gossip sites. They barely read the comments on their fb page or twitter feed. That task falls on their sycophantic volunteers.

          • btw

            this site has been through a major shit fight and we are to STOP bashing each other and keep to bashing whomever we want that is RH or whatever the story is about

            Please read the rules of this site and respect them.

            This site is a Pro Teresa site and will never be changed to a hate site


          • Ikr.? They always claim “sources” must be other housewives too. Half these articles are probably just made up by the moderator to get these jamokes to comment on them

            • Hahaha… I think the ‘stories’ are from Blahvo’s fb page, TMZ & / or other sites, because I’ve seen them there, as well.

                • Why should Medusa or anyone else not post here ? Now who’s stirring shit? In America there is freedom of speech and eveybody is allowed to express their opinion . You want to ban anyone who doesn’t agree with you ? No wonder people hate your guts lol . Why don’t you girls go form a private FB page and worship T-Rex all you want ?

                  • Ok. You’re right. I’m offensive, I troll other sites. You couldn’t name names of those who hate me, but that’s ok.

                    • So if I name them you’re going to go beat them up or something lol? And you think it’s a short list of names ? This is worse than I thought lol Why would I do anything for your nasty pathetic self?Don’t say stupid things‘luvs2sail’

                    • I’ll do neither . You’re a nasty poster , a bully and a first class liar. You spread rumors and troll other sites . If you’re so bothered go snoop around like you usually do ‘luvs2sail’ and find out for yourself but it won’t matter because you will always be a nasty bitch and people will always hate your rotten guts

                    • This is nonstop repeated harassment and ridiculous . I cannot even fathom people read this bs and would even consider encourage this and or upvoting this trash .

                  • Because luvs2ride/luvs2sail is a moron. They don’t want any posters who criticize T Rex to post here . Apparently any T Rex thread is not a free speech zone

                    • How weird… This is a site has a small amount of “fan traffic”. It makes little sense to squelch anyone with an opposing POV. If someone doesn’t like another person’s opinion, simply skip by it.

                    • You would think . But they can’t tolerate any opposing POV and will go after you relentlessly so you can avoid any T Rex threads to avoid friction but that doesn’t mean they won’t bother you in other threads run you off. The way it works is samael fires the first shot then Khipp and luvs2ride/luvs2sail and michers follow and do all the dirty grunt work and finish the job and that’s how it’s been for years until you leave the site . So save yourself and avoid T Rex threads

                    • I see. I got a taste of that “treatment” yesterday. LOL – It takes more than being yelled at about the 2 bit, moronic “reality tv show celebs” to bother me. I file it under, “Who Cares?”

                    • The next step in this play book is that samael with try and be a ‘stand up’ guy , tries to sound reasonable and tell you there’s been many trolls and they’re only ‘watching out’ for the site and so forth . It’s all a well rehearsed tactic lol very predictable. Avoid T Rex threads and even though you say who cares these obsessed fans care a lot and you’re already on their radar

                    • I scrolled down and saw that he was ‘wondering if you are insisting on being obtuse ‘ lol such charm . He will be back it’s all part of the playbook. Avoid T Rex threads because they will be making snide remarks about you just FYI . Unlike these losers you have a life so save yourself the childishness

                    • It was a very odd interchange, indeed. Until yesterday, I had maybe only one interaction with that poster, previously. My original post to “Betty” was a general observation which could apply to any Blahvo “character”; i.e. KyleECoyote (from RHBH) to Vickileaks (of the OC). Apparently, Tre-huggers are most vehement in their ardor for their idol. Imho, it’s undeserved. It’s not as if Tre is altruistic in her pursuits or that she got a bad rap.

                    • You got yourself in more trouble saying that lol. They will comb other sites and gather dirt on you and add and pepper it with false juicy bits to get you to leave the site just be ready for that. This is an obsessed rotten bunch that have no boundaries if you attack T-Rex

                    • What exactly did I say that would create more trouble?

                      “They will comb other sites and gather dirt…” LOL ~ If that’s how they want to spend their time, so be it. I have nothing to hide.

                    • JustMe ~ hahahaha…. I think “Tre-huggers” is cute. It also fits them. As for my assessment of TG not being altruistic,,,, I can’t recall an example of her being charitable to humankind. If I’m wrong, someone can correct me.

                      You make it seem like a minefield here. It’s like walking on eggshells – I can’t think of any other Bravolebrity who requires this amount of coddling or sentries on guard. Once the house hags put themselves on national television, they are fair game for praise OR scrutiny. Otherwise, stay off tv. jmo

                    • HAHAHAHA tell me if that new apology is not EXACTLY what I told you it would be , point by friggin point. You’d think I have a crystal ball #playbook

                    • Screw you . I’m sick of your bullshit . Get bent . I owe you nothing and you are nothing but trouble .

                    • No , it’s more of the targeted harassment that two special ones bring here . It was never about differing opinions . They just use that as a crutch to rally little troopers to join in ” fight” . Luckily most people can see what’s happening here and form their own opinion . What’s weird is that banned people flock here to engage in negativity and /or banned names from here awhile back that were banned here ,come back just argue with strangers . It’s rather ridiculous .

                    • Really lol? Is that why samael and luvs randomly decided to silence Medusa ? Did the ‘banned people’ make them so that lol?

                    • I doubt anyone will silence Medusa – get real .Medusa can handle herself and has no issue saying whatever she wants . You are looking for an audience and lying . Stop stratum v trouble and people will ignore you. Block me .

                    • Scroll down and see what happened before you open your lying mouth. I wasn’t defending Medusa just telling her how you guys operate lol.

                    • Hiya michers, I came for the jokes & light banter. Sometimes, people get very strident in their viewpoints. I get that. However, I have purposefully avoided getting involved in whatever is going on between the opposing “teams” & the “history of this site”. “Been there, done that.” Up until yesterday, I met that aim. As it so happens, I skip over certain threads; and / or discussions that don’t interest or concern me. Sometimes, I respond to a post (rather than the poster.) Usually, I gravitate to “like minds” on certain topics. All that being said, I cannot get involved with the ongoing kerfuffle between the different factions here. If I write something that displeases somebody; & s/he wants to take me to task over it, that will be the consequence for free expression. I hope you understand my position and we can continue to agree/disagree/argue/not argue; as we have thus far. Have a good weekend!

                    • No prob . I stay out of others issues unless it’s this one . Stole people names, avi’s had tag team going consisting of nothing but harassment and impersonating . This isn’t a little show disagreement . Have a good rest of your weekend also

                    • You don’t stay out you’re an attack dog . Look at what you’re doing now lol. You said Medusa can take care of herself well so can sam and luvs. Hypocrite

                    • Lies . You know what you did here recently and you couldn’t even be adult enough to apologize to the multiple people here you screwed with and the trouble you caused . That’s disgusting . So until you stop targeting and personally attacking the very people you did wrong to and your personal jabs at me , I’ll say what I want when I want . Block me ! You may think you have some fooled here , but for the most part , many know the truth . So keep playing your nasty game or start acting like an adult .

                    • This delusional speech is fooling no one. Stand down sidekick you’re a non factor and not even worth attacking

                    • Dont forget what you did TO Sam and luvs; you didn’t do that to Medusa . Dummy . Not the same so I’m no hypocrite -gosh do I have to explain everything ?

                    • LMAO. You keep sayin you stand up for what’s right BABAHAHA. Not once did you say anything when your gang were bullying someone you kept your hypocrite mouth shut so stop lying to eveybody and to yourself to make yourself look good . You’re a sidekick and a cheerleader with all the other hens for samael

                    • You’re a damn idiot , stop . If any of them weren’t attacked first there be no issues here. And, you know it . Stop the acts and stop personally insulting attacking and harassing .

                    • You got the right approach You are not on ‘my team’ and I want to make that clear to all. Samael and luvs targeted you for no reason other than criticizing T Rex. I messaged you because you were wondering what is going on that’s all and not because you are on my team. I’ve never posted with you before today This is not about Betty or any other poster you will never be safe as long as you saying negative things about T Rex. Do yourself a favor and don’t post on NJ threads that’s my advice to you in good faith

                  • You’re saying the blog owners posts recycled stories. If you’re not happy with the content, maybe you should find a better one.

                    • Maybe you should not try to read my mind, Kreskin.
                      Where did I express dissatisfaction with the stories or format here? I simply stated that I’ve seen the same stories elsewhere.
                      Gossip sites have their sources, which can be from fb, twitter, instagram & other outlets such as “E”, US Weekly, People, TMZ, and the like.

                    • I told you he starts they finish , he apologizes and pretends to be the good guy while they continue to drag and on and on. I wrote this here in plain sight so your would think they would try to change the tactic so I’m smh lol #playbook. It’s all going EXACTLY like I told you it would

                    • Geez-uz!!! Yes, I’ve been warned. Ty. I’ll take it all under advisement and proceed with caution.

                    • and you wonder why everybody hates your guts lol. I just saw you on another site posting as ‘luvs2sail’ you lying sack. Why are you harassing her? She wasn’t condescending you’re insecure and projecting . Where you trolling as ‘luvs2sail’ looking for dirt and gossip
                      ? You’re pathetic . I thought your orders from from your boss were to move on . Here’s a bone lol

                    • Hey luvs

                      been a bit busy –

                      so name changer takes aim and threatens to continue forever…hmm..gotta say, that got me thinking..what better way to report douches, forget this sites system..never works…forget emails..never work..and no way am I going to use the phone # …so I did something effective

                      at the bottom of each comment is the share button, press this on any comment – up pops selection of either sharing the selected comment on twitter/facebook etc…so I chose one of the choice “bashing” posts of name changer
                      and tweeted it out there …and included the twitter account of this site


                      I press send – voila, the disgusting comment with name changer’s name is on the timeline and is now in twitterland and now this site has about 3 comments that the name changer chose to bash/smash/slash us with…and ta da
                      each day I will continue to do this – Until it is addressed!

                    • Good job ! I’m finally famous thanks to you samael boy ! lol . I’ve read way worse on twitter so I’m good . Let’s wait till trailer Khipp signs on and I’ll do the same to her lol great idea sammy 🙂 also great way for eveyone to know luvs2ride/luvs2sail is a troll lol. Thanks samael you misogynistic troll . You targeting more female posters or you done for one week ?

                    • LOL… I don’t care who you are thats ^^^^ funny! Sorry, Turning the tables IMO is always funny. Ok, carry on ??

                    • LOL rhfan sameal is a misogynist and even you have called him on it before for his use of words like ‘whore’ so he lives in a glass house and as for Khipp and luvs (ride or sail ) well that disaster speaks for itself LOL I say let’s do it . You are one of the few that always stands for what’s right

                    • Thanks, I try. So along those lines, It might be easier to make your point if you weren’t referring to posters daughters as morons, etc. Just saying. Good luck!

                    • I admit that was bad and sorry for that .but Khipp/originalwhodat are liars but on the off chance they really do have a daughter im sorry

                    • Have you always been misogynistic samael or is this a new thing ? People need to know . Twitter is waiting

                    • Twitter is waiting samael . Tell us about why you hate women and use derogatory terms. I like this idea of blasting eveyone on Twitter . Come on, tell us

                    • That wasn’t condescension. My response was mostly neutral with a slight tinge of snark. Going forward, I won’t post to you. Problem Solved 😉

    • Newsflash Betty:= Sofia Vergara’s brother Julio Deported has been arrested more than 30 times. Her other brother Rafael 27 murdered Drugs, murder, mafia. Google IT!!!! about Sofia family.

    • Tim Allen and Charles S. Dutton are also ex-cons having been convicted of drug dealing and killing a man, respectively.

      I have a feeling Miss Immigrant would jump at the chance to work with either one. Then of course there’s Christian Slater, Robert Downey, Jr. Before them, Robert Mitchum, Alex Rocco, etc., etc.

      • Excellent points, Helen.
        Let’s face it, Miss Immigrant is famous for playing a sexy (and quite funny) woman on a well-written sitcom. When the show is over, I doubt she will be a powerhouse female lead in Hollywood.
        You know the old cliche, “never spit up in the air”. I think it applies here, no matter who she snubbed.

        • And just because one THINKS they are above another woman , doesn’t make it so . Don’t treat people like shit . Period .

      • Doing drugs in your college years and actively stealing money from people ion your forties to support your fake “lifestyle” s a lot different. Teresa is a loser.

        • Don King killed two different people. The second when he was 36 years old. Hardly a youthful indiscretion. Tim Allen was crawling toward thirty when he was busted for quite a large amount of cocaine he was attempting to sell as he had been doing for some time. It wasn’t his first rodeo as they say. Had his arrest not curtailed his illegal activities, one is not too far afield in assuming he may well have continued right along in his chosen profession, selling a substance that may well have killed people. You know, like those young college kids you alluded to.

        • Don King killed two different people. The second when he was 36 years old. Hardly a youthful indiscretion.

          Tim Allen was crawling toward thirty when he was busted for quite a large amount of cocaine he was attempting to sell as he had been doing for some time. It wasn’t his first rodeo as they say. Had his arrest not curtailed his illegal activities, one is not too far afield in assuming he may well have continued right along in his chosen profession, selling a substance that may well have killed people. You know, like those young college kids you alluded to.