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Kenya Moore Says ‘No One’s Excited for Kim Zolciak to Be Back’ on RHOA

Everyone is excited for season 10 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but according to Kenya Moore, no one is excited for Kim Zolciak to be back.

According to Kenya, Kim’s return stirs up a whole lot of trouble during season 10. Sounds great to me – the more drama, the better.

“The truth is, no one is excited for Kim to be back on the show,” says Kenya explains to Us Weekly.

While Kim and Kenya have plenty of beef now, Kenya admits that before last season she had no issues with Kim.

“I’ve said, ‘I like Kim, I know that she’s not on the show anymore, but she seems like a straightforward girl, and I like a girl who’s straightforward,’” she adds. “Flash forward to her just basically going out in the world and saying she hates me and all these terrible things.”

One thing fans shouldn’t expect from season 10 is any truce between Kim and Kenya, in fact, expect things to get uglier than ever.

In a promo for season 10, Kenya accuses Kim of “pimping out” her daughter Brielle.

“I don’t watch her show to know how she parents. I only know what I’ve read,” Moore tells Us. “I only know the things that I’ve actually known to be true, like her smoking while pregnant. While obviously, that is not something that a pregnant woman should do. Also, the whole world saw her go online and say, ‘Who does Brielle have to blow to get John Legend tickets?’ That’s her daughter. And you’re talking about a sexual act just to get tickets, so that is what I said to Kim.”

Kim responded to Kenya’s comments in a statement to Us Weekly. “She doesn’t know me. She didn’t know me pregnant. I can count on two hands how many times I’ve been around this lady, and it’s never once been without a camera,” Zolciak says. “She has no idea who I am. She’s a fan. She reads about me.”

As for the root of Kim and Kenya’s issues even Kenya says she baffled over it.“I don’t understand Kim, I don’t think I ever will, and I really don’t like what I’ve seen of her because I was a fan,” she wraps.

Will you be watching the RHOA season 10 premiere on Sunday? Does Kim “pimp out” Brielle? Are you excited for Kim to be back?

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  • Shelly Jones

    Kim is a whore. I don’t want to watch a whore on my tv

  • bren

    Kenya is right…

  • missroxmiss

    of course Kim doesn’t like`Kenya because her and Sheree are BFF …Sheree introduced Kroy and Kim I do not ever see Kim saying or doing anything to upset Sheree

  • michers

    Umm Keyonce people really aren’t happy to see you either

  • iarláith

    Why is this former mistress back? The show has evolved and she will add nothing besides manufactured drama which she admits. So Kenya doesn’t know her but yet Kim and her daughter know every detail about Kenya’s life ? Girl bye! Kim is as real as her nose

    • michers

      ” close your legs to married men !”
      I really can’t with either of these two fools but I think when it comes to the pick your poison saying , Id go with ” I didn’t have plastic surgery ” Kim. LOL

      • iarláith

        Argh the only thing I’m looking forward to is Nene and Kenya taking Kim down and dumb as … Porshs


    Kim is not without her many flaws, and double standards but she more authentically fits in with the cast than Kenya ever has. FACTS!

    • Shelly Jones

      Uuummm no…no one wants her back…that’s a fact.

  • C-Reason

    I’m only giving RHOA another season is because Kim is back. If it wasn’t for her I was writing that series off.

  • Kirby

    Team twirl Kim is looking for a fight

    • Rain

      Well she can twirl her way outta here ?

      • ?????????Ð?????

        Right on Raingurl!! Can’t stand this fake ass homophobic cement butt bitch! I wonder how long it will be before she accuses her employee husband of being ghey?

        • Rain

          Happy Friday gorgeous ?????, hope you’re ready for the weekend ! It’s a bit rainy and chilly here so I will probably hibernate all weekend ????

          No patience for this woman and her arguements . Cement butt ??

          • ?????????Ð?????

            Yes, very ready for the weekend. I hope you enjoy yours, I think, finally we will be getting a bit of weather, same as you! Hibernation sounds devine!

            • Rain

              Hibernation for sure ??????, bit rainy and very chilly all weekend. Netflix here I come ?

  • Pookiebear986

    Both of these women are complete caricatures- willing to do and say just about anything to stay in front of the camera but I guess it all makes for good t.v. right? There have been times where I found Kenya entertaining but Kim, yeah its gonna be a no from me all around. I’ve caught a couple episodes of her show and while generally I don’t like to judge another’s parenting skills, I was definitely turned off by how crass Kim and Kroy are and how much it rubs off on their kiddos.

  • Rain

    ??? this show hasn’t started yer and it’s alreasy a mud slinging competition.
    The thing that I would agree with Kenya on is that indeed nobody’s excited about Kim Z being back