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Which Housewife Does Andy Cohen Want to Step Back From Social Media?

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Andy Cohen is never one to hold back on his opinion – and when it comes to his housewives it’s no exception!

Recently, Siggy Flicker was in the WWHL Clubhouse and Mr. Cohen gave her some personal advice during a commercial break.

According to Page Six Andy advised the RHONJ star to “get off Twitter” pointing out the obvious (responding to Twitter trolls will drive her “f—ing insane.”) This was reported to Page Six by a source that was in the Clubhouse that night and was paying close attention during commercials.

Apparently this all happened while Siggy was visiting the Clubhouse and wasn’t even the main guest! Siggy went on Wednesday to support her good friend Dolores Catania who was the main guest that night. Siggy was in the audience as Andy bestowed his sage words of wisdom.

Reportedly Andy told Siggy: “Take the poison out of your life.” He even reminded her that she’s not required to respond on social media, adding that “it’s toxic.”

He even went as far as to suggest that Siggy remove the Twitter app from her phone or just mute the trolls (as opposed to blocking them) since they’ll create another account and “come back like a cockroach.”

Apparently Siggy appreciated Andy’s advice as the two shared a hug before leaving.

Personally I think Andy gave good advice. People can be extremely cruel when they are sitting behind a keyboard and are anonymous. I think many of the ‘wives get obsessed with social media – and, like Andy said, it’s toxic!

What are your thoughts on Andy’s advice to Siggy?

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  • Get off of reality TV if you can’t handle it Siggy, I don;t think she is mentally stable enough to be on TV, like Jacqaloon

  • LOL! He has never told another HW that , not even Loonarita. He couldn’t just tell her she’s the toxicity though ? Wuss .

  • Thought someone said she was telling people to F off on Twitter the night the show aired. Anyone know if true?

    • Lea

      Marcy (the person with all the scoops about #RHNJ) told us about Siggy swearing at people on twitter – I think Marcy may have posted the tweet – on siggy’s timeline..nowhere to be found! wonder why she deleted it?

  • Siggy needs to take a break from social media and leave the show. Take your tears somewhere else already.

  • Siggy like Wacko Jacko is a Narcicist who can’t handle anyone not agreeing with of sharing her point of view. Social Media only further displays her microaggressions where she blocks those who are not just disrespectful but also those who disagree as well as amplifies those who justify her childish and erratic behavior same as Jac used to do.

    • Kim G is revealing it all on Danielle I hope she comes back for the reunion with her pals Jac & Adam & maybe Jack Barbosa

    • So true. Actually, It seems that Jac has BPD traits. Siggy has narcissistic tendencies. Siggy should know it won’t get better. Jac had her creepy husband everywhere with her.

  • ACs advice didn’t go far enough. IMO he should have told her to “go dark”. Shut off twitter and all social media and stop giving interviews. Every time she speaks she’s just digging in deeper. Sig needs to take time off and reset.

      • Saw it! That is one Wacko and a half! Soggy Siggy and Wacko-Jacko are in a class all by themselves! And actually let keep running her big mouth of hers, because hopefully Soggy Siggy continues that way she’ll get dropped to friends of the HW and we all know she is going to go off the deep end and quit! That would be so awesome! Besides we all know Soggy Siggy has a huge head now and thinks she’s the queen of the show. This dumb as* had a meltdown because Margaret has become a fan favorite, who does that except a nut job! We are free to like whoever we want and Soggy Siggy is not one of them, in fact she is beyond annoying and makes me want to gag

        • It’s so bizarre watching Sog this season . I hope she can find a real expert to help her before it’s too late .

            • Totally !!!! I couldn’t figure out at first the why and how these two are ” friends”. Now I see lol!!! They must have met at a therapist appointment ….

  • Kim G. has the best tweets. She may return to confront Danielle on the reunion with her army of Jacqueline and Adam Barta.