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Get PUMPed the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 Trailer Is Here!

It’s a new season filled with new friends and new drama for the Vanderpump Rules crew.

Our favorite SURvers will kick-off season 6 on December 4th at 9 pm.

So, what can we expect from season 6?

As always a whole lot of drama, plenty of drinking and partying, and more relationship and friendship issues than we can count.

Check out the full season 6 trailer below!

I am so excited for Vanderpump Rules to be back! Season 6 looks great, and I’m so curious to find out how Lala become BFF’s with Katie, Stassi, and Kristen!

Are you pumped for season 6 of VPR?

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  • James and LaLa were supposed to be fired and LaLa totes around her fake ass lies about NDAs so , why are they back ? Yuck . That’s the stuff that makes me not care for Pump.

  • Vanderpump Rules along with Married to Medicine are not only two of the best reality shows in Bravo but also two of the best ever!! When it comes to Vanderpump Rules I pretty much Hate 90% of the cast as human beings but yet it’s like the best train wreck that you can’t look away from. I hope to get many many more seasons of it because I’m totally invested! ?

  • I wish the cast acted their age. They all are woefully immature. Jax is almost 40 and behaves like a 17 year old. James is repugnant & more annoying than a gnat.

    • Spot on. Its insane to me that these people are as old as they are given how they act! Gosh I hope they are just “acting” for the show…I’d hate to think that actual adults behave like this!

      But I’m totally gonna watch with my popcorn!

      • That’s what gets me, too. They aren’t the age of the “Friends” cast (i.e. early 20’s). Yet, they all behave as if they just left their parents’ homes for the first time every in their lives!!!!

    • I kind of don’t care about the maturity factor. One because they don’t have children which is a huge relief for me. Let them be as immature as they want, get it out of their systems and hopefully they will grow up once children start happening. That said, I don’t want any of these people to procreate, ever! LOL

        • The first 2 seasons were amazing. Not as good anymore but I still enjoy it for what it is, light entertainment and good snarking material!

            • Oh yeah, I don’t care for that at all and Debbie Downer aka Katie Maloney gets on my last nerve along with her son, Tom Schwartz. Wonder how “wedded bliss” has been treating them so far?

                • Exactly, what wedded bliss indeed! I’m sure they will try to sell us a pie in the sky story of what a great love story they have all while drunk and fighting.

                  • I think they’ll be headed for splitsville in short order. They married for a SL. Their union will fracture for their next SL.Katie’s face is fixed in a permanent snit. Tom’s in love with Tom. hahaha

                    • Agreed, I don’t see this unholy union lasting very long and God forbid any children are brought into their dysfunctional world. What a tragedy it would be!

                    • I agree. They are not a pair of lovebirds. They don’t seem like “newlyweds”. They’re more like a long time bored married couple with nothing in common.

                    • Katie’s resting bitch face ? and then on top of that she is a vicious drunk ! They’re too early in their relationship to not be having sex already . Sheesh

                    • Happy Sunday to you, too ~ Sweet Rain!!! The time change always screws up my mindset. LOL – One thing that’s really weird is, that as of the day after Halloween, the Xmas shopping season started!

                    • Oh Xmas ? Kirby was chaperoning his mom all day yesterday as she stimulated the local economy ?. My kids are grown and I don’t have grandkids so I buy online . We are good about telling each other what we want so nobody needs to guess , maybe an extra surprise here and there . My biggest present this year is that my boys are graduating so eveybody is now an adult ! Hallelujah ???.
                      I really need to use this extra ‘hour’ to try getting the house semi easy for TG and my MIL ??
                      Use that hour wisely sister ! Do absolutely nothing ???

                    • Good for you!!!! Congrats on the growth & independence of your kids (to adulthood). & How sweet of Kirby to help his mother!!!! I’m not overwhelmed by xmas shopping, per se. I shop only when I need something specific. It’s the push of that holiday 2 months ahead. Thus it shortens the year.

                    • Yes starts earlier and earlier like you said . Costco even skips TG now it seems and straight into Xmas . I’ve been purging things from my house and closets for the past few years and I don’t want to fill it all up again ? I don’t know where all this crap came from , just life I guess
                      Thank you for your congratulations ? ????????

                  • I am not NJFAN and I did not send that ugly message to you or Medusa . The gang of sameal / Khipp , luvs and Michers are trying to drive people out of here that they don’t like and who are not fans of T Rex . They’re trying to make it seem that it’s I’m NJFAN but I am not , it’s one of them

                    • liar

                      “it” tried to comment as rhfan (a regular poster on this site)
                      RHFAN1234 samael • 3 days ago
                      Tre made xenophobic comments. Yet some of you defend her ignorance and stupidity. Bet if any other HW had said the said the same thing you all would be verbally dragging them for days. The hypocrisy is real on this blog.

          • Right you are. It’s mindless. There is no thinking involved, whatsoever. The entire cast is comprised of fameho’s.

  • It is hilarious for me!! I remember when this cast was on #RHBH they were serving at LVP home for a typical dinner of the cast – and this VPR crew..laughed their butts off at the RHBH crew!

    making fun of:

    – these people are acting like kids
    – their bitching at each other and not even enjoying this
    – their arguing about stupid things that don’t matter

    well well – lookie here, this aged crew are doing the very same they def. look older and “worked” on as
    well as – each have that “gimmie a drink” look.

    my one and only pet peeve about this crew – each of them bitched about Sheana’s husband being sober! F- that!

  • Wow Ariana!!! ???
    Can we call out the fake production driven storyline that James and Jax are now buddies ? ?? Jax is like a grandma figure now , geez!

    Oh Stassi! Seems it’s always her friggin birthday… is tequila Katie attempting a redemption season ? ???

    Love her or hate her, LaLa is the IT girl now , that’s why all those pretended to apologize to her and make friends with her . LVP realizes that LaLa is tv gold and was smart enough to make her stay ! Lala steals every scene she is in , even with the garbage that comes out of her mouth

    It’s kinda sad that VP Rules is and has been more exciting that any RH show lately

    • I’m sure that I’m in the minority, but I kind of like LaLa’s plain spoken ways. From her first appearance, the rest of the VP heap treated her poorly. She seemed like fun seeking gal, who was maltreated by most of the cast. I just couldn’t understand LaLa’s coupling with skeevy James. He makes my skin crawl, through the tv. Doesn’t he have the strangest eyes?