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Is Teresa Giudice Avoiding Her Husband’s Calls from Prison?

Joe Giudice, who is currently serving his 41 month prison sentence, has been watching his wife Teresa behind bars and even has some opinions.

In her Bravo Blog Tre states:

“It’s funny that my husband is watching the show and sending me his critiques via email. Joe thinks Danielle being back is good for the show, and I agree.”

Despite Joe keeping up with Tre – reports are saying that Tre isn’t keeping up with Joe! According to In Touch Magazine Tre has been avoiding her husband’s phone calls with a source saying:

“Joe has been more and more verbally abusive to Teresa over the phone. He’s been angrily calling Teresa at home, but she’s been dodging his calls.”

“She has said, ‘Enough is enough. I don’t need to put up with this,’” the insider says. He’s making her feel awful. “All Joe ever does is bring Teresa down and complain about how miserable he is in prison.”

The source continued: “Joe was so controlling. Teresa feels free with him in prison.”

I’ll admit, I read her book Standing Strong and she vented about Joe in a way I never thought she would. She also has claimed her traditional Catholic parents gave her the ‘okay’ to divorce him; however she would never do it while he was in prison for the sake of her girls. Her good friend Dolores even admitted she wasn’t sure if Tre would stand by her man.

Tre has stated that she wants to stay with Joe but he has to be a changed man and prove things to her. As previously reported, Joe has lost 45 lbs. and is getting his GED. Perhaps he knows he may lose his wife if he doesn’t clean up his act.

We all know that Joe does not have the vocabulary of a gentleman (hey – we’ve all seen RHONJ!) Tre has a lot on her plate as a single mom so if this is true, I can see her avoiding calls as she wouldn’t want to deal with it. You know AllAboutTRH is on the story and will be giving you updates – stay tuned!

Do you think Tre would avoid Joe’s calls? Do you think Joe will come out a changed man?

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  • Lea

    This is a plot line on Love and Hip Hop NY with Yandy & Mendecees, have to wonder if someone needed to fill space in the magazine and put in Joe and Tre’s names. (Yandy didn’t take call while she was filming and one of the girls called her out.)


    Another planted story attacking her marriage via a source…B.S. Kim D and Wacko Jacko at work again. Meanwhile the future of Teresa’s marriage is nobodies business but hers and her family.

  • missroxmiss

    I am waiting for the episode where someone tells her that Joe cheated on her while she was away. then it will be easier to tell if ths is a BS source/ story or not .

  • michers

    These sources need a life .
    Even if mad at him I doubt she’d avoid him .
    And lastly – she’s human , been through slot and like everyone rise , is entitled to feelings / emotions , good days and bad . Sometimes these sources and their bullshit are really just that.

    • Betty

      Been through “alot”? You mean ….prison? Bahahaha

  • rhfan

    Well, I’m sure this is true, it is from a “source”. They’ve always been so reliable lol ? I wonder if Tre and the girls recycle? Gosh if only the “source” would report on that. Lol, going thru the garbage seems right up the “source’s” alley.

  • Betty

    He never could stand her. He literally had to be drunk to have sex with her.

  • Khipp

    What a bunch of bull shit from a “source” = I see you hiding there Booze Bag right behind Kim D.

    Italian salute…

    What the what? Of course Joe the Juice will come out changed.

    • samael

      yup and take a healthy dose of STFU!

    • missroxmiss

      while he is being deported

  • Amber

    There were reports just a few days ago about him calling and her giggling like school girl.

  • Marlee

    I smell the desperation of Kim D. attached to this non-story.

  • samael

    Well this is not from this site’s exclusive source – so no I don’t believe that!

    Geez people still make $$ off #Giudice name…animals!! trashy!


      TRASHY, TRASHY, TRASHY! Lol. I smell bs too.

  • DindiSue

    How the Heck would anyone know that- ummmm okkkkk

    • justanothermary

      But a source said it, so it must be true.