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Is Siggy Flicker Having A Breakdown Over RHONJ Fans Embracing Margaret Josephs?


There’s no shortage of drama on the Real Housewives of New Jersey especially when it comes to the ongoing feud between Siggy Flicker and Margaret Josephs.

“Siggy hates Margaret,” an RHONJ source tells InTouch Weekly, hinting that there’s been tension between the two since day one.

To add fuel to the fire, Siggy can’t stand that RHONJ fans are embracing Margaret.

“Siggy can’t stand that everyone seems to be on Team Margaret. Siggy recently had a total breakdown over all the media coverage Margaret is getting,” the source revealed.

However, Margaret and Siggy’s feud is intensifying off the TV screen as well. The two RHONJ stars can’t seem to stop bashing each other on social media.

In fact, their feud heated up on October 3 when Margaret posted a photo of the RHONJ cast and placed a mustache emoji on Siggy’s face.

“Siggy felt that Margaret was mocking her,” explains the source. “She lost it and said that Margaret was ruining her life.”

Do you believe Siggy had a breakdown over fans embracing Margaret? Are you Team Siggy or Team Margaret?

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  • Pathetic. This season is beyond boring. Siggy & her histrionics are pathetic. Claiming to be a “relationship expert” and then acting like total child having a temper tantrum. What reasonably sane person would take advice from her or even buy her book? Poke her with a fork ’cause she is done. Sig does not need pellets in her bum, she needs mental health.

  • love Margaret! great addition to the cast..Soggy and Dolores were cast as crazy Jac’s friends and the both need to go!!

  • I think Soggy is so ridiculous, you can see the real inner Soggy come out now. So much for the “relationship expert” absolutely pathetic.
    I would never be friends with someone like her!!!!

  • I really want to like Siggy but she has made that impossible by her Obnoxious behavior . She is acting obnoxious and belligerent .WTH was with the dance ? OMG I was like Siggy You are NUTS !! Siggy tryin’ to act funny is a epic Fail as the kids say. there is no excuse for the way she is acting, last week throwing herself on the floor ,this week dancing and yelling at Margret .
    When she humiliated Melissa at her party that was when Siggy showed her true colors of being an a$$.
    Siggy owes Melissa an apology not the other way around. Siggy kisses Teresa’s a$$
    Siggy is inthralled by her own voice she sure loves to hear herself talk,.. .She is so in love with herself.

  • Siggy is relationship expert? She’s acting very strange– throwing herself on the floor in front of everyone at her party. This is what I think she is extremely jealous of the attention Margaret is getting from the other wives. Siggy wants all the attention to be on her. Seeing how Siggy acts, if I needed a relationship expert I would not go to her. She certainly is not good advertisement for her profession.

  • Team Mags, all the way! LOL

    As for Sigs “breakdown”, really? After her tantrums, over the top reactions, tears at the drop of a hat, and general whining how are we supposed to know the difference between her everyday self and an actual breakdown? Lol, The way I see it she’s always a sandwich shy of a picnic ?

  • I liked siggy last season but this season she’s acting CRAZY who’d go see a councillor that can’t keep her shit together tbh i didn’t think she was/is a very good counselor last year she wasn’t counsellor to the women she was more like a mediator so if siggy goes, if they don’t renew her contract no great loss Dolores doesn’t even have a storyline no great loss get rid of her to do I believe siggy had a meltdown because Margarets getting a lot of attention hell yeah siggy believes that Margaret is taking her place on the show and with the girls when she was the one that bought her on the show so yeah she’s crack the shits really bad

  • IDC why she’s acting like an ass – she’s unhinged . Siggy from her first season is now needing an excorcism . I knew she really needed a rosary, bible ,and holy water the second she shook her tatas behind Marges back ( right after sticking out her tongue ) . Done. Funeral in my head …( figuratively speaking)

  • Siggy made an ASS out of herself at the tasting. Sticking her tongue out, talking about Margaret right in front of her, screaming at her. Grow the hell up Siggy!! Some “relationship expert” she is. And I have gone through Menopause, you don’t act like that! What a LAME excuse!!

  • Siggy is mentally unstable, she’d probably hire a hitman at this point cos she’s so jealous of Margaret.

  • Let me guess, she’s crying, right? I think she’s greatly upset that Margaret is the winner here. Soggy bottom came out swinging thinking she was going to take over the show, instead, she made an ass of herself. Disgusting! Team Margaret.

  • Soggy Soggy can dish it but she can’t take it! Bottom line she’s turned into Wacko-Jaquline and we all know where Wack-job Jaquline is now lol sitting at home wishing she was still in this show, but the viewers grew sick of her. And look at Jaquline now lol she is gone!,
    Soggy Siggy really needs to cool her craziness down because the viewers have gotten so sick of craziness on this show and we’ve had enough of it!
    Soggy acts like everyone must be on her side and side with her no matter what and if they don’t she has a breakdown just like that Wack-job Jaquline does! In the normal world it doesn’t work this way. I mean what kind of nut job has a breakdown just because someone doesn’t side with her!

    • BTW it’s down right crazy that Soggy Siggy has a meltdown because fans like Margaret! This isn’t high school! And Soggy Siggy can’t force us not to like Margaret! Margaret isn’t crazy for one and she’s fun to watch just like Teresa is fun to watch! Soggy Siggy on the other hand is not fun to watch and a huge embarrassment to all of us women because women going through menopause don’t act crazy like Soggy does! Its bad enough society already makes fun of PMS, making PMS a part of a lot of jokes because some wackjob like Soggy Siggy gave PMS a bad name!
      People keep claiming she is acting this way to justify writing a book on menopause, news flash to Soggy what makes her think anyone wants to read a stupid book about menopause written by a her a total crazy woman! None that I can think of!

  • Siggy would have a mental breakdown over her coffee not having enough cream so I’m sure this is true. She’s a wack job but somebody had to fill the spot with her pal Jac Laurita Gone.

  • Sloppy Soggy is nuts I tell ya, just plain nuts. She’s an embarrassment to herself, her husband, her parents, and her children. She offends me, as a viewer. I know what she’s doing, and it’s all for camera time and that book (I presume) she’s going to write about Menopause and it’s affects.

    She questions Margaret getting close to T, MeMe, and Danielle so quickly. Yet Soggy self proclaimed she clicked with Dullorass right from the get, and are BFF’s.

    By the by, Dull was on WWHL last night (sorry thought it was going to be Margaret). Soggy and Dull’s ex, Muscle Meathead were in the audience…of course. Andy surprised (?) Dull by bringing on Frankie, home form college, and SHIRTLESS. What the what?

    Suggestion Dullorass, go to one of your gyms and workout. You look like a pudge in a too short too tight dress. Did you borrow that from your boss Caroswine? Sorry can’t suggest anything for your cankles except long pants.


  • Siggy & Delores deliberately went somewhere else at the time of the memorial because they didn’t want to be around the women. Why doesn’t she remember that ? Hello, you weren’t around because you didn’t to be !!!

    • They keep overlooking that, dont They? They clearly say they did not want to be at the beach with everyone else and they didn’t answer texts, or call any one of the women they invited on the trip! Geez, get over it! Your bad!

  • I think she had better be careful with this “meltdown”, if it is for storyline…it has to damage her “relationship expert” brand. I liked her season one, but this is just a hot mess as they say.

    • She sure doesn’t act like a relationship expert. Goodness with her constant crying, bad attitude and holding grudges, I don’t know who would want advice from her.
      Actually would be pretty comical if Margaret went to her about HER…LOL

      • She’s completely off the MF’in rails . I can totally see why her and Jacaloon have become friends .

    • She’s going to redeem her image (if that’s even possible at this point) as a “relationship expert” at the reunion, by stating all the crazy was brought on by Menopause. So viewers, read the book she’s going to write on the subject. I’m repeating myself as I said this yesterday and above. But that, I think, is her strategy. Eh.

      • If she’s acting like a nut so she can write a book on menopause, shame on her. It’s hard enough to deal with the stigma of menopause. I’m of that age, but not yet menopausal, and I’ve had colleagues imply a hormonal situation if they think I’m being too harsh. No, I’m just the boss asshole. One even told me he was reading a book on menopause so he could deal with his wife. I told him a good place to start was to not assume she’s broken and perhaps focus more on yourself and your own behavior.

        • Good for you, swizzle!!
          I’m going through this fun part of life right now. The stigma is bullshit. Another reason for men to say women are crazy/bitchy, and a crutch for crazy/bitchy women.

        • Well, Swizzle, I do have to admit I was a total, screaming, meme when I first started. I’m blessed my husband knew, understood, and stayed with me, until I got help, lol. But, Soggy bottom has surpassed even that. js

        • Its not like she is going to write something new on menopause. Anything that had to be written has already been written about! Coming from a Wack-job is not a good thing either! Wacko-Jacko has rubbed off on her in a bad way. All Soggy Siggy is doing is embarrassing all of us women, like that stupid dance she Dulloris did while wearing pigtails and the blackmask they look so ridiculous and stupid!

      • I agree Khipp. We’ll hear about that and butt pellets…isn’t that what she called them? Grrrrh! ?

      • Fuck that!
        While it’s no joyride, menopause doesn’t completely alter your personality or destroy your ability to reason. It’s like extended PMS, with hot flashes to remind you in case you forgot! ?

        Didn’t Clownzo use this excuse for her horrific behavior a few years ago???

        They were both assholes loooong before the change.

        • Luvs you need to mellow. There are many many things that can happen when your hormones are changing, you can google it. Yes Indeed it can affect your personality just with loss of sleep. Most definitely can shorten your fuse, or your ability to manage your fuse. Siggy’s gross behavior of degrading, mocking, & making fun of her(behind her back at Gorga’s tasting party) has NOTHING to do with menopause. Yes, she was easily heated but she chose to be cruel. She chose to say those words & display those actions. She can overreact & be mad but to be so downright vicious- ughhhh

          • I don’t need to google anything, as I’m living the dream. I said it was like extended PMS, so of course your fuse is as short as a matchstick.

            Siggy and Clowzo using it as a crutch is bullshit. That’s what pisses me off.

          • You said it SillygirlNJ!! I was out there when I first started menopause, but was never mean, stupid, dumb and childish. Soggy bottom has other issues. I still think she thought that this new persona was going to be a hit, but it has failed miserably. I don’t want to watch her anymore. I certainly don’t want to watch her next season noe Dolorifice.

      • Khipp – have you peeped Marges Twitter yet lol? Hilarious and a pot of gold lol!!! She put a pic up of Dolo wearing her clothing line the night Dolo says she doesn’t like any of Marge’s stuff.

    • And remember at the reunion she told people to hug?!?! And now she wants to destroy Margaret and ‘Once she is done, she is done.’ She is a huge hypocrite.

  • I haven’t seen RHONJ since the season when Dina came back. Somehow, I lost interest in it but decided to check this season out since I LOVE the Prostitution Whore-uh. Anyway, I’m seeing it from an unbiased point of view since I don’t know Siggy at all and Margaret is new. To me, they’re both “new” cast members. All I know is Siggy is an insecure little twat. Good lord stop crying about everything!! I love Margaret! She’s so cute and funny.

    Siggy comes off as one of those friends that gives you the “my way or the highway” ultimatum. Even if she’s wrong, you have to agree with her or she’s the enemy. Forget that! I’d rather have a humble, honest friend who is willing to admit when they’re wrong. Margaret seems like that type of girl.

    • You’re right about Siggy, but wrong about Whore-uh.
      The way it’s pronounced (incorrectly, yes, but that’s how every one in my neck of the woods says it that way) is Who-uh. ?

      • Hahaha! Thank you for the correction. I will say that “ingrediences” is one of my favorite Teresa-isms that I say all. the. time. and people look at me like I’m stupid for doing it. They don’t get the reference :).

  • Soggy bottom – her timeline is a confession to an actual mental illness – so sad. Soggy encourages her fan to make pics of Mags and continually references Obama for some reason. She continually

    – blames editing
    – blames Mags
    – blames Melissa
    – blames Danielle
    – blamed Teresa a couple of times

    for her own behavior – her timeline is sad

    This is an example of her marbles leaving her noggin


    Siggy Flicker?Verified account @siggyflicker Oct 30

    Learn thru my journey. Run from toxic people & if you can’t because u have to film with toxic…cry, scream, go crazy but never give in!


    this is her advice! wow sad soggy has lost all her marbles