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RHONJ Recap – Not Over It!

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Welcome back to Jersey!

We start out with Marge back from a business trip. Not sure how I feel about Margaret yet but I do love how she is a kick-ass entrepreneur/business woman. Get it girl! We also learn that Marge is the man in the relationship and Joe is the girl (that would never fly in the Gorga house.) Her friend recaps Siggy’s party and the public shaming of Melissa and fight with Danielle.

Over at Dolores we see one of the most bizarre relationships out there. Frankie states his friends think his parents are swingers while Frank is acting like a protective father towards his ex-wife. Dolores has a new boyfriend but admits that Frank is still the love of her life. Is it just me or do you think Dolores is still in love with him? I mean she lets the man live wit her! Dolores is upset that Tre didn’t believe her with the Danielle fight, but Frank knocks some sense in her by saying she’s got a lot on her plate so let it go.

At the new Gorga restaurant Joey Gorga finally gets his dream of seeing his name in lights. All kidding aside, I did tear up when seeing Ginocinto so emotional over the restaurant and the photos of his late wife. I think the family restaurant is a beautiful tribute to Antonia.

Melissa continues to not do anything right, including picking a photo that Tre does not approve of. Tre then gives a huge insult by saying Melissa is only Gorga by injection. Tre is clearly losing it and taking out her frustrations on her sister in law. I think this may be the first time (ever) that I’m taking Melissa’s side.

Tre blows off some steam by bikini shopping with Gia. The Giudice family is going to Puerto Rico as an escape for the family. Gia has some teenage angst and clearly showing she is her own person by rejecting everything her mom shows her. Gia seems to take Zia Melissa’s side by telling Tre she is not strict enough with her siblings. Tre reveals she wasn’t to be more fun with her kids as she grew up so strict.

Siggy is meeting her adorable parents for dinner and vents about her son. Siggy desperately wants to be close to her son; however Siggy’s parents remind her that she pulled away as well. Joshua may be emotionally pulling away but Siggy left the country to get away from her family.

Over at Casa Giudice Joey and Melissa come over and Teresa gives a half baked apology. Tre admits she was mad about her parenting being criticized but Joey is taking Melissa’s side on this one. They quickly move on and the Gorgas talk about their upcoming tasting for her restaurant. Something is obviously going to happen at the tasting between the Siggy/cake fiasco and Dolores’ loyalty being questions.

Siggy and Michael are having a romantic dinner to celebrate their anniversary. Michael states he wants Siggy to pull back on her work, but Siggy is envisioning overnight retreats to empower women. Michael isn’t thrilled about it but Siggy wants to follow her passion. Michael seems to come around but obviously wants his wife at home. Maybe he should vent to Joe Gorga?

‘Marge in Charge’ is designing her shoe collection and reveals the secret to her success is people constantly underestimating her. We get a glimpse of the Milan trip as Margaret is going overseas for her new collection.

The Gorgas are getting ready for their tasting but the Flicker/Campanella clan isn’t thrilled to go due to the events in Florida. Dolores apparently is going to the event, not with her boyfriend, but with her ex-husband. Seriously – are these two getting back together or not??

Marge and Joe are the first to arrive and Mr. Gorga is liking what he’s seeing! Siggy and Michael arrive next followed by Danielle and her new boy toy. Danielle goes right for the jugular and puts Tre on the spot by asking who she believes. Siggy is flipping out that people are even considering to doubt Dolores.

Before the fighting gets to a boiling peak, Joe Gorga steps in and gives a sweet and passionate speech about the restaurant. I sincerely hope that the restaurant is a success for them.

During the tasting, Siggy states she needs a knife so Margaret can continue to stab her in the back. Dolores finally shows and seems to be dragging her feet, but comes out of loyalty. Dolores and Siggy gossip with Joey Gorga and recap the Florida trip. Margaret can hear the gossip from across the room and comes to confront them. Siggy decides to take back her apology and reveals she is not over it. Siggy insults Margaret’s business and loses it then decides to leave. Dolores follows and Danielle then decides to go after Dolores (for no reason.) Danielle wants to know why Dolores lives with her ex and seems to doubt she has a boyfriend. I have no idea why Danielle is after Dolores but the poor Gorga tasting is ruined.

What are your thoughts on the episode? Let’s discuss!

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  • Well I still don’t like Siggy she’s too protective and still has a big mouth, she acts like a child with her remarks, as for Delores , she’s CRAZY !!, acts so STUPID and that ex-husband is a LOSER, I don’t care for Danielle, I think she is FAKE like before,
    Teresa’s parenting is fine although she SPOILED the girl, GIA thinks way beyond her years and still is a BRAT Joe and Melissa should parent their own kids, and Giacinto looks SO SAD

  • Open message to Siggy (You know she reads this site):

    The pellets aren’t going to work if you don’t first remove the stick.

  • Why no mention of that stupid Siggy scene? You know, where she shimmied up behind Margaret grunting, “Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh!”

    Does she really need someone to tell her why her son is pulling away from her? Her behavior is mortifying and you can bet your last dollar that kid is getting his balls broke on the regular due to Siggy’s childishly needy behavior.

    • Helen, you read my mind. Thanks, now I don’t have to post that beyond ridiculous Soggy floppy boob scene. What a moron.

      Agree, her behavior is mortifying. Well, probably not Dullorass.

    • I was taken back after seeing Soggy acting like a brat kid right behind Margie’s back. WTF! So bizarre!

  • People like Teresa who were raised by overly strict parents usually go to far in the other direction Her mother already told her she needs to discipline the kids more and she ignored that advice. I don’t know why Melissa and Joey think that she is going to receptive to their criticism. They will never be good like that so they should zip it.

  • I’m still LOVING this season. While Siggy Melissa and Dolores are my least favorite — I must say they aren’t aggravating to me or cringey to me like mostly all the other former Jersey housewives were. I am sooo glad there is no Jac, Kat, Rosie, Rich, Caro, etc…!

    Danielle totally brings the heat I love it!!! The end of the episode when she asked Dolores where her honey is lmfaooo!!! I love it! I also laughed out loud when Teresa said Melissa’s mouth looks too big. I love watching T, her scenes are always my favorite. Also loving Margurette

    • I agree, that’s why we love T! She just says what’s on her mind instead of waiting behind their backs on the confessional. I still cringe when I see Melissa; the thought of her stepping up into Ts face at Kathys goddess party and her saying Joe cheats on T all the time on national tv, just unforgivable. She is fake, fake, fake. Just like Delores, her behavior last night was disgusting. I don’t know how Siggy can vouche for that.