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Are Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel “In A Better Place?”

Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel spent all of season 9 fighting.

So, how are the Real Housewives of New York co-stars doing now?

According to Ramona, she and Bethenny have started the process of burying the hatchet.

In fact, Ramona claims she accepts blame for her clashes with Bethenny, which started when Ramona asked Bethenny if her topless scene in an old movie embarrassed her 7-year-old daughter Bryn.

“I hurt her very much,” Ramona explains to Life & Style. Insisting that she’s since apologized to Bethenny.

However, Ramona is hopeful for the future.

“We’ll see where our friendship goes, but we’re definitely in a better place,” Ramona wraps.

I’m happy Ramona has apologized and that she and Bethenny are in a better place. I have a sneaky suspicion that Ramona realized how horrible she was during season 9 and is trying to change her ways.

Are you surprised Ramona and Bethenny are in a better place? Do you think Ramona is trying to change her ways?

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  • It kills me that when someone is so good to you off camera , that one fight gets them ousted . There were times Moaner was the only true friend from the show that B had and she just dismisses people as if they’re nothing . Beth has a very cutting tongue and really goes up and down fellow women like a zipper . Is there ever accountability and apology ? What a joke . So nasty . Whatever , as long as there is some civility I guess that’s cool .

  • I think Bethany could give a dam about Moaner and only tries to get along with her is during filming. Moaner is only concerned about how bad she looked last season and her being called out by Bethany and some of the other ladies.

  • Is the feral wombat known as RaMoron being brought to heel by FrankelJaw? Certainly sounds like it. While I think Moron brings her own troubles and misery on herself and I’m basically in BF’s corner when it comes to these 2 fighting because lets face it, Moron will never win an argument against Miss Know-it-all, regardless if she is right or wrong. RaMoron needs to woman up and own up to what she has said in the past and move forward. We all know it will never happen because it would mean Moron has some common sense and is evolving and growing as a human being, with feelings. Bitch needs to put the booze down, stop with the pills, quit chasing dick and get herself into some serious therapy, shock therapy!

    • raMORON does “own it”. She oft says, “I know I come off as harsh. I know I don’t say things in a nice way. That’s just the way I am.” It’s no different than BFrankelstein saying, “THIS-IS-ME!” when she is rat-a-tat-tat screeching at Luann or someone else. R & B are 2 sides of the same coin. The main difference, BF has a faster mouth due to having memorized her ‘go-to’ lines at the ready. & RaMOANer is less clever.

      • How the hell can you “own it” when you continue to do the same behavior? LOL These hags are completely ridiculous when they try to excuse their non-excusable behavior!
        Kind of off topic but speaking of “own it” (Rinna), will you be watching RHOBH?

        • I think that raMORON (& others like GRinna), believe when they say those words, it’s a magic talisman from blame. I’m not thrilled with the RHBH cast. But, I’ll give it a try to see the trips. If Kimbecile is put back into service, I’ll quit on the spot. How about you? Are you going watch?

          • Agreed, if they say it, they feel they have been absolved of their bad behavior.
            I will be watching RHOBH, in fact looking forward to it, but like you, if the addict shows up, I’m out. I can’t do her bs anymore.

            • I remember when RHBH was first being aired. The preview ads for it, showed KimiKaze exiting a private plane. That made it seem as if she was uber wealthy and had a fabulous jet set life style. As it turned out, Kimbecile was coming out of Adrienne’s private jet. Compared to the rest of the cast (including her scheming sibling), Kimmerz lived in squalor and had no friends, no job, and no purpose. She didn’t even like her cast mates. That showed on her disgruntled face. Finally, it was revealed that she had purported a big LIE to the viewers by abusing substances all through her time on the show. Even considering all of that illusion, the bottom line remains that brain cell deprived Kim is boring. She doesn’t say or do anything remotely interesting.

              • Well said and you know I more than agree! It was all a lie, brought to us by Bravo. I remember hating her right from the start, I could tell she was off and then there was the episode where she went to the grocery store, picked up some guy and then called him up to her house all while she was bombed out of her mind!! It was embarrassing and all of her kids were there and the little child, do you remember that? There was a young child, around 3 years old and she was trying to pawn he/her off as one of her own. Was NOT impressed.

                • Yes!!! I remember “Grocery Store Gary”. Kimsley lured him to her lair, with the prospect that it was a date. When he arrived (with his own child, I think); KR totally blew him off, as if he was intruding on HER! That didn’t bode well for her treatment of others. He seemed like a decent man – much better than the hideous loser, Ken. (That small child belonged to a family friend, for whom Kim agreed to babysit for a while. That “friend” died at some point. I don’t know what became of the child.)

                  I must admit that I was unaware what was wrong with her. I never suspected anything, until the finale, when Kryle said to LVP, “Can’t you tell my sister is drunk?” BTW: I don’t accept that Kim’s problem is solely booze. I think she takes anything she can get her hands on: pills, Monty’s Meds, pot, even huffing Pledge cans. She can’t form a cogent sentence. She has been narcissistic from Day ONE and hasn’t changed at all. Every argument ends with, “What about ME!!??!!!”

                  • Ugh, Ken!!! He was abhorrent, not only looks wise but what a creep. You would be 100% correct in saying the addicts problem is more than booze. I believe she uses any and everything she can get her hands on. She let the cat out of the bag when she was on Dr Phil and said she smoked pot and then her son went a couple of steps further and said she smokes pot every single day and with him no less!! Her poor kids and poor Chad (I think that’s his name). He had just been released from a mental facility and his own mother eviscerated him on TV, knowing full well he was not in a good head space.

                    • Exactly!!! Kimbore was a pot pal with her own unbalanced son. Yet, HE came off as more lucid & sane than she did!!!! What does that say about her “mothering skills”? It’s alarming that Kyle & the rest of the RHBH heap praise KimiKaze that her best feature is her “motherly ways”. From what was demonstrated on that “Mother vs Daughter” reality tv show & the Dr. Philofshit interview, Kim is worse than Joan Crawford!!!!

  • I can hear raMORON (in her New Yorkese accent) now: “It wasn’t my intention to hurt you, Bethenny. If I did, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry that I hurt you. I shouldn’t have mentioned your “dor-tah’s” name. I hope you will find in your heart to forgive me for showing concern for you!!!!” Bitchenny has won that fight by getting raMOANer to grovel like a beggar who is very hungry… In her hornlike, staccato voice, BFrankelstein counters, “Listen, Ra-MO-Nah! You al-wayz say you are sor-ry. Then, you say some-thing else to piss me off. I’ll for-give you, for now, un-til we film next sea-zon. If you piss me off a-gain; I’ll make your life miz-er-a-ble!!!!” Translation: “A Good Place With Bethenny” is when she is in total control of the relationship.

  • I don’t know Bethenny nor do I watch the show . But this woman deserves KUDOS for what she’s done for Puerto Rico! She did an amazing job and stepped up BIG TIME when it mattered the most ! Good job girl !

    Other housewives? ????? yup ! Not a peep

    • Raingurl, we need to remedy this sitch!! You MUST start watching RHONY, No if’s ands or buts!!!

      Happy Wednesday loverly!?????

    • Hi, Rain!! ??????? I agree! She stepped up immediately and I haven’t heard of one other HW doing anything!! Smh…

      • I haven’t either ????????! You would think one of them woud through a fund raiser or AT LEAST join Bethenny in her efforts .
        Again I don’t know her but regardless of how she is as a HW, she has shown to be a generous and good human ??

        Luv u darling ??????????????

        • She was on WWHL I think Sunday or Monday night and mentioned others helping. She changed it from “I” to “We” and 50 planes and 10 million bucks.

            • Hi Rain, I’ve been causing trouble at another board with my distinct disgust for FACE OF FIBROIDS. She filmed on social media her 17year old dog in convulsions last weekend in front of her 7 year old daughter. Just a despicable woman. You do need to watch NY it’s the best of the RH.

              • I’m guessing by Fibroids you mean Bethenny ? ?? I don’t know the characters that well yet. I will start watching .
                I did try watching this season the first 2 episodes I think because my friend Kirby loves Dorinda . I was bored ? but I will give it another try. Scouts honor

                TGIF xoxo

                • Is, but Dorinda is a hoot, and I’m one of the few that likes Bethany! To say she is a strong woman is putting it mildly, lol. You decide. ????

                  • Oh oh ?????????. I know Kirby likes Dorinda and was bugging me to watch . But that Ramona got on my effin nerves !!! Please tell me she has gotten some diagnosis for this behavior ???

                    • Yes!! Moaner is an awful person now. Deranged, truly, but when they all get together, historic, lol. ?

                    • I was thinking is she on medication or what ? Even the rapid erratic way tha she speaks seems deranged to me . Grating argh ?

                    • That has been discussed before, believe me. I find it hard to deal with anymore.

                      OT. I’ve been watching a few episodes of Tardy now and I’m shocked! I haven’t seen it in years but ALL the girls wear heavy makeup, looking just as phony as Kim does and are incredibly stupid, or they’re like they are, perfectly. It is appalling and very sad. All they’re looking for is a cute boy to take care of them and to explain even the simplest things of every day life. They’ll have to have someone like that, who must also like a simple minded girl in hooker makeup. smh..

                    • Happy Saturday cutie ???? you’re very brave to watch Tardy ?? do they all look like they are in a plastic surgeons waiting room?

                    • Yes!! They all look the same. The 15 yr old looks like30. It’s very, sad and repugnant for someone so young. Awful show…

                      Love ya! ???????????

                    • That’s so sad ! Happy Sunday sweetie ????????????. Watched 3 episodes last night is ‘Alias Grace’ on Netflix and I like it a lot. Has some elements of ‘the sinner’ in it . I hope you’re enjoying the extra hour ?

                      Love u ????????

        • I think it’s great to hear you’re going to check out RHONY! It’s always been one of my favs! I think you’ll like it too!

          HAPPY FRIDAY!!! ??????????? Love ya!! ?

          • Hey love muffin ?????? TGIF
            I will make an effort to watch it . I tried 2 episodes or so this season and I was bored . Maybe I needed to watch more ??

            Any plans this weekend ? Hope all is wel cutie ???????????

            • Yes, definitely need to watch more than a few…to get a feel for who’s who, then see what happens!

              No real plans. We’re staying low, as usual… we’ll watch the final 3 episodes of Stranger Things, season 2, soooooo good!!

              Always love hearing from you always!! ??????

              • Isn’t Stranger things spectacular???? I love it , my husband is slowing me down though because he doesn’t like to watch more than 2 or 3 episodes . He’s not a binger like me ??
                Enjoy your low key weekend . It’s will he raining a bit here so we will hibernate too ???
                Lots of love and kisses to you my sweetie xoxox ???????

  • The only glitch I did see with Bitchenny and crazy eye’s -is on twitter

    Ramona was claiming that the charity Bethenny started (to help hurricane victims)- is RHNY started and Bravo owned!

  • The only way to keep a friendship with Beth is to kiss her ass- sorry that is pathetic to have to Kiss anyone’s ass-( suck-up) agree when you don’t-please have some back bone- not everyone has to like you and maybe count yourself lucky they don’t- some people are loons and not worth a breath of time- C’mon Ramona