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What Did Joe Giudice Get Teresa For Their Anniversary?

MOUNT POCONO, PA - MARCH 05: Teresa Giudice, (L) star of The Real Houswives of New Jersey, and Joe Giudice appears at Mount Airy Resort Casino for a book signing and meet and greet on March 5, 2016 in Mount Pocono City. (Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Mount Airy Casino Resort)

Standing Strong!

Joe Giudice made sure to show his wife Teresa Giudice love on their wedding anniversary despite being in prison.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey couple celebrated 18-years of marriage on October 23.

Sources tell Us Weekly, the RHONJ couple exchanged “lovey-dovey emails and cards,”  while a “dozen red roses with a nice card from Joe were waiting for Teresa when she came home from a work trip to L.A.”

Joe and Teresa’s marriage has been surrounded in controversy and speculation lately. Rumors of infidelity have plagued the couple while Teresa added fuel to the fire by admitting she doesn’t know if she’ll be married to Joe forever.

However, for now, Teresa made it clear she’s not ending her marriage to Joe anytime soon and wants to work things out when Joe returns home from prison.

“When he gets home, we’ll see. We have to ride this whole thing out,” she said in September. “He has to serve his time, come home and do amazing. And then I’ll answer that question. But I am giving him a chance. That’s why I’m standing by him.”

“Will I still be married to Joe in 40 years? I have no idea,” she continued. “You don’t know what life will bring.”

Meanwhile, Joe has been keeping up with his wife’s life on RHONJ while in prison and never misses an episode.

“He watches this all the time in there! He does, all the time!” Teresa revealed on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen’s Wednesday, October 11, episode. “They love Bravo there!”

I love that Joe and Teresa are still trying to make things work and it’s sweet that Joe sent Tre flowers even from prison.

Are you surprised Joe sent Teresa flowers for their anniversary? Do you think Joe and Teresa’s marriage will last?

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  • That was lovely of Joe to send Tre flowers but i think we all kinda knew he would do simething for her.

    Asking Tre will they will be married for 40yrs know one can answer that qu. I can’t even tell you if I’ll still be married next yr, shit happens all the.
    But if Joe doesn’t get deported he has alot of sucking up and working very hard legit work otherwise if he doesn’t pull his finger out and help financially i doubt Tre will stay with him we also don’t know if Joe will be deported back to Italy if he does & i have a feeling he may get deported i cant see Tre uprooting herself & the girls and live in italy her family (Dad &Josie) are in the USA she’d never leave her dad, she’s very angry at missing almost a yr with her mum and is furious at Joe about that. Whatever happens i believe in 2nd chances we all fuck up and I’m the 1st to admit I’ve signed forms that i have no idea it was about I’m very lucky it was all legit but it could happen to anyone esp some women that believe my husband or a family member would never naje ne sign something illegal and also working in a bank i should know better never sign anything you don’t understand I’ve also seen many customers come for home loans and the hubby says its all ok I’ve read it just sign so they do, thats why i believe Tre when she says she didn’t know what she was signing

    • She went into a bank claiming to be a real estate agent with fake w-2’s in her hand to get a loan they never intended to pay back, so….there’s that. Welcome to prison. 🙂

      • Thanks Betty i didn’t know that i thought Joe bought all the forms home and asked her to just it and told her it was a loan for his “contruction” co.

  • Well hopefully he didn’t call her a b*tch c*nt like he normally does. :). I wonder what he will send her when he gets deported?

      • Seriously can’t believe everything we read esp if it came from a close Anonymous source ahhmm kathy, and wacko Jacko ??but Tre did say that they don’t see Joe weekly but he calls daily I’m guessing thats her way of telling/showing him she’s pissed and he had better change

    • That’s exactly right i can’t even tell you if my marriage will last 40+ yrs or not it may fall apart next yr or in a few yrs time god forbid. Maybe they just wanted to find out what mindset she’s at the moment but it is a silly qu no married couple could answer no matter how great your/our marriage is, things come up eg you grow apart someone gets in your or your hubbys ear anything can happen to destroy a marriages TBH i’d be fuming at Joe and very pissed at myself for going along with him.

      I know many people dislike Tre and yes she fucked up but i truly believe she’s changed and if i were in her shoes I’d like it if people would give me a 2nd chance.

      Some people have an u healthy hatred for her which perplexes me she’s done her time for the client give her a second chance if she does it again well then all bets are off to deserve everything she gets that I’m guessing she’s on the straight and narrow from now on

  • regardless of who is selling Giudice stories “source” …

    Let’s remember Teresa made a million arrangement for Gia’s prom and Joe would do the same for their anniversary

  • Just one question- why do ANY prisons have Cable TV- much less TV- read-exercise and bologna and cheese sandwiches –

    • I agree 100%. Especially considering some hard working people can’t afford cable.

      My older brother was in the county jail for a few days. He had the audacity to complain he was board there. I told him maybe his free time (when he was board) should have been spent thinking of ways to change his life, so he didn’t end up there again. SMH

        • Thank you, anyway. He didn’t listen & ended up worse. The only good thing that came out of it is he was the role model for my brothers, sisters & I NOT to be like him when we grew up. In a few years he’ll serve as the same role model for my children.

          • It is tough to beat anything- I say keep praying- Miracles everyday, but he has to want it- you sound like your children have a great role model in you–

          • unless they are “lucky” enough to have a job of some sort – laundry, kitchen, etc the days are very long. It would be inhumane to not have anything to do and it’s bad enough even with what’s allowed. Things are restricted though – not every book or every channel is allowed. That’s based on novels I’ve read and documentaries I’ve watched.

      • Well I think maybe because that prison and the inmates aren’t hardened criminals/ killer thugs , that may make a difference . He’s not in solitary confinement or death row .