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Dorinda Medley Says RHONY Saved Her After Her Husband’s Death

Dorinda Medley has been a staple on the Real Housewives of New York for several seasons now, but it turns out the joining the NY Housewives franchise saved her life after the 2011 death of her husband, Richard Medley.

“I think reality TV saved my life because after Richard died and [daughter] Hannah went to college, I was lost,” Dorinda told Page Six. “I lost all my identity — I was no longer a wife, a mother … I was like, ‘Really? This is what 50 looks like??”

Adding, that joining the Real Housewives of New York “took me away from the grieving … It made me get out and focus on something completely different.”

Over the years we’ve watched Dorinda mourn the loss of Richard while navigating her current romantic life with her longtime boyfriend, John Mahdessian.

While many of Dordina’s RHONY co-stars who knew Richard loved him but the same can’t be said for John.

I’m not surprised that joining RHONY helped Dorinda. Jill Zarin has been vocal about returning to RHONY as a way to distract her from her husband Bobby’s cancer battle.

Thoughts on Dorinda’s comments?

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  • Ugh! Twenty years on, Dorinda will STILL be crying in her martini about St. Richard kicking the bucket like it was her job. You’d think she’s the only woman who’s ever been widowed — was he her second or third husband? I get that it’s reasonable to still feel a certain way about it, but must she rattle his bones in every episode as if it just happened yesterday? I’d be more sympathetic if she wasn’t a drunk and a consistently nasty bitch over such stupid stuff.

    • Let me know how it goes when you lose a spouse to death will ya….you let me know how long it is before you no longer speak of, think of, or utter that persons name. Until then, it is not your place to say whether or not she should still be talking about him. Doesn’t matter if it was her first or third husband. There is no time limit on grief.

      • Well, since you asked, I DID in fact lose my husband a year ago this month. I was married to him two decades longer than Dorinda was to hers, and we had 3 kids together. But you won’t hear me deifying Mr. Buttonhead to all and sundry, even though we had a pretty decent relationship and were still sleeping together after our peers were in separate bedrooms. I just think she goes ridiculously overboard – suck it up already, Dorinda! You’ve had a boyfriend for years now, so you can drop that tiresome widder-woman routine you trot out all the time.

        • Well aren’t you special…and the fact that you have the nerve to comment when you are one yourself? We don’t all get over shit like you do apparently. And before you comment, yes, I can say what I am saying, because I am a widow. And it has been many years. I still cry regularly and speak of him tenderly, and still think of him every single day. And FYI….it doesn’t matter if it was her third, or tenth, and it doesn’t matter how long ago it was, the grief for us other people, doesn’t disappear. I was only married for three weeks when my husband suddenly passed, and all these years later, I still am grieving. I think for you to make those remarks shows your lack of compassion for others. I am sorry for your loss, and I am sorry that you don’t have more compassion for another widow that apparently isn’t as strong as you.

          • I’ll agree with you about one thing — I’m not one to boo-hoo about my problems, either publicly or privately. I get on with figuring out what’s going to make me happy today and tomorrow. Mr. Buttonhead would kick my ass if I was still feeling sorry for myself so many years on.

            • Well that is just wonderful that you have been able to move on. I just think the fact that you are a widow yourself, you would/could be more understanding of the pain that is felt when losing a spouse and it would just give you more compassion on the subject. I think its great you are in the place you are, but just remember we are all different. Not all of us are able to do that. Obviously my hubs wouldn’t want me to feel sorry for myself, which I don’t, but it doesn’t mean I don’t still deal with that loss on a daily basis. It’s hard and bad enough when someone who hasn’t gone through it says “just move on”, but its tougher when you hear it from someone who has gone through it and isn’t more sensitive to the process. And BTW, I don’t think that Dorinda boo-hoos about it, but its obviously still very much a sad topic, and something she is still going through, and at least in my opinion, she is doing as best as she can.

  • I think Dorinda did what was right for her. She’s been a good fit, overall.

    As for JillZ: She never stopped wanting to come back to the show. Sure, she wants to divert her focus on her husband’s cancer battle. And Bobby probably would give his blessing to her, if she rejoined the cast. However, her time has come & gone. Jill wouldn’t be a good fit any longer because it’s not the JILL SHOW. Plus, BFrankelstein will not allow it. Sorry, Jill. It’s a no go. Buh-Byeeee.

  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Good on you Dodo, you made it through to the other side and I for one am glad you were cast on RNONY. One of the best casting decisions in a long time. I’m always sad if there isn’t a certain amount of Dodo time during an episode. She is so damn entertaining and her one liners are pure gold!! This is my favorite……hands down.