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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Are Lydia, Meghan, and Peggy Out For Season 13 of RHOC?!?!

The Real Housewives of Orange County just filmed their season 12 reunion which means it’s time to start speculating about the season 13 cast.

Mere days after the RHOC reunion taped, rumors started that Lydia McLaughlin, Meghan King Edmonds, and Peggy Sulahian would be getting the boot for season 13.

So, is this true?

Well, I reached out to one of our RHOC sources who gave us the 411 on the current casting rumors.

Our AllAboutTRH source, exclusively revealed that no decisions about casting for season 13 have been made by Bravo.

“We never know until around December,” our source explained, making it clear that even the OC Housewives themselves have no clue where they stand.

However, our source did say that “one can speculate” about the current rumors; hinting that there’s a good chance they are true.

Meanwhile, rumors are still floating around that Vicki Gunvalson will be demoted for season 13.

Talk about a cast shakeup!

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I was excited about Lydia’s return, but then I was disappointed with her behavior this season. I think Peggy was a horrible addition to the cast and I’m okay to see her go. As for Meghan, I don’t think she brings a lot to the show, but I do like her. I believe her ongoing feud with Kelly could turn into something good for TV.

Do you think Lydia, Meghan, and Peggy will be fired from RHOC?

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  • I personally happen to actually like all three of them. In fact, I prefer them to the rest of the cast! Oh well! I’m mainly a RHONY and RHONJ fan, so it doesn’t make a big difference to me. I just felt these three seem sweeter. I understand that doesn’t make a good show necessarily!

  • I think MEGAN should definitely GO along with SHANNON !! Peggy should stay and maybe Lydia TAMRA should GO as well

  • The show could use diversity…. Lydia being the “Christian” needs to be explored more. She has potential …. Instead of having her argue with Shannon they should have explored her own life more. Peggy also has potential and the anti-gay rumor hurt her even though now we now it was exaggerated. The only one that really NEEDS to go is TAMRA. The women is fake from every angle. Bringing her conflict with her daughter on the show after her child repeatedly has requested she stop is pathetic. Tamra has been fake since day one. She actually came on the show TO GET A DIVORCE. She has faked the “Christian” card way too many times. Tamra is the worst of the worst….

  • Please get rid of all three and bring Heather and Gretchen back!! Lydia was never a good choice for the show. Please keep Tamara and Shannon and dump the rest of the cast!

  • So yeah I think they should all be fired for adding nothing to the season

    My dream for RHOC would be this

    Add Lauren Conrad to S13 ? Add Kara keough as Meghans replacement

    Job done

  • I read that Peggy is off the show. Her Brother came forward and said Peggy was homophobic
    Heard the Producers want her off the show. Peggy’s Brother is Gay.

      • Read that on line last week. Peggy’s Brother reached out to Bravo and Andy Cohen. Peggy’s Brother is Gay. He told Bravo that Peggy is Homophobic because of her Religion. That she doesn’t like being around Gays. Guess, they don’t speak to each other, because he is Gay. Andy Can’t fire her because he heard she has issues with Gays. Producers will go another route to 86 her. My Personal feeling she is gone. She hadn’t blended well eith other OC…Divas

  • that would make me happy Vileicky is the one they need to get rid off but if FOH to slowly faze that pos out so be it . Of all the HW’s Tamara and Ick JMO been the one’s that should of been let go a long time ago.

  • …….. I guess it’s a time to get the first real housewives of Orange country to be …… REVAMP Like what NYC did seriously! Sorry about Vicki going to be demoted and she needs to be patient and accept the consequence like LuAnn did.

    Again, REVAMP the cast and let’s get some exciting housewives and don’t bring us Gretchen or Alexis. Thank you very much! ???

  • If Bravo decides not to renew Peggy’s contract for a second season, she’d be too stupid to realise what this means. Diko would need to explain it to her dumb-arse. Pathetic.

    • Dolly Parton once told Johnny Carson, “It costs a lot to look this cheap.”

      Take that thought and riff on it where Peggy is concerned and it’s, ‘it takes a real conniver to be able to appear so clueless.” Nobody has to explain anything to Peggy.

  • Def can’t wait for Bravo to get rid of Lydiot her coming back was a big mistake she just doesn’t suit the show and i agree with Lara her behaviour this season has been appauling I’ve never liked Lydiot. As for Peggy when she finally learns and understand the English language m aybe bravo could give a 2nd chance, as Peggy says she’s Armenian so maybe she can go on the Real Housewives of Armenia and get the hell off the Real Housewives of the OC I really like Megan but yeah she doesn’t bring anything to the show especially now with her baby she has toned down a lot, last season she was our detective m maybe if she didn’t have her beautiful little girl she’ll prib’ would’ve investigated Peggy breast cancer story, i get what Peggy was saying coz i work with people who have a very limited and very difficult fir them to get their point across Bye bye Peggy really won’t miss you at all so to see those three girls leave the show would not be a great loss at all. ??????????

      • Rain you cheeky bugga i don’t ask you how your down under is????. It’s actually getting warmer next week will be hot just how i like it, this week was crappy overcast rain at night, and fairly cool. I’m hangin out for summer or just continuous hot weather i hate the cold/winter. Other than that hun life is the same cleaning, shopping, running around for everyone I’m going out with a few friends on saturday night we’re going clubbing lmao, it’ll be wierd going to a club i haven’t been in a long time and on sunday beteeen 1pm till 6pm we go to a piano bar have a few drinks but I’m stuck at home this sunday i can’t go with my girlfriends coz my hubby ordered from main event the UFC he’s invited a few of his mates to watch it at our house so I’m stuch making snacks for them my hubby has no idea how to use the oven or stove he’s bloody useless lmao ??????. How are you georgeous? doing anything this weekend? Hope your having a great week, and hope your weekend is safe but awesome take care beautiful ????

        • Well since you asked ?? my you down under is doing wel???
          I haven’t been clubbing in decades but you go and have fun and tell me all about it . You’re such a sweet Mrs making snacks for your hubs and his friends . And yeah , they’re pretty much all mostly useless when they want to be.

          Take care gorgoeus and stay beautiful xoxox ?

          • LMFAO you crack me up so happy your down under is doing well??????thanks hun i think he just uses i cant cook i don’t no how to turn on/off the stove or oven as an excuse so i get to do it he’s soooo lazy he does NOTHING to help me around the hoyse we agreed I’ll clean the inside and the gardens and back/frind yard inc decking picking up our 2 puppies poo up he hasn’t ever done it hes actually hiring simeine to come eithet sunday b4 the gane & friends to come over to clean the yards SOOOO LAZZZY & a waste of money the inside our home is hugh it takes 3hrs to clean upstairs and about 4hrs downstairs I’m a clean freak i used to dust vaccum steam polish daily, now my back is out i can only polish the floors and dust i cant vacuum daily but i dust vaccum steam polish

  • I would think that Jim’s obvious disdain for this show pretty much guaranteed Meghan would not be long to the franchise.

    Peggy and that goiter she calls a husband have both made everybody (excepting Lydia – they each need at least one ally and they know it) sick of the sight of both of them. Not since the Marcrazies has there been a thirstier couple. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.

    As for Lydia and that poster boy for Pray-the-Gay-Away husband of hers have, through their own, obvious machinations, dulled her self-proclaimed “sparkle” which was really just a momentary glare that turned unpleasant if you kept looking.

  • I could do without those three and without Vicki. Certainly there are more interesting people in OC to put on the show. Someone like Margaret from NJ or Dorinda. Peggy was HORRIBLE!

  • Get rid of them all. Not one of them was able to develop a viable or interesting story line this season. All seemed to revolve around how much they all hated or kissed up to Vicki. And all of those were based on Vicki’s collusion with Brooks about cancer.

    Been there. Done that. Let’s move on to a new set of Housewives. Of course, the fact that Bravo can only seem to find housewives who are known to existing housewives, maybe there are no others in The OC who wish to be humiliated by being on this ahow.

  • Fire all three, they’re horrible and BORING.

    Keep Kelly, she’s been the star of the show this season. The rest I don’t really care either way. I’d rather see Gretchen or Jeana back over Vicki though.

    • As rough as she can be when alcohol has been added, Kelly, much like Danielle, just wants everyone to like her. And in over-trying they can end up coming off as off-putting.

      This year’s Kelly is a scoche less malicious and a lot funnier in her drunken retorts to the others’ taunts.

  • I really hope this is true. No one can relate to Peggy. I never understood why they even brought Lydia back she is ANNOYING. Kelly and Vicki can go. Megan’s brain was on slo mo this season and she has no story line. She can definitely go. Now if Shannon is back to a normal mental state then I say bring her back. If she’s the mess she’s been all season she can go. Tamra…..Actually they need to revamp the entire cast.

    • You should be one of the show’s producers or a network executive. Someone in a position to rid us of the insufferable Peggy (you were so right, NO one can relate to Peggy) and to set the RH flagship back on course.

  • I can see these 3 ladies leaving. Meagan brings zip to the show, but she’s very invested in gossip and is not above talking shit and stirring the pot. But, what about Shannut and Tamrotten? I’ve had enough of those too in addition to Icky. Shannut needs time off to take care of her myriad of personal and mental issues, plus not having to hear that awful shrill voice constantly yelling and screaming would be wonderful! Tamrotten is just played out. Her only storyline is Icky, along with Shannut, and her come to Jesus phony persona is disgusting, and I
    hope she doesn’t try to keep using her poor daughter as a fall back storyline. I still think the bottom line is to get all new HWs, and kick these ladies to the curb. Im willing to watch them start all over again.

      • I know, then Christmas, for gosh sakes! But, I’m looking forward to thanksgiving dinner this year as my son and his great, along with the kid’s are coming! Usually she doesn’t come…. but, we’ll all be together this year so I’m stoked. I’m sure you’ll have a big, beautiful, houseful to cook for and enjoy!!! ?????????????????

        • Oh yay how exciting ! Those grandkids alone bring so much joy I’m sure ?????. Will you be doing all the cooking?
          We will have a full house yes , I have all that week of so I can slowly clean and shop for the ingredients etc. My MIL has started coming to spend it with us from Arizona , she used to spend it with her eldest son ( her favorite ) but had a falling out with his wife . She loves to do the baking and the mashed potatoes and I don’t mind , she spoils the boys and they just eat it up ??. She spends 5 days but the kids usually take her out almost every day and and enjoys that . Fun times ahead ! Not sure if my sons girlfriends will be here or not , I’m guessing not . Don’t these girls have families ? ??

          Luv you much ???????????????????

  • Oh how I wish Shannon would leave the show and work out her personal issues that go way beyond her marriage. Her shrill voice and her unfunny quirks have driven me away from the show. I long for the Vicki/Tamra days before Shannon killed the chemistry

  • Please make this true. I know Detective Neck annoys a lot of people, me, not so much but I won’t mourn her loss if she gets the axe. Pigheaded and Teefs McGee, awful casting. Neither are suited to a HW’s show. Couldn’t stand Teefs McGee and her annoying fairy dust mother the first time around and Lydiot is even worse this time. At least they aren’t show casing her pot smoking mother. She’s beyond b-o-r-i-n-g. I’m waiting for the other foot to drop where PIgheaded and Dicko are concerned i.e. loans being called in, the cars are all leased, mortgage isn’t being paid and them finally admitting they aren’t married. There is something off with those 2, New Jersey off. Funny how her own brother speaks perfect English, without inflection or accent but she puts on this fake accent “whas dees, I don understan vas dees mean?”. She’s so above it all, she only goes to art galleries. I seriously doubt it.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/89da7dd8f388b24aa5cca211bf8af23df7c5f7afe115d7d94b5ac21ab652f771.gif https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/adbba4e29d42eccad33adc82404dcc1aeea9a09d0a9eea46e4eb7c85313d0193.gif

    • Mmm maybe that’s why she doesn’t like her brother ???. Kidding

      The fake accent schtik is old and tired ….Dorit did it until Andy shamed her at the reunion with a video of her speaking perfect ‘American ‘ . These ladies need to stop with this , it’s NOT cute and it doesn’t make you exotic or exciting . Just makes you fake

    • I completely agree with your assessment of these horrible hags. Traumra’s depiction of Puggy still stands. Peggyune has a perpetual “resting bitch face”. Her “husband” DICK-O probably put her up to joining the show, for free publicity for his biz. He didn’t count on his deceitfulness & debt to be exposed. How dumb of him! Neither one of them are too bright to miss the fact that once you put yourself on a reality tv show, you’re past & present is exposed to the public.

      • They really don’t seem like the brightest bulbs in the package, do they? Not that HW’s and their husbands are known for being cerebral giants, more like mental midgets but these 2 are complete dildo’s!

  • Andy has always said he waits for the reunion to air because if they are able to stir up a lot of controversy, even at the very end of the season, he will consider bringing them back. I believe this proved true when Porsha and Kenya had the baton waiving in face confrontation.

  • There isn’t one of these chicks I want back for next season. They should scrap them all and start over.

  • I hope this is at least 2/3 true. Puggy & Lydia should get the heave ho. They bombed, bigly. Meh is Meh. She’s ornamental, only. Her blandness is the counter balance to the insanity the “regulars” put forth. As for Shrieki, I am still hoping for a XMAS miracle that she is demoted or done. Her oppressive LYING presence seeps a strong stench from the LIAR Face that permeate through the OC.

  • I agree with the sentiment. Lydia really has turned into (at least on screen) a vapid twit who throws the Christian card out when it suits her. Peggy (and Diko) can’t speak more than a sentence or two without having cash or brand something mentioned. I don’t think Pretentious is strong enough an adjective. Megan is cool and hot, don’t care if she is pretentious or vapid… JMO

  • I hope ALL these rumors are true . I can manage with Kelly being on but not Miss Piggy ? and her piglets Lydiot and Puggy ! I’m meh about Meghan , she doesn’t excite me or bother me .
    Shannon was for sure on her way OUT but the divorce has changed her prospects . We will have some Shannon FIERCENESS next season with more weight loss (not that she needs it) and navigating life as a single mother at 53 ???. Power on sister friend ! I’ll toke to that ???

  • You’re right Lara, usually the stories are sold – about who is fired/foh etc…then 8 months later, there is vile/tams/pegs/meghan/shannon/lydiot!

    Andy and Bravo never paid attention to viewers opinion’s – why start now?

    • I would submit that the production people hate Dicko and his wife as much as we do.

      Lydia’s pretentiousness is probably chafing as well.

      • I can only imagine they are twice as insufferable in person as they are on tv. Holy hell diko is desperate to be a housewife.

        • Which one do you think is actually more insufferable when you have to deal directly with them? Dicko, with his ingratiatingly disingenuous approach. You know like he’s not stirring the pot, he just accidentally bumped into it.

          Or Peggy, with her barely contained malice that she disguises using immigrant-smile and relying on the, ‘how do you say,” schtick while simultaneously touting a degree from UCLA in English Literature of all things.

      • HelenWheels68

        I actually thought that Peggy’s behavior of inserting herself all over vicki and kelly was producer driven, she is a boring and her ignorance is not an act or cute

  • I hope Lydia is out. She needs to take that stupid, sparkling rainbow she talks about in her tagline and shove it straight up her…. nose. That tagline is so damn stupid.

      • Hi Rain!

        She’s so insufferable. The way she threw those menus at Tamra for being left out of the group text? Good lord. I hope her children don’t grow up to be manic little twats like her.

        • Ain’t no twat like a Lydiot twat ?. I actually LIKED her on her first season and loved her mother . I don’t know who this Lydiot is but she is not the same girl . She sold her soul to VickiLeaks for a dollar . Women who behave this way are usually a little , ahem , ‘frustrated’ ? maybe castrating Doug wasn’t a good idea. Just sayin

          • Hahaha VickiLeaks! I love it.

            Yeah, I liked Lydia the first season she was on, as well, and was excited for her return. I loved the way she stood up to Slade. Now, she just seems off and desperate for drama. I think Doug is reaaalllyyyyy cute. I don’t know how he puts up with her.

            • Vickileaks is from ‘Medusa’ just for disclosure ? she and Fiddles come up with the best names xoxo

              Yes she stood up to slade and seemed like a fun normal girl . I even respected her when she decided to quit the show .
              Now we have this atrocious version of her and it’s not cute

              Doug is ok looking but seems timid , he can’t handle this ride , and I don’t tutor ???

          • Rain, she’s exactly the same. I see the same damn intolerant, judgmental, naive and extremely immature little girl she was the last time she was on. She clutches her pearls over nonsense and then has a total fit if someone mistakenly doesn’t include her in their “text circle”? I felt like I was watching a girl who’s in jr high having a meltdown over school lunch/boyfriend. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9e356421c27aefb0cdd2e0838207b57a4a606e52522d1b8589104a4414ffb3a9.gif

            • Love your post?? ! Maybe I’m remembering her differently . That was my first season ever watching OC and I just remember her being so sane compared to how CRAY the other women were ? plus her mom swayed me on her corner, I love a stoner old lady ?

              I’d clutch my pearls but I’d have to get some first ?. Wonder if Puggy knows that expression ??

              • Gurl…..you know Pighead has no idea what “clutching pearls” means! Cue Dicko to step in and set the “little woman” right. LOL

                • Nothing pisses me off more than women who constantly need to be ‘rescued’ ! ??? I can’t understand it or wrap my head around it , especially in this day and age.
                  Grow some ovaries woman !!! Geez

            • agree! can’t stand this phony whiny fake Christian with silly baby talk…arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

        • But yet she is constantly hounding Shannon for being dramatic! Isn’t there something in that bible of hers about hypocrisy?

          • You know damn well that Lydia is one of those pick-and-choose Christians that only cites the Bible passages that benefit her.

        • can’t stand Lydia…couldn’t stand her the first time she enter the OC Show!
          Worst! Whiny Silly Fake Baby Talk. Spoiled Diva!

    • LMAO i was thinking the same thing Lydiot can stick her rainbow and sparkles up her ass and go live in her la la land where everything is perfect pft she annoys the crap outta me I’ve NEVER liked Lydiot

      • get her off the show! worst pick ever! Whiny Fake Spoiled Diva. Whiny voice.
        Always asking Momma to buy her prizes or forever the f___ she calls it. How
        could any man be married to woman like this??? Lives in fantasy world of rainbows
        and unicorns. She’s enough to make any man go Gay!

        • LMAO hi heaven i couldn’t agree more i hesrd married her coz her dad is loaded and being a Christian is a no no to be gay but everytime i see or hesr him talk he’s def gay and like you said if he wasn’t gsy b4 meeting lydiot he sure is now. Icky is spreading rumours bout Eddie now i havecno idea if he is or isn’t but my gaydar isn’t picking it up andvwjy hasn’t any man come forward etc that idiot which was a complete lie/fraud. If any guy is gay on tge show it Nobleman himself lol.

          • Do think Lydia husband is closet homosexual. My gaydar always knows. I’ve been in the industry too long. Eddie is bisexual for sure. He loves the fame from show. Lydia’ s husband is Christian Closet Gay man. Shannon’s husband is confused. He and Eddie should enjoyed working out eith each other. David might be on fence. Shannon took his balls away. Meghan Kelley husband is Gay as goose. Rumored in his baseball circle he has hit it.

    • omg…I’m With You! I can’t stand Lydia! Fake phony whiny kid voice is too much!
      Spoiled Diva! Hides behind Christian Card. Worst HW in my opinion. Silly baby talk.
      Peggy needs to go! Vicki love tank whoop it up… over her ole tired butt. Fire Peggy & Lydia!!!