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Teresa Giudice Shades ‘Immigrant’ Sofía Vergara!

Attention Celebs – you best respect Bravoleb Teresa Giudice!

In a “Getting Real with the Housewives” panel from Monday, the NJ native Teresa Giudice was asked about celebrity encounters.

Tre mentioned meeting Sofia Vergara (of Modern Family)  and let’s just say the two did not hit it off.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Teresa was told that she was told she was going to run into Vergara, and a Bravo publicist wanted them to get a photo together.

Teresa gave the details of their encounter, saying:

“I never asked for a picture because I’m so not like that, I don’t care. She didn’t want to take a picture with me … Ugh, I can’t stand her, sorry. I hate to say that because I’m Italian, she’s Colombian, she has an accent — she has more of an accent than me! You would think she would be nice, like she’s an immigrant — no, I’m just saying, she should be nice!”

You can watch the video below:

Tre claimed Sofia stood in front of her for the pic and then complained about taking a picture with the reality star:

“And I didn’t even do anything, I swear to God. And I’m so mad at myself because I wanted to say, ‘Bitch, I don’t want to take a picture with you!’ This is what she said to her publicist: ‘Why you make-a me take a picture with that woman?’ Just like that. Priscilla [DiStasio, Giudice’s makeup artist] heard it and Priscilla was like, ‘I can’t believe that bitch said that. I can’t stand her!’”

As for which celeb she loved? None other than J.Lo! Tre stated that she was her best celebrity encounter:

“If you look at my Instagram, you know who I did take a picture with, who was so sweet too, was Jennifer Lopez … she’s so sweet, I love her.”

I love me some J.Lo so glad to hear that she’s nice in person! A little shocked by the Sofia encounter (and comments) so I’d put my money on her publicist speaking out soon.

What are your thoughts on Teresa’s video?

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  • Sofia Vergara is gorgeous and a good actress. TreTrunk is a felonious fool who is best known for her hair trigger temper & flipping tables.

  • If SV DID know who Tre was she probably would have refused all together. Why would she want to be lumped in with a felon like Teresa?

  • Teresa was born in this country. Sofia came here as an adult. Sofia speaks English, Teresa does not. Teresa is in no position to throw shade at anyone.

  • Lydia… Regarding Vergaras publicist “speaking out soon” , I disagree. I Doubt comments like Tres are even on SVs radar. Tre may expect people to defer to her, but in reality the only people that do are the ones glomming on to her for a paycheck. The fact that Tre mentioned this at all kind of screams desperate. She should have just plead the fifth, lol. For the record, I’ve heard Tre say she doesn’t “have time” for this or that so she should have just rolled with it. Not all celebs take photos with fans. done.

  • Teresa is being snarky not bitchy..someone say she’s not allowed?

    Getting out what really happened is what Teresa is doing – before “sources” put a spin on it. Good for Teresa. Again, asking about Teresa referring to sophia as “immigrant” was a valid question/enquiry…the question was not a slam.

    Sophia was bitchy and Teresa called her out…simple


  • So Teresa saying “immigrant” is apparently demeaning… She said she expected a bond due to her and Sofia being immigrants. Sofia a Bitch and Jlo is charming,nice and friendly. ‘
    Wendy show yesterday gave Teresa respect which is Rare like Never. about Teresa honestly answering a fans question about celebrity encounters. Wendy ended it with at least Sofia knows you Teresa!!! I think Wendy got a kick out of it. and Wendy showed the clip.’
    Teresa getting press out of this so you Go Girl work,work,work..
    .Newsflash Sofia is not the nicest just saying…

    • Talk about PC. If we call someone an “immigrant” it’s derogatory? Eh. SV is an immigrant, and now a U.S. citizen.

      I saw Wendy yesterday, and the T clip. Wendy gave T props, no shade. Wendy also passed out, live on her show. Very interesting. Slurred her words, eyes popped, and down she went. Uh oh………

      • Khipp!!

        welcome back..truly I was going through withdrawls! glad you’re back and hope all is well my friend

          • woo hoo!!

            Danielle has been doing tons of interviews – saying she’s being good..and will “bring it” at the reunion…plus..did you read Mags blog..

  • If you watch the video Tre was speaking on the subject as “She is an immigrant and so is Sophia” she felt shaded. It was a ask and tell questionnaire for people wanting to know . If she felt Sophia was rude then so be it. I doubt either of them really care. She then went on to say how nice and humble J-Lo was.

  • I believe people get big heads- I wouldn’t said anything if I were T- just don’t watch Modern Family -LOL

  • I’m not even mad at Sofía for not even wanting to take a picture with a reality star cause that is what Teresa is. When you’re job is based on fans, you should always be nice to people even if you can’t stand the person. Teresa should not have mentioned the incident and Sofía should not have made her feelings so obvious.

  • Don’t care what Tre Ape thinks. She’s a butt itch & after she told the world she hates Sophia Vergara and why, now every one hates Teresa. She said Sophia is not a nice immigrant! Well neither is your husband Teresa for ripping off all those people. Sophia is huge star who is talented and beautiful and worked HARD to get where she is. She knows you are some reality show hack & felon & didn’t want to pose with you. I don’t blame her. Go scratch Teresa! You’re a no talent!