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NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s Feud Explodes!

Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak-Biermann have been at each other’s throats for weeks now over claims NeNe made on Instagram.

While NeNe and Kim’s feud seems to have quieted down, sources reveal it’s actually gotten a lot worse.

Kim hired high powered celebrity lawyer Marty Singer to go after NeNe over an Instagram post where she called Kim and her daughter Brielle “racist” and used the “KKK” hashtag, among other things.

“Marty sent a tough letter to NeNe making it very clear that what she said is defamatory,” a source reveals to Life & Style.

A second source claims that Kim is so upset over NeNe accusations that she’s threatening to quit RHOA.

NeNe and Kim’s drama all started with a leaked SnapChat video.

In the clip, Kim’s daughter Brielle poses in NeNe’s new home and shows off what looks to be a cockroach on the floor.

After the video surfaced, Kim, Brielle, and NeNe all went on epic social media rants against each other; leading to NeNe calling Kim, Brielle, and their entire family racist.

Now, Brielle and Kim are both furious over NeNe’s claims.

“Kim feels NeNe ruined her reputation and put her daughter in harm’s way,” explains the second source, “by making up racist lies.”

Previously, Kim addressed the drama and admitted she probably won’t film with NeNe ever again.

Stick with AATRH to see how NeNe and Kim’s feud develops going forward.

I don’t see this feud dying anytime soon and it’s only going to intensify once RHOA returns in November. I’m not shocked Kim hired a lawyer and is threatening legal action against NeNe. Even though I think they all are guilty. Kim, Brielle, and NeNe have all crossed the line with their attacks on each other.

Do you think Kim will end up taking legal action against NeNe? Will Kim quit RHOA?

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  • Geese who cares!!! She obviously can say it’s not true, she has the platform. Who actually believes she’s racist???? She’s a mistress gold digger and I don’t care that she’s married now. She would do it again if she had to why do you all think she she asked who her daughter had to blow to get tickets to a concert! I’m more disgusted by that then anything said about her

  • If I had to take a side I take Kim’s. NeNe is trash. Once a bully, always a bully. She is a hateful person too.

  • Nene hates Kim and has long history of bullying her. Kim probably hates Nene too but is intimidated by her so she used to pretend otherwise. Nene and Kim should permanently stay away from each other.

  • How did Kim attack Nene? She didn’t. Nene’s words were crossing the line into defamatory and actionable. Nene is just an angry loose cannon who needs to grow up and stop lashing out like a teenager.

    • Nene needs serious consequences for her long history saying reckless things to people. She is an insufferable animal.

  • Breille and Kim are trash. Racist? Who knows and who cares. IMO the Kim and NENE drama stopped being funny/interesting years ago. Sick of it.