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Jacqueline Laurita Bashes Season 8 of RHONJ; Claims Ratings Are Dropping

Jacqueline Laurita has been a staple on the Real Housewives of New Jersey since day one but now her reality TV days are far behind her.

But as always Jacqueline is desperate to stay in the RHONJ loop.

Jacqueline took to Twitter and shared her two cents about season 8 of RHONJ despite claims she’s not watching the current season.

In typical Jacqueline fashion, she bashed the current season and claimed that the show’s ratings are dropping.

Jacqueline then went on to defend her BFF Siggy Flicker’s behavior this season; claiming that Siggy wants to be loved by everyone.

To wrap up Jacqueline defended her stance that she’s NOT watching but knows what’s going on because of Siggy and Dolores.

If Jacqueline isn’t watching RHONJ then why does she keep talking about it? I swear she’s desperate to be back on the show and would come back in a second.

Thoughts on Jacqueline’s tweets? Has RHONJ changed? Are you enjoying the current season of RHONJ? Is season 8 better than past seasons of RHONJ? Do you believe RHONJ ratings have dropped? Sound off below!

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  • She’s DELUSIONAL!! First off the ratings were up last season because folks were curious to see how Teresa’s life post prison would unfold. It had absolutely NOTHING to do with public interest in her. She should be worried about those bills she’s got dropping and less about this TV Show that has done just fine before without her. Meanwhile she’s lying about not watching because Dolores already said on WWHL that Jac called her to talk about what happened with Danielle.

  • I get the feeling that Kim G may be back with Jacqueline and Adam Barta with all of the tweeting she’s doing about Danielle to them. She keeps tweeting that Adam was around Danielle for 2 years and Jac knows her for years. They all may confront her on reunion sources are hinting.

  • Why give her the platform ? Her, her ” fambly” her friends = ruined things and hurt people and looked like arseholes doing it . Her tweets are friggan dumb AF .

    • You are right, michers. Jacqoff makes a statement about the show, and media falls all over it to the point we’re discussing it here. Don’t give her the platform or the time of day. Shes gone, thank God, don’t care about her, and don’t want to have to read about her. Fukc the thursty biatch!!

  • I’ve heard it’s dropped, but not sure from what source. If the ratings are indeed dropping, it sure ain’t because she’s not on. Ratings would plummet if Bravo even thought about bringing her back. I definitely would stop watching. The bitch is thursty and missing the lights and camera! You bet your as$ she’s watching every episode, probably more than once. She’s trying to live thru Dolorifice and Soggy bottom but how’s that working out for them? Bitch, please…

  • As an actual viewer, I absolutely love a Jac, Caro, Kathy, Rosie free cast. She is free to rewatch the Manzos, who got canned and hmmm… they also did not make her a cast regular.

  • If she’s not watching then why does she keep speaking of this show especially on the night it airs! She’s not watching my as*! I might believe she’s not watching if she wasn’t addressing this show every waking minute, but the Wacko-Jacko must think the public is too stupid to put 2 and 2 together. Of course she watches RHONJ!
    At least Wacko-Jacko stopped bring up Teresa! Oh my gosh every word out of her over injected mouth was Teresa! It got so old and so annoying! Jaquline become obsessed with Teresa, that had to be scary for Tee to have her name come out of turkey necks mouth at least 100 times a day! Who would get spooked by it.
    At least Wacko-Jacko is off our screens, there’s no way I could have continued to even care about this show if she was still on. Andy came to his senses and canned her finally! Perhaps it was because the Carowine is out of the picture and he doesn’t have to hear her mouth that he found it easier to get rid of Jaquline. I have to say it was brilliant plan to offer her a part time job because the people in charge new she wouldn’t go for that! So ? thumbs up to them!!

  • Jaq the hypocrite! The worst rated LIVE showing of RHONJ was last season. It was the heavily promoted episode where Jaq invited Tre & Juicy over. “The Dinner”, I’m thinking was the title. After that aired Bravo still used Jaq to heavily promote RHONJ for 2 more episodes. Which the Live ratings are what they are now!!! The 3rd episode after, ” The Dinner” was not Jaq promoted. I recall that episode aired on Labor Day and received good ratings! So, Jaq has no significance on the ratings this season. IMO, Jaq ruined last season! I’m pretty sure that was why she was FIRED! OH, “The Dinner” episode garnered a little over 850,000 Live viewers. Which, if you don’t know, Bravo uses the L(ive)+3 days of DVR ratings as their ratings system. So, keep stroking that pathetic ego of yours Jaq! Maybe one (1) fan of yours will purchased your book on Amazon again, and move your book sales to 269!!!

    • The two Vermont episodes where Jacqueline had her meltdowns were the two highest rated episodes of the season (1.7 and 1.8 million). Right now NJ is doing 1.2 million. So she’s not lying when she’s saying the ratings are way down. NJ has slipped past NYC and Potomac and is now only above Dallas…

      • The S7 reunions, part 1 & 2, were actually the highest rated episodes of S7. My point was Jaq is tweeting about the low ratings, which they are, yet she was the main attraction for the lowest rated RHONJ episode ever!

        IMO, Siggy, thus far, is the main attraction. Danielle seems to be getting ready to edge Siggy out of the way, though. I just read Kim D. gave an interview to ROL and she hopes to send Tre back to prison! So…I’m curious to what Tre did!

    • dopleganger for sure! ???

      scares the hell outta me that you “called it” yet again – about Jack Ass returning – since there is room for more episodes! You know she would be in 100%

  • I love how Lara Sophia who is absolutely infatuated with Teresa and lovers her pretends not to know how bad the RHONJ ratings are is laughable, they thought bringing Danielle back would bring them the first few season ratings they used to have, boy what a huge fail, ratings had never been this low in all the seasons, good I hope they cancel the show, I can’t stand that fraud Teresa!!

  • I’m laughing! I still love that picture of Jac and u guys still using that same picture! She looks so bitter and miserable!

    • Hey Hey Sammy. I don’t know what the ratings are, but I’m watching, and enjoying this season without that Booze Bag…who doesn’t watch. Yeah, sure. She’s got her bottle of Jack and The Little Kernel (Lurker, not the corn) ready every Wed. night. Then calls her “soldiers” Dull and Sog with orders.

      By the by, I have a theory about Soggy. As shown, she’s completely nuts this season. So…at the reunion, she will announce she is writing a self help book on Menopause and how it affected her mood swings. And that folks will be her explanation (read excuse) for everything Sloppy Soggy.

      • Khipp!!

        I am doing my happy dance – so awesome to “see you again”

        wow excellent theory about sobby see her timeline..sobby is busy blaming Danielle for sobby’s erratic behavior!

        • Heads Up Sammy. I think Margaret is on WWHL tonight.

          Where’s Luvs? Wanna tell her Young Sheldon is on tomorrow night – Thursday 11-2, 7:30 CST, right after Big Bang Theory at 7:00 CST.

          • clearly if soggy ass didn’t buy her degree on e-bay – she would know “no one can make” you do anything! of course she should also stop using her magic 8 toy to make life decisions…and resist herself each time she spots her image in the toaster…but nope..not soggy bottom..

            • Siggy doesn’t have any degree whatsoever that would qualify her as a relationship expert in any field of discipline of recognized mental health care providers.

              If you remember, (and if you don’t catch it in re-run) when we first met first-season Siggy, she introduced herself as having been a relationship expert since she was 14 years old. That means she came by her “professional matchmaker” moniker because she is, was and always will be a loud-mouthed yenta, clueless know-it-all (aren’t they the worst kind) who’s sheer lung power and lack of personal discipline means she will do and say anything that will fool people into thinking she’s powerful and perfect.

              As immature as her behavior is as an adult, I would think most people just always nodded their head at the adolescent Siggy, agreed with her, and just waited for her ADD to kick in in the nanosecond it took for her to switch her focus to someone else so they could make a hasty retreat. Clearly things haven’t changed much. Crazy is as crazy does.

              • HelenWheels88!!!

                wow, I never ever connected the dot ..about the significant difference of
                – just announcing that you are a _____________ expert as opposed to actually putting
                in the work to learn and earn a degree.

                That went right over my noggin, thanks Helen, the most soggy did in ep. one, she cried at the drop of a vowel! Clearly she has issues in her tear soaked noggin.

  • Jacqueline is annoying but she is correct. The new season has absolutely tanked in the ratings, only pulling in about 1.2 million viewers weekly. Only Dallas has worse ratings of the current cities. And remember NJ used to have upwards of 3 million viewers and was only bested by Atlanta.

        • When you’re right you are right Dave!

          Wikipedia # (each episode one for each season)

          Season 1 – 1.77 (jack ass)
          Season 2 – 2.33 (jack ass)
          Season 3 – 2.83 (jack ass)
          Season 4 – 2.95 (jack ass)
          Season 5 – 2.84 (jack ass)
          Season 6 – 2.14 (no jack ass)
          Season 7 – 1.74 (jack ass)
          Season 8 – 1.44 (no jack ass)

          I got my #’s from Bravo! wow they lied!

      • Wikipedia pulls the info from Showbuzz Daily, which reports the Nielsen ratings (Nielsen is the official source for ratings), so yes they are correct.

    • Thanks for the ratings info! I don’t think the low ratings is news to Bravo. They only have 12 episides and put it on Wed night, typically reserved for the lower performing series. IMO, I think the way the ladies interact with each other is coming off staged/fakey and I think that was obvious to Bravo so they relegated it to the bare minimum.

    • Samuel posted the ratings at the top 2.4 million viewers. You can view his upload. It was announced by Bravo unless they are fudging the numbers.

  • Yea right she doesn’t watch it? Yet tweets about it for hours. Please Jacko we all know you have no life….