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Dorinda Medley Wants Yolanda Hadid on RHONY!

Yolanda Hadid quit the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills back in 2016 and has made it crystal clear she’d never go back to the 90120 franchise.

So, would Yolanda ever consider joining a different Housewives franchise now that she’s living in NYC?

Well, Real Housewives of New York star Dorinda Medley hopes she will.

Dorinda says that would love to see Yolanda join the New York Housewives franchise.

“I think she’d be great on the show,” Dorinda tells Life & Style.

In fact, Dorinda thinks the newly single Yolanda would be a “perfect fit” for RHONY.  Plus, Dorinda admits she wouldn’t mind introducing Yolanda’s daughters Gigi and Bella to her daughter Hannah.

“New York is a great place to start over, start fresh,” she explains. “New York women are strong, independent go-getters. We live hard, we love hard, we play hard.”

I for one would LOVE to Yolanda join the RHONY. It would great to see Yolanda living the single girl life and getting to know a new group of women.

Would you like to see Yolanda join the RHONY? Do you think Yolanda would be a good fit for RHONY?

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  • Not no but HELL NO! I have had enough of Yolanda and her FAKE disease. I quit watching the show she was on because enough is enough of her whining about being sick, blah blah blah. Kudos to David for leaving this needy biotch.

  • WTF!!!! Is DorDrinka drunk? How dare she suggest YoDull to ruin RHONY. It’s bad enough there is one narcissistic, malady-prone idiot hunkered down in NYC. There need not be another one.

  • I remain opposed to any old HW coming back other than guest appearances . This is a symptom of the anemic choices that Bravo is left with when it comes to choosing new HW. No respectable fabulous women want anything to do with theses shows anymore . It’s worse than running for public office

    Let the ex HW retire already and give something new . Cows meet pasture

    • Especially this ex housewife. She’s a a liar, con woman and a fraud. Had enough of con artists on these HW’s shows.

      Happy Wednesday my loverly! ???????

        • Oh yes, Yoliar is in my special category of felons, cons artists and grifters. Right up there with the POS cancer scammer and the RestitutionWhore.
          Thanks, it’s my “Thanksgiving” look! LOL ?

          • Cancer scammer and RestitutionWhore ? you and Medusa have the best names ??

            I should have a TG look too ??

          • Mine, too. SHE’s a horrible mother (favored Gigi over the Non-Gigis), pushed modeling over getting a higher education (for herself & her kids), LIED all the day about her fractured marriage to “My Kink” and her kids’ Lyme Disease as she did about her own Epstein-Barr turned LD, pushed dangerous, unproved treatments in far flung locations by quacks… the list goes on & on. In fact, the list is more interesting than YoDULL is!!!

              • Yep, that was the diagnosis from the first REAL doctors. Since she didn’t get much mileage out of it (for sympathy), she searched for a quack who would label her with something more terrible. btw: I read that the man who “diagnosed” her with LD wasn’t even a doctor. He was like a nutritionist in Holland or Belgium. Then, she aligned herself to a German quack (his name escapes me) who has a fake practice in Seattle.

                • It shocks me that someone thinks they can pull this thing off, on national TV no less, especially in this day and age where quite literally everyone who owns a cellphone has the interwebs at their disposal and can look up any and everything they want to. I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt in the beginning but when there were no real doctors or diagnosis involved, I knew she was a liar. The selfies didn’t help her cause either.

                  • She told a sad story which appealed to true LYME Disease sufferers. In her first season, I didn’t give her much consideration. During her time, I did notice that her LD occurred while they were on hiatus. Yet, it went “into remission” during filming. How convenient for her that was!!!! Many YoHo sympathizers argued for her. But, they had no valid reason for the timing of YoHaFoHa’s recurring symptoms. I think that alone was the sign that she was YoLying.

                    • That was such a painful season. All of the arguing on the threads about did she have it, didn’t she have it. I’m glad I stayed out of the fray on that one.

                    • Yes, it became ridiculous. In the beginning, I believed she had it because I couldn’t imagine anyone lying about it. Yet, as time wore on, she was caught in other lies (that were even stupid to make in the first place). I realized that I couldn’t ignore the obvious. YoHa was a LIAR. Her last season showed it, without question that she faked being sick.

                    • YES!!! Sorry for butting in, but oh man I was so pissed when I finally realized what a manipulative little liar she was! Who does that? As someone who actually IS chronically ill but who isn’t fabulously wealthy and able to shoot frog jizz up my ass for breakfast or whatever she does, I would love to give her one day in my skin. Oy. Foh you silly little bitch.

                    • Caffeine Queen ~ Please, butt in, as you wish. Your post really surprises me. Of all the Yolanda stories that I’ve seen and posted; the viewers who were most sympathetic to her “plight”, were in their own throes of a chronic illness. I was taken to task for ever doubting YoHO’s Lyme Disease. Even when I sited her last season, first scene where she faked being unable to function on camera – I was told that it was “due to editing”!!!!! IF YoHaFoHa was to be considered “Saint Yolanda for the Lyme Disease Sufferers”; she should have told her idolaters her secret to overcoming the disease. Clearly, she got well after her divorced was announced by traveling to Fiji. Instead of divulging the “treatments” that allegedly worked, she told her fans to buy her book and read how she did it. Thereby, like any snake oil salesperson, YoPhony wanted to take advantage & profit off of her trusting fan base.

                    • So very insightful of you, Medusa ??? I definitely fall into that category . As a woman living with chronic neurological illness (Not LD) . I found myself internalizing her struggle and sympathizing with her . It bothered me when I perceived the other women mocking her or doubting her . I was told you are just ‘depressed ‘ , take these pills and you will be fine . It’s common with my condition (and most neurological conditions) to have 2 great days of feeling ‘normal ‘ , followed by 3 weeks of misery and unable to get out of bed . Hence , THAT particular criticism of her struck me as judgmental and not based on facts . By the time I myself have gotten an official diagnosis , I had undergone the ‘its all in your head ‘, or ‘shake it off’ , or ‘if you stop obsessing about it , you will feel much better ‘ . Most people believe that as long as you LOOK ok , then you MUST be ok . So from my own experience , I empathized with her and to he lack of compassion and understanding she was getting from all sides because nobody understood what she was dealing with.

                      Ironically, I didn’t care for Yolanda the previous season , but her neurological struggle (or lack) put me in her corner . It seems the harder she was attacked and criticized, the harder I dug in . Maybe it’s the ‘we are all in this chronic illness shit together ‘ mentality, or maybe it’s something else I yet have to comprehend .

                      By the time the ‘evidence ‘ piled on, I was convinced that she was not lying and that was HER reality and maybe she needs mental help. I still WANT to feel that she didn’t actively lie and that she is dealing with something psychological. I’m not ready to cross other to the other side but my faith is definitely wavering

                      Anyways , you were SPOT ON about people like me supporting her . I saw her as ‘one of us ‘ and she needed my support. I’ve always thought and believed that we react to these HW emotionally rather than logically, and that was the case with me .

                      You are amazing Queen M . Very very insightful ????

                    • Rain, Thanks for that depiction of me. I’m hardly an authority on these “characters”. Re: YoHaFoHa; I was completely neutral about her, when she started. She seemed interesting. However, her selfishness & obsessive “mommy-manager” ways shone through. I can see your POV based on your personal issue(s). I’m so sorry that you’ve had that long road to travel. It must be very frustrating for you. Hopefully, you’re receiving the proper care for your condition.

                    • Good morning gorgeous ?????? im totally fine and well taken care of thank you for asking ???? I’m the glass is half full kinda woman ?

                      I’m starting to see the light but it definitely was a process for me because I was more emotional than logical about it . But facts are stubborn things… xoxo

                    • I do accept hugs ?????? thank you xoxo . I walk that delicious blurred like between optimism and delusion ?

                      November 2nd! Where has this year gone? ?

                    • I’ll keep sending them your way, then. {{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}… I know, this year is flying by at warped speed.

                    • I despise her for what she has done. Like I don’t get enough comments about not appearing disabled. I would gladly trade for a functional body that appeared out of whack, but worked right. And then this bitch pulls this lame ugly shit. Fuuuuuuuuck her.

                  • I think part of the issues may have been that she did NOT seek real doctors and kept taken down rabit holes by all the quacks she visited

                • If she had doubts about her EBV results , why didn’t she simply repeat that , even several times, for confirmation . There is an approved reliable test for EBV and even Yolanda wouldn’t argue with that . So I’m curious how that information was presented to her and why she didn’t find that diagnosis acceptable. You always have me thinking Medusa ??

                  • I don’t know why she did anything. I read somewhere that it was a plot on her part to get the most alimony from David, should their marriage dissolve. Basically, if she was married to Foster for a certain number of years, she’d be entitled to a larger piece of his pie, if she is incapacitated (whether there is a Pre-nup or not). To me, that takes a certain mind; to carry off such a long con. Since he fell in love with her from her portrait (as he explained it), he didn’t get to know her before they shacked up together. His adult children claimed that YoHa was hellish. Maybe, she really is a calculating harpy???

                  • Mother ??? admire your loyalty and I know you don’t want to believe that Yolanda’s story just doesn’t add up . I also know you stick to your guns no matter what and don’t care if you’re the only one ????

      • Yolanda’s story doesn’t add up whichever way you look at it. Only her diagnosis with a mental issue would make all these inconsistencies make sense

  • I would honestly stop watching RHONY if Yo joins. She is beyond boring and never had a story line besides the lyme diease. RHONY is the only franchise that is still fun even if it has a dark episode. PLEASE DO NOT RUIN IT!! It took RHONY a loooooong time to rebound after they dropped half of the cast and I for one do not have the patience to sit around and wait for it to rebound again. Yo needs to stay away and continue believing she is better than all other housewives.

    • I probably would too, quit watching if they brought Yoliar on the show. RHONY is the only franchise I enjoy at this point.

  • Perfect fit? I love Dorinda but she must’ve been blowing lines again. Yolanda has zero sense of humor and is completely judgmental – she’s the opposite of the NYC women.

      • The way Yodull carried on about Ken “grabbing” her you would have thought he had beat the crap out of her. When you watch the clip, he barely touches her arm and she quickly slaps him away. She was the one to look the fool, not Ken.

        • I agree. I looked very carefully at that snippet of film. Ken did not touch her at all. SHE kept following & taunting HIM. Even when he tried to speak to maRITZio alone (“Man to Man”) – YoPhony wriggled in between them to tell Ken to go away. Who the eff does that? (Vickileaks would).

        • I was actually disgusted how Andy let her get away with that at the reunion!! They should’ve replayed the clip for everyone and asked them “so you’re saying this is abuse??? Lightly tapping someone’s elbow?” (Brandi the pig was backing up Yolanda’s abuse claims).

          It’s insane how against LVP Andy was at the time, to the point that he didn’t even defend Ken when it was all caught on camera for everyone to see. The fact that Yolanda could so blatantly lie when the footage proved her wrong just proved that she’s a compulsive liar.

          • Dave agree, absolutely disgusting. I watched that clip several times and Yoliar well lied…without blinking an eye and Andy did let it slide. WRONG on many levels.

            Yoliar lied about so many things. If I never see that woman again it would be too soon.

            Aside – Dorinda’s comments…she’s just being nice IMO.

          • Ken is a gentlemen obviously something Yolanda is not use to. Not to bite David in the butt but how many times has he been married?

    • Good afternoon llona

      I agree totally I have so much proof that this disgusting human lied – to LD charities and to us – interviews/instagram discrepencies. She is gutter waste – what kind of human disrespects actual humans that have LD – by lying about having it? that would be Pellet Butt!

      • I agree 100% to me the kicker was her claiming that her kids and herself did equestrian. I mean that has to be one of the most affluent sports. She wanted attention and sympathy maybe even a casserole. I will never get why vicki gets so much flack and she received literally zero. It was her toxic implants that caused the problems. I also hated the LVP was treated so harshly for calling her out….

        • She would never eat a casserole ??? as it conflicts with her – pills and one almond a day diet! yup, hubby spent over $1M flying around the world to specialists and for drugs..who knew the “I’m healed” would be:

          – $$$ stopped flowing
          – implants removed
          – removal of fillings
          – “The former model was visited by Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna, who listened in shock as she described the two-foot-long parasite doctors found inside her. “I had a really extreme parasite infection. It was hell,” Yolanda said. “They were, like, two feet long. It was awful.” – yet 102 actual dr. never found this?