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Ramona Singer Opens Up Warning Luann de Lesseps About Marrying Tom D’Agostino

It’s no secret that Ramona Singer warned Luann de Lesseps about marrying Tom D’Agostino, but it turns out Ramona “desperately” urged Luann to re-think her marriage plans.

But Luann “finally figured it out on her own” after her 7-month marriage fell apart.

“She believed in the white picket fence and the knight in shining armor,” Ramona told Page Six.

However, Ramona doesn’t hold any ill-will toward Luann for not listening to her friends.

“She believed in love — she wanted it to work, and I give her credit for that,” Ramona explains.

Meanwhile, Ramona also recently defended Tom for dating again after splitting with Luann.

“You know what? They’re both great people and if that makes him happy, let him do what he wants to do,” Ramona told Us Weekly. “He’s now a single man. Life goes on, right?”

I think Ramona really wants to tell Luann ‘haha, told you so.’  Maybe I’m wrong but it sure sounds like it.

Do you think Ramona feels vindicated that Luann’s marriage to Tom fell apart? Should Luann have listened to her friends about Tom?

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  • michers

    Lu was never going to listen !!! Attention attention attention – that’s what she wanted . The man cheated before the wedding . ‘Nough said .

  • Lisa Renee

    Can’t wait for the new season. The last season of New York was so funny and entertaining.

  • Kirby

    I am always team Lu ????

  • ~Medusa~

    What’s up with RaMORON focusing on Luann’s life? Doesn’t she have a repairman to lynch?

    • Kirby

      Truth ???? Leave her alone

      • ~Medusa~


        • Kirby

          Like a dog with a bone ?

    • justanothermary

      Wasn’t it Ramona that was having a huge fit about having her name in the press, so now she’s talking to Page 6 about Lu – hypocrite much?

      • ~Medusa~

        Yep. You’re 100% right! Good catch! In fact, RaMORON stated, “I never speak to the press. Keep my name out of it.” She must have sobered up and forgot what that declaration.

    • ??????????Ð??Ð?e????

      Moron is a hag. Remember all the times she lorded over the other woman that she was married. Didn’t turn out too well for her either. Sounds like Mario was cheating for many many years.

      • Kirby

        I thought Mario must have cheating for a while too . Samsies?

      • ~Medusa~

        Exactly. I recall one particular conversation ramster had with Luann. She snidely said, “Mario, Avery & I are a solid Trio. You wouldn’t know what it’s like because your husband cheated on your front back & sideways”. Luann’s entire body shuddered with that insult. It was obvious that Marry-O did a fair amount of cheating on raMOANer… If Luann (or anyone else) rubbed her nose in it, she would alternately scream & cry, “You’re being mean. I would never do that to you.” Yeah, sure.

  • samael

    holy crap…is next season another “I told ya so” dance with Ramona and Sonja…puke
    who cares what whore does. Luanne moved on the second it was announced…move on
    crazy eyes

    • ??????????Ð??Ð?e????

      Neither RaMoron or Bonja have lives, they can’t move on! LOL

  • Hanky Panky

    How could she not? Lu ignored, pretended and looked the other way the entire time all for the sake of getting married. As a friend, that would drive anyone bonkers and want to slap some sense into them.

    • Lara Sophia

      totally agree! Lu just wanted to get married and I don’t think cared who the groom was. Hopefully she learned her lesson and up her standards going forward. xo Lara

    • ~Medusa~

      They aren’t friends. They are co-workers. That’s probably the main reason Luann ignored raMORON’s unsolicited opinions.