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Has Lisa Vanderpump Gone Under the Knife?

It’s no secret that Lisa Vanderpump looks practically flawless for a 57-year-old.

But the question on everyone’s mind is, is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star aging gracefully or has she gone under the knife?

Wouldn’t you like to know!

“I’m only 35, shut up,” Lisa joked to Us Weekly.

However, it didn’t take long for LVP to get real about what she has and hasn’t had done.

So, what’s Lisa had done – Facelift? Botox? Filler?

“I have no facelifts or anything, and you can check out the scars. Nothing like that,” Lisa explains.

Lisa does admit to doing Botox but says she’s due for a touch-up.

“I have no Botox right now because you can see I have way too much movement in my forehead. It’s like a circus trick,” Lisa quipped. “I’m the only person in this town that can raise their eyebrows.”

Like most of Hollywood Lisa gets her face treated by plastic surgeon Dr. Simon Ourian.

“I’m with Epione, Simon Ourian, and I bow to him, and he does a little bit of Botox,” she confessed. “He does a little bit of filler, and he just does great skin care.”

I think LVP looks fabulous no matter what she’s done!

Do you believe that Lisa hasn’t gone under the knife? How do you think Lisa looks for 57?

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  • Big mistake. Lisa is a beautiful woman. And wears her age well. Looking younger does NOT mean more attractive. I think she looked better before.

  • Now if she can just drop the Dynasty look, she’d be great. She needs a new haircut and new wardrobe. Those both age her so much.

  • LVP looks good! Whatever she’s done doesn’t look over done, so good for her. Her choice of outfits and hairstyles sometimes make you go what??? Lol And that ‘bump it’ she wears, it might be time to retire that, but other than that, she looks good?

    • Yes -that damn bump it has made me cringe for seasons lol !!! When someone is bitchy or trying to be all strategic, it’s really hard to take them seriously when you know there’s a bump it involved .

  • I think LVP was a naturally beautiful woman. However, she has had plenty of Botox & fillers. To me, that is not natural. She looks great for 63, even though she is only 57.

      • I really like & admire LVP. However, to me, she has always looked older than her actual age. It isn’t due to wrinkles (since she has them plumped). It something else. Perhaps her dated hairstyle & matronly fashion choices. OR, she is simply more mature than anyone else in the room.

        • Or she is lying about her real age ???? just kidding

          I’m not an ardent fan but I i admire and respect the work that she does . I think her hair style ages her and I agree with you that she did some fillers etc. but she IS a beautiful woman

    • LOL!!!!! I love getting a chuckle before work !
      It baffles me that even though she is a good looking lady , my Mother ( God bless) is older and looks younger naturally for real 🙂

      • That’s great for your mother!!! I’ve noticed that the elderly women who retained nice skin stayed out of the sun and didn’t smoke. Good genetics is also a factor.

  • She looks incredible regardless of her secret, but can someone please do something with hair, it has been looking dreadful. Use some damn conditioner please.

      • I totally agree ladies. I think she wear extensions but clips them in herself. She should her own glam squad because she can definitely afford it. I love to see her do something new with her hair – perhaps a new hair cut that’s a little shorter and more modern. She’s beautiful regardless but I think it would make her look even more youthful. xo Lara

        • One of my favorite styles that she did was during her RHOBH party last year with the flowers in her hair . She looked like a goddess. I’m a hippy chick so ALL about flowers and hair ??? her face looked lovely with her hair pulled up .
          Her everyday style , parted in the middle , is not doing her any favors and it has to go

        • She needs a new stylist for sure . At times she looks stellar and others she looks boring and a bit too grandma .

          • Believe it or not, she has a stylist. Of course she tells the stylist exactly what she wants him to buy and what she will and won’t wear. I love LVP but I wish she would drop all of her current wardrobe, get rid of the heavy hair and lighten up on the makeup. She would look at least 15 years younger.

            • Absolutely!!! These are the things that are issues . And please please stop the obsession with lace ??, all the lace sleeves or collars or whatever have to go .
              She can do it , she just needs to take some chances and step outside her comfort zone