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Find Out Where The RHOC Are Sitting at the Season 12 Reunion

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The Real Housewives of Orange County are wrapping up season 12 which means it’s reunion time.

On Friday, the OC Housewives filmed the season 12 reunion and if it’s anything like the rest of the season expect a fractured reunion, filled with a ton of highs and lows.

While we don’t know much about what went down at the reunion, we do that know that Shannon Beador announced that she and David have separated after 17 years of marriage.

In fact, Andy called the season 12 reunion “surprising.”

To find out where the RHOC are sitting during the upcoming reunion, check out the below clip.

Meanwhile, check out some behind the scene photos from the reunion.

Love my glam squad! ? Makeup @katguevaramua and hair @ Stephattyalexandersalon

A post shared by Kelly Dodd (@rhoc_kellyddodd) on

That’s a wrap. Season 12 reunion

A post shared by Tamra Judge (@tamrajudge) on

Emotionally exhausted. Think I’ll lay in bed all day ?. Prayers for my bestie @shannonbeador ?

A post shared by Tamra Judge (@tamrajudge) on


A post shared by Peggy Sulahian (@peggysulahian) on

Kisses with Andy ?

A post shared by Peggy Sulahian (@peggysulahian) on

Reunion day ?? #WishMeLuck #rhoc

A post shared by Lydia McLaughlin (@oclydia) on

I have a feeling the reunion will be epic despite the dismal season. A lot has been said in the media since filming wrapped for season 12, so there’s a ton to hash out.

Are you excited for the season 12 reunion? Do you think the reunion will be dramatic?

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  • Fame Whore

    My location won’t let me watch ? who’s sitting where?? I wish the articles would write it & not just rely on the video

  • iarláith

    So they’re keeping Vicki if the seating chart is anything to go by despite the fact that she’s made this season really boring. Would it have been too much to tell us what the seating was? Some of us can’t watch these video clips

  • Sosa

    The comments here are disgusting and just sad. Came here hoping to discuss the season and speculate about the reunion…

  • ??????????Ð??Ð?e????

    Shannon looks great!! Teefs McGee, lawdy, she needs to go back to the barn!

    • Rain

      Omg ???????

  • ~Medusa~

    Shrieki kept her team of sycophants. Too bad 2 of them will be gone next season. That means the bombastic hag will have to start all over again cajoling the round of newbies to her side next season, if there is one.

    • Rain

      Oh I hope there is no next year for her ! Arggggh

  • Rain

    Shannon looks slimmer already after losing 180 pounds of douche (bye David)

    Puggy’s hair ‘don’t ‘ is ridiculous ?

    Isn’t it ironic that Lydiot looks like a drag queen ? ??

    • ~Medusa~

      Hiya RAIN!!!!!!!!! Looking at the pix above, Lydiot looks like she has no boobs (& she claimed that hers were enlarged). Kelly looks like she inflated her boobs (after her reduction). Tamra looks svelte. Shannon looks fine. Meh doesn’t look like herself. Puggy is kissing up to Miss Andy. Good luck with that. The only cast mate missing from this preview is Vindicki!!! She must have had a bad hair day. lolol

      • Rain

        Puggy will need way bigger glossed up lips to suck up to Andy’s facial ass lips ? HAHAHA
        Vickileaks was probably getting Criscod into her dress and having her love tank filled simultaneously ? it’s hard work being a reptile

        • ~Medusa~

          HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA… Puggy really didn’t click. I can’t see her returning (even if she plants a big wet one on Andy’s backside.)

          LOLOL ~ You’re probably right that Shrieki was being squeezed into her sausage casing.

        • Hanky Panky

          Well thank god she isn’t wearing hot pink lipstick…..however the glossy nude shade is quite odd also.

          • Rain

            It’s a LOT of gloss , like has is a 14 year old girl or something. Maybe that’s how Dik-ho likes it ???

      • ??????????Ð??Ð?e????

        Here’s the bitch with her silly putty face and of course her bewbs.

        • Rain

          That looks like some black mold growing on her boobs ?

        • Hanky Panky

          Wow – she brushed her hair!!!! BAW-HAW

          • ??????????Ð??Ð?e????


        • ~Medusa~

          Sorry, I’m late to the party – again. I just discovered this post. Have you noticed that most pix of VG (& her confessionals on the show) are taken with a soft focus lens? In reality, the homely hag has the world’s worst skin. She’s has a face full of craters, pock marks & wrinkles. It’s odd that after all her expensive cosmetic surgeries, she didn’t fix her skin.

          • ?????????Ð?????

            LOL, yes I do notice ALL of her pictures are taken with 3 inches of vaseline coated on the lens, thank goodness. Her mug is scary!! What’s even odder……she sells a skincare line, LOL!

            • ~Medusa~

              I can’t believe that venture at all. What kind of skin care company would want Shrieki’s cratered filled face to represent them? It would be like having TreTrunk be the spokesperson for Harvard University.

              • ?????????Ð?????

                LOL, or the RestitutionWhore being appointed to Combover Caligula’s cabinet as a financial advisor!

                • ~Medusa~

                  HAHAHAHAAHA… However, TreTrunk was on Celebrity Apprentice while Trumpsky was still the host. She went the furthest in the game than any other housewife!!! She was low key, demure, & sweet. Who’d a thunk it?

                  • ?????????Ð?????

                    I remember it well. She was as docile as a little lamb but still dumb as a box of rocks!!

                    • ~Medusa~

                      She seemed lost and out of her element. So, she hid in plain sight. For her, that was a good strategy. She only lost because it was discovered that she was the last one left and hadn’t actually done anything.

                    • ?????????Ð?????

                      I was shocked she lasted as long as she did. Of course it isn’t saying much considering it was Combover Caligula’s show. He likes con artists, grifters and felons.

                    • ~Medusa~

                      I really think it was because she blended in with the woodwork. Tre was more lucky than smart 😉

                    • ?????????Ð?????


        • cincin

          For someone who says they don’t watch OC anymore you sure have mean opinions. Attack their character if you must but physical attributes are just cruel.

    • rhfan

      LOL drag queen, no! I was thinking maybe the little troll dolls with all the hair lol that you could twirl and make their hair all big?

      • Rain

        You’re spot on ?. I just remembered her hiding in a bathroom hiding from drag queens and here she is looking like Lydia Dragsteen

  • Pookiebear986

    Not even remotely surprising. I could have picked the seating arrangements after the first episode. Some of the friendships do seem genuine but I don’t believe for a second that Lydia and Peggy would be #teamVicki without the paycheck.

    Excited to watch and see the casting for next season. I’d still like to see Heather come back.

  • samael

    I found the seating chart – cuz I don’t have access to Bravo video’s – there is a “rumor” that the cast have notified Andy they won’t film with Peggy – next season