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Does Danielle Staub Regret Returning to #RHONJ?

Danielle Staub’s ability to so effortlessly stir the pot was one of the most exciting prospects of her return to the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

But dealing with the drama of reality TV isn’t always easy.

While it’s no secret that Danielle hoped to return to RHONJ for years but dreaming about returning and actually returning to the drama are two different things.

So now that she’s back, does Danielle regret returning to RHONJ?

Danielle tackled that topic during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and also opened about the best and worst parts of her return.

Check out the clip below to find out what Danielle had to say.

Are you surprised Danielle regrets leaving RHONJ? Do you think Danielle will live up to the hype of her return?

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  • samael

    off topic

    mags is on tv tomorrow!
    Tomorrow morning at 9:00 am @MargaretJosephs & @larryscottevent will be on @fox5ny with @rosannascotto & @loristokes for Halloween! #rhonj

  • samael

    and we’re back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • holy cannoli

      Thank You Jesus!!

      • samael

        hey holy!

        Teresa has her blog up (about 6 sentences)
        Mags has her’s up too – it’s pretty good

        • holy cannoli

          I read Teresa’s , Meh.
          Pigtails wasn’t up yet. I’ll check it out. Thanks

  • HelenWheels68

    “THAT’S AAAAAALLLLLLL! THAT’S ALL I WANTED!!!!,” screeched the madwoman. For the gajilllionth time, Siggy had to bring up that friggin’ cake again at the home sale in front of all those women. Then she laid on the floor with her arms splayed out. (I’m watching the re-run of the most recent episode).

    Siggy is as immature as she is obnoxious. Relationship expert, my ass. I wouldn’t ask her for advice on anything right down to what to make for dinner.

  • holy cannoli

    Off Topic**
    So none of the NJ Housewives are writing Blogs this week ?! ?????

    • samael

      Good afternoon holy!

      IKR! I tweeted that yesterday – “feels like they are waiting to see what the other wrote”..idiocy

      • holy cannoli

        Hi sam
        So crazy.

        • samael

          I don’t recall this happening before

  • Simon

    Wow, more clickbait from this once-good blog! You can’t just post a video in lieu of an actual quote and expect everyone to click on it. I’m done with this site. Every day it’s another poorly written blog with a clickbait title, videos, and no actual content.

    • MrPrez

      They really have gotten bad. Explains why things have been so slow around here.

  • holy cannoli

    Ugh.. This Strega

  • Betty

    Of course she doesn’t. What else does she have going on? I’m sure she didn’t appreciate Kim G. posting that video o her on the bidet, but oh well. The truth comes out on reality tv.

  • ~~ La erik ~~

    I wish the video has a subtitle or Lara writes a bit about it since I am Deaf. ?