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Ramona Singer Defends Tom D’Agostino Dating Again After Luann de Lesseps Split

A single man can mingle all he wants according to Ramona Singer.

The Real Housewives of New York star is defending Tom D’Agostino being back on the dating scene following his split from Luann de Lesseps.

“You know what? They’re both great people and if that makes him happy, let him do what he wants to do,” Ramona told Us Weekly. “He’s now a single man. Life goes on, right?”

Luann and Tom announced their plans to end their seven-month marriage on August 3.

“It’s with great sadness that Tom & I agreed to divorce. We care for each other very much, hope you respect our privacy during this sad time,” Luann tweeted.

Since splitting with Luann, Tom has been dating again and has been linked to several women.

“Tom has been seeing a few of the women in his life, including [ex] Missy [Tool], but hasn’t rebounded with anyone in particular yet,” a source revealed in August.

While Tom seems to be unphased following the end of his marriage, Ramona insists “Luann is doing the best she can.”

“She has the support of her friends and her family,” Ramona added. “That’s what you need when you go through tough times, right?”

I still think Tom could have waited awhile before he jumped back into dating out of respect for Luann and his marriage, but then again I don’t think Tom ever respected his marriage.

Are you surprised Ramona is defending Tom? How do you think Luann will feel about Ramona sticking up for Tom?

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  • Is she defending him or stating the obvious lol? This is a non issue and she is speaking up for Lu more . Sheesh .

  • Who asked “Crazy Eyes” for her slanted opinion? How would she have felt if Luann made the same statement about Marry-Oh after they split??? It’s clear that raMORON is no friend to Luann. She never was. She never will be.

      • Hehehehehehehehehehe…. That “walk” was THE craziest thing to hit the runway ever!! The designer must have been on drugs when he asked her model for that show.

        • She’s insane!! Wasn’t it Alex, Kelly and Bethenny who picked the models or am I remembering it differently. In any case, I’m sure the designer was mortified watching her walk down the runway, looking like she was jacked up on PCP.

        • Thanks for the info earlier. When I tried to log in, a message stated: “Your Account Has Been Suspended.”
          I took it personally because I’ve never seen that before. Now – Everything is back to normal.

    • Lu was very unclassy to Mona even before she left her marriage . Even had random psychic tell her he was cheating during HW trip on tv .

      • LOLOL – From the first moment they met, raMOANer was rude to Luann. The Stinger attacked Lu on every level from her broken marriage to her daughter’s conduct (which was very personal). In return, Luann held her tongue. That’s classy in my book. I don’t recall Luann setting up the psychic’s “reading”. What’s your source, beyond your personal suspicion?

        • Yes the Singer Stinger fired shots as well back in the day lol- neither are innocent in that regard but they continue making up breaking up cat fighting and moving on so I don’t think it’s really all that fair per se to always go in on her when Lu has been a nasty biatch too and sometimes worse in girl code land . I think sometimes I read here and I’m like , “really ? you do see what so and so has done and said too yes ? ” not you ,in general . 🙂

          • raMOANer’s “apologies” are as fake as her tits. She’s transparently insincere, like a 5 year old who will say anything to not be punished.

            As far as Luann – You’ve made a false equivalence. I can’t recall anytime that she degraded the Singer marriage. She did say she didn’t like Marry-Oh, after the divorce. He certainly wasn’t nice to Lu. During the reunions (or on the show) Luann never brought up Avery or any other cast mate’s kid.

            • OMG. Killing me … Look ill take fake tit apologies lol- I think she is genuine but that’s me . Obviously those who don’t like crazy eyes won’t have it . The bottom line is that in the past , they both have been low blowers to one another . This article right here though ispoop and reaching to start trouble against Mona IMO and it’s so insignificant . Agsin just my opinion 🙂

        • Oh and the psychic sorry – hmm ,that was a few seasons ago but I personally thought it was a nasty move on Lus part mainly because how she appeared to take joy in that ;smug look , nasty to her that whole trip . And it wasn’t first time she fired shots about Mario . I think she even went as far as to say he flirted with her ? Or was that Jillzy? Then they call each other friends and what not . Nice .

          • What? Marry-O was horrible to Luann. He mocked HER immediately after Count Cad split from her. In fact, that entire season (S2?) he thought he was a little *star*. He even posted a blog on the Bravo site. Frankly, now that it’s made clear that he was a serial cheater to RaMOANer, it’s conceivable that he flirted with Luann when they first met. Who knows? Back to the psychic – I didn’t notice a smug look on Luann’s face. She had to translate what the woman said from French. She was probably focusing on that. Even still, raMORON has said much worse to & about Luann & her family than that. Really!!!!

  • Missy TOOL? Holy f**k. Never has a surname been more appropriate. Tom should marry this b**ch for her name. I’ll send them like a fruit basket or something.

      • Have you been reading what Kathy Griffin is saying about Princess Cohen and his cocaine habit? I hope this is the start of his downfall, it’s been a long time coming.

        • ??the misogynistic bafoon needs to be exposed . And now he’s doing NYEve with Anderson Cooper? Ummm NO

          I was shocked that Levin is a trumpeter ???. Another self loathing gay man , he should call Caitlin Jenner and have a kiki ??

        • No, I haven’t. Full disclosure: I never liked Kathy Griffin. In all her years of performing in sit coms or stand up or as a guest, I have never even smiled at something she said. Therefore, her opinion of AC holds zero weight for me. That said, why would they be having a rift? To my knowledge, KG is pro LGBT rights.

          • Believe me, I get it. I thought she was kind of funny back in the day on her show but her schtick gets old. I like that she’s calling him out and I do believe her about the cocaine. I just want Princess Cohen to get his and anyway it comes about I’m all for it!

            • Andy should get “his” comeuppance & get the sack based on his demonic pleasure he derives from seeing the housewives debase themselves & our gender. However, Kathy’s 17 minute rant won’t do it. (I did end up seeing it on Dlisted). Although I’m no Kathy fan, I don’t think she deserves to lose her career over the “head of Combover Caligula” photo. It was in poor taste and not really funny. She shouldn’t be subjected to death threats & placed on the No-Fly list. It’s her job to be obnoxious. She does that quite well. LOL

              • I was conflicted over the “head shot”. I still am. I have a theory about the photo shoot. The photographer is a well known Scientologist. Kathy is known for going for Scientology in her comedy shows and COS was not happy with it. Apparently, they set her up with this photo shoot, knowing how she feels about Combover Caligula and knew she would take the bait when approached with the idea of doing a decapitated head of 45. Now…..whether it is true or not, who knows but what I do know is COS wants to silence everyone when it comes to speaking out against them and if they could have a hand in ruining her career, they were going to take the opportunity.

                • I didn’t know the background story. Wow. That’s scary in it of itself.
                  I’m surprised COS never connected with CorrupTrump and his inbred crime family. That would be a marriage of common skulduggery.

                  • Scientology is scary. I never knew much about the cult other than what was in the mainstream media. I’m obsessed with Leah Remini’s COS show. The information she is putting out there about this very dangerous cult blows my mind. Week after week, I’m stunned with the different stories and angles of how COS is ruing peoples lives.

                    • COS has been outed as the corrupt entity that it is. I wonder why members don’t disassociate and force it into oblivion.

                    • They are restricted from researching anything about the church. It’s insane how tight COS has these people locked down. Once they are in, it’s like the mafia, it’s very hard to get out. The members have to go in and be audited aka lie detector test. I’m not sure how often but at least once a week and one of the questions everyone is asked is if they went on the internet/elsewhere looking for info about COS.

                    • Yep and then they bleed them dry, i.e. loans, mortgages whatever it takes to get their money or money they will never have. Members are required to buy everything COS publishes and one of the ways they fleece them is they say there was a mistake printed in whichever book they pick and the members, again are required to purchase. It’s usually a line or 2 that they change. Nothing of import and certainly not a good enough reason to replace the book.

                    • FDD ~ That’s crazy!!! OT ~ I won’t be posting here, anymore. I’ve been banned from this site, now. I have no idea as to the reason for this sudden turn. I can’t even get to the main page to reach the “moderator”. Tchuss!

                    • WTF????? How were you able to reply to me if you were banned? This is ridiculous mein freund. If you are gone, I’m gone too. No question about it!!!

                    • Oh I appreciate that so much , I really do . I care about who I percieve are genuine kind beings and you are definitely one of those . You’re a lovely, sweet and kind unicorn ?

                      Love u ??????????

                    • My mistakenly thought I was banned because I couldn’t log in. Everything’s fine again. Sorry for the panic attack.

                    • You’re not banned cutie !! The site was ‘suspended ‘ whatever that means. Please try now, it will work

                    • To add to Fiddles point , I think they also have a hierarchy, so if you’re poor , you’ll always be good for the the grunt work like cleaning , scrubbing , running errands , keeping the grounds etc

                    • I haven’t watched Leah’s show. I was wondering if she’s worried about retribution from COS. They have been suspected of killing other dissenters.

                    • The guy she does the show with, Mike Rinder, was a higher up in COS. He knows alllll the secrets. They both have 24 hour security along with anyone tied to the show. COS is no joke. If you go after them, be prepared. I believe Shelly Miscavage was killed by David Miscavage himself. He’s the self appointed head of COS, a very scary little man.

                  • It’s funny because Kathy received all of the backlash but the photographer?
                    Nothing, nada, zip, zilch. Usually the photographers are the ones that come up with the ideas, of course KG had to consent to do it but I believe she didn’t come up with the concept.

                    • I felt the same way when Kendal Jenner got flack for that Pepsi commercial ! Why not go after Pepsi or the creater of the concept ? She’s just a model they asked to appear on a friggin commercial . She doesnt run the Pepsi commercials department ? Regardless of how one feels about the Kardashians, she didn’t deserve that hate.

                      It’s hard not to see the misogyny in all these examples and reactions and how these things are spun to the public

                    • Amen, Rain !! (Applause) ? You are absolutely correct, sadly.

                      Hope you’re having a great Sunday!! Is this the kid’s weekend? Love, Mother???????????

                    • Love you too cutie !!! ????? yes the kids weekend but they are out with their girlfriends then will leave shortly after they get back
                      How was your weekend ? Watch the trailer for Netflix ‘Alias Grace’ , right up your alley , it starts next week

                      It’s cold FUCHESS brrrrrrr ???????????

                    • Oooh! Haven’t seen anything about that show. Will co it out. Thanks!! It’s starting to get cooler down here…finally!!

                      I also got yet another new tablet, bless the hubby. He saw I was having so many problems on that other one, I was pulling my hair out! ?. My new one is awesome, so no more problems posting here anymore. It was so bad, I just stopped posting for several days. ??????

                    • Congrats on the new tablet ??????, your hubby is such a darling and guy deserve this ??
                      It’s sucks when our devices don’t work ?? I hope you’ve had a great day sweetheart

                • Why does Kathy Griffin holding a mask of Trump with ketchup poured over it warrant a Secret Service investigation plus a call for her actual death (let alone her poor 90+ year-old mother and sister dying of cancer) let alone the death of her career when Marilyn Manson can release an entire video that obviously depicts a decapitated Trump as the following still shot shows? I saw her at the Count Basie theatre before Trump was even elected and she was dropping some truth bombs then about how checks for winners on the The Apprentice are made out to the Trump Organization rather than the actual charity that is stated as the recipient of the winner’s winnings. In other words, his worth is inflated by false numbers that really amount to nothing more than undisclosed bridge loans. I think Kathy was speaking truth to power and this was the result. We live in strange and exotic times.

                  The Manson still from the video: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/91315f3ffcbd4970693001203d08efb3ed704674a86d0e0fe003cec5ae6c49e1.jpg

                  For more of the video, you can go here” https://www.thedailybeast.com/marilyn-mansons-shocking-trump-video

              • Agreed , why should she lose her career? What about all the atrocious stuff Ted Nugent said about 44? He’s still running amuck spiting in his coffee mug ?

                  • I’m back. Due to a severe wind storm, my area had several power outages off & on during the day. In between, I couldn’t log on to THIS site, either. However, I just tried again… Jetzt, Alles in Ordnung.

                    • Thanks for your friendship!!!! It was really strange to be locked out. Was it easy for you to log in here today?

                    • I haven’t been on the site at all today. Just checked messages through disqus. I have Feedly where I have all of the different sites I use and when I looked at it, I noticed there were no new stories for this site, which I thought was odd. They were having some technical difficulties.

              • I agree, Medussa and pretty much said the same thing. She’s totally down and on the brink of losing everything. No one will even stand up for her, so she’s telling everything. We’re witnessing her end, no wonder she’s in such hate and despair. Fyi, I never thought her funny too..

          • Because AC was interviewed by a a reporter on camera after she lost the NY Eve job and he said–into the camera– “who’s Kathy Griffin?” or something like that. He said he didn’t know her, had never heard of her. She actually worked for him for 10 years.

            • I’m aware of their history / “Hollywood friendship”. I think it was a casual street “interview” with a TMZ reporter.

    • I’ll be posting, every chance I get, the words Ramona used about Tom, only I’ll be writing about Mario, Ramona’s ex: “if that makes him happy, let him do what he wants to do. He’s now a single man. Life goes on, right?” Let’s see how Ramona likes it. She’s got a crust as thick as a 3-day-old bread. Colossal insensitivity.

    • Agree . Trying to get Mona ambushed . And truth be told , Lu was not kind at all to Mona and her marriage , Mario accusations and so on which to me , was low class and nasty . Why was that overlooked and Mona gets shit on for THIS ? Friggan weird .