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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: “Thirsty” and Desperate Kim D Continues To Peddle A Fake Story About Teresa Giudice For Attention

We all know how much Kim D loves spreading gossip and spilling her version of the truth especially when it comes to the cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

So, remember back in June when Kim D received a mysterious letter about one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and threatened to release the damaging information?

At the time Kim claimed she needed “more info” and “proof” and urged the letter’s creator to reach out to her.

But we never really got the truth about what “damaging info” the mysterious letter contained.

Well, now the AATRH Team has found out what “info” this infamous letter contained.

It turns out this “info” was about Teresa Giudice’s alleged affair with a guy named Shane, who happens to be close friends with Melissa and Joe Gorga.

Since receiving this info, Kim D has been peddling and selling the same story, word for word, to multiple outlets including Us Weekly, InTouch, and a few blogs we’d rather not name.

In the story, Kim claims that Teresa and Shane have been having an affair for months and have been caught out together at dinners and events. Kim even claims the RHONJ producers caught Teresa sexting Shane.

So, imagine our surprise when this story, that is months and months old, reared its ugly head again this week and was being touted as an exclusive.

Despite the fact that some continue to print these lies others see through Kim’s attempts to run with the big boys.

The AATRH Team spoke with our RHONJ sources who called BS on it all and had some pretty choice things to say about Kim D.

In fact, our sources are accusing Kim of writing the letter herself and making up fake drama to extend her 15-minutes of fame.

Our RHONJ sources said, “This story is much like Kim D, it’s old news. It’s also like Kim D because it has zero creditability.”

“The word is that Kim is thirsty for attention,” our source adds.

Kim’s story about Teresa screams desperation. I don’t believe a word she says and unless I see proof that Teresa’s having an affair I’m not buying it.

Why do you think Kim continues to peddle the same story about Teresa? Does Kim D have zero creditability? Is Kim desperate for attention? Do you believe Kim’s claims?

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  • There are a bunch of pics of Joe Gorga,Melissa and Teresa with Shane ,Teresa is sitting next to Shane standing by Shane in the group pictures Kimmy my guess is when you don’t know the story behind pics u make up a story I am sure whoever’s behind story gets paid .

  • Seriously who believes Kim d. I sure do not and I am not a tree hugger .. Kim d should worry about herself and stop trying to ride on her ex best Friend’s fame .. What a joke, there would have to be absolute proof Joe cheated before tree would ever step outside her marriage . and because she is all bout her kids she cares what they think I would bet money she would get a divorce first .

  • Ok… show the proof! Better yet, lol, all the RHONJ and KimD should go on Maury Povich and take lie detector tests. ? Until they’re ready to put up, I think they should shut up!

      • LOL, I would love it! I love when he says “and THAT was a lie”. I think all the ladies would flip if he said that to them. Lol, he would need extra security. The RH on Povich, that could be the next big thing ?

  • Sounds like a made up story. If Tre was actually having an affair, who would she be out in public eating dinner and at public events. Where are the photo’s. Tre wouldn’t be so stupid, she is trying to build up her brand again, why would she risk that by having an affair and being out in public with him.

  • Teresa chose to fix her family and cut the outside noise off . Teresa cut out all of the fame chasers who used her a meal ticket . It’s pretty funny that the nasty ones she walked away from are the same pathetic people who keep putting out same pathetic shit about her . Calling them desperate is kind …. So no I dont believe a word that comes from this trash box . It’s seems that older women who get tv time cut off are rather spiteful and immature . Quite hilarious they bash Teresa after ” loving ” her when she walks away from their troublemaking to be a better person. What a pile lol: Jax, Kim D, Katfish


  • I was never a huge Teresa fan in the beginning but I think over the years she has certainly shown to be a loyal wife to her husband. I think the last thing she would ever do is cheat on Joe because she obviously loves him and values her marriage and family and setting an example to her daughters. Kim D is a “crazy scumbag” (thanks Dolores) and obviously pretty damn thirsty for attention to continue coming after Teresa and her family for years and years. It must be exhausting to be that desperate all the time.

  • Kim D’s actions come across as spiteful, self serving, attention craving and desperately craving to take down the others to claim herself Queen! no matter who she has to take down to get it. Which begs the question. Who is the one blocking her from getting her own show? After all, this is the very personality Bravo favors and even encourages! You can attribute all these characteristics to everyone on RHNJ.

    • I liked the humorous light shade throwing Kim that originally maddaporeances here and there and stayed out of the fray and not so desperate for publicity . She went downhill and fast when she displayed higher loyalty to Bubba Jax and those who wanted to fight Teresa . Once Teresa wanted to do better and fix familia, the crazies got crazier lol. I don’t get why some of these people think it’s their place to be so nasty about family coming together and healing ? That’s what good people promote and well wish lol

    • And she was so shocked! Yea right. In the business they are in I am sure Kathy has seen and also accepted the drug that the industry seems to favor so I call her statement an act of retribution and nothing more. In not saying its ok nor sticking up for Cohen but Kathy is just a malicious brat if she doesn’t get her way.

      • Good afternoon Victoria R

        I agree – this is payback for sure. For me – this confirms what

        – Bethenny
        – Dorinda
        – Kristen (ex rhny)
        – Brandi Glanville (ex rhbh)

        confirmed either in their blogs or on #wwhl or in interviews about cocaine use on RHNY @Andy so this is true? “And

        This is what bethenny said on WWHL about the cocaine comment at the reuniion

        “Bethenny chimes in “sweetie, it snows a lot more in New York than it does on any other Housewives city. Trust and believe.”

      • You know, I have sympathy for Kathy Griffin, she doesn’t seem well and has been digging herself an even deeper grave. It is sad.

        But this is what really pissed me off: she’s clearly trying to use of the whole Harvey (Weinstein) and #MeToo momentum – when it’s not her case and an insult to the brave women who have been speaking up. So Andy Cohen is a bitch, he does blow and TMZ are a**holes. What else is new? Shut the f—k up and go get some therapy.

    • OMGosh, Samuel! This is very ironic considering we had a chat about blind items on an earlier thread this past week! But, last month there was a blind item (paraphrasing): “Which TV hosts are shaking in their boots at what this fallen comedian is about to release to the public about them? The comedian was publicly fired and is seeking revenge!” The main guess was: Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen for TV Hosts and Kathy Griffin for the fallen comedian!!!

    • Andy cohen tweeted his response to cocaine allegation

      I am completely stunned by this story. It is 100% false and totally made up.
      2:19 PM – 28 Oct 2017


    • I saw the whole 17 min. today. Quite the revelation on many fronts. Ms. Griffin is kicking ass and naming names.

    • OMG, she’s gone off the deep end! I never really thought she was particularly funny. Despite how I feel about him, the severed head was a bit much, but I never thought career ending. It’s kind of sad to see that no one is standing by her, her career is in ruins, possibly forever, and she’s choosing to go out like this. She’ll probably lose everything so she feels with nothing left to do, why not spill the beans on everyone. “THEY” will all stand together against her, so she’s going out swinging…

      • Good afternoon FUCHESS!

        Yesterday a person on here posted something that jolted me – I did have sympathy for Kathy to a degree and I also believe she is trying to rebuild her audience…but yesterday, I never even thought of this…

        in the video – Kathy compares Harvey levin to harvey weinstien the asshole who has been sexually violating female actresses, the same asshole who has been collecting victims, who are (by the day) coming forward to have a voice and describe his disgusting sexual assault on them…

        Kathy compared Harvey – who reports anything that every level of celebrity exists – he reports..that’s it. How dare Kathy diminish the victims of Harvy Weinstien by comparing him to a lawyer who runs a rag/mag!

        • I agree! It’s sickening, but that’s what I mean when I said nothing to lose anymore. She’s totally lost perspective and has no anchor, or anything to hold onto. She’s just lashing out with anything she can think of. She was, imo, always kind of a “shock” comedian, which is what she’s doing now. Unfortunately, she has no filter now, just spewing any nasty and derogatory thing she can think of and it isn’t even close to being funny. Doesn’t she have anybody left that can tell her, exit stage right?

  • On another blog it stated Melissa knows about Tre and Shane! Bullsheet! Tre would never trust Melissa with something like that! I think Kim is working on a storyline for herself for season 9!

    • Good morning CsqD

      I read it on starcsm as well, such crap – meanwhile Shane has cool pics of him and his son on his instagram – you know Trejects will hate on him! KimD’s contribution to this season (fashion show) only happened due to the 2 murders in her car.

      • Yup! Kim D. used a grieving families pain for camera time! What scum she is!

        Have you noticed Tre gossip contradicts each other? Last week, Tre was broke and not sure if she can handle being a single parent. This week Tre is cheating with a guy who has money that she likes to spend!

          • Here’s another contradiction: Last week, according to a blind item, Tre cut back her visits to Joe because he fell in love with another inmate. This week, Tre cut back her visits because of Shane!

  • KimD is a lying sac of shit

    I believe this site’s “source” – each time this site’s source told/confirmed #RHNJ information it became 100% true – so there’s that.
    KimD is jealous of the hit Danielle made on #RHNJ and is whoring herself for a whiff of attention! ???

    So this is the story that got “pulled” 2 days before the latest #RHNJ episode – so I’m thinking Marcy was right – James Leonard!

    KimD is pissed that the ONLY way Bravo would have her on the show is for pity – the 2 murders that just happened to be in HER car. Attaching herself to Soggy bottom’s Pellet butt won’t work..hopefully the next “thing that falls in her lap” will be a piano.

    Soggy is dedicated to KimD cuz Soggy’s daughter is in KimD’s “fashion show” for the second time https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/acad55f8ee613c68dc2da6ade8c82b42eab2f8c837d1abad639bc1a694f1f131.jpg

    • Soggy diaper calls T and Meme trashy for cakegate but promotes her relationship with Kim D. She threatens Mags and tells her to F herself but people having fun are a problem LOL? And people are kind enough to not drag her ass after that double murder in her car and circumstances surrounding it and her son. Whatta bitch .

    • And you just know Kim D was all like ” yeah I’m gonna show that ___ what’s good ! Shouldn’t have crossed me . I run wit da big boys. ” she probably thought she was all that and a bag of chips putting yet another fake news bomb using Teresa’s name lol! Someone needs to put a trap on her ” lap” all the ” tea” falls in lol