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Sonja Morgan Accidentally Invites 1,000 People to her Home

Uh-oh, Sonja Morgan made a HUGE mistake when she accidentally invited 1,000 people to her home for an intimate cocktail party.

The Real Housewives of New York stars tells Page Six she was trying to send out 30 invites for a small gathering of around 30 using Paperless Post when something went awry.

“So I started sending them individually, and all of a sudden it says, ‘580 sent, 720 sent, 960 sent,’” Morgan explained. “My friend called in two minutes and said, ‘Shall I come over? Are you hyperventilating?’”

Sonja says the invite went out to everyone including staff at her parking garage, her daughter’s teachers, a catering service she’s used before and even Page Six itself.

Quickly rumors spread that Sonja was hosting a grand masquerade ball and even one of her RHONY co-stars reached out to be invited.
However, Sonja quickly shut things down with the help of a pal who used to work at the FBI. Sonja’s FBI friend played bouncer at her home in case any of the 1,000 people showed up at her door. Meanwhile, Sonja sent out a ton of emails explaining the mishap and encouraging people not to show up to her home.
In the end, only three unintentionally invited people showed up at Sonja’s and laughed about the whole debacle.
I think this type of thing could only happen to Sonja. If only the RHONY cameras were rolling could you imagine the craziness that must have been happening at Sonja’s townhouse?

Thoughts on Sonja’s mishap? Which RHONY star do you think called Sonja looking for an invite?

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  • Laurie

    So none of her co-stars including her BFF Ramona are her email list and had to ask to come? I thought they were all friends in real life. Haha

  • Sheba

    Page Six ha? She’s got them on speed dial as well I’m sure! It was prob 10 and she needed a story in Page Six? I bet Tinsley is loving this. Sonja telling on herself but we all knew she calls Page Six on the others and herself. The intern who worked there for a day said they had to go to lunch only where they thought there was a chance paparazzi was there. Hahaha


    LuMann, I think, was the one who called and asked to be invited. I also think she was one of the few people who showed up anyway, LOL! ?????

  • Kirby

    Used to like her but not anymore

    • Sheba

      You and I like and dislike the same Hws!

      • Kirby

        ??????Power in numbers ???

        • Sheba


    • ~Medusa~

      Same for me. In her first season, SonJa was breezy and as light as helium. As the seasons wore on, so did she. She’s become a slatternly, silly, lazy, boring drunkard. She requires 5 (unpaid) interns to handle buying her stamps at the post office.

  • MaryWanna

    That’s hilarious — if true.

  • ??????????Ð??Ð?e????

    Sounds like another one of Bonja’s made up stories, trying to stay significant.

    • Sheba

      Fbi, 1000….always exaggerating but told on herself for having Page Six in her address book. Remember she told Tinsley she had no idea how to contact them?

      • ??????????Ð??Ð?e????

        Another one of her lies, bitch needs to put down the bottle.

  • 1finleyboc2

    she needs a breathilizer on her computer.

    • ~~ La erik ~~


  • samael

    Now this is the Sonja that rocks!! ???