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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Teresa Giudice Addresses Kathy Wakile Using the Hashtag #StandingStrong; Plus Reveals Why She Can’t Forgive Her Cousins

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kathy Wakile recently got caught using the hashtag #standingstrong in one of her Instagram posts about her new restaurant Pizza Love.

Friends Love @pizzalove_201 still #standingstrong

A post shared by Kathy Wakile (@kathywakile) on

So, what’s the big deal?

Well, #standingstrong happens to be the title of her estranged cousin Teresa Giudice’s latest book.

During an intimate event at the Kathedral Event Center in Hammonton, NJ, Teresa opened up about Kathy using the Standing Strong hashtag and why she can’t forgive her cousins.

Teresa called out Kathy and her husband Rich for opening up a pizza shop shortly after she, Melissa and Joe Gorga opened one.

“This week they opened up a pizzeria what a coinkydink we just opened up one,” Teresa explained.

Teresa then questioned Kathy’s motives for using the #stangingstrong hashtag.

“Everyone sent me a picture of Kathy using the hashtag Standing Strong, like why do you think she did that?” Teresa asked. “This is the kind of family I have. I would never do this.”

Despite their latest drama could Teresa ever forgive Kathy and Rich?

According to Teresa, no. Adding that she’s “done” with her cousins.

“With Kathy and Richie, I’m so done with them,” Teresa confesses. But Teresa calls Kathy’s actions over the last few years “sad” and explains why she can’t forgive her cousins.

“This is sad because my father only has one sister here everyone else is in Italy and Belgium. To me, family was the most important thing to keep together. I never thought fame and money would destroy my family, but it really did,” Teresa explains.

“I did forgive them a little bit because we made up on the show, but then they kept going still and I was like you know what I don’t need bad negative energy around me. I have strangers around me who became friends who would never do what my own family did to me,” Teresa adds.

“So I don’t want anyone to think oh she has no heart and she wouldn’t forgive her family. It’s not that, if your family did what mine did to me, you wouldn’t make up with them, well maybe you would, but I just don’t want that around me.”

However, Teresa explains that at what point she and Kathy were super close and then Kathy betrayed her by joining RHONJ behind her back.

“I used to tell Kathy everything that was going on the show and my brother and Melissa too because we would have Sunday dinners together all the time,” Teresa explains.

Then when Teresa found out, Kathy and Melissa joined RHONJ she was “so hurt.”

In fact, Teresa calls Kathy and Rich’s actions in particular “absolutely disgraceful.”

“Kathy and Richie were at my house all the time…wined and dined…all the time. They were at my shore house all the time, on my boat – we had a big boat – they were with us all the time. And then for them to do what they did to me is absolutely disgraceful.”

I loved how candid Teresa was about her issues with Kathy. It’s clear Teresa is still hurt over Kathy’s actions. It turns out blood ain’t thicker than water.

Thoughts on Teresa’s comments? Why do you think Kathy used the hashtag #standingstrong? Are Kathy and Rich’s actions “absolutely disgraceful?”

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  • Teresa is like Vicki. They think the housewives show is their show and they are the stars and no one else is allowed to join “their” show. In the grand scheme of life, I can think of things that would be a lot worse than joining a TV show. Get over yourselves ladies!!!

  • I am so confused why many put Teresa on some type of pedestal. She is a professional victim; complains non stop about how everyone is out to hurt her while she and her beloved are off screwing other business people, institutions, etc. (Which, btw WE are paying for, not her middling restitution.). It is so sad she had to “go away” from her family and now Joe had to “go away”. Always, always the victim. And, I have great problem with the some stating she has taken responsilbilty for her actions. I am not certain fulfulling a court sentence qualfiies taking responsiblity. Perhaps, doing her time. But, those are diffierent things. Right now, I find RHNOJ one of the most scripted of the series. Just the first few episodes have been laughable to me. But, the thing that has stuck out the most to me is Saintly Teresa’s use/abuse of her beloved children and, now, her grieving father. In my opinion, she has zero shame in using whoever in whatever manner she can to forward her own goals.

  • Kathy and Rich are so filled with hate and jealousy that they were fired, that they can’t see straight! Of course they blame Tre and probably can’t wait for the day RHONJ is cancelled! Kathy was, and still is, an uninteresting reality TV personality. Rich seems to think he is so much better than the Giudices. Paying your taxes and obeying the law doesn’t make a person better than OTHERS! IMO, it’s how you treat the OTHERS that count and Richie was absolutely disgusting at how he treated Tre! Kathy is so passive-aggressive it’s pathetic!

    • IMO, the Gorga Restaurant was a storyline that was pulled together when filming started in March. Really, the restaurant may have even been planned before filming started when contracts and storylines were being discussed in February.

      Kathy publicly announced the, first part of May, she was going to open a pizza restaurant in June. A week after Kathy’s announcement, the Gorga Restaurant opened, which was mid-May by then. It was reported that Bravo cameras were present for the opening.

      Then it was announced in late spring that RHONJ would not air until September-ish! Which we all know now S8 aired Oct. 4th! Lo and behold, Kathy’s restaurant that she announced would open in June did not open then! Instead it was doing a soft opening the same week RHONJ S8 aired!

      So…..to answer your question, No, Kathy’s restaurant didn’t open before the Gorga Restaurant. Kathy just publicly announced she was opening a restaurant first.

  • Let’s be clear here…you can’t win em all and at the end of the day let’s just be happy Teresa got her Brother back.

  • Another picture also, filthy Dick Wakike posted a photo of “himself” of course Kathy wasn’t in that picture, in a Teresa’s yoga pose from the Standing Strong book cover on his instagram . These all were taken the night of season 8 episode 2 Wed. 10/18/17

    • I think the Wakiles are publicly mocking Tre in hopes Bravo will hire them back to antagonize Tre. Are they really that egotistical and self-centered to think they were that important on RHONJ? OR, are they desperate for money? Did they take a look at Jaq and Chris’ financial situation with the $1.8 million fine and foreclosure and realized their next to be foreclosed on? The Wakiles are low life scum who threw their own family under the bus for money so doing it again wouldn’t surprise me!


    • Tre is crazy and she’s not very smart. I honestly don’t thing Kathy meant anything horrible by saying that she saw Adrianna unattended during the fight at the christening. Obviously the place was full of family and no harm would come to the child, but Tre WENT OFF over it. The entire season and into the next she kept ranting “UNATTENDED”. It’s ridiculous. I can’t imagine being around someone who may go off at any time for any perceived slight, whether intended or not.

  • Just the mere fact that Kathy called Teresa’s father (Kathy’s uncle) a coward and her mother (Kathy’s aunt) a f—ing liar– that should be enough for Teresa to end the relationship FOREVER. KATHY was DISRESPECTFUL saying that about her aunt and uncle.

  • We would love to be close & good friends with family cousins bros, sisters, in-laws sadly thats not the case for many people most of the time your friends are so much better than family. I havent spoken to my cousins in 6years after my uncle passed away his evil bitch if a wife turned my cousins against their dads side of the family, me and my 2 cousin were really close & together i mean every single day we used to laugh and hv a great time their mum said look my diabetes is very bad and the doctor said that if I’m under any stress I can easily die of a stroke or a heart attack I don’t want you to speak into your dad’s side of the family she’s emotionally blackmailing I do see them out shopping and we do say hello to each other and have a bit of a chat but that’s about it. Now sorry for going off topic I don’t blame Teresa they backstabbed her i don’t know why they couldn’t just ask Tre that they would like to be on the show and if she said no and if they really wanted to be on the show they would say to her Tre we really want to be on the show so we’re going to send in a tape I hope you don’t get too upset, another thing is I don’t know if I would ever ever forgive bugeye kathy a 2nd look after she called tre mother a fucking liar remember at the reunion she called Teresa father a coward and her mother a fucking liar that is something that I couldn’t never come back from I could never speak to her again it seems to me that whatever Tre does or even her brother Josie does Richie and Cathy do the same thing a week, a month, a day after they have no ideas of their own they do ride on Teresa’s coattail and they’re still riding on Teresa’s coattail. Kathy and esp her grease ball camel looking husband make me sick rosie i don’t mind but Kathy and dick ste pure slime #standingstrongTeresea ?

    • This show is about family. Tre doesn’t own this show and has to give permission. Let’s face it bringing in the Wakiles and Gorga’s gave Tre star power and years of storylines. I see Tre’s side but she needs to be realistic.

  • Another passive aggressive swipe (Teresa didn’t invent that phrase!) by the coattail riders. Not surprised.

    I wonder if the Lauritas paid the bill. The bar tab must’ve been off the charts.

    Teresa and Melissa should go there and throw pizza, spill wine, and announce the food is salty.

  • I think they used Standing Strong as an “in your face” reply to say THEY were doing so well despite her, and that they don’t need her. They used her mantra to ensure it would get her attention, and ours, which it did… The are all POSs, and I understand why Tre wants nothing to do with them. Crap, now this site w will be talking about them. Grrrrhhh!! js

  • Teresa “wined and dined them” at her house and shore house? LMAO. All the wine, dine and houses were gained via bank fraud. LMAO whatever

          • Thanks for the scoop!
            It sucks that she didn’t join in 2013. The show would have went in the right direction so much sooner. They wouldn’t have needed Jac back either, but if they brought her back anyway, Margaret would’ve tortured her, as she doesn’t suffer fools easily.
            It’s so refreshing to have someone call it as she sees it & let’s it all hang out.
            Siggy must reaaallly hate her!!

            • you’re welcome

              I’m glad the twins were on RHNJ..she said she was busy starting her business and looking after her son. I’m truly hoping siggy was joking about being bigger than oprah!

              I agree, Mags is a refreshing change.

      • I took notes for y’all!!

        she said:

        – siggy told mags that siggy will be bigger than oprah!
        -” siggy’s crying does not stop”
        – “siggy needs more pebbles”
        – “I’ve never been with women so territorial – did she (siggy) pee on my leg”?
        – once again, she confirmed the wreath memorial was just a 5 sec. convo with
        staff all she said to staff “I need a floral arrangement” she only found out that morning that yoga was happening – no collusion, no conspiracy – they both said – because it was being taped – of course staff want to make a big splash
        – once again, she does talk about her affair then marriage to #superJoe
        – apparently she was approached in 2013 but she had too many things going on so Bravo hired the
        twins instead
        – there is a person in NJ (marcy and HelenWheels may know who she is) jolie goldberg asked her again,
        if she wanted to do RHNJ – Soggy recommended Mags
        – soggy is tweeting/blogging that her behavior is “edited” but Mags said “no editing” of any RH on show
        what you see is what happened
        – apparently Siggy’s oldest stepson and Mags son went to high school together
        – Mags said she has always been a fan of the show
        – apparently Mags and Teresa bonded the night before yoga – on her yacht they spent a long time
        talking about Teresa’s mom
        – Mags is a hoot…pretty comfy swearing
        – apparently Joan Rivers told Mags “Don’t give up pigtails”

  • Regis Philbin nailed it! He said on his talk show right to Kat and Ms Marco’s faces – you came on the show to hurt Teresa. And these hags accomplished just that. Don’t choke on your 30 pieces of silver. The real house wh*res of NJ!

    • He sure called it. Anyone with brains can see that they are not interesting enough to have been asked to be in the show. Only because they were related to Teresa and I still that video they sent to bravo about taking her down was the truth and not a joke.

    • I’ll have to try to find a clip of that. It’s exactly what they did. They saw what Teresa had (celebrity and money) and they wanted it too by any means necessary. She is a bigger person than I am for forgiving her brother. I will say I think Joe and Melissa redeemed themselves by being there for Teresa’s kids while she was incarcerated and couldn’t be. I completely understand why she won’t forgive Kathy and Rich. Rich has said some of the most disgusting things about her and her family than I’ve seen on any of these damn housewives shows.

      • Dick is such a birch and so slimy he makes me sick I don’t think I’ve ever known or seen a man on TV Mich like a woman the way Richie does

      • The clip with Regis Philbin basically calling out Melissa I believe has been removed. Wonder why? Melissa was not happy with the question at all & it definitely showed.

    • Regis even said something like, “That has to hurt the parents!” While looking at M & K with disgust!

  • Just because someone is related to you doesn’t make them your family and just because someone is family doesn’t mean they have to be in your life. It’s a hard lesson but sometimes people have to learn it the hard way.

  • It is clear they are jealous of her, want everything she has, restaurants, books, the show etc. They just won’t accept the public doesn’t like them, so will never have what she has. Teresa is right, a real loving family would not do these things.

    • Perfectly stated, Lea! The Wakiles seem to think they are entitled to humiliate/degrade Tre off camera and that Tre should just accept it! Then on camera they, mainly Kathy since Rich’s screen time was limited, basically lie at the reason why Tre wants nothing to do that with them! Richie boldly said Tre is jealous of the Wakiles marriage and Kathy acted confused saying things like, “IDK what I did?” Or “What did I do?” Knowing what they did and said!

      In the past when Kathy and Rich bashed Tre on social media, or in the press, Tre ignored them. Which was the best thing to do so as not to play into their desperate attempt for attention!

      Whoever was the source that leaked the news that Jaq was not returning stated Kathy wasn’t welcomed back and was devastated! Are the Wakiles that delusional that they think they are that important to RHONJ? Kathy was lucky to have been full-time in season 5. Instead if being grateful for the opportunity the Wakiles were given, their bitter and jealous!

      • Really great points CsqD, never thought of it before, but they do play ‘dumb’ on camera pretending not to know what they did or said! And dumb dumb Rich getting mad at Andy on the phone for being dropped doesn’t seem to hit their memory bell either. Ha

  • holy smokes – how many times is she expected to forgive family for?

    Slithering snakes the Wakile’s the Gorga’s and Rosie! all with the soul purpose to “take down Teresa”! emails to Danielle for years!
    How do you forgive someone – you support them when they announce they are gay, meanwhile their own sister cut Rosie out of her life
    when Rosie made her announcement..meanwhile The Giudice family 100% had Rosie’s back

    and payment for that?

    “I’ll cut your f**cking tongue out” and “I’ll kill you”. Kathy Wakile started the attack on parents by calling Teresa’s mother a “liar”.

    R.I.P. Antonia https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2e0f233c560522bae87373a93bad0c26f1b271fb0403908293dc10ff83f53bcf.gif

            • Don’t forget that Teresa tried to get Kathy to settle their differences in private but Katfish Kathy refused to meet in private she would only meet with Teresa on camera to hash things out. That right there speaks volumes about what a low life scum Kathfish Kathy is. If the Katfish truly cared about Teresa and wanted to fix their problems then Katfish Kathy wouldn’t have demanded

              • I forgot about shady Kathy doing that! Yet, on camera, Kathy acts shocked and hurt that Tre told her to fudge off!

                Melissa said the Wakiles wanted nothing to do with her and Joey after season 5 or 6. Then, once season 7 started filming they expected the Gorgas to start hanging out with them again! Which, anything Melissa says makes me leery to fully believe but the Wakiles never publicly countered Melissa’s accusation, like they would to do Tre!

                That shows, to me at least, that the Wakiles are full of themselves! I guess they think they’re royalty now since Kathy was once a full-time Bravo Housewife? That couple is delusional. They are untrustworthy at how they backstabbed their own family for fame and fortune!

                • Those walkile’s are shady to the max! So shady that remember the night before Katfish and the thing met with Teresa and Joey they had everyone over to discuss Teresa again for the millionth time. They even had the resident drunk Jaquline there. That never made any sense, why have everyone on the show over the night before they we’re meeting with Teresa and Joe? Maybe I missed something. And I probably did miss something because anytime Katfish and her pervert husband were on I either tuned them out or fast forwarded. Perhaps you can she’d some light for me. But wasn’t it classic they never tried to reach out to Teresa the whole year she was gone or offered to help Joe with the kids. But as soon as Teresa was back on the show they were there picking up any publicity crumb they could. The nerve of them! It was so obvious too how Katfish and the sister practically begged Teresa to forget the past. And of course they wanted Teresa to forget the past they had nothing else to offer her, sinse they didn’t so much as write Teresa while she was gone. Meanwhile perfect strangers managed to write Teresa, Rosie claimed she didn’t know how, and Teresa’s answer was epic “you could have asked Joe her brother” they didn’t ask because they want to reach out to Teresa while she was gone because there we’re no cameras around

                  • That was a weird scene with Kathy & Richie! That was when Rich said Tre is just jealous of Kathy and Rich’s marriage and Joey yelled at him. From what I seen on the show, Rich is a horrible husband to Kathy! The guy chased around Melissa with an erect penis in S4 and referred to Kathy’s lady part as fish!!! Can you imagine if Joe Giufice did that? I think Kathy & Rich are still living in their heyday from S3-S5 when the NJ Housewives banded together to get Tre fired. During that time the other cast members did and said whatever they wanted about Tre. None of the bullies ever had to answer for their behavior! They were protected by production and Andy. The Wakiles lost that protection because they weren’t asked back this season! I think that’s why Tre is publicly defending herself against them. They can’t act all innocent now that their shady treatment of Tre is public!

                    • I know Chicklet Teeth Richi is one perverted moron! Just so disgusting! Thanks to him the public refers to his wife as Katfish Kathy! Just the thought of the Katfish handling her stupid cannolis not knowing if she washed her hands makes me sick to my stomach! I know no one in my family will be eating at her pizza dive, I mean we’re talking about a restraunt here that’s owned by a nasty pervert, there’s no telling what nasty things that pervert does in that kitchen with the Katfish, from the way she would brag about their sex life on the show. That’s just nasty!

    • Hi Samael ITA with EVERYTHING you posted, also remember at one of the reunions where bug eye Kathy called Teresa’s father a coward and Tre’s mother a fucking liar how could Tre ever forgive them for such a thing all Tre said was that her father helped kathy’s father come to the US and open up a business together and then Rosie went ape shit crazy at the back screaming out I’ll cut off her fucking tongue I’ll kill her i don’t care I’ll go to jail no one talks about my dad please bitch ??another thing that perplexes me is why it didn’t Joe gorga get upset with Kathy for calling his father a coward and his mother a fucking liar he has absolutely no heart for family he’s all talk and no action he talks about getting close to his sister and opening up a restaurant together for their father but he’s doing it all for himself and his whore of a wife if he really loves his parents he would never have spoken to Kathy again or he would have put her in her place instead they kept going out as best friends while backstabbing Teresa and trying to take her down PFT

      • yup..nutnibbler backstabbed his own sister..calling her scum etc.

        totally agree with everything you posted Karma! so cool you are back! missed your posts!

      • Kathy’s parents sponsored Teresa’s Dad so he was able to come to the US. They had a disagreement over something like 200 for the business but mended fences and Giacinto basically supported the family and was there for them while Kathys father was dying of cancer. I’m sure he helped until they could get on their feet. Didn’t he pay for Kathy beauty school?

        • Yes your right Mr Gorga eas helping out his sister & her family while kathy’ dad was dying from cancer and mrs Gorga would cook daily and take food over so their family can eat, coz they were by kathys dad bedside all day.

          I thought it was mr Gorga who sponsored Kathy’s dad/family to come to the US,? and yep they had a fall out over money i don’t remember 100% but i think mr Gorga took over the business on his own and they didn’t speak again till Kathy’s dad got sick.
          I’m pretty sure mr Gorga did pay fir kathy beauty school waste of money if you ask me ungrateful bitch.

    • No, that’s not how it went. It started when Tre said that her father was there for Kathy and Rosie more than their own late father was. Who knows what’s really true, but it set off Kathy and especially Rosie. They apologized, Tre never did.

      • hey there Chickpea16

        I was giving an example of what a douche parade these people are. I remember Teresa reminding Rosie – that when Rosie came out – her own blood turned their backs on Rosie and Teresa and Joe welcomed her with open arms.

        never meant to insinuate or infer how this stated, sorry Chickpea16 ?