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Kyle Richards Is Leaving the 90210; Drops $8.2M On New Home!


Is Kyle Richards saying goodbye to Beverly Hills?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star just dropped $8.2M on a seven-bedroom, eight-baths estate in, wait for it…Encino, which is a suburb of the San Fernando Valley. I wonder what Lisa Vanderpump thinks!

Kyle’s new home is dubbed the Smokey Robinson Estate and was built in 1912. The estate contains a state-of-the-art kitchen, movie theatre, library, swimming pool, and multiple living spaces. Basically, this house has everything you could ever wish for.

With Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, being one of the biggest real estate mogul in Los Angeles the couple naturally owns their fair share of properties in Southern California.

No word on if Kyle and her family will be moving into their newly acquired Encino estate or if they will continue living in their family home in Bel Air. Time will tell.

Check out some photos of Kyle’s new home below!

Thoughts on Kyle’s new home? Do you think Kyle will be moving?

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  • Are these black & white pix? Every room is devoid of color. Hopefully, Byle doesn’t infuse the Fayke Rancid “mauve” into it. Her current dining room was ruined by Fayke’s taste.

  • Mo knows his real estate. Good investment! Doubt Kyle will move there. She mentioned that the kids go to a private school near where they live now.

    • Oh no!!! Good point ! Meh. You let her taint it after spending that much on a house , that’s your (Kyle’s ) mess to deal with . I shudder

  • What a beautiful estate! But, didn’t they recently remodel the home they’re living in now…the one on the show, or is that a fake, lol? You never know what’s true on these shows. I’m betting they stay where they are, which is also beautiful, except for the dining room that Kyle’s gansta buddy decorated… Faye!

  • Having more kids ? Older kids raising families there lol? I actually like the house she has now which is her second since being on show . Maybe if I was a rich bitch Id do it too but I just don’t get wasting so much money for space she most likely won’t even use ! Whatevs , not my money

    • michers ?????? Long time no see . Mauricio may have bought as an investment or to ‘flip’ in a few years

      • Thought about that after I responded . Doesn’t look like any flipping needs done to me but I’m just a little poor girl lol

        • He always has billionaire international buyers who at some point will be looking for exactly this type of home. Mauricio will sit on it and make killer profit in a few years

              • HAH!!!! You just touched upon the sticky point when Kryle became jealous of Pinky (LVP). Rumor has it, when RHBH got going, Kryle considered herself THE star. She wanted her own spin off with MaRITZio & their family; to be a riff of the K-Trash show. However, surprisingly, LisaV became a fan fave & surpassed KR with the spin off: Vanderpump Rules. KR was pissed off that she didn’t get the offer. The rest is history.

                  • Hahaha… How funny! Ironically, KyleECoyote had a stint on HSN or QVC for a “clothing line” by Kyle. It lasted 1 or 2 episodes and then disappeared. Probably, nobody wanted to dress like that fool.

                • Nobody cares about old lady vandepump, her smile husband and her ridiculous lip injections. Income wise, Kyle blows her away. Too bad, LVP’s son has no work ethic

                  • Obviously, somebody cares about LVP. She does have a spin off, & remains a fan favorite whether you like it or not. AND, KyleECoyote remains jealous of her. She has tried to copy her style, her vocabulary, her pet count, & her closet, to name a few features.

                    • LOL. Kyle is younger, prettier, wealthier and that wealth is exponentially growing, her husband is hot, she has more kids and more friends. Friends that aren’t all gay hairdressers and party planners. LVP kids are a waste. Her son has NO ambition and her daughter( who needs to lose some pounds) married a guy who sponges off her.

                    • You can keep Vyle. I can’t stand any aspect of her pathetic existence. She isn’t prettier than anyone. Cross eyed bitch has witch’s warts, a nose that drips into mouth (after 2 nose jobs), dull mouse teeth, a forehead that could show movies across it and a hag’s cackle. Her back fat floweth over her sausage casing dresses that are 20 years too young for her & 4 sizes too small. She’s dumb as a stump and a fair weather friend, at best. She isn’t that great a mother because she spoils the youngest and can’t let go of the older girls. Crying at college drop off was purely for selfish reasons. Her “hot” husband sounds as if he is perpetually congested and his facial expression is that of a vacant dullard. Neither one of those 2 mental midgets could do simple math. “We going to give Alexia an allowance. We’ll give her $2,000 a week. That’s $12,000 a month.”

                    • Lolol LVP is literally the TACKIEST dressed woman on the show. Kyle wears unflattering clothes for her body type, but is somewhat stylish at times. I’ve never seen her “copy” anything of LVP.

                      And LVP may have a spin-off about her restaurant, but it’s hardly a show about her and more about the demoralizing adult children she chooses to employ and associate with.

                    • LOLOL ~ LVP is laughing all the way to top. Her biz being highlighted is still more than the cackling wannabe who REALLYYYYYY wanted a spin off of her own. Her craptacular “fictionalized bio” of her horrible whorish mother, BIG Kathy; is still “in production” since 3 years! The channel that picked it up, dropped it. The other network that allegedly took it on, still hasn’t selected an air date. That’s got to make Vyle clench her mouse teeth & flail her Man-Hands.

  • Kyle is such a phony. All her talk about wanting to be a “regular” person living in Beverly Hills. When is she getting the boot?

  • Damn that headline 🙁 My hopes that KR was leaving the show have been dashed.

    Guess what! KyleECoyote never lived in Beverly Hills. She wasn’t born or raised there, either. That was a LIE. She was born & raised in Hollywood. While performing on RHBH, her residence was in Sherman Oaks.

    • If you’re speaking of her current home, she lives in Bel Air. And the home that was on the first few seasons was in Bel Air too. I can provide you with addresses if you’d like. I can pull property titles as well. So I have receipts.

      • I’m impressed, Vita40! Thank you for the 411. So, the house that we’ve seen recently, is that in Bel Air? Didn’t they fairly recently redecorate/remodel that home? If that’s the same one, I don’t think they’ll be moving, but ya never know. Keep us in the loop and honest!

        • Yes, that is correct. The house you saw on the past few seasons is in Bel Air, as a matter of fact, the old house and the current house featured on the show are like 5 minutes away from each other. I’m curious as to if they will move or if this was an investment on their end. I’ll keep you guys updated.

          • That may be… However, since the title of the show is Beverly Hills & not “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills & Bel Air, Holmby Hills) it doesn’t matter. Kryle pushed the specific falsehood that she was born & raised in Beverly Hills, and she wasn’t. That makes her a liar.

            • Well if that’s the case then Brandi, Camille, Yolanda, erika, Lisa r, Eileen and a couple others shouldn’t be on the show then either.

              • I knew you’d go there. hahaha. Clearly, you missed my previous point. This is my last attempt to deliver it. If you still don’t get it, I give up.
                KYLE stated many times that SHE was born & bred in Beverly Hills. She wasn’t born there. She wasn’t raised there. And she never lived there.

                • That was my first response to you but ok…
                  Beverly Hills is adjacent to Hollywood. If you live in Hollywood ( I don’t mean vanderpump rules apartment Hollywood) and have any kind of wealth, chances are you shoot over to Beverly Hills like nothing. Since you did your research you should also know that Kyle and Kim reminisce about going to many Beverly Hills hotspots thru out their childhood. It’s not as far fetched as you’re making it seem is my point. Many people who live in LA who live in neighboring cities will say “oh I grew up in such and such” referring to a general area. I was born and raised in LA and I think I know what I’m talking about being that I actually do live in So Cal. So I was just trying to give you some insight since half of your receipts seem to be from someone else’s purchase and not your own. Have a good night.

              • Are you being obtuse on purpose??? Brandi, Camille Yolanda. Erika, Lisa R & Eileen never claimed to be born & raised in Bev Hills. They never bragged that, “Beverly Hills is MY town.” Is that clear enough for you now?

    • Hahaha, I had a feeling that’s the way you would react. Sorry Medusa, you know Kyle would never leave RHOBH, she’s the stah!!! LOL

        • Hollywood, huh? That’s funny. When the typical American reads Hollywood they instantly think of Beverly Hills. So she kept it generic to keep the facade going.

          • Kryle had no control over where she was born & raised by BIG Kathy. She simply shaded the details when she was cast for RHBH. One of her tag lines was: “I was born in Beverly Hills. This is MY town.” Clearly, she thought nobody would know she was lying.

            I realize that Bev Hills is more like a neighborhood of L.A. (much like Brentwood, Bel Air, etc.) However, when the show first started, only Adrienne & LisaV actually lived specifically in Bev Hills.

            • Right, I was speaking about Big Kathy. She’s good and she passed it along to her daughters. “Make everyone think we are Hollywood royalty”.

              • Oh, my bad. I misunderstood. Yes, absolutely. BIG Kathy was THE Grifter, homewrecker, slutty, mentally unbalanced booze hound. She was a mean, uneducated, horrible person.

                BTW – I checked again. My posts on RT didn’t go through at all. i used a different server. Weird.

            • Bev Hills is it’s own municipality that resides in LA County. Anyone from BH would be very angry hearing you say its a neighborhood of the city of LA lol.
              Brentwood and Bel Air are neighborhoods within the City of Los Angeles.

    • Kyle did not live in Sherman Oaks while filming RHOBH. I looked up the address of the current home they live in when they purchased it a few years ago. It definitely was Beverly Hills or Bel Air. I don’t know why residents of Bel Air, Holmby Hills, Beverly Glen, Beverly Crest etc all refer to those areas as Beverly Hills. It’s not like BH is nicer than any of those other areas. Holmby Hills has the biggest mansions of all but I hear people call it Beverly Hills. LVP lives in Beverly Glen but she calls it BH. All of them do. I think there is something here I don’t understand. Beverly Glen is ultra prestigious why not just refer to it as BG? I googled some of the stars in Beverly Glenn but all of their wiki’s say Beverly Hills.

      • Ty . My error. I had read “Sherman Oaks” as the town where her white house was located. My source must have been wrong. My main point keeps getting lost. At no time did Kryle live in BH. Yet, she has made it a point to say that she was born & raised there. “It’s MY town.” was her tagline. It may seem picayune. But, I think she should be factual in her bio.

        • OK – In S2, a typical glaring LIE was to LVP about “Game Night”. KyleECoyote stated that Brandi started a fight & was the cause of problems. That was an outright LIE, as we all watched.. Here’s the synopsis of the “festivities”:
          1) When Brandi was first introduced to Kimbecile, she was low key and said, “Hello.” Kimster sneered and made a derogatory comment to her about what she was wearing.
          2) After spending an inordinate amount of time in the loo, Kimsley emerged and finally joined the rest of the heap for a “game”. When she was informed that Brandi would be on her “team” with lil’ sis, Kryle, Kimsley complained, “I don’t like her.”
          3) Kryle got the ball rolling by castigating Brandi (once again) for her young son peeing on Adrienne’s lawn. a) it wasn’t KR’s business. and b) she had already bitched out Brandi earlier in the day.
          4) During the game, both Bitchards attacked Brandi relentlessly, including calling her a “slut pig” while pointing their crooked twig fingers. There double-teamed BG.
          5) Kimbecile subsequently took Brandi’s crutches and hid them, thereby incapacitating her further. Brandi stated she just wanted to go home. KyleECoyote’s reactions was: “That’s the KIM we all know a love. HAHAHAHAHHAAHHA.”
          In short, Kryle told LisaV none of that. She merely blamed BG for friction. When LisaV watched the episode later on, she realized that Kyle LIED.

          • NO WAY ???? SHUT UP!
            They called her a slut pig and took away her crutches ?? And they had just met her ? OMG AWEFUL
            I have to see those early seasons !!!!

            Thanks for the recap ???

            • It was the first time KimiKaze met Brandi. Kryle had met her before at Adrienne’s house. They both literally tortured BG the entire time, because they considered themselves “better”. It was due to the maltreatment from the Bitchards Sistas, that gave Brandi an instant fan base. Brandi wasn’t an angel. She tried to verbally fight back. But, she was clearly the underdog in that situation. It was one of the reasons LVP took B under her wing. She felt sorry for her based on that scene.

              • Oh wow , a lot of things finally make sense to me now . So LVP adopting Brandi causesd a rift with Kyle ? Then Brandi briefly befriends Kyle before becoming Kim’s bff and of course turning on LVP …

                Yes I can see how as a viewer , such bullying can make you root for Brandi . Seeing Kyle in recent seasons, I wouldn’t imagine her capable of this but human nature is tricky

                • Yes, that was the timing of Kryle’s backstabbing of LisaV (probably due to jealousy). She told Taylor, “Lisa preys on weak people”. At the beginning of S1, Kyle was MY favorite character. I thought she was adorable. However, due to her two-faced remarks about the women who were supposedly closest to her, she lost that position. To LVP’s face, KR was sweet & cheerful. Behind her back, KR made snide comments. To her addle-pated sister Kimz, she was caring & inclusive. Behind her back, Kryle stated: “I have all the friends. Kim has none. If not for me, she’d have nobody to hang out with.” It was probably true. However, it didn’t bode well for KimiKaze to be depicted as detached, dependent & unpopular.

                  • Fascinating history , thank you so much Medusa. Now I know why everybody wants me to watch the old episodes ??? I base my opinions on what I see now not taking into consideration all this background

                    • The early season(s) are the foundation for what has followed. Plus, you can see how weaselly Kryle developed into.

          • Lol, first that wasn’t a lie. She told LVP the Brandi started it because she started the name calling first. Period. Kyle was absolutely being a mean girl, but by no means did she “lie” about what happened. The fact of the matter is that Brandi started the name calling first when she called them “bitches”, which was rightfully deserved. And LVP didn’t call Kyle a liar by her recap. She said that it was worst than Kyle told her. But good try.

            • Pfffttt!!!! Your question was: “When has she lied about anything or got caught in a lie?” Her rendition of the night was a LIE. And Brandi didn’t start anything. She replied in kind. First Kryle brought up Brandi’s son’s peeing. LisaV didn’t say the word “LIAR”. However, by inference, she said as much: “Kyle didn’t describe that night accurately. Now, I know what really happened.” Kryle can be called another word; exaggerator, fabricator, or untruth teller. It still amounts to her telling tall tales that were LIES.

              • Her rendition wasn’t a lie though. She explained what happened and where SHE FELT the problem started, which was when Brandi started with the name calling. Brandi was absolutely the victim and 100% the Richards sisters were in the wrong, but Kyle’s version of what happened was hardly a lie, and more of HER perception of where things went wrong.

                How about another example of a real lie?

                • I think you are splitting hairs with this. We’ll just disagree.

                  KyleECoyote told the grifter Taylor that “Lisa preys on weak people.” There was no evidence shown to support that statement. She also used as a tagline, “I was born and raised in Beverly Hills. It’s MY town.” She wasn’t neither born nor raised there. THAT was clear LIE.

                  • Ok, now you’re just reaching. Kyle said MAYBE LVP preys on the weak, the key word being MAYBE, never did she say it was a fact. And I completely disagree bc time Andy time again LVP has targeted the “weak”. The only supposed lie is her tag line of being born and raise in BH, which isn’t even technically a lie. That’s like you saying I’m a liar because I say I was born and raised in Houston when I actually lived in the suburbs 2 minutes away.

          • Oh my heavens no lipo lol!!!!! I won’t leave you and our not really caring for ponytail twirling , too old to be doing splits in public rock throwing and running Kyle LOL !! 😉

              • What???? You don’t watch RHONY? It’s the best franchise bar none. Dorinda is the gift/gif that keeps on giving.

                • I tried to watch a few episodes but was bored out of my mind . I am bad because I don’t watch from season one so I randomly started watching this season . I gave it 3 episodes and I was ????? I had heard so much about Dorinda but she didn’t really do much for me from what I’ve seen

                  Maybe I should’ve held on a bit more ?

                  • The one problem with Dorinda is that she kisses Bethenny’s ass. It’s sickening. On their Mexico trip Dorinda got drunk and told Beth off. It was great because she said what everyone else thinks. But then the next day all she could do was grovel to Bethenny. It was aweful to watch. Blaming herself etc..

                  • I wish there was a quicker turn around time for production. I would love to watch RHONY right now, looking at the leaves, seeing the Christmas decorations. This time of year, fall and winter are my favorite and I think it’s part of the pull for me with NY.

                    • That’s a nice thought. Unfortunately, we’d be stuck watching the whiny narcissist, Barfenny quick time.

                      BTW: Hast du mein “post” auf “RT” gesehen? Ich habe die anderer Name, “Lorelei Rhein” –

                    • Nein, ich habe es nicht gesehen, welcher Faden? Bist du gerade da drüben? Irgendein Arschloch verkörpert Miranda Pierpont und geht nach jedem, der etwas Negatives über den Krebsbetrüger zu sagen hat. Zu verrückt. Great name btw!

                    • I was test driving that name to see if I escaped detection. I did. Nobody replied to me. LOL… I wrote 1 reply specifically to you because you’d understand the meaning. It was on “Real BH turn out to support Dorit Kemsley”.

                      Oy – Dass ist verrueckt. (Ein Komischer Kopf.)

                      Das ist mein Name fuer eine falsch fb account fuer politische sites.

                    • Ich kann deine Bemerkung zu diesem Thema nicht finden. Fühlst du dich wohl genug, um einen der neueren Threads zu kommentieren?

                    • FDD, never mind. My new posts didn’t go through, either. I wondered why nobody replied to me. I’m banned.

                    • I think you should email RT and give them your side of the story. You’ve been a good commenter over there for a long time, haven’t you? I know people miss you. Beach Girl was asking about you the other day, I wanted to answer but didn’t want to say anything without your permission. This situation makes me sad, especially knowing your temperament and you have never caused trouble and always seem to be even keeled.

                    • I’ve considered that option. However, it’s long past the time to try to grovel for a return. Other long standing posters have been zapped away & given no re-entry, no matter how much they begged. Once the moderator (who I respect) makes up her mind, her decision is final. I’ll just have to take my lumps and leave it be.

                    • Fair enough. I just came across one of your comments on FB regarding the POS cancer scammer, I said hello! 🙂

                    • Oooohhh.. I’ll look for it. I also go to Keith Olbermann fb page on GQ (who is scathing toward the “Combover Caligula”) & MSNBC. There are some great discussions on both.

                    • I’ve had an acct for about a year but don’t use it, in fact, that was my first comment!! I was looking for some information on the grifter and her juice scamming site. There is person over on RT who seems to think the grifter is on the up and up and they are challenging me as to if people were ever upset about the juice thing and it being able to cure cancer and if so, why don’t I post a screenshot.

                    • OMG!!! As I recall, here’s the skinny: During the run of that season, Vicki posted daily ads on her fb page. Every ad proclaimed that clubDetox juice treated and / or cured every malady & condition that afflicts people. The list included: diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, liver disease, insomnia and CANCER. She actually stated, “This juice is part of Brooks’ treatment. His numbers came down & he has made big improvements.” Many of the replies were from her gullible fans who stated that they would “try it since Brooks got such good results.” Many responses were from knowledgeable health professionals. During August, VG met with her attorneys, due to complaints in the wording of her product push on her social media. Then one day, all the ads were gone! There was one that she inadvertently left up, though. It might still be there. The date is either late July or early August, 2015.

                    • It’s good. My favorite “personality” from that network is no longer on: Keith Olbermann. The one who comes closest to Keith’s disdain for the stupid politicians or Fox News creeps, is Lawrence O’Donnell (who has the same time slot).

                    • I, personally, love Rachel Maddow and the guy who hosts the 11th Hour. There’s some gals in the afternoon I like too. I have to catch myself or I’ll watch all day!

                      Happy Sunday! ?

                    • Thank you.

                      I’m not sure of the reason. It’s their house, their rules. I must have inadvertently broken a rule.