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Kelly Dodd Claims Vicki Gunvalson Told Her Terry Dubrow Has Killed Patients Then Retracts Her Statement!

Kelly Dodd keeps spilling the tea left, and right and the OG of the OC seems to be the source of it all.

The same day Kelly accused Meghan King Edmonds of being her now husband’s mistress, she made another shocking revelation about Heather Dubrow‘s husband on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

On WWHL, the Real Housewives of Orange County star claimed that Vicki Gunvalson told her Dr. Terry Dubrow had killed patients.

It all started when Andy poked the bear asking “Kelly if someone told you that your boob doctor killed his previous patients on the surgery table right before you were going in for her surgery, what would you do in that situation?”

“That’s what Vicki said about Terry Dubrow so…um…I was like…” Kelly revealed, shocking everyone in the audience and Andy.“Yeah, I swear. Promise. That’s why Heather got mad.”

Days later, Kelly took to Twitter and claimed she misspoke on WWHL and retracted her previous statements about Terry and Vicki. It should also be noted that the clip of Kelly from WWHL mysteriously was deleted off of

Kelly went on to praise Terry’s surgical skills and reputation.

Meanwhile, Vicki thanked Kelly for “clearing the air.” 

I can’t believe the shit that comes out of Kelly’s mouth sometimes, but then again Vicki is to blame as well since she’s the one telling Kelly the information. It sounds like Kelly may have gotten backlash or even a cease and desist from the Dubrows for her comments and is doing everything she can to recant her statements. Talk about damage control.

Thoughts on Kelly’s claims? Are you surprised Kelly keeps spilling all the secrets Vicki tells her?  Why do you think Vicki keeps bashing her co-stars’ husbands?

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  • Vicki is a fool to tell this running mouth Kelly anything. She would throw her mother under a bus for money. She is a psycho. The Dubrows definitely threatened her with a lawsuit. Kelly is going to be the next one fired asap.

  • That is NOT ok!! I will be surprised if the Dubrow’s don’t sue Kelly and even OG of OC! That is serious slander. That could ruin his life!! What is wrong with these two??? So very wrong.

  • Well this sets up Bravo, Kelly and Vicki for lawsuits.

    Dubrows will say nothing on advice of their attorneys who don’t want to minimize what was said.

    Maybe this will pay for Heather’s new hotel (oh, I mean house!)

  • Icky is lethal, and clearly, she is unstable. I’m pretty sure, Icky did say that to Kelly, and am equally sure that all his patients are alive and well. Kelly heard the question, and without thinking what she was doing or saying, she said what she said. Of course she was hit with a C&D letter, if not worse, and she and Icky deserve anything thrown at them! This is just unconscionable for both of them! This statement, along with Icky’s comments about that Eddie should just come out, surely are grounds for termination, when heaped on cancergate and all the other vicious things that have come out of her mouth! What a vile human being!

    • I was saying earlier this changed the dynamic of the reunion that is yet to be filmed. Vile and Kelly are on the grill and it won’t be good

      Hiya ??????

      • Hi Kirby! I’ve missed you! I recently got a new tablet, cheapie, and I don’t know whether it’s Discus, or the tab, but I’ve been having a heck of a time posting!! Grrrrrrrh!!! I just might check out this reunion as it should be a doozie, lol!! I will admit to taping the last episode altho, I havent watched it yet. I’m starting to get tired of RH… but I do love NJ, and will check out ATL for the newbie for a few episodes. How are you and your sweetie? OT OMG!! I just saw a commercial for impeachment!!!

        • I missed you too ?????? always stoked to hear from you or when I see you posted .
          Disqus has been weird for me too but mainly not getting notifications and stuff like that . You have to watch the reunion coz I have an inkling it will be the best OC reunion ever . They should be filming it soon too , seems this stupid season has been going on forever. Or it could just be Lydiot and Peggy putting me to sleep

          On the fence about Atlanta but I will probably watch ? impeachment? Didn’t know you can impeach fruit ??

          • Rotten fruit at That! ?. Oh yes! I will watch the reunion! Someone will question her on the comment, but I’m not so sure Andy would bring a former HW back to the show. Has he ever? However, if it is being litigated, I hope, they might not be able to discuss it. Which reminds me I have an OC ep to watch!!

            Love you, handsome! ?????

  • Wow!! I bet Kelly had a hell of a couple of last 2 days. You know the POS cancer scammer wasn’t going to let that one go. I have to wonder how she handled it and if she threatened Kelly with legal action. Same with the Dubrows. You know they don’t mess around when it comes to their image. I’m kind of disappointed, I wanted there to be a major riff between Kelly and the POS cancer scammer. Watching Kelly take her down would be….

  • For the reunion they should have Heather do a guest appearance and go off on Viktim, who is behind the ‘misspeaking’.

    When will Kelly realize that Viktim is only using her to do her dirty work and will never backup Kelly

  • Those two are unbelievable. Will do or say anything and keep pushing the limits. I find it hard to believe that anyone would have any respect for Vicki at this point. She says all this crap to try to bury the cancer lie (not working) and no filters Kelly is dumb enough to repeat it all.

    • You would be surprised by how many people still support the cancer scammer on the blogs. Blows my mind each and every time I come across one. Even when you point out everything the grifter has done, point by point they say they still believe she was conned by Bubba and his teefs.

  • She even stated that Heather got mad when Vicki said it. I totally believe that Vicki said something like that.

  • I believe that Shrieki Gonefullofshit did tell Kelly Dudd that Terry killed patients.
    Kelly’s sudden admission that she “misspoke” is the exact term Brokes & VG used to explain away Cancer-Gate.
    Coincidence? I think not.

      • Hey, K, Thanks.

        Vickileaks is too dumb to change her M.O. She does the same behavior over & over. She simply hopes no one will notice.

        • I think legal has been working overtime since Kelly said what she said . The dynamic of the reunion suddenly changed and now Andy may actually borow some nads and go after vickileaks and Kelly

                    • OK, Kirby. I’m game.
                      Vickileaks, aka Vicktim, aka Shrieki, the porcine peasant, the stupid sow, the bovine bitch: is a narrow minded, uneducated, bombastic, buffoonish, LYING, greedy, narcissistic, self entitled, self absorbed, delusional, demented, deranged, psychopathic, LOUD, obnoxious, rude, insincere, over weight, homely, repugnant, repulsive, abhorrent, crooked, corrupt, scheming, hateful, indecent, jerky, controlling, ludicrous, maniacal, nasty, putrid, reactionary, temperamental, scamming, vain, vapid, vacuous, vile, wretched, con woman. You’re turn.

                    • Hahahaha… Oh, Kirby ~ I think you could come up with some more. They don’t even have to be in English.
                      Here’s an apt phrase in German: Sie ist dumm als Brot. = She is dumb as bread.

          • Kirby, you’ve done the impossible!!! You make me want to watch the reunion!!! Maybe, Terry & Heather will make an appearance to take on both Vickileaks & Kelly Dudd. Wouldn’t that be, “Must See TV”?

            • ?????? That’s so cool Medusa . I had convinced Rain to watch the reunion too. I think this is going to be one to watch . What Dudd said will change the landscape of the OC I feel and things will not be the same for
              those two . And Lydiot and Puggy who were going on relying on Vile’s support , will have to come up with a new game plan because Vile will be busy saving herself ???

              • Kirbyyyyyy, You have the power of persuasion. Maybe, you can run for office?

                You’re right that the reunion will now turn in a different direction. I wonder how many Xanax Shrieki will take to get through the taping.

                • Has Rain talked to you ? She has been telling me to run for office but I think it’s more for her than for me ??? she is way more political than I am

                  I’m stoked for the reunion now and I expect shady Andy to pull a stunt like invite Heather or something else like inviting Ricky who has the texts saying Vicki invited him to that party even though she denied she did ??? She is not smart

                  • Hahaha… No, she didn’t speak to me about that idea. It just occurred to me, independently. We’re all political animals in times like these.

                    Re: the Reunion – I think you’re on to something. Andy loves to spring surprise guests at the reunions. I hope he doesn’t let up on Shrieki during his questions to her.

                    Andy, “Vicki, do you think you’ve been treated unfairly by Tamra & Shannon?
                    Vicki: “Yes. They told LIES about ME. They tried to ruin my business just because I loved a man. I’m the victim.”
                    Andy: “How did they try to ruin your business?”
                    Tamra: “What a LIAR you are, Vicki. You are going to HELL.”
                    Vicki: “See what I mean, Andy? Tamra makes it sound as if I said something wrong. I am always the victim.”
                    Andy: “We’ll have to move on, now. Tamra, will you ever apologize for calling Vicki a LIAR?”
                    Tamra: “You’ve got to be kidding.”

                    • I will watch closely and if anything close to this happens I will owe you a big cake ???. You’re just as good a mind reader .

                      She will probably say the other women were out to ‘destroy ‘ her . Oh brother

                    • Kirby, In this case, I don’t have to be clairvoyant. Vickileaks is a creature of habit. She’s also “limited”. She usually follows the same worn path, as if it will lead to a new place. You’re probably right that she’ll proclaim that T & S were out to “destroy her”. It is my wish that they would succeed. VG’s services are no longer desired.

    • I do too!!! My personal theory is the POS cancer scammer told Kelly this as payback for Heather outing her when she said she never called about Terry coming over to give Bubba an IV in the middle of the night. She knew full well Kelly would never be able to keep her big trap shut about such a juicy and slanderous accusation.

        • Exactly right. Wonder what kind of doozies the POS cancer scammer will come up with at the reunion.

          • I read somewhere that she’s going to haul out evidence that Shannon’s husband beat her. Like it’s not bad enough Shannon had to go through it. Now Icky wants to torture her with it. Icky is a swamp thing.

        • The grifter has a sick and twisted mind. I don’t think anything is beneath her at this point.

          • I agree. I’m sick of other posters equating Tamra (who is far from perfect) with the worst woman in the OC. Tamra never tried to con cancer sufferers to forego their treatments in favor of Brokes FAKE cancer juice.

            • OMG Medusa, I’m ready to pull my hair out with these morons trying to equate the 2. I honestly don’t remember the Tamra thing. You are probably reading what’s being posted and if you aren’t, you should. I wish I was a little more eloquent and had more facts at my fingertips cause the is just crazy the way they are characterizing all of it.

              • Yeah, I read that bizarre slanted debate “over there”. I don’t recall the Tamra’s previous claims of cancer. Even is she did it erroneously, she didn’t try to sell fake products to combat it and every other malady known to mankind. VG did – everyday for months.

              • That’s between her and her daughter(s.) Lying about cancer with her sleaze bag con man whoremaster is an offense against every cancer sufferer in the country, every survivor, everyone who ever lost their life to cancer and every family that had to live through it. Pushing juice crap as a cancer cure is something she should be in prison for doing.

              • OMG give it a rest! Funny no one ever mentions how the other kids want nothing to do with Simon and live with her. Pointing fingers at Tamra doesn’t negate the constant lies and nasty behavior by Vicki!

  • This is one of the stupidest things said by a housewife and I expect Kelly will be extremely well behaved at the reunion coz her ass is on the grill right now I imagine .

  • I can’t find the video anywhere, due to being from Canada – Bravo blocks us from watching this video. ALL copies of the video have been removed by bravo – Kelly probably heard from the Dubrow legal team.

    Kelly is a POS – which is why I don’t believe what she says when her goal is to shred someone!

    • Good Morning, Sammy!! The post says the clip was deleted from Bravo. Surely they (Bravo and Kelly and icky) had to see the lawsuit coming before her words stopped echoing in the Playhouse!

      • Good morning Marlee!

        thanks! it was such a careless move on all parts – specific RH will go the legal route when maligned and Dr Terry Dubrow isn’t under bravo contract – so lawsuits could prevail – should Terry feel like shutting up Vile and Kelly

  • So, Kelly misheard the question but she still said that Terry kills his patients? That makes absolutely no sense. Why would she say that? I think she didn’t think about it and tried to get a dig in at the Dubrows without thinking of the legal ramifications. Now that it’s out, she knows that they aren’t afraid to sue so she’s wanting to reel it back in. Personally, I’d sue the hell out of her. Like Alexis said seasons ago to Tamra, “it shut you up.”

  • Of course Vile said it, just like the whole IV and crooks B.S…The hag never ceases to me amaze me over the magnitude of her vicious lies, when is it going to bite her in her big ass?

  • EXCUSE ME??? You misheard the question???????

    Please share with us DRUNK Kelly , what question you misheard where the answer woud be ‘he kills patients ‘?! WHAT question would that be ?

    • HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA…. Right you are!!!! It’s a ridiculous excuse, worn out by Shrieki & Brokes during cancer-gate.

        • I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this either. That’s a damning statement to make, and this seems it’s the second time I have heard it. It would not surprise me at all if the Dubrows take legal action on this. It’s a damning statement. They had to backtrack so fast, that you’re right, Mother, she, they, are too stupid to get out of it gracefully, or even believably. smdh…

          • You’re spot on. This is NOT the end of this . Terry is a respectable surgeon and has a stellar reputation and a successful show . This slanderous nonsense is disgusting, and to throw it about on national tv so recklessly, is unforgivable

            Hope these heifers BOTH get sued. I can assure you E! isn’t happy either . Bravo and E may be under the same umbrella but that doesn’t mean they are ok with this

            Love you xoxxo ???????

            • Yes, I hope they do too! I can’t think of two more deserving women. Can you imagine the business, potentially, Dr Dubrow could lose because of these stupid, vapid women?

              Great hearing from you, as always and forever!!! ???????????

              • I know Vile is a pig but she needs to be checked for mad cow disease because I think she has lost her mind ?? ? Drunk Kelly is an imbecile and was a tool but she needs to be held accountable for saying such garbage on NATIONAL TV!!

                Aweoem emojis ??
                Love you too cutie pie . Always xoxo ???????????

      • Viktim must’ve blown her top when she saw Kelly revealing and rang her up and ordered her to claim she had “misspoken” just as she had about cancer

          • I think Heather and Dubrow sicced teams of lawyers on Andy, Bravo and NBC and threatened to sue them forever. What Icky told Kelly to say is slanderous. WWHL airing it was reckless. The proof is they’ve removed it from the show. What Kelly said was immediately picked up on Twitter and the phones were probably ringing off the hook at Bravo. That’s what I think went down.

    • This is all on the grifter, not Kelly. Yes, Kelly was a moron to say what she said but you know the POS cancer scammer did tell her that about Terry. There is no doubt in my mind. Kelly’s just trying to cover her ass but the grifter is the one who should be getting the heat imo. 🙂

      • Oh no doubt Vile told Kelly. Kelly is too stupid to make up gossip or a lie like this . Vickileaks seems to not be aware of how damaging saying so reckless can be just like she wanted a casserole
        Ugly ugly woman !

  • Vicki said that to Kelly. I 100 percent believe that. Kelly did not mishear the question and misspeak. She meant what she said. She’s having the Dubrow’s legal team dump on her now, so she’s retracting. Guess what, you said it, retracting it doesn’t go away. Forever now there will be people who believe Terry killed patients. I hope the Dubrows sue her and pursue this. This is far worse than the dumb smelly lady parts comment and that went on for years.

  • Vicki said that to Kelly. I 100 percent believe that. Kelly did not mishear the question and misspeak. She meant what she said. She’s having the Dubrow’s legal team dump on her now, so she’s retracting. Guess what, you said it, retracting it doesn’t go away. Forever now there will be people who believe Terry killed patients. I hope the Dubrows sue her and pursue this. This is far worse than the dumb smelly lady parts comment and that went on for years.

    • They should have sued her long ago when she dragged Terry’s name into the lie of him rushing over in the middle of the nite to administer an IV!

    • Bingo swiz and I hope Eddie sues her ass too . All the shit spewed from Krazi , no doubt has come from Vicki . I can understand why Heather left . Kelly is already dangerous per se, but spoonfed info from Vicki to her is even more dangerous !

    • I think so too swizzle. This is far worse than smelly lady bits, and I bet the lawyers will be getting a payday soon, if not already. I would.

      • I’m kind of shocked we haven’t heard something from the Dubrows at this point. I’m assuming their legal team is working double time.. No way Heather and Terry will just lie down and let this roll off their backs, and they shouldn’t!!

        • I can see your point. However, if they make too much noise, they might inadvertently give it credence. I hope they “handle” Shrieki quietly, but effectively. What’s it going to take to remove that LYING LIAR Face from the show?

          • That’s true, good point and coupled with having all of their i’s dotted and their t’s crossed, they need to make sure they are ready for war and I hope they win!!

            • I hope so, too.

              Can they take action against VG, though? Bravo has a contract proviso that forbids cast mates from suing each other. I don’t know how long it lasts once the “talent” is no longer employed…

              • I don’t know. Heather is no longer employed by Bravo so the contract that prevents them from suing each other should be null and void but there might be a period after they leave Bravo, 6 months to a year where the contract sticks?

                  • You can’t sign a contract that automatically includes your husband. He has either signed a separate contract, or he hasn’t. If he hasn’t, what she signed doesn’t apply to him.

                  • Hey, Medusa. They’re not cast members unless they have contracts saying they are. Presumably, the husbands who appear often have contracts. They can’t violate the privacy of husbands without their written permission, and the smarter husbands would require them to pay for that.

                  • That would be incredible . Can you imagine how PISSED Vile is right now that Heather and Terry have a say in her future and her fate as a HW ??? epic

                • How would Shrieki be aware of Terry’s practice, in general – let alone a mishap that occurs during or after surgery? It sounds as if VG read it on a bathroom wall & repeated it, without verification.

                  • Dubrow’s got a tv show, which means the tv types, like the producers, gossip amongst themselves. I can see her having a pipeline from her show to that show. There’s a lot of cross-pollination among the reality shows.

                    • HAH! I would think something like “killing his patients” would be suppressed & confidential. Thereby, it wouldn’t known to that sow.

        • Heather said on Instagram that she’ll be addressing it on her podcast tomorrow. I’m assuming it won’t be much other than it’s untrue. I’m guessing there are lawyers heavily involved at this point.

        • It’s not in Dubrow’s interest to have the sentence “killed on his operating table” repeated in the press and in SM over and over. He wants this to be squashed and to go away. That’s why he won’t sue. But he certainly is threatening to sue if Bravo/NBC don’t disappear this without a moment’s delay. If they don’t, they’re forcing his hand.