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Dorit Kemsley Reveals She Wants a 3rd Baby!

Despite her booming career, Dorit Kemsley reveals she would love to have a third baby!

“I think that if that happens, then it happens. I’m not focused on it, but I do also think that I’m put on this Earth and designed to be able to multitask and be able to have a family, and have young babies and still have a career,” Dorit told Us Weekly. “I also have a lot of support and a great team around me. So it’s not really like everything is on me. So I have help.”

Dorit and Paul already have two kids together while Paul has three kids from a previous marriage. However, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star confesses she misses having a baby in the house.

“We have five collectively, so we’ve got a big family. Listen, I think we both are of the mindset where, if it happens, it happens, but we’re not putting too much pressure on that,” Dorit explained. “It all really started because my daughter, my youngest, she’s 20 months old, and she sort of became a toddler overnight. It was so rapid. So I long for that baby/mommy feeling. So I think that that’s where everything was brewing, but we’ll see what happens.”

In the meantime, Dorit says her new brand is her baby “so the desire might be muffled a little bit.” This is Dorit’s first line of bikinis in five years.

“I sort of put my career on hiatus to start a family with my husband, and I was really focused on that,” Dorit says about the timing of her new line. “Now it feels like I’m in that right place to do it all over again, and I’ve got great balance because I’ve got a supportive husband, and my children are just a little bit older. They’re not baby-babies, although they’re still babies in my heart. They’re off the bottle, and out of diapers, or one of them is, anyway. So it’s a little bit easier, and it just feels like it’s now.”

I think it would be great to see Dorit have another baby! I’m curious to see what Dorit’s new line is all about. I’ve her mixed reviews about her designing skills but I have a feeling she’s probably very good.

Do you think Dorit and PK will have another baby? Would you buy a swimsuit from Dorit’s line?

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  • michers

    Biting my tongue so hard .
    God bless mommies and wish well when they get blessed with such joy but after watching this home life and setup and people who are literally employed to raise her children ,drive them , they know the kids appointments and she doesn’t ,( and hello – neither her or the PervK were actually working) I can’t ” like” what she’s saying here as to me, it’s total bullsh*t. IMO.


    Think Dorit is just fine with the two babies and as her business grows so will her babies and she doesn’t need to add more to that give and take.

  • samael


    • michers

      Same .

  • ~Medusa~

    To answer the questions:
    1) It’s not my concern if they have another baby.
    2) No, I wouldn’t purchase Dorit’s swimsuits. They aren’t anything special.

    Pee-K is a grifter. He owes Barclays Bank of London millions of pounds.

    • Rain

      Yes he’s in dire financial straits . Most Dorit fans don’t want to believe it but it’s the truth . I love shannon but I can’t deny that she’s a mess and that David is a creep and a douche ??. Facts are stubborn things and loving a HW doesn’t mean you become an ostrich

      I was impressed by her fashion show last week . From watching her on RHOBH I didn’t think she had anything creative in her so I was pleasantly surprised

      Hope you’re enjoying your evening ????

  • Steve

    I assume they can afford the additional nannies since neither Dorit nor PK really raise those kids.

  • ??????????Ð??Ð?e????

    I like Dorit but she needs to worry and take care of the 2 she already has.

    • Rain

      Fiddles ??????????
      Agreed !

    • Kirby

      What would the nannies do then ? ?

      • ??????????Ð??Ð?e????

        Take a much needed break!! LOL

  • rhfan

    Oh another HW talking about a possble new baby, shocking, lol. It’s the go to storyline for many a HW looking for one. LOL, who’s next VG? Of course, I wish Dorit well if it happens for her.

    • michers

      LMAO !!! VG preggers … Oh the thought of it is nauseating yet hilarious !

  • Kirby

    Not my favorite photo of Dorit she looks better when he’s not in the frame ??
    Neutral about her and Erika but don’t need a redo of last year

    • Rain

      She would definitely come off looking better without Pervo. I mean duh! I was very impressed with her collection .

  • samael

    Good for Dorit!

    I actually believe that at the reunion Dorit listened to Erikant’s words about never giving up on your dream job!

    • Khipp

      Oh Sammy. I don’t think Dorit needs or listened to Errorka’s advise.

      • samael

        hey Khipp!!

        She was talking about restarting her line again, and I remember all the women at the reunion saying positive stuff about Dorit restarting her line. Glad she is doing this. ??? Erroka!

  • Orphinox

    Honestly, I overall liked Dorit. She was a little odd at first and I didn’t understand the drama she was in, but then I realized Erika Girardi was the one that was really blowing things out of proportion especially with the underwear crap. Even after Dorit and her husband’s sincere apologies, she wouldn’t let it go. I mean, I don’t mind her, either, but I don’t understand why her and her fans think she’s so untouchable. I’m glad Dorit stood up to Erika… but I digress.

  • Rain

    She’s a job creator ? . Another baby means more nannies to be hired . Don’t believe this and they won’t have another baby. She’s creating a headline for herself

    She is busy with her career and had a fabulous fashion show actually and I liked her designs! Wish Dorit would show her creative businesswoman side more on RHOBH, rather than the cooch ogling gossip girl . I was really impressed with her collection .

    • Kirby

      Mother it would be great if she showed that side ???? Thnx 4 the luv