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David Foster and Yolanda Hadid Finalize Their Divorce

Sign, sealed, delivered.

David Foster and Yolanda Hadid finalized their divorce on October 16.

Us Weekly reports that a judgment filed last week ended Yolanda and David’s four-year marriage.

However, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills couple still have some finances to sort out. And have also agreed on the division of their property.

As previously reported Yolanda and David announced their split in December 2015. Yolanda then officially filed for divorce in January 2016.

“Sadly we have decided to go our separate ways,” the former couple previously explained. “We’ve shared nine beautiful and joyous years together. During that time we experienced love, friendship and the inevitable challenges that come with managing a marriage, careers, blended families and health issues.”

Since splitting, David has been linked to several women and is said to be dating singer/actress Katharine McPhee while Yolanda has surprisingly remained single.

It’s sad to see that David and Yolanda’s marriage is officially over but hopefully both of them can find happiness in new relationships.

Are you surprised Yolanda and David have finalized their divorce?

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  • Oh poor Yolanda now she can’t NAME DROP rg i had jlo over fir dinner last night with Beyonce & Jay-Z and after dinner we all sat around the piano while my baby played the piano and JLo Beyonce and Jay-Z’s things and everyone else had to be quiet and my surprise just finalized absolutely not David couldn’t wait to get rid of her I feel sorry for the next smuck that will marry her next I’m sure she’s got her feelers out for someone famous and rich or maybe just rich

  • Whoop-dee-fucking-doodle-doo. I pity fhe poor schmuck who falls for her grift next time around.

  • Oh, not trying to be mean but I’m not surprised Yo is still single. She’s been reallly public about her health problems and now she’s writing a tell all book about her health and marriage. Yeah, I’m pretty sure there aren’t many who want to be serious with someone who’s so “open”.

  • Not surprised they’ve finalized their divorce, they probably had a prenup. So it was relatively quick and easy.

    • It wasn’t quick and easy, she contested the pre-nup because of her fake disease, which went through the court/judge and they found the prenup stays intact. Much to Yoliar’s dismay. She plaid possum for all those years and it didn’t work, lol!

      • Thanks for the info, Fiddle! I had no idea there was a “fight”. LOL, see that’s what I get for mostly ignoring stories about Yo.

        • You are most welcome rhfan. I can see why you would get that impression, it wasn’t half as messy as some of the other divorces we see like BF. 🙂

      • FDD ~ I didn’t know that. In spite of YoDull’s “grand plan”, the divorce still moved along much quicker than Bitchenny’s. And Jason didn’t fake a terminal illness.

        • Exactamundo!! She tried to do the same thing with Mohammed as well. Once she got wind of divorce proceedings she brought out some made up story of how she broke her back in 2 places while giving birth to Unnawear. All while a burglary was going on and apparently she tried to catch the robbers and thus she was due more money from the divorce. WTF?????

          • I remember that tall tale!!! I actually LOL’d when she said it. Wonder Woman had nothing on Yokel. hahaha…
            Underneath her thin veneer of calm & coolness, Yo is pure, calculating, conniving evil.

          • OIMG LMFAO yes I forgot about that yofo is wonder woman seriously who breaks their back giving birth I have never heard that in my whole entire life even with twins I didn’t break my back please that bitch tries to soak every sense of the guys she married I remember a story about her wanting David to pay her spousal support and he refused and she couldn’t do anything about it because they live in LA and they weren’t married for 10 years so suffer you cash hungry bitch?????