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AATRH Poll: Which RHONJ ‘Wife Is Telling the Truth?

During this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle Staub spilled some major tea about Dolores Catania and accused her of saying the only thing Teresa Giudice cares about is money.

While Dolores denies Danielle’s allegations, Danielle insists she’s telling the truth.

So, the question on everyone’s mind is who’s telling the truth – Danielle or Dolores?

Check out the RHONJ clip below to relive Dolores and Danielle’s drama.

Then, take our RHONJ poll and tell us which Housewife you think is telling the truth.

Thoughts on this week’s episode of RHONJ? Do you believe Danielle or Dolores? Do you think Dolores would badmouth Teresa to Danielle?

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  • I don’t believe Dullores for a minute. Remember, she is closest to Caroline Manzo. That says everything right there.

  • Dolores was Fake enough to go to Danielle’s home and visit even though she hates Danielle, but we’re supposed to think Dolores not Fake with Teresa?? ‘
    Iám thinking that Marty might be the one Dolores said this to. Just a guess

  • Maybe just maybe Jack off brought in Deboarass to take down Teresa because nobody else could, not even Pennywise. She threw in Saggy Fukher in there just in case. Looks like her plan failed….again.

  • Why would any man that has seen Delores house ask her to stage their home.
    She obviously doesn’t have a clue on how to decorate.

  • I wouldn’t believe Danielle if she told me the sun rises in the east. She’s a known troublemaker and is likely trying to get revenge on Teresa. However, I believe Teresa and Danielle are a match made in heaven. They’re both criminals with gigantic egos. The truth is, Teresa really does only care about money. I don’t care if Dolores said it or not.

  • D’s overreaction to Danielle was so obvious, she said it. That is my opinion. On this one, I believe Danielle, the eye rolls coming off of D lately have been very telling. There is some resentment towards Teresa, whether it is manifested because of the Manzo association, IDK., but it is for sure there. Me thinks she doth protest too much.

  • And yes I agree, there is no “proof”…there never is, but I somehow still feel in my gut Dolo said it. Maybe not maliciously, just in passing.

  • Dolo wouldn’t have jumped out of her chair so enraged, automatically saying “scumbag!” as if Danielle let the cat out of the bag. She’s already admitted in blogs she believes T has changed. That behavior last night was that of someone guilty being defensive instead of just simply laughing it off if it weren’t true. And yes, last year she left T to hang out and dry with Whacko. She’s so far up Siggy’s double standard ass to see she’s chosen the wrong side and this will possibly effect her future on the show. She says Danielle and Margaret want to divide the group? She and Soggy are doing a good enough job alienating themselves. On the tennis court, she wasn’t being baited by Margaret but asked genuinely what the hell that display was the night before. If I were Melissa, I’d write a check for the cake and shove it down Siggy’s throats and remind her she ruined her Chanel bag which if the tables were turned, we’d never hear the end of it. Once a cake or gift is given to someone, it is theirs to do with as they please, period end of effin cake gate. And embarrassing Melissa last night in her own home in front of all people Melissa didn’t know? The second season always shows people’s true colors and Dolo is a spineless wimp with loyalty only to Siggy. And ps: you both could’ve been at the ceremony on the beach but you turned your phones off so instead of crying in your soup, as one of her best friends for over 30 years and a “relationship expert,” you should’ve been happy instead of act like insolent children, but i digress. I believe Dolo said this because of her reaction.

  • I voted for Dull! And I have to say all these women who want to be Tre’s friend. Don’t care that she’s a felon. It is the Teresa Show! Good!

  • Well I’m on the fence with this one but leaning on Daielle side a lot more i think maybe Dolorass did say it only coz she was on wacko Jacko side last season. But Dolorass has a point maybe Danielle is out for revenge. And did anyone notice Dolorass shade in her talking head something about not being truthful loyal a good fri end OMG i cant remember it saw the bloodly thing a few hrs ago i think that shade was directed at Tre. No I’ve changed my mind yes i do believe Dolloass did say it Danielle has always wanted to be Tre friend. And Tre is right Doloass is so up zippy ziggy ass that if ziggy opens her mouth Doloass will fall out.

    Wft is up with ziggy she’s saying it’s due to editing how much editing do they do she goes off her rocker every single episode I think she needs some mental health ASAP I’m not trying to be mean that I truly believe Ziggy does have issues

      • Hi hun thanks for jogging my memory Oh she’s full of shit, last season she took wacko Jacko side all the time Dullorass is full of shit. Now thinking back to last season I do believe she said it to Danielle. If Danielle was lying she may have said to Tre don’t bring it up tonight and Tre didn’t bring it up Danielle called Dolorass out on it in front of the girls and she was very adamant that
        Dolorass said it to her when she went to Danielle’s house to get information for her son going to college Danielle has nothing to gain by making this up I have never heard Dolores stick up for Tre but i hv a bad memory that’s why i love coming here and reading the posts they jog my memory wow some of the posters here have an amazing memory they can remember things from first and second season I only watched it over 12 hours ago and I don’t even remember it, she did say it to Danielle and she did say that she risked her reputation for Tre she may have done it off camera cuz I certainly don’t remember her doing that on camera I remember her being on wacko Jacko side but not in a very obvious way she needs Tre because she may not be coming next season she’s so fucking dull actually I hope they keep her on she puts me to sleep I suffer insomnia lmao??

  • This time I TOTALLY believe Danielle. Dullores got mad cuz she got called out on her bullcrap then got so upset that she actually crawled out of Siggy’s colon to make a big stink. Dullores & Siggy SUCK LOUDLY On this show. Loud hypocritical hags with no real backbone. Margaret rocks, Danielle is cool this time around too.

  • I’m so Sad Siggy has officially blocked me Again.Boo Hoo Hoo.Again I’ve have done nothing on her account ever.she finds me somehow. all I do is read..
    This is the last tweet I read of hers 2hrs ago. SMH She’s answering to her truth tellers lmao.
    “Let them talk. Contracts are coming in and their phony businesses are shutting down” Question how do you interpret this statement ???.

    • Honest to God, I don’t get this woman. Seriously!
      I mean last season, I’m like ok , shes one of those that “ tries too hard “. Real sensitive, a little obnoxious, but I didn’t hate her, I still don’t.
      I just think she’s a goof. I mean a immature, all over the place,whacky goof. Oy!!

      • I will say I know what her career is finally, she answered it in a interview couple of weeks ago from Boca lol. She said she gave up her relationship businesses to write her first book.. Drum Roll Please… SAID Television Personality / Author’
        Isn’t that what Teresa career is..

        • So she gave up her ‘relationship expert’ title?! Was it to write a book, the lack of clients or Michael ‘put his foot down’? I am sure you super sad about the block on Twitter ha

          • Her “ first book”. What?!! I thought she wrote a relationship book. ???

            That’s why I posted before ???

          • I’m really upset can’t read her lies anymore she tells Big Ones lol. She contacted Peta to reported Margaret about the stuffed bear she had in her house at her party seriously, while Sig eats steak, wears fur, leather bags and shoes, I just Love the Hypocrisy of this woman she seriously cracks me up. Mean Girl 101 she’s great tv…

            • You can’t be serious Marcy!!!! She actually called Peta about the bear? I’m dying, she better get back on the horn then because there’s a HUGE percentage of people in the North East with stuffed, once living animals on their walls especially the more North you go. It was at one time a status thing to show your wealth and give you bragging rights. I personally don’t like seeing animals stuffed but Jesus, calling on someone, she has lost it for real!

              On another note I was wondering about the relationship career because she hasn’t talked about it once and last year that’s all she said was “I’m A Relationship Expert” blah, blah, blah…..I can’t with this women anymore. I actually feel sorry for her because she is really looking bad this season. How can her Family stand by and let her self destruct like this.

              • Against displaying trophy hunting killing of animals (Bear) Basically calling out Margaret s husband Joe…Lots of ppl against that sort or thing.Totally out there to destroy Margaret anyway she can. This is how she wins fans gets them all riled up.

  • I read Margaret’s tweets last night. She is a newbie, she might ‘slip’ and reveal some things. Sounds like she is fully backing Danielle on this, and I am leaning towards believing Danielle now. Siggy’s reactions were pretty quiet which is odd for her. Read these from Margaret last night:

    When I look at @DoloresCatania, I always see a beautiful woman, until that mouth opens and shows her #truecolors.

    Meanwhile @daniellestaub is calm, cool, and collected. That looks like confidence to me. #RHONJ

    Normal would be having @Teresa_Giudice’s back 5000%, @DoloresCatania. That’s what she expects as “normal.” #RHONJ

    Meanwhile, Siggy’s a church mouse. Maybe she lost her voice. #diagnosis #RHONJ

  • I think this whole thing goes back to Jacqueline. I think that Dolores thinks that Jacqueline behavior should be excused because her son has autism and she can’t handle the stress. Jacqueline would have come back if Teresa was on her side because let’s face it it’s the Teresa show.

    If Danielle had tried to go after her, she knows that Teresa would have shut it down and we know that for now, Danielle needs to be on Teresa’s side.

    Just like they all know that for right now Margaret is not trying to get on Teresa’s bad side. Dolores is mad that Teresa didn’t try to shut Margaret down cause Siggy got her panties in a bunch and that she believes Danielle.

    Dolores needs to realize that people are not going to take Jacqueline shit just because they feel bad for her son. As for believing Danielle over Dolores, it’s not like Dolores had her back even when the other person is wrong(Jacqueline).

    Dina said it best, she never has to question Teresa’s loyalty to her and vice versa. Teresa can’t say that of Dolores and that is what it boils down to.

    • Exactly. That is what Melissa did she gave Jacqueline pass until Jac got paranoid and showed her true colors.

      • No disrespect, but Melissa gave Jac a pass? The two of them (along with Clownzo & Wakile) were in cahoots against Teresa!
        Melissa gave Jac a serious pass when she decided to kiss Teresa’s ass for a spot on the show. A pass right over – dropped her like a hot potato.

        Dolores is reading from the Jac/Clownzo script. If what she says holds water, Melissa should be only loyal to Danielle, who brought her on!

  • I am in the boat Doloros said something but not in the mean way danielle put it out there. The biggest reason I believe this is because I do believe Doloros is close to Caroline & she went in disliking Danielle. There is no way she would warn Danielle or saying anything negative about Tre TO Danielle beause she does not like her.
    Now if Doloros made a snotty comment that Tre made nice with Danielle for the show because she needs the $$ or saidf something about her having to work hard right now because is concerned with money I can see that.
    Did you notice when she asked Siggy if she would EVER say that Siggy never really answered? Doloris answered for her?
    Either way I think Danielle took something out of context.

    • I believe she took it out of context too. Or, she said it ,but not to Danielle maybe to a producer. Dol looked very guilty and Siggy response or lack there of lol spoke volume.

    • Hmmmmmm, That is a very interesting twist on this and you make a good point Amber. Maybe she did say something to the effect about Tre making nice with D for the show because she needs the money. But I still don’t understand WHY she would even go to D’s fiance for advice and be in D’s presence. And did she take her son Frank or her Ex?

      • I think the only reason she would go over there was for cameras which is why I find it is weird there is nothing on camera. Unless she made catty comment to Danielle after cameras were off but even so I think it would have been more a dig at Danielle then Tre

  • I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. Dolores’ initial reaction made it seem like she has been caught or exposed, then she went ballistic. She probably made some comment about Teresa and money that Danielle then interpreted as “all Teresa cares about is money.”

  • This is kind of Off topic

    a couple of days ago – apparently KimD completed an interview with Huff Post – the subject is Teresa. KimD sends out tweet saying how she enjoyed interview – then within the hour – the interview is deleted from Huff post!
    Loved doing this interview!! Finally the truth !!!! Thank you Shira Huffington Post !!! #rhonj… https://www.instagram.com/p/BapLkzzgDV0/
    3:02 PM – 24 Oct 2017*******


    The interview is still removed -weird huh?

    • There you are!!!
      You were amongst the missing. Hope everything is ok.

      About this article. Hmmmm.
      God only knows what she said! Wonder why it was deleted???
      Verrrrrry strange.

      • luvs!!!!!!!!!!!

        missed you guys like crazy, everything worked out …thanks!!

        yeah, the most I know is KimD was blabbing about Teresa in this interview…

    • Very interesting, Gosh I wish it was till up and I agree with Marcy, Tre’s Lawyer was probably all over that and threatened to sue Huff so they took it down. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on that wall during the interview though, I’m so sick of hearing the “TRUTH” but nothing is ever said about this so called “TRUTH”.

        • I doubt it but wish they would! Again I bet the lawyers got involved and shut it down. I bet there’s tons of stuff that’s incriminating to all the housewives on every franchise but we will never know the “TRUTH”.

    • Hmmm…..Popsugar has a blind item out that many are guessing is Joe Giudice. I wonder if Kim D. was the source and repeated the blind item in the article? It’s kinda vulgar but the blind item is (paraphrasing): “Which incarcerated reality TV husband has a sweet young boyfriend in prison? The wife, at first, thought this is what happens in prison. But, the husband has fallen in love with the sweet young thing. The wife is disgusted and cut back her visits to only one visit per month.”

      My first thought was Joey is the source since he made a big public announcement that he went to visit Joe in prison. Then I thought, either, Kim D. or Jaq would put that out there, too, and Joey as their scape goat.

      • CsqD

        geez, how do the blind items work? when do you find out who they are talking about?

        I can see KimD/KimG/Jack Ass being the source…now if that is the reason the interview was pulled..then KimG is the source…hmm..so dirty geez.

        • I go to a site: AGC Blind items. They take all the blinds from that day and guess the answer using the respected sites comment section.

          I do know one site, the most popular Blind Item site, answers some of his blinds on New Years Day and July 4th. From what I gather, Blind Gossip, is the most accurate site. So, I’m guessing Blind Gossip passed on this blind for a reason. Maybe because it was false?

          This type of gossip about Joe doesn’t shock me. I expected it when season 8 started airing.

            • You’re welcome, Samuel. Blind items is a legal way to spread embarrassing gossip about celebrities. The Days & Night site owner goes by the name Entertainment Lawyer “Entry” for short. He stated many celebrities use his site to spread dirt about themselves for publicity!!! But, most of his tips come from people who want to hurt or embarrass a celebrity. Entry is known to print false blinds, though. Now, Popsugar strikes me as a ROLies type of celeb gossip site, just not as trashy. I’m sure whoever “sold” this blind item shopped it to ROL, too, and they passed on it! That says something!

              • wow..CsqD!

                blinds intimidate me – only solved one,and it was only cuz yolanda used her daughter’s name in the email – very intriguing.

      • Betty started it, C!

        This has Betty’s hoofprints all over it.
        She posted endlessly about gay prison sex from the minute Joe was sentenced, and probably still does.

        Seriously, when has Joe Giudice EVER given two shits about what people thought of him? I’m sure he will laugh his ass off when he hears about it.

  • I haven’t watched the episode yet so no comment on that. I just have to say how pretty Danielle looks. There’s a softness about her that she didn’t have in the earlier seasons. I was never a fan but am willing to give her a 2nd chance. So far, I’m not disappointed. Soggy and Dull-Oh on the other hand, make my fast-forward finger itch!

      • I just think Dull doesn’t like Strega. That’s why I have a hard time believing she would even say anything to her at all about Teresa in the way that Strega said she did.
        Also , I can’t say that I wouldn’t have had the same ( or close to ) the same reaction Dull did . Sorry I’m not a calm person when someone accuses me of saying something I didn’t say, acting like I was ever talking smack .

        • Dull DEFINITELY doesn’t like Danielle. She’s not allowed to.

          She definitely said something, but I think Danielle took it out of context because she was told to, maybe? Or perhaps she’s just living up to her name (Strega)?

          I know I wouldn’t have the same reaction as Dull if I was falsely accused of talking smack. I think the genuine shock on my face when I say, “Whaaaat? When the hell did I say that?!!” would seal the deal.

          I also love calling out liars, btw. It’s a guilty pleasure. ?

          • Hi luvs
            I posted already somewhere on here , that if Dull said something to Strega ( witch in Italian) about Teresa regarding money or whatever the freakin witch didn’t hear it right or something. She’s just like Cracker Jac in my opinion. She’s ain’t right, ya know. Freakin Whack
            Also I’m sorry, not sorry. If Strega was lying on me saying I was talking smack with that smug ass ugly face. Hell to the Yeah. I’d jump up and be in her face and tell her about herself real quick. It’s the Sicilian in me. Shoot me ?

          • Right! That would be my answer too. I would be like “when did I say that?” lol if I was truly innocent. I would not act like Dolores going off and raging .

  • Last night Lea already posted that – on WWHL Danielle says she has proof of what Dullass said about Teresa.

    Dullass allowed JackAss to rage all over Teresa last season and even got angry with Teresa – on how Teresa was treating poor Jack Ass..and suddenly Dullass screeches

    “I never let anyone hurt you Teresa” “I would never let anyone talk bad about you” HA! Dullass is another backstabber. I noticed Soggy just sat silent even when Dullass demanded Teresa “choose”!

    • Dullorass rages on Danielle, and Soggy cries.

      I wonder if Soggy will make an issue of Dull disrespecting her house and other guests? Someone throw a cake please. Oh, and speaking of cake… what the what was Soggy’s (look and me, look at me) display to embarrass MeMe?

      Nasty Dullorass and Needy Soggy. Perfect pair.

      • Dullass is nasty and such a liar! But holy smokes..no way would I be in D’s personal space and calling her names – the DullAss did..for me, if this is not true, why explode..why be trashy trashy trashy?

        Dullass is itching to fight with D – if Dullass was truly concerned for Teresa – then go to Teresa and just ask “why the hell are you welcoming D back into your life – D trashed you”..no – instead Dullass loses her mind as if her hair was on fire and never asks for the particulars

        – when did I say this
        – where did I say this
        – who did I say this to?
        she never screeched that..nope

      • Nasty + Needy = Jacqueline.

        It would have been cheaper just to hire the drunk. Danielle would be like a kid in a candy store!!

    • @francoismazerolle:disqus i agee her reaction really does speak volumes. She even last season never stuck up for Tre…..

    • But Danielle has yelled prrof before & never coughed it up.
      I think what was really said is on camera. Danielle said Doloros came over so Marty could give Frank business advice. Doloros cannot STAND Danielle. Her dislike stems from Jac & Caro. The only way she would have gone over there with Frank was for her storyline. I have to wonder why the cameras are not showing what was really said

      • Hi Amber

        too true, Danielle crowed for years that she has ocean’s of tea..yet produced zip all…

        The way I read this Danielle – she recently completed an interview, saying she’s not blowing up on twitter or facebook anymore – she also said she was a little miffed at Bravo and margaret cuz margaret is full time and Danielle feels she should be. Now she is enjoying “friend” status and Mags.

        I think Danielle is proving to Bravo and Andy, that she can bring the drama without fists and is proving to Bravo that she keeps it interesting…this is why I believe she has proof this time…she wants full time HW status.

  • If Delores said something to Strega Staub about Teresa being concerned about money. I’m thinking she never said it the way Strega “ heard it” .
    I do not believe Strega at all. My opinion

    • Hey Holy. Confusion reigns, as usual.

      I can’t call it either way. I’m sure it will come up again. (“Strega” always makes me laugh)

      • Hi Khipp
        Strega reminds me of freakin Cracker Jac. She doesn’t hear things right. She “ ain’t all there” ya know? ??. Freakin’ Whack
        And now she says she has “proof”. Oh ok, what did record Dulls fat ass? Come on. ?

  • I do not think Dol really likes Tre. I mean she does not dislike her but not fond of her. They were never really friends it looks like. I think she said something to Danielle about Tre liking money, but not exactly what Danielle said. Danielle likes to give part- truths.

    • Yeah, I get that Mar. When Dullorass speaks of their “friendship” she usually says we’ve know each other for______ (fill in the blanks). Sometimes it’s since she was 16. Other times it’s 20 years, which would make Dull 36. And ya know that ain’t true.

      Agree, don’t think Dull really likes T either. There’s a preview scene coming up where Dull speaks badly of T & J’s relationship.

      • OMG, So I’m not the only one that noticed every time they say how long they’ve known each other the years bounce around like a tennis ball (pun intended, lol). One minute it’s 16 year, then it’s 20, then it’s over 20, I mean for God’s sake can anyone get the story straight. You either know someone for a certain amount of time or you don’t so I don’t get the flip flopping about the amount of time.

        • I know! Pick one & stick with it.

          Even if Dull did like Teresa, she’s not allowed to show it. Clownzo ain’t having it.

    • I’ve wondered the same thing. But Dolores may use Botox, her eyes don’t move much, I’m not trying to be funny, but give a real possibility. Her eyes show no emotion.