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Teresa Giudice Says She Didn’t Like How Melissa Reacted To Joe Opening a Restaurant!

Teresa Giudice is staying out of the drama in her latest Bravo blog but that doesn’t mean she still isn’t throwing some shade.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star took aim at her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga’s reaction to her husband Joe Gorga opening a restaurant.

Teresa made it clear she wasn’t happy with Melissa’s reaction and thinks that Melissa spoiled all of Joe’s fun.

See what Teresa had to say below!

I have to say that everywhere I go, people are stopping me and telling me how much they LOVE this new season of RHONJ, and I have to agree. This episode was actually one of the funniest episodes that I can remember in the last eight seasons.

Dolores and Siggy really cracked me up. They are funny together. Kind of reminded me of the early days of the show with me and Jacqueline and us being Lucy and Ethel before things went bad. I really like watching the two of them together. This episode also saw me meeting with my publisher and starting the process for my new book Standing Strong, which is in stores now.

One thing I have to say that I didn’t really like was how Melissa reacted to my brother telling her about our family restaurant. I felt like my brother really was excited about it, and she kind of shot him down. You’re going to see more of that next week, and this time, she has to deal with not only him but me as well. 

Until next time. 

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Do you think Melissa hurt Joe’s feelings? Will we see Melissa and Teresa squabble over their family restaurant? Is Siggy’s relationship with Dolores similar to Jacqueline and Teresa’s former friendship?

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  • I think Tre is still pissed at how Mel critiqued her parenting skills Teresa does not like anybody for critiquing her parenting skills or talking about her children at all, I didn’t find it that dramatic I get critique on my parenting skills all the time good and bad and I don’t find it an issue in fact I don’t mind when people tell me I have done something that shouldn’t be done or I’ve done something that should be done parenting is a learning skill you learn something everyday no matter how old your child is but that’s just me I don’t take do take it personally, I think Theresa does take her parenting skills to heart the girls are a little spoilt especially melania and she is a very spoilt Tre is an easy-going Mum which is a good thing in one way and not so good in another way but she shouldn’t get so upset about it but I can’t say that because I’m not in her shoes just because I don’t mind being critiqued I know a lot of women do not like it, but my friends and I always talk to critique each other good and bad I have learnt a few things from my friends and they have learnt things from me there were things that I was doing that was a little too strict and when my bestfriend pulled me up on it and explained it to me I did think about it a lot and I had to agree with her I was hard on the kids too hard and I’ve also critiqued her on her parenting we’ve been friends for over 30 years and we’ve never argued about anything and we know that when we tell each other or talk to each other on anything to do with the kids it’s for the good it’s not to criticise the person and make them feel bad but that’s just my opinion

  • Have to side with Melissa in this one. If my husband made a decision like this without consulting me first, I’d be pissed, too. It’s not normal. I also cringed when Tre was giving Melissa shit last night. Hopefully they move past it.

  • Teresa nd Melissa relationship is clearly based on Melissa licking Teresa butt. If she doesn’t agree wit Teresa, they argue.

        • yeah, been away for a bit….hey Lea..I just watched #WWHL channel on youtube, wow Danielle really works that show! the part they did not put up, wow..did Danielle say she would like to make up with Dina? wow

          • She did say that about Dina, the question was who out if these (3) people, can’t remember the other names, am thinking Caro and Jaq. The bigger question is would Dina want to, ha

  • As another posted said Fredo didn’t tell his Real Wh*re Wife that he invested a million dollars in the blue truck until after the fact. That’s their storyline each season. Recording studio built in the basement without her knowledge. Blue Truck. Restaurant. So transparent.

  • Wow! I can sort of relate to both sides on this, especially the family aspect. Did T know about the restaurant before M? If so, I can understand her being excited for Joe to tell M, especially if this was to help daddy too. Joe was clearly so excited to tell his wife, and proud, but M was not happy. I agree!! But, wasn’t the whole look what I bought, fake..staged? Either way, I’m sorry, but, this time, T should stay out of married folks biz. Geez, it loks like this is going to be a big bone of contention with them, but I’m still with M, you better not go out and buy something that big, risky, and time consuming, or else someone will get hurt!

    • Fuchess, you silly goose! ?

      Joe Gorga doesn’t have enough coins to buy hair in a can, do you really think he bought this place?

      It’s a storyline for Bravo. Just like the blue truck he bought for a million dollars on Season 6.

      • Hi luvs! Are you kidding me? I don’t believe storylines on pretty much all these shows! Look at the expression on M’s face when she finds out about it. Even she can’t believe it. You had me laughing about the blue truck tho. That was funny!! What really do they do tho? That’s what I want to know. After watching last night’s episode, it was more ridiculous. soorry having prob

        • Nope.
          The “business partner” aka the crooked car salesman is on the lam, though.
          My bet is that’s the getaway car.

      • Joe manages to let Melissa know when he is building her a new house, but Melissa feigns surprise that he bought a restaurant? This type of storyline is getting really old and boring. Last year, it was the boutique that Melissa was so busy with leaving little Joe missing his “wifey”. Yet, somehow he forgets to tell her about the restaurant. No matter how hard she tries, the real Melissa comes through and it isn’t pretty.

  • Tre doesn’t need to agree with everything Mel does. They’re family, they can disagree and move on.

    • The problem there is that Tre does not know how to move on – ever. She is going to be pissed about the comment regarding her parenting for years and it will manifest itself in some really ugly ways.

    • Yep agree how many familys disagree I would say 100% no family agrees they squabble but they need to move on from it and not let it Fester and get ugly and bigger than what it really is

  • Well, I’m Sure Melissa(and Joe) didn’t “react well” to Teresa and Slo Joe stealing from banks and going to jail. What an embarrassment and their actions surely had an effect on the grandparents health and early deaths.

      • Just think, if Melissa stuck by Jaq she would have been gone or only in a few episodes! Say if Melissa was fired, she and Joey would probably make Tre’s life hell! Either by borrowing money/moving in with her or by turning on her!

        • I highly doubt they would move in with her but they would definitely backstab her to anyone that would listen and they would make friends with wacko Jacko Don Caro and fishy kathy and smelly Rosie’s all to get back at Teresa they would have their group and start trouble for Tre putting out false interviews thought any magazine would listen to them especially wacko Jacko and Mel would get together and make Teresa’s life hell with the help of course Don caro and Josie wouldn’t do anything about it because he’s just a little girl that’s in love with a fake bitch and he wants to be the star of everything he’s so jealous of his sister Tre it’s not funny,they can be very dangerous people like that to a persons reputation. And I’m sure wacko Jacko will try and dig up more dirt about Tre In the Hope that Tre goes back to jail. By the way bringing up dirt what’s happening with the lauritas investigation about their fraud and embezzlement from the apparel company and stealing from their partner why aren’t they being investigated?

  • Tre seems to really want the world to know she does not want Jax, Caro, Kathy and Rosie back, it’s the only reason I see as to why she says Dolo and Siggy are funny together. No, the slumber party was not entertaining. Margaret with her Mom, funny. Margaret describing her humor, knowing Joan Rivers, funny. No comparison.

    • Absolutely, Lea.
      They weren’t funny at all. The scene was cringeworthy. They’re obviously good friends, like Teresa and Jacqueline used to be.

      As for Teresa and Melissa squabbling, well, that was bound to happen sooner or later. Let’s see how it plays out.

      • Yes- family is going to bicker and squabble occasionally and especially this one lol! Look how things were a couple years ago and look now . Improved yes! Perfect ? Never gonna happen and that’s ok , and normal ! I can’t even imagine dealing with that loss and having to ” work” with family also . Stress . Eeeeeek…
        Oh yes and agree about the ” friends”

    • Yep ITA i don’t find Dolorass & ziggy funny at all and what the hell was funny about the slumber party? nothing was funny at all not the dancing not the mask nothing I found it quite boring actually I don’t find these two together funny whatsoever or in any way????

  • I wonder if T’s reaction is based off emotions ? Their Mom just passed and its a family place to honor her so Meme acting like whatever , probably killed that feeling of doing something for Mom . If it was just another potentially failed biz idea, I dont think Teresa would insert herself as she never did with other deals the Whorgas have tried .

    • I agree, michers. Her reaction does seem emotional, fresh off her mothers passing.

      The one thing I will say before tonight’s episode, is that emotions aside, I’ll be surprised if Tre doesn’t see Mel’s point, at least a little. Tre has lived the hubby doing things behind your back thing and we all know how that worked out. Hopefully, this squabble will pass quickly.

    • Tre was also still smarting from the comment Missy made about Tre’s parenting. No one can hold onto a grudge like Tre and implying that Tre needs to parent differently is going to come back and bite Missy in the azz.

      • I heard about it but didn’t watch yet so I can’t put my two cents in yet lol. I love how miss Marco loves throwing jabs in yet has fans believing she’s such a martyr for all the sudden being by Teresa’s side …. Gag me ….also commenting about parenting , yeah that will get ya own the poop list

    • Tre was also still smarting from the comment Missy made about Tre’s parenting. No one can hold onto a grudge like Tre and implying that Tre needs to parent differently is going to come back and bite Missy in the azz.

    • Yep good points michers mel is a spoilt brat but i have to be honest here Tre Joe & mr Gorga are trying to keep busy as well as keeping the memory of their mum & wife but like i said i have tbh i would also be pissed if my husband went out and bought a restaurant without me knowing omg i can’t believe i just agreed with Mel ??????

      • Haha!!! Well I did see online earlier a good point : every season little Joey ” buys” or does something big, and she’s always so ” surprised” …. Eye roll… The truck, the studio , this … Storylines . BUT I do agree with you that in our real lives that if my hubs did so begging like that Id be pissy 🙂